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goodwill outlet haul Add to favorites

I went to a goodwill outlet for the first time today and I swear my heart is stil racing. here is...


Which one ?? Add to favorites

The first one is Fossil and the other three are kate spade Found another one their website


What are you looking for? Add to favorites

I was just wondering what everyone is looking to buy! I have some items that fly out of my close...


Big feet Add to favorites

So I want to hear from my fellow girls with big feet, I wear a size 10, sometimes size 11. (bigge...


What do you splurge on? Add to favorites

So I definitely don't splurge very often, but one thing I always consider worth it is my foundati...


The best pictures of you at prom or homecoming Add to favorites

Pink dress= prom White dress=9th grade homecoming Black dress=senior year homecoming Let's shar...


I got my first jumpsuit! Add to favorites

I never really liked them, but I saw one at goodwill and thought, what the hey! Its a little snug...


Pick a T-Strap! Add to favorites

Can't decide between these....would like to have them for holiday parties and special events. :)


Anyone work at zumiez or know discount codes? Anything? Add to favorites

Really want to get my brother the Obey Soto Varsity Jacket from Zumiez. I remember him trying it ...


Lemme help with your outfits! Add to favorites

So I love fashion but I'm not in a financial, schooling, or resource position to pursue any fashi...


A store you would never buy from Add to favorites

I think we all have one, but i have a couple. I would never buy anything at aeropostale and hot t...


Help! Which color to get? Add to favorites

I love fringe and been searching for fringe gladiator sandals for the longest time. Even posted a...


Cute or not? Add to favorites

I'm thinking about buying this but I'm not sure help please lol


What is it that you can't resist Add to favorites

My addiction lately has been buying a bunch of jackets and boots! I can't help myself lol What d...


Outfit tips to look thinner Add to favorites

So I've put a little bit of weight on since my surgery this summer and my grandmother is brutal. ...


Which shoes do I wear with this dress?! Add to favorites

Hey girls! I have a huge award ceremony/gala in May. I already bought my dress and the shoes I pu...


Which purse do you guys like better? Add to favorites

I'm considering purchasing a vintage mesh purse on eBay, and I'm deciding between two. One is is ...


ANTM cycle 22 Add to favorites

I am freaking excited!!!!! ANTM cycle 22 and no height requirements!!!!! Ahhhhhh :D


Favorite trends? I wanna know! Add to favorites

Title says all! Tell me what your favorite trends and styles are! Post pics too if you can! :) he...


What do you want? Add to favorites

If you could have any clothes you wanted right now what would they be? Tell me about your style &...

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