We made it - we survived another Thanksgiving with the onslaught of family time and too much food. Whether you traveled home for the holiday, were already home, or spent it with your adopted friends family, yesterday was all about being together and being thankful. Today on the other hand is all about leftovers and yes, Black Friday. I understand the desire to be out and be apart of something, but me personally, I'm happy to be holed up at home far away from the lines and mayhem of the stores. 

Instead, I like to spend Black Friday safe at home, with what’s left of the pumpkin pie, contemplating how I’m going to use up all the leftovers. So I thought I would follow in Ro’s footsteps and share my favorite Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe.  Now I know we all love a good Turkey Sandwich, I mean really, nothing says Thanksgiving leftovers like that - but I have something else that I love that gives the turkey sandwich a little spin so to speak. 

Turkey Pita Sandwiches

What you need:

Left over turkey

Left over cranberry sauce

Low fat yogurt

Red wine vinegar



How to:

Mix the cranberry sauce with some plain lowfat yogurt to make a cranberry yogurt sauce, add in about a teaspoon of red wine vinegar.

Stuff a pita (I use whole wheat) with cut up leftover turkey and some lettuce

Spread some of the cranberry yogurt sauce inside (