Halloween is upon us!  Candy has been bought and prematurely eaten (hi bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups waiting for me at home!). Pumpkins have been hacked and carved. The obligatory “what to do with leftover pumpkin seeds after you carve a pumpkin?” has been googled.  And the costumes, well, those have been thrown together by us girls going through every piece of random clothing we’ve ever acquired and coming out the other end with a disguise. “This year I’m shredding my junior prom dress to be a prom mummy!

Let’s be honest though, Halloween is actually for being creepy. It’s the one day during the year that it’s ok to look half-dead, or have bolts coming out the side of your neck. And while so many Halloweens past have been spent walking around wearing an itty bitty costume until our itty bitties freeze off, I was always envious of the girl who showed up to a party looking like a crypt keeper or wrapped in toilet paper with the side of her face melting off. There is something about the macabre, the ghoulish and the grim that make Halloween so delightful! Our dear own Jennivinted knows this - with a taste for skeletons and black everything when it comes to style, she always looks so much cooler than the rest of us, not to mention pinpoint on trend for this fall and winter. So how can we make that Halloween feeling last all year long? Well, you could wear that sexy Snow White costume to work... or better yet you could add a little creepy-crawly to your everyday with some of our Vinted picks for style with skeletons, spiders, black cats and everything bone-chilling. We all need some skulls and cats in our life. And what about some ghostly white lace? Don't mind if I do!

Check out the rest of our Spooky style picks. 

From your friends at Vinted, have a happy, safe, fun Halloween! And don't forget to be unapologetically scary :)

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When it comes to pinning down my exact style I would have to concede that I am all over the map. One day finds me in J-Crew preppiness, with a bit of edge (thank you Ms. Lyons)...


 While the next I’m layered up ala the ’90’s, Kurt Cobain, grunge and the Olsen twins, still  another day finds me runnin’ down a dream in true boho style.

I know, that might sound a little nutso, but it actually all works in my own little world - my style I guess it could be said - is wholly dependent on my mood. I’m sure everyone has heard at some point that style is all about being comfortable and feeling confident in what you are wearing, if that means one day I’m in black combat boots with a slip and a flannel shirt over it so be it.

Working at Vinted only serves to further my slightly schizo nature allowing me to add to my multiple styles, find new ones and also, make room in my closet when I realize  that high waisted bubble dress really isn’t for me.

As we are coming into fall and San Francisco is seeing it’s beautiful Golden Gate encased in chilly fog I am tending towards more layered and cozy items that keep the bone chilling cold at bay. Here’s what I’m
crushing on including the pics above...how would you pair it up?

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fur babies

I was given a simple mission: find the worst Halloween pet costumes you can. After countless hours of searching I finally came to this conclusion: animals in costumes are always cute. I couldn’t even handle all the cuteness that the internet laid out before me. In fact, I now have a mean case of perpetual anime eyes.



But, dear Vinties, I persevered! I plowed through all the interwebs piles of adorbs, and was finally rewarded for my efforts.  These costumes aren’t necessarily bad, they just lack a little something special. I think all of us with fur babies can appreciate the efforts, but sadly these poor lil’ guys never even had a chance in the costume contest.  Behold, Halloween pet costumes gone awry!


Missed the Mark

Our first group seems to be suffering from well meaning, but misinformed pet parents.Their costumes are so close to being fab, but somethings just not quite right.  That first image there, I know you’re confused. That’s a walrus, of course! That costume had real potential but unfortunately it fell short… and saggy. I’m not exactly sure why the moose in the middle is box shaped… was the pup box shaped, too? The world will never know. Last in this group we’ve got Scarlett from Gone with the Wind.  Don’t get me wrong, that costume is fierce. They didn’t spare a single detail. But that poor pooch looks miserable, hot, and doomed to be sitting in a sea of curtains for years to come.

