What is Hygge?

Without a clear translation from Danish, it’s widely accepted as representing a specific kind of cosy. It might have the same roots as the English ‘hug.’ After a few years of French obsession, and a slew of books helping you achieve a French way of life, whether it concerned style, diets, parenting or relationships, the new craze comes is definitely Scandi. Calling it a craze doesn’t seem to do the movement justice, as hygge evokes something soft, something sweet, something enveloping. Instead, it’s an approach to life that takes delight in simple pleasures. It can be tied to material things, such as spending time with your loved ones in a sauna, lighting a candle and curling up with a book next to a crackling fire, or folding line dried laundry with your family. You’ll notice, however, that in all of the above a strong emotional connection was present. More than just an excuse for shopping, hygge is a way of living.

Wait… how do you pronounce it?

Now, we’re not fluent in Danish and we’re not ready to take the necessary steps to change that, so we’ll have to rely on second-hand intel. While our first instincts tell us it should read like ‘hee-ggeh,’ we hear some prefer a pronunciation like ‘hoo-gah.’ Hearing it might be helpful.

How to incorporate hygge in your day to day life?

Winter is the perfect time to adopt a hygge lifestyle. The soft, neutral colours nature takes (before the bright explosion of Spring), the enveloping materials you want to wear, the time spent indoors…

Be mindful of what you wear. Give priority to comfortable cuts, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, cashmere and wool, and a neutral palette. The result? Garments that match, for effortless outfits that make you feel good.

Give your home a Winter makeover. We’re not asking you to throw away your usual decorations, instead you can just give it a bit more thought, to accommodate your current lifestyle. A few scented candles here and there to replace lamps when you don’t need electric lighting, a pile of blankets within reach… Why not also bring back some old school entertainment, such as board games?

Make sure you check in with your loved ones. When it’s cold and dreary, it’s easy to retreat inside with carbs and Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t become a hermit! Instead, try to organise a baking session with your family, or a sauna date with your best friend. The glowy skin will just be a bonus.

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There it is again. January. After December’s excesses, our wallets seem empty, our closets overstuffed with things we don’t need… Does this sound bleak and make you want to book a ticket to somewhere warm ASAP? You’re probably just in need of a reset. What better way to start than a little Spring cleaning? See what’s currently in demand on Vinted.

Ugg boots. The original ugly boot has made a pretty spectacular return this winter. Is it thanks to Alexa Chung or just because they’re the most comfortable thing you could wear when it’s cold?


Kate Spade bags. The cute, whimsical bags never really go out of style. So if you’ve seen enough of it, why not sell it this January?

Lululemon sportswear.
We all know New Year’s fitness resolutions might not last the whole year, but we think you should take it as an opportunity to find your good quality sportswear a new home!

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Something we’ve been fearing for a long time has finally become part of our reality: the 80s are coming back. We thought we knew better. We remember the last time it happened. And yet - the oft-mocked decade has been creeping back on the runways and on the streets.

Read on to see how a touch of eighties style could be the update your wardrobe needed. After all, a decade that gave us Purple Rain and Like a Virgin can’t be all bad!


The power shoulder

They seem to come back every few years, and for good reason: not only do they make a powerful statement, they can do wonders for a silhouette. It’s all about the angles! The 2016 version, however, is a watered-down version of the 80s shoulders. Think enhancement, not replacement.



We’re blushing

Although the contouring trend doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon, bronzer fatigue is real. Blush is a reliable way to bring a face alive, so if you’ve been skipping that step in favour of cheekbone-sculpting, consider reintroducing your face to vivid 80s colours. The key to avoid the harsh line of yesteryear when working with red or fuchsia is to blend. Always.



For your ears only

After a few years of delicate adornments, tiny stones and thin mini hoops, we’re ready to think big again. Opting for mismatched (but still in the same colour family) earrings keeps the look current. The only question now: will you opt for bold doorknocker earrings, giant hoops or colourful clip-ons?



It’s lamé, not lame

We’ve been easing our way into metallics in the past few years, by way of shoes, bags and other necessary accessories. Full-on glam now doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but it’s easy to overdo it. When opting for a lamé wrap dress or top (or trousers if you dare!), keep the accessories on the minimal side.



