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  Describe your style?? Add to favorites

Hey girls! Someone asked me today how I would describe my style in a sentence or two. After g...


Romper problem.. Add to favorites

So rompers are soo cute and nice ! I love them and actually have a couple. But isn't it weird ...


sweatpants Add to favorites

I got these sweatpants and they're so comfy but they're kinda big. I wanna wear them to school ev...


Perfumes Add to favorites

So I've been having the hardest time finding a fruity smelling perfume that scent will stay throu...


what shoes should I pair with this Add to favorites

Help me out y'all I'm thinking grey gladiators but not sure yet


Plus Size Girls Add to favorites

Shout out to all of the curvy girls on Vinted! You guys rock. :) Who's got a closet with plus siz...


Bearpaw and uggs.. Add to favorites

Just curious, do you ladies wear socks with your boots or go sockless ?


Goodwill Gold Add to favorites

Found this awesome dress to wear at my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner!


90's (game)! Add to favorites

I'm so bored right now.. So if your a 90's baby like me.. Then comment your favorite food, toy, t...


my pants made me famous! Add to favorites

So today i went to linvilla orchards, which is like a pumpkin and fruit place but they have alot ...


Yasssssss Add to favorites

Got so many fave notifications... 3 of my items made it to the feed. SO HAPPY :)


Should I sell this dress? Add to favorites

I recently bought this dress online VIA Atomic Jane for $43 total. ($35 plus shipping and fees.) ...


Is anyone else obsessed? Add to favorites

I'm really not even ashamed so please no negative comments :) I loovvvve being a girl and buying ...


hair color? Add to favorites

Okay well I've been thinking about dying my hair for the first time ! My hair is a dark brown,ver...


Help me style this Add to favorites

I got this cute military-inspired jacket a couple months ago thinking I'd wear it in the fall but...


Help! Ring Deciding Add to favorites

Hello Ladies! I Need Opinions On Which Ring Is Better My Lover Might Get Me (: I Cant Decide Betw...


Good bye summer hello fall ;) Add to favorites

In search of long sleeved shirts that wont cost me an arm and leg !!! :)


stop buying uggs Add to favorites

FYI Bearpaw boots are so amazing and half the price. More sustainable too. I LOVE THEM. I'm an ...


What is the most overpriced brand for you? Add to favorites

I personally think VS and VS pink are really a little bit overpriced but they are both great tho....

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