These adorable two missed out by a hair (or maybe hairball *hehe*). That might be a pineapple costume, but I can’t be sure, and that’s why this costume misses the mark.The bowl of fruit is a nice touch though? On our right we have the cutest idea, but kitty doesn’t seem to want anything to do with our human cookie treats. It’s OK kitty, we still think you’re cute. #TheOreaStruggleisReal

Ghost dog is actually hilariously awesome, but something tells me he’s gonna have a hard time walking around in that sheet. Now this pup in the center is supposed to be wearing a Santa costume. Yep, someone out there doesn’t like Christmas very much, and they’re taking their frustrations out on dog costumes all over the world. Last up is Lady Gaga, and I have a feeling that cute lil’ guy probably already ate the rest of his costume, but really - can you blame him?



Hit the Target

I couldn’t show you all of those unfortunate souls without also highlighting the purely genius and (well executed) pet costumes I found too. What kind of person do you think I am? Don’t answer that. Now get a load of this! Warning: the following pictures may cause Perpetual Anime Eyes

Dog Gone Squirrel, Spa-dog-tti, Rob-Bun(ny)


Cat-man, Turtle Space Ship, Harry Potter Pup



Cat in the Hat, Fast Food Dogs, Kitty Nick FurRy (my personal fav!)



Martini Doggy, Puppy Le Pew, Thor!


If you’ve been stricken with Perpetual Anime Eyes, don’t panic - there is help.  If this has happened to you, please call 1-800-444-CUTE to be connected with an emergency Squee Support Group representative.

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween?   Share your pets costumes in the comments below!

Your resident Crazy Cat Lady,


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As Ro has written here, and Premature Scarf Bro knows all too well, scarves are one of the best parts of a fall wardrobe. They’re pretty, they’re elegant and they’re… easy? There are always those girls who just know how to wear a scarf, and then there are the rest of us trying not to get caught in car doors. 

Never fear! I did some hunting so you don’t have to, and I found three new scarf-tying options that I love.

The Figure 8

Rik-See Photography shares this knot. It is really easy and even better stays in place all day!

How to tie a scarf

My scarf today is vertically striped and I really like how this knot looks like a braid with that pattern:

How to tie a scarf - the Figure 8

The Half Bow-Lita

Here’s one that I found floating around and had to try. This would be super cute with a silk scarf and a retro dress. 

How to tie a scarf - The Half Bow-Lita

To start, have the scarf centered on your neck. Then tie a loose knot in one side. Pull the other side through the knot, fluff & tighten. Ta-da!

The Rosette

And one to file in the fancy category. This works best with a thin scarf. I tried it with a silk scarf that I love but never know how to wear.

How to tie a scarf - The Rosette

I am in LOVE, girls. Basically just start with it centered off to one side. Then twist it up from about an inch away from your neck to about 3 inches from the ends. Make the twist tight enough that it starts to twist back on itself. Then wrap it around the starting point and tuck the ends through the neck so that they come out like leaves underneath.

Got one I haven’t covered? Let me know in the comments!

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If there's one thing Vinties know how to do, it's making something cool out of things they've got around the house (or easily found materials). Many of the girls here not only buy and sell clothes,  they make their own clothing, accessories, and other rad stuff, too! 

When Vinties get their creative juices flowing there's really no holding back! Here's just a small sample of what some of the girls have been up to lately! They've been putting their fashinable fingers to work, crafting some of the coolest things we've seen in a while! 

Phone Cases

Candycases20 and Xfashion both make phone cases. I'd like to tell you how it's done, but as far as I'm concerned they've used magic, fairy dust, and there might have even been a magic genie involved! I have no idea how they do it - but one things for sure - their finished products are out-of-control-amazing! Allow me to start the slow clap, because this just goes to show you that with a little imagination and a few choice materials, fabulous things are born. 


Sew & No Sew Projects

Beccagrrrl, Smile, and PrincessKalyn participated in our first ever DIY Challenge over in the forums where we voted and decided to make a no-sew tote bag (out of a pillowcase), or a a basket weave top. We gave ourselves a little time to get the project done, and then patted each other on the back after we all managed to survive it.