And for the bold only: stirrups!

Not only reserved to ski holidays, stirrup trousers have been cropping up on the runway. Now, this is obviously not for everyone, but the look feels fresh again, if approached with caution. For a more 2016 feel, it’s best to avoid any athletic associations. Worn with a stiletto with the strap in plain view, stirrups make a glam statement.


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This week we are featuring Ella, a plus size blogger, Instagram influencer and more recently, Youtube star, better known as Curveella. Her blogs primarily focus on plus size fashion, beauty, events, hauls and subscription boxes, and she's a proud Filipina - "Hello, Kamusta kayo?"



Go to her blog here to read all her thoughts on Vinted (and keep on reading to see her great posts on fashion and more!) 


And want to see her awesome Vinted haul? Watch below! 


Be sure to shop  Curveella's fashionable closet on Vinted! 

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I don't know about anyone else, but I am totally loving sweaters this season! I recently went thrifting and HAD to get every single one!

There are plenty of styles of sweaters that are trending right now that are all over vinted!

1. Chunky Sweaters 

This thick chunky burnt orange colored sweater is so versatile and can be worn with anything! Just throw this on over top of a cute top and some skinny jeans and you are good to go! @chic_statements

2. Longline Sweaters

Long duster kimonos are perfect for those days where you just want to be cozy and comfortable! @makenziepauline

3. Cable knit sweaters 

Vintage Chunky cable knit sweaters are great for cold days! Wear them with a pair of skinny jeans, some boots, and throw on your winter coat over top! I've been seeing them all over pinterest and cannot get enough of them! This one is from my closet!

4. Oversized sweaters 

There is nothing more comfy than a long oversized sweater! And this free people nordic sweater is seriously everything!!! @kyleebee

5. Cropped sweaters 

Cropped sweaters are great for all the people further down south who never hit freezing temperatures! This one is from urban outfitters and is adorable! @laura1717

Vinted is filled with sweaters this season! A lot of these sellers have some awesome bundle discounts that can save you money especially with shipping! You can never just buy one sweater!

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This week we are featuring new Vintie and French blogger and body positivity advocate, Manon Edwards, of Chic With Curves fame. Manon is originally from Marseille, a small city in the South of France - two years ago, she decided to embark on a fabulous American adventure and has been living in LA ever since.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a blogger/influencer.

At the beginning it was just a hobby, since I was passionate by writing and blogging. I always had been concerned about the struggles of loving fashion and being plus sized, since I’m a size 16, so I decided to write especially about body acceptance. Even if my focus isn’t specifically fashion, I want to show that loving yourself AND loving fashion is totally possible, no matter your size! Once I started writing about this, a lot of brands contacted me, loving my energy and my fight against the negative image of plus size and fashion, so I began my social media accounts and become a freelance blogger influencer.

You have a strong message of body positivity - how did you come to be so confident and comfortable in your skin?

It’s been a long journey. It started after I broke up with my first love, because he wanted me to fit in with HIS standards of beauty, not mine. I told him enough, that I’ve cried too many times, that I’ve tried to change myself for somebody else too many times, and that I want to be happy with who I really am! It was still not easy to really come to loving myself after this, but I decided to keep a positive outlook on life and my body.


Blogger roll call, from left to right: curvygirlchic, chicwithcurves, gabifresh & curveella 

How would you describe your style?

I do not have a specific style - that’s another part of my identity. I really encourage women to wear absolutely whatever they want, no matter their size. If you’re happy and feeling beautiful, that’s the best way to find your “fashion style.” So my own style actually  depends on my current mood! Sometimes I’m more preppy chic, sometimes more rock and casual, but I admit I’m in love with mixing different styles in one look - for example, a sexy chic dress and camo shirt with casual sneakers!

What is the biggest difference between French fashion and LA fashion?

