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  Describe your style?? Add to favorites

Hey girls! Someone asked me today how I would describe my style in a sentence or two. After g...


Prom Dress ! Add to favorites

So I was looking for prom dresses but they're so expensive o; and I saw this one but I am not sur...


Shoegasm Add to favorites

Hey girls! Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has some awesome (and safe) plans :) This is a strang...


Around the World in 20, or more, Outfits Game! Add to favorites

SO I had a great idea for a rousing game. Well, I think it's a great idea anyway. There again I'm...


Skin colored leggings/jeggings Add to favorites

Hers isn't too bad. And since she has pockets on the back it kinda helps but not really. Idk why ...


Fake Glasses: Do or Don't? Add to favorites

So I'm really into cool, vintagey style and recently I've really wanted to wear glasses to spice ...


Im in Love! Add to favorites

I just bought this cute red pea coat (my favorite color!) I probably shouldn't have but in my def...


Has anyone ever needed help putting an outfit together? Add to favorites

I found an app that helps with that! It's free too! It's called "Stuff N Style". Basically you up...


Goodwill Find!! Add to favorites

Found this awesome dress to wear at my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner!


Adidas superstar/ shell-toe shoes what happened to them? Add to favorites

I used to love those/ still do. Like everyone used to wear them and i feel like they died out? D...


Victoria's Secret Class project Add to favorites

Hey girls!! I could really use your guys' help!! I have to do surveys for my brand development c...


skater skirts Add to favorites

okay so this is a legit question.. how do you wear a skater skirt without your butt hanging out? ...


Who loves leopard print?! Add to favorites

I think I'm starting to lol.


YouTube Add to favorites

Hi everyone!!! Im new to this app & ive really been enjoying but! I wanted to say that i have a b...


Thigh High Socks Add to favorites

So I just got myself two pairs of thigh high socks and need inspiration for outfits. Any ideas?


Toms or Bobs? Add to favorites

Here is my deal, I'm currently wearing BOBs and I wear them almost everyday. I've had them for ab...


How to Add to favorites

How do you change the size? Say my jeans are a size 3S ... How do I put that. What if something...


New glasses! Add to favorites

First picture is my new glasses! Second is my old, of course with my long hair.. I kinda lost my ...


What's your closet personality? Let's Play Add to favorites

I thought of this as I was going through someone's closet.., I suddenly started thinking "this pe...


Is anyone else obsessed? Add to favorites

I'm really not even ashamed so please no negative comments :) I loovvvve being a girl and buying ...

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