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  Describe your style?? Add to favorites

Hey girls! Someone asked me today how I would describe my style in a sentence or two. After g...


Literally Zero Butt. Add to favorites

I have the smallest butt of any girl I have ever seen. It's so embarrassing! The worst part is, a...


jeans help! plus sized Add to favorites

Hey all my fellow plus sized ladies, what type of brands do y'all adore in your jeans?? I wear Ol...


Plus Size Girls Add to favorites

Shout out to all of the curvy girls on Vinted! You guys rock. :) Who's got a closet with plus siz...


Plaid OOTD's Add to favorites

I need help ladies. I feel like wearing plaid tomorrow, but not just throwing a flannel on. Any i...


Help me with my hair Add to favorites

How can i achieve this look? Flowy and what seem to be very thick curls. Anybody knows what to us...


Couples Halloween Costume? Add to favorites

Anyone have ideas for funny but cute couples costumes for Halloween. I was thinking about a tooth...


Other sites like vinted? Add to favorites

i know there is poshmark an vinted... but what other really GOOD places are there? i would like t...


Michael Kors on Groupon Add to favorites

There's like 20 more lol, you're welcome! ;p


Tattoo chokers - would anyone be interested? Add to favorites

So a couple days ago I posted in the forums about a choker I made and was wondering if people wou...


Pretty Sure I had style as a kid hahaha Add to favorites

Lol I'm pretty sure I had a thing for style in me all along since I was born haha :| and I've bee...


new duck boots! Add to favorites

i feel like these were really popular in the 90's but i've always loved me some duck boots (inlov...


Hunter rainboots Add to favorites

People love or hate them. Adore or curse them, nothing in between. Do you find Hunter rain boots ...


Thrift Store Finds Add to favorites

I loooove thrifting :3 <3 here's some things me and my boyfriend bought haha we both thrift toget...


What do you want? Add to favorites

If you could have any clothes you wanted right now what would they be? Tell me about your style &...


Favorite trends? I wanna know! Add to favorites

Title says all! Tell me what your favorite trends and styles are! Post pics too if you can! :) he...


Perfumes Add to favorites

So I've been having the hardest time finding a fruity smelling perfume that scent will stay throu...


Who loves leopard print?! Add to favorites

I think I'm starting to lol.


I need help again! Add to favorites

I might get this shirt what would look good with


Cents of Style Fashion Friday Sale! Add to favorites

Happy Friday ladies :) Just thought I'd share an awesome site I found months ago.. Cents of S...

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