The biggest difference is the choice! In LA (and the US, as a whole) even if you are plus size, if you want to go on the mall, you can also find some trendy stores with fashionable plus size clothes, like Lovesick, Torrid, Forever21 plus etc. In France, unfortunately, it’s still tough to find places that carry plus sizes in store. Some stores, like H&M, offer a maternity section but who said that being plus size means you want to wear maternity clothing? As well, if a store specializes in plus size in France, it usually is not trendy clothing aimed at older women. While styles and trends are international, for the most part, the selection and availability of plus size options is the key difference between the US and France.



Name three of your top brands for finding amazing clothes




What are you most looking forward to for fall fashion?

I’m loving jeans that are super destroyed on the knees or with destroyed fringes at the bottom, which I saw on the runways last year! I also am looking forward to over-the-knee boots and the classic lace up dress or top.

You recently joined Vinted and even came to our Vinted Goes Vintage event! What do you love about being a member of Vinted?

I’m in love with the fact that it’s really fast and easy to post your clothes for sale - every option is already set up, you just have to chose yours, upload a photo and that’s it! But what I prefer the most is that you can really find some great deals, and it’s specifically for clothes, shoes, accessories and fashion!


Your words of wisdom for the Vinted community? 

Girls do not forget, be happy with YOURSELF for YOURSELF, be #HAPPYwithcurves no matter your size!


Check out Manon's Vinted closet, featuring sizes 16 and up! 


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Every now and then, we like to give you a nudge in the right direction. On the fence on what to sell this month? The numbers don’t lie and this is what Vinties are currently looking for.


Jeans: A staple, do we really need to introduce it? With all the shapes available today, yesterday’s jeans will be someone else’s treasure.


Boho trend: Vinties are looking for boho garments! Must be the changing seasons...


Nike trainers: We all love Nike trainers, but with all the new models coming out, we sometimes get tired of ours, while they’ll make another girl happy!

Good luck and don’t forget to share what you’re selling (or buying)!

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That’s it. There’s no denying it, Autumn is here, and it’s not going to get warmer for another six months. Super into all the new stuff you see popping up in stores and on your favourite shopping apps (ahem…) but not keen to buy a whole new wardrobe? Your summer staples get a cold weather update below.


That cami top or slip dress you’ve been wearing for a few seasons? Give it a fresh look by wearing a white or contrasting, fitted t-shirt underneath. Warmer, more directional, and you don’t run the risk of flashing anyone.


Not ready to give up on your favourite mules or sandals yet? Get super cozy by wearing them with socks. If you’re not ready to live your best hippie life, we suggest against the sock and Birkenstock combo. Instead, try fine knit, glitter, or mesh socks. They work best with delicate, strappy shoes, or even stilettos.


Your favourite sundress? It gets a new life with an oversized cardigan. The fuzzier, softer and more loose-knit, the better. The key is in the contrast, so if the dress you wore all summer has a flower print, a grungy grey or black will be its best match, whereas a lace or crochet dress will work better with a clashing colour.


The denim jacket you lived in? View it as a layering piece. Worn like a cardigan, it works surprisingly well under a leather biker jacket or a longer coat. Bonus points if you let the denim cuffs peek from the sleeves of the outerwear you’ve chosen.


The wrap dress you’ve adopted? Will you be horrified if we suggest wearing it over jeans? Instead of going the early 00’s route, treat that crossover dress like a kimono jacket and use it to cover a more basic t-shirt and jeans outfit. See if you prefer leaving the dress open at the front or if wrapping is necessary, then complete the look with heels and voila!

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Fall is finally upon us. With only a handful of days since it has officially started, many of us have been anticipating the season since the beginning of August! 

Here is my less-than-expert, completely biased, fall trend list. From head to toe, let's do the best season ever, together!

1. Hair Colors 

Cherry red is back in action this fall. Take on the weather with this (in my less than humble opinion) amazing hair color.

Let's face it though, mahogany is going to be in every year. Personally, when I want a color that is subtle, but also daring, this is one that I turn to at my salon.

And, as someone who rocked this color all last winter, I am glad to say it: blue is back. Add a daredevil level to your style with some blue tinting. I highly suggest Vidal Sasson Blue Black for the perfect shade.

2. Makeup 

We all know this would not truly be an article from me if I didn't shamelessly promote Colourpop. Their newest matte lip Mama launched September 15th for only $6. Terracotta is going to be in this year, so I would snatch this limited edition color while you still can!

