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Should I buy it? Add to favorites

It's 33$ For thanksgiving that is :)


Favorite fall trends Add to favorites

My favorite fall trends are scarves, layers and booties. What are yours?


Does this look weird? Add to favorites

I want to be able to pull off this look SO bad, but I think it just looks strange on me. Then I t...


Clothing Brands Add to favorites I was just wondering, what are some of your fav brands to buy? I'm from a small town a...


Fashionable Add to favorites

Do you think if you had an unlimited clothing budget you would be even more fashionable than you ...


Which boots? Add to favorites

I'm falling in love with the trend of fold over combat boots, which pair should I get? If you kn...


I need help! Add to favorites

So ya see, I have this daisy maxi skirt, but I need a cute (loose) crop top to wear with it. Plea...


Can I pull these off? Add to favorites

Okay honestly do you guys think these look good? I never wear things like this but I lost some w...


Wal-Mart Add to favorites

The things you can find in a Wal-Mart amuse me. The other day a girl posted a shirt about father...


bodysuit helppp Add to favorites

Want one of these bodysuits, going to wear with jeans/skirts/shorts, which one do you guys like b...


On average Add to favorites

How many closets do you look through a day? I'd say mines about 20 :)


I'm curious Add to favorites

At what age did you start caring about things that are brand name. And expensive brand at that? I...


Target & marshalls haul! Add to favorites

3 pairs of work out pants 2 workout tops 1 white caged bralette $35!!! At target Gray & red str...


Extra 30% off clearance! Add to favorites

At Old Navy! Not sure if it's in store only.


21st birthday! Add to favorites

Hey ladies, I've been on the hunt for a good site to shop on but any dress I've found in stores (...


That Ugly Jumpsuit OOTD Add to favorites

A few of you wanted to see me wearing it out, I wore it to a small wedding. It was SO comfy, and ...


Updated! What expensive fall item are you saving up? Add to favorites

I'm set on cardigans and boots, but I really want some uggs! I feel like diva fifteen year old me...


Heel Addiction! (h) Add to favorites

I just bought these babies for $40 :( I feel guilty but I got $5 off Lol!


Kind of weird question Add to favorites

So, I am having a relaxing night in with my boyfriend tomorrow because I am very stressed and anx...


Anyone know of any online sales? Add to favorites

Looking for online sales, cheap websites, coupons. :)

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