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Where to go in this? Add to favorites

I've seen a lot of skirts like this and people are actually buying it. Don't get me wrong, it's r...


Whats expensive for you(limit)? And what is your ultimate brand?! Add to favorites

Whats expensive for you? (I filled in my answers) Dresses:$150 Shoes:$60 Purses:$30 Cardigans:$4...


Brain Supplements For Memory Add to favorites

You know just has everything this did tacitly who is looking were in theca in I'm Gina said becom...


Has anybody tried Man's Jeans? Add to favorites

I am really into boyfriend jeans now and I wonder how real "boyfriend" jeans fit. I really love l...


Post your Festival Inspired Outfits Add to favorites

heeeey ladies! Im getting ready to go to Coachella and idk where to even start! I've never been...


Emoji Outfit Add to favorites

So apparently this is trending now....would you wear it?


Outfit help!! Add to favorites

This is a picture of a top I just bought from another Vintie, I like it but I just don't know wha...


Which purse? Add to favorites

I really like these two, but idk which one I like better! What do you think? :)


could i pull off this hat? Add to favorites

What are y'alls opinions on them? I've always liked the look of them, especially the structured t...


Help! Add to favorites

Anyone have any suggestions for my closet? I'm super flexible with my prices, and have other no...


Summer Style Board Add to favorites

Love these two basic summer looks! Found them here:


What online stores do you shop at? Add to favorites

I want to do some online shopping but i can't find any good sites. I really like forever 21 but i...


Long Short Debate Add to favorites

First off, I'd like to say hello again! :D I've been off Vinted for a while, trying to focus on m...


Knit skirts? Add to favorites

So I'm thinking of upcycling a large sweater I have that is silver and white. And another that is...


This skirt help! Haha Add to favorites

I want this skirt bad! But its not on there site. Where can i look!?


Beautiful Vintage Jackets Add to favorites

That I feel like I can't list on here because no one will want to pay $60 for a coat even though ...


Aww hell naw Add to favorites I wo...


Kimono-style jacket, yes or no? Add to favorites

Hey all, I went shopping today after I got some blood work done, and I came across this gorgeo...


New job new clothes! Add to favorites

i need new clothes. I work a clothing store called top to bottom and i wanna get new clothes i ca...


Outfits for Someone Bigger Add to favorites

Hey you guys ! I been struggling on my weight but i am starting to loose some of it , i just dont...

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