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Petite clothing Add to favorites

Where can I get professional looking clothing, with a little edge for petites. I am only 5'1". ...


Anyone interested in galaxy vans? Add to favorites

Would anyone consider buying a pair of these if I made some more? I made myself a pair last year,...


Help ! Fashion crisis :( Add to favorites

Hi you guys! So i been loosing weight (yay!) And now im L wich is an improvement cause i was 1x!...


Thrifting Advice? Add to favorites

So Im going into town to visit some friends this week and there is a massive Savers, and two Good...


Which pair of VANS? Add to favorites

I just bought all of them. But I was just wondering what pair you guys liked best! :)


Obsessed with these!! Add to favorites

I never thought I'd be so obsessed with American Apparel's crop tops. I bought three and they're ...


Staples in your closet? Add to favorites

What are some of your favorite pieces to wear?


Suggestions: What Color Tights To Pair With This Dress? Add to favorites

Hi Ladies! So my boyfriend got me this dress the other day and while it is adorable and I can'...


Butt lifter Add to favorites

Ladies who has a butt lifter that actually works?!!


metal concert - outfit help? Add to favorites

So I'm trying to come up with an outfit for a Nightwish concert I'm going to in a week. It's my f...


Show me your Easter outfits! Add to favorites

I have no clue what to wear so maybe I can get some inspiration from you guys.


Think it's that time again.. Add to favorites

I'm about to delete and re-list my entire closet again. Seemed to help with sales last time, any...


Low-Rise Jeans (Answered) Add to favorites

Are they still a thing? Regular waisted jeans give me a saggy crotch and high-waisted just don't ...


Cheap formal dresses Add to favorites

What's a good trustworthy website to get cheap formal dresses? My sister is looking for a dress f...


Goodwill Outlet Haul 3 Add to favorites

So I went to the goodwill outlet again. ☺️ I only visit my mom a few times a year and this time ...


Same Bag- Different Color Add to favorites

Hey Ladies! So last summer I splurged on myself and bought a brand new Betsey Johnson Hopeless...


Alternatives to wearing shorts Add to favorites

I hate shorts. And where I live, it gets really hot. So I'm kind of dreading the summer. I don't ...


Fake triangl swimsuits Add to favorites

I like the look of them, I think they're cute but I don't like the price (or the price of any swi...


Weekend Haul Add to favorites

I have not shopped for myself in a long while! This weekend I finally splurged a little and well...


To keep or to return? Add to favorites

Hey ladies so Im debating on keeping or returning this romper I bought over the weekend, what do ...

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