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Where do you thrift? Add to favorites

I know the answers are gonna vary based on where you from but just in general where do you thrift...


best and cheaper bras?! Add to favorites

what bras should I get? $10 and under please!


Where do you buy your undies?? Add to favorites

For probably the last ten years I've always done the 5 for 25 at Victoria's Secret. Recently I ju...


How old are people on Vinted? Add to favorites

I feel like I am an old lady compared to the ladies on here... Im...27... AHHHH LOL :( How are ar...


Is It Just Me? Add to favorites

Every Time I go shopping with my mom or friends and I see something I like, they disapprove and c...


How To Style These Boots Add to favorites

I got these boots a couple weeks ago but I'm not sure what would look good with them or what colo...


What's a brand that you love but won't buy? Add to favorites

I love Free People. Everything about that brand I love. But I just can't bring myself to spend so...


Calvin Klein bralette/sports bra Add to favorites

So a lot of you have probably seen or heard of the hype over the Calvin Klein bralette/sports bra...


How much money do you spend on clothes per month? Add to favorites

I just calculated my budget, and so far this year I've spent an average of just under $100 per mo...


Thrift store apps Add to favorites

Place to put your favorite apps or the way you keep up with all the places you been to thrift sho...


Swapping? Add to favorites

I have had a few bad experiences with swaps. but recently i have had two successful amazing swaps...


Busty women and flowy tops Add to favorites

Okay so I know a big trend lately is flowy tops, even typical t-shirts are now made into more of ...


Outfit of the day Yay or Nay? Add to favorites

My outfit for today i can't decide if it is cute or not opinions?


First day OOTD Add to favorites

Hey vinties! Today was my first day at Highschool. I already have LOADS of homework, but I'm in ...


I fell in love with .. Add to favorites

These shoes I found %65 off at the department store. I had a rough day so when I saw these things...


Jansport Backpacks Add to favorites

Hi, I have recently bought two jansport backpacks and don't know which to keep! Which one do you ...


Calvin Klein vintage jackpot Add to favorites

Hey dolls! I just wanted to share with you my haul from today that I am soon going to be posting ...


Would you buy prescription sunglasses from someone? Add to favorites

I saw someone selling their Tiffany & Co sunglasses around my area for 50 bucks and they barely w...


Latest Mini Haul Add to favorites

These are arriving today. So excited, I had to share! :)))))))


beautiful new shop ! just opened! Add to favorites

take a peek! tons of items ready to be shipped out and loved <3 new to the vinted game, spread...

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