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Was a lot of money so I'm only selling. In perfect condition. Was 26$
Blue back lace shirt
8 / M
Sexy fairy costumr I bought from metro. Ment for dancing or shows or in the room ;) was 60$ so ill sell for 50$ or swap. Never wore it be...
Cute sexy costume from metro
10 / M
Cute capri pants. Bought them for 20$ and didn't like the way they fit me :(
Capri cute pants
8 / M
Got this a while ago but don't like to wear it. Bought for 15$ at saturday market so handmade
Cute mini scarf
6 / S
Purple scarf I made. Would like to sell for 10 plus shipping so 14. I would also swap
Hand knitted scarf
8 / M
This was a lot of money so I will sell only and cash only! Suze medium was originally 59.99$
Coreset dress
10 / M
Cute skirt I never wore. Looks better high wasted wore. Bought it for 50$. It was hand made. Would love to sell or swap
Cute summer skirt
8 / M
Bought this a while back but never wear it so... would love to sell but swap might be arangable. Origionally 36$. Waist is stretchy so fi...
Cute skirt from hot topic
8 / M
Coat that I got as a gift but never wore it. Don't really like it. I'd rather sell but o guess a swap could happen
Aeropostal coat
8 / M
Huge makeup bag from sallys I bought for a trip but never went so I never used it. Was 35$
Cute big makeup bag from sallys
Costed me lots of money for this shirt! 35$ so I'm trying to sell it not so much swap. Its brand new too! But if I see 2 things or maybe ...
Black Greatful dead shirt
12 / L
Got this on sale a while back for 20$. Didn't really like it anymore. I wore it 3 times max. There's nothing wrong with it at all. But si...
Cute fishnet back black shirt
8 / M
Was originally 15$. Doesn't match anything I have. I also need money so I'd like to sell this. Swap is also a option too though. Brand ne...
Cute cuff
10 / M
It was 35$ at macys and I bought it for a sleepover shirt and only wore it once. Like new nothing wrong with it! I'd like to sell it but ...
Cute cut off shirt from macys
8 / M
These were super hard to make! I want to sell them badly though because I need money. All my prices always include the shipping along wit...
Handmade glass earings
Had a pack of 10 of them I bought for 30$ but somebody stole them! So now I have only 5. I'm really looking to sell but swap is a option....
5 nose studs
10 / M
Bough this at a store for 12$. I just don't wear jewelry anymore so I'm selling this. I really want to sell but swap is also a option.
Cute adjustable ring
Sorry the flash sucks. The more pink purple picture is the real color. I got these for 20$ bucks at a store called metro which is a store...
Pink fishnets!
10 / M
Two single bracelets have sentences. One says "pride" the other says "I <3 my bitch". Made all these myself
Mini kandi singles rave set
10 / M
Mini rasta kandi cuff handmade by me. I'd prefer to swap then sell but money is always fine. I don't accept pay pal. Cash or checks only.
Mini rasta cuff by me
10 / M
Pink, orange, and yellow kandi cuff. I prefer to swap but I will accept money in cash or check only.
Mini big kandi cuff by me
10 / M
Purple, blue, green and yellow kandi cuff I made. Its kind of big. Also when putting on kandi cuffs its suppose to be tight when putting ...
Rainbowish kandi cuff by me
10 / M
Handmade these shorts myself. Cutting, dying, and studing. I'd much rather prefer to sell these but if I see something I must have I will...
Handmade pink dip dye and studed shorts by me
8 / M
Made this myself. Has a little diamond in the middle with lace on top and two cute little feathers. I only take cash and checks. If a fak...
Handmade hair clip by me
10 / M
Super cute statement necklace. Never worn!! I'll ship it out within 24 hours!!
Antique gold statement necklace
Gorgeous boho layered necklace. Covered in charms and stones. Perfect for festival season and can be worn so many different ways. #festiv...
Gorgeous boho layered necklace 73% OFF
$10.00 $38.00
BKE Pom Beanie and Touchscreen Gloves Brand New-- In Box #buckle #buckles #bke #bkegloves #gloves #bkebeanie #beanie #pombeanie #winter ...
Gray Knitted Gloves and Pom Beanie
$13.90 $23.00
Super pretty long necklace, can be worn with casual outfits or dressy! It's two separate necklaces so they don't always have to be worn t...
Long Statement Necklace 80% OFF
$5.00 $25.00
#dangleearrings #buckle #bucklejewelry #longearrings
Light Pink Earrings 69% OFF
$4.00 $12.99
Four necklaces for twenty! I've gotten then from the buckle over the years, I just don't wear them like I should anymore! And someone sho...
Buckle Necklaces
Super cute dangle necklace with a Cameo and other adorable charms #buckle #thebuckle #charms #vintage #retro
Vintage Cameo Necklace
$10.00 $25.00
No rhinestones are missing! However, the area that clips under your wrist is a bit scratched up. Not very noticeable, you can see for you...
Rhinestone sliver glitter watch
$45.00 $85.00
Brand new, sticker still on the back. Very Shiney pretty!
Bke watch and bracelet set 70% OFF
$30.00 $100.00
Statement bracelet. Never worn perfect condition from buckle
Silver statement bracelet 86% OFF
$4.00 $29.00
Gorgeous statement necklace! Bought at the Buckle last year.
Buckle Statement Necklace
$10.90 $25.99
Purchased from Buckle.
Silver watch 76% OFF
$12.00 $50.00
Dark Burnt Orange Hat with Detail
Broner Floppy Hat 71% OFF
$10.00 $35.00
Like new! #necklace #jewelry #accessories #buckle
Buckle gold necklace!
$12.00 $29.99
▸▸▸ Printed orange and grey baseball hat from Buckle with adjustable strap. One size. Never worn. #baseballcap #baseballhat #baseball ...
Orange & Grey Baseball Hat
$14.00 $30.00
Brand new 16.5 in long necklace with an adjusting link. Never used when first purchased.
Buckle Long Necklace
Coral wallet from Buckle. Great condition. Tons of pockets and slots for your cards. #buckle #wallet #accessories #buckledout
Revolution wallet from Buckle
$20.00 $50.00
***IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ! I'm having a yard sale this weekend (Saturday & Sunday July 16th & 17th). On those days, my closet will be "...
BKE Wrap Bracelet
$8.00 $20.00
***IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ! I'm having a yard sale this weekend (Saturday & Sunday July 16th & 17th). On those days, my closet will be "...
Nwt BKE Earrings
$10.00 $12.95
***IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ! I'm having a yard sale this weekend (Saturday & Sunday July 16th & 17th). On those days, my closet will be "...
Assorted BKE Bracelets
$10.00 $20.00
Infinity scarf from Buckle. White with gold lace. Worn a couple times. Great condition #buckle #scarf #accessories #buckledout
Infinity Scarf from the Buckle
$10.00 $25.00
Tan hat bought at the Buckle, I have only worn it a couple of times. But it does have some minor makeup stains on the inside of it.
Tan strap back hat 72% OFF
$7.00 $25.00
Lacy black and cream scarves from the Buckle. Super cute and makes for a great way to dress up a simple tee! Price includes both.
Black and Cream Pom-pom Scarves 70% OFF
$12.00 $40.00
Just a few scuffs and tiny loose strings that I noticed. Bracelet magnetizes shut! Measures approximately 7.5 inches long. PLEASE NOTE: A...
BKE Bohemian Bracelet 70% OFF
$4.50 $15.00

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