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  Describe your style?? Add to favourites

Hey girls! Someone asked me today how I would describe my style in a sentence or two. After g...


  Prom Pictures!! Add to favourites

I went to 2 proms this year and I just loveee looking at people's prom pictures and their dresses...


Long torsos! Add to favourites

Does anyone else with a long torso struggle to find one piece bathing suits or bathing suits in g...


Styling help! Add to favourites

I just got these amazing boots and realized I have no idea how to summer style them. Even though ...


Forever 21 sale!! Go Now! Add to favourites

I got 9 items for 54 dollars! ayeeee. seriouslyy an extra 50% off their stuff!


What should I wear with these? Add to favourites

I just swapped with two people today, and I'm getting a sweater and a button up. What should I we...


Clothes that require other clothes Add to favourites

How do you feel about clothes that you can't just throw on -- they need something else to make it...


woohoo! just got some new shorts! Add to favourites

Went to Kohls and got five new pairs of shorts for vacation next month! Black and white ones are ...


Which fashion trend do you dislike? Add to favourites

I LOVE LOVE LOVE maxi skirts/dresses! The only thing is I'm too short so they're always extremely...


I've made a horrible mistake.. Add to favourites

I have had a REALLY bad week, and tonight at work made me want to cry. So what did I do? I droppe...


Mini Backpacks: Yes or No? Add to favourites

I've been needing a new purse for a while now, but have yet to find anything that really jumps ou...


Ideal OOTD for a beach senior pic shoot? Add to favourites

Help!! I'm getting my senior pictures taken and I don't know what way to go for outfit. I need in...


comfortable swimming suits Add to favourites

I need a new swimming suit. Everyone I have had are so uncomfortable around my neck and they just...


3 Summer Must Haves Add to favourites

(hi) Vinties, This just came to my mind. Lets show 3 Summer Must Haves in our closet. This might ...


What a steal! Add to favourites

Just scored all of these sweet deals for just under $50. American Eagle & Charlotte Russe are bot...


four pairs of boots for $30 Add to favourites

My mom recently moved to Alabama so I've been to quite a few stores I've never been to before who...


Coverage for halter tops/dresses? Add to favourites

Strapless bras? Stick-ons? Invisible shapewear? I got a couple American Apparel dresses (the "Nyl...


leggings as pants? Add to favourites

What do you girls think? I personally so it all the time! I can't help it. They are so easy, comf...


Back to school ideas Add to favourites

Help mee decide for 1st of school outfit And these


*Shopping all the time but still have nothing to wear! Add to favourites

Hi girls, I feel like I shopping so much. But right at the time I need to find something to wea...


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