OK, real talk: I was the only one struggling, I confess. The girls had things under control from day one! But even I pulled through in the end and made my own tote bag, too. After we posted the results, I think we all pretty much agreed that Smile won the "DIY Trophy" for managing to complete not only the bag, but she also worked magic on her own version of the basket weave sweater, too! That girls got mad sewing skillz, and I'm not even ashamed to drop that "z" on it! 


Footwear & Accessories 

Bemybutterflylove, Jamietarrago, and Mrsjames91 create fun designs on their shoes and make jewelry out of found objects and portions of other objects that they've taken apart. Those flats are made out of comic book scraps, if you can believe it! Next level re-purposing - that's what these girls have mastered! I can only imagine the amount of patience and attention to detail these projects take. Cheers all around to you ladies, your projects are so detail oriented - they'd make any person with OCD proud (Imma just place myself in that category right now). 


Studding & More

Lexiimarielynn and Thatketzykid take their crafts in a different direction than the other cool crafts I've show you girls above.

Customizing high waisted shorts is kind of a big deal these days - but anyone who has tried will tell you that it ain't  always sunshine and gum drops getting them to turn out well. Actually, I'll tell you. I have tried. I have failed.  There was no sunshine, and not a single gum drop was had that day!! These shorts prove that keeping it simple is sometimes all you need to make a statement. Those stud embellishments take her regular shorts and instantly turn them into objects of desire (maybe my desire, maybe yours... probably both). The dream catcher is another craft that's not easy to do, but when completed it can be so rewarding! Not only is her dream catcher intricate, but it's just plain pretty to look at, too - and she makes them in various sizes, so I would imagine they would make a great gift if you're able to pull it off! 

So girls, these really are just a small sample of some of the rad DIY projects girls have been sharing over in our forums. I hope some of these projects have inspired you to get a little crafty and excited to try something new! 

If you're interested in sharing your crafts, getting a few DIY tips, starting a project of your own (you can do it girl!), or you just want to check out a few of the other things Vinties have made - check out the DIY Maniacs category over in the forums. We'll see you all there!


Hugs & luv, girls!

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I move a lot. It's kind of my thing? I spent a lot of years living out of suitcases, and if what I had didn't match where I was, well too bad. One winter I thought the place I was moving was going to be sort of warm; turned out I was totally wrong. But I was broke and besides it was just for a few months, so I bought a whole bunch of little-kid leg-warmers and wore them on my arms all winter to make my short-sleeve shirts into pseudo-sweaters. Everyone thought I was being creative, but really I was just cold.

But I've been living in San Francisco for two years now. Two years! I knew this city-relationship was a big deal when I noticed that I'd started changing what I wore to fit where I am (aka basic survival skills).

Three basic facts about SF that have changed my wardrobe:

1. We've got hills.

Any time you're going someplace you haven't been before, you have to allow for the possiblity that you're going to be trekking the Himalayas to get there. There are streets so steep they have built in stairs. 

Oh and? I am always running late. Chasing buses is my fitness routine.

Put these things together and we get to my first style staple: cute shoes with no heels.

Hill friendly shoes

All items Vinted! Check 'em out here.

2. We don't have too many seasons, but they all happen every single day.

There's this thing here called "microclimates", and it means that on my way from my house to my office I can easily pass through four or five different temperature zones. It's foggy! It's sunny! Now it's humid! Oh no, it's windy! It's not even noon yet!

So basically I leave the house every day with enough layers to go on a camping trip. If the zombie apocalypse comes, I will have enough clothing for a week just on my person.

All items Vinted! Check 'em out here.

3. The public transit is just good enough that you don't need a car... but just bad enough that you want to avoid it when you can.

And so I got myself a really good map that includes the steepness of the different hills, and I bike wherever possible. This means I have started collecting messenger and cross-body bags. Shoulder bags just slip down onto the handlebars and make you go all wobbly... which when you're going down a massive hill is not a good time. So long straps are my friends!

All items Vinted! Check 'em out here.

So there you have it. I think San Francisco & I are in love!

What about you? Have you changed your style to fit where you live?

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