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They finally came! Add to favorites

Some of you might have seen a couple days ago I ordered my Disney collection Vans and they came! ...


Am I the only one who hates cap sleeves? Add to favorites

I really do not like them. I prefer sleeves like ones on mens or unisex shirts. Basically long sl...


Mall day - awesome Pacsun deal!! Add to favorites

Got some summer basics today. I went to the Galleria in Houston with my roommates, and this mall ...


Do your price adjustments!! Add to favorites

Not sure where to put this so pleasseeee move it if it's not where it should be. Anyway. So I wen...


Why is Brandy Melville so popular? Add to favorites

I just really don't understand the hype of Brandy Melville clothing. Why that brand gets so much ...


What do you think? Add to favorites

I just started to make these tops I love them... Should I sell them?


Colored denim shorts Add to favorites

Idk why but I can't seem to find any colored denim shorts... Are they just not in style? I really...


That's so cute! Add to favorites

Comment what you think is the cutest item in the vintie's closet who posted before you! You can s...


Call me the queen of packing! Add to favorites

So for anyone that has read my other posts, Im traveling to Mexico on July 15th! And Im all ready...


Basics everyone needs Add to favorites

What are some basics you love in your closet? I need to revamp my style a little!


Knee high Gladiator Sandals Add to favorites

I must have these! They are so popular as of now especially in northern Virginia!


Anyone know where to find these shoes? Add to favorites

I'm obsessed with these shoes, but I'm having a hard time finding them! Has anyone seen them in a...


All blue Add to favorites

What are you guys wearing for the 4th of July?? I'm wearing this blue romper!


Ah yes, finally an outfit for me Add to favorites

When you walk up in the club lookin fly af


What's the last thing you searched for? Add to favorites

So, let's see what the last thing you searched for .... did you find what you were looking for? ...


Does anyone Add to favorites

Make any if their own clothes? (I haven't in a while with my kid having a mommy attachment going ...


Booty Probs Add to favorites

I'm seriously having the HARDEST time finding high waisted shorts that don't show too much booty!...


Are there sites where you can design things? Add to favorites

I was using another app and saw the cutest top. It reminded me of what Sophia Bush was wearing in...


Style me for college! Add to favorites

I don't know what my style is but I like cute things lol if it's cute I'll wear it. My main probl...


Vera Bradley help Add to favorites

What pattern is this called and how old is it??

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