Bold liner isn't going anywhere! Thank goodness because black wings are my jam. Hit up your local Sephora for some amazing liner. On a high end budget, I suggest Marc Jacobs or Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner. However, there are many drug store brands that will work just as well!

Step your blush game up by picking up Urban Decay's Rapture . Purple and dusty mauve are a great staple for everything fall (next to pumpkin everything that is.)

3. Clothes

I love the color wine just as much as a good glass of it. I guess that is why I am very happy that wine is back in fashion again this fall. From maxi skirts, to fun shift dresses, add your favorite ankle boot and hit up your runway (or sidewalk.)

Another fall staple, according to NYFW, will be bohemian maxi dresses. This means the boho style we have all loved is here to stay. It is a great way to bring your summer trends into the best season.

When it comes to your shoe choice this fall, you won't be able to go wrong with a pointy pump. Suede and wooden here are also here to take your fashion over. Step it up in these amazing trends.

4. Nails

Of course, no outfit is complete without a nail coor. Mauve is shining bright this season, so why not give Essie's Island Hopping a try.

Or, if you like yourself a darker color La Notte by Nars may be the perfect navy for you.

But if you prefer a simple nude, then go with April by Zoya.

So now that we brushed up on what is supposedly in this fall, why don't we all go get ourselve's a pumpkin spice latte and hit up our local mall! 


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Have we reached French girl saturation? In the past two or three years, you’ve probably read countless articles supposed to help you get closer to that ideal. Or maybe you’ve read none, and preferred to angrily close that tab. Well, we promise we won’t mention Brigitte Bardot in this roundup.



Edit your accessories wisely

You’ve probably read somewhere that Coco Chanel quote that says you need to remove an accessory before you leave the house. Who knows if she actually said that, or even if you should trust her advice, she did some unsavoury things in her time. The point probably is, you probably don’t want to look too much, or too matchy-matchy. Just avoid wearing all your jewellery at once (you don’t want to be a target and get mugged), and if your bag looks expensive, consider pairing it with your most scuffed pair of shoes.

Toss: blingy, loud accessories.

Keep: one focus point at a time.


Know what you’re made of

If the word timeless is often used in articles describing French style, it’s because trends aren’t that big there. As a result, people tend to re-wear clothes they’ve had for ever, or that they inherited from a generous and stylish grandmother. Do you know what keeps really well? Clothes made of the good stuff. Whether you’re buying vintage or new (that you intend on wearing for a while), look for materials like cotton, silk, linen, wool and leather.

Toss: polyester and PU are essentially plastic, you’re not a Barbie.

Keep: everything natural.


Forget about colours altogether

Everyone has days where it seems that you have nothing to wear, despite a messy, overflowing wardrobe. Would it be possible that… nothing pairs well together? If you remove any possible colour clash, you’re left with a wardrobe where everything goes together, with only slight variations in textures. Paris may look like a black and white movie in winter, but at least everyone looks elegant in these old classics.

Toss: any print that’s not a stripe, loud colours.

Keep: black, black, black, and off-black shades like navy, dark grey, forest green, burgundy.


Stop smiling

Now that you’ve eliminated all the fun from your wardrobe, you’re ready to embrace the attitude of a true Parisian. Do you know how they’re able to tell who’s a local and who’s a tourist? Only tourists seem to get any joy from being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While you’re at it, if someone approaches you in a bar, don’t even try to look like you’re enjoying it for even a minute. No one can see if you have lipstick on your teeth if you ban smiling from your lifestyle.

Toss: fun.

Keep: red lipstick.


That effortless je-ne-sais-quoi

There’s always a secret ingredient that separates the real from the copycats. As stated before, the French aren’t so good at following trends, or rules altogether. They’re the first ones taking to the streets to protest, the minute some rule looks too rigid. No self-respecting Parisienne would follow the above rules to a tee, so go ahead if you want to stack row on row on row of necklaces on top of your red vinyl dress. Nothing screams more French than really going for it.

Toss: rules.

Keep: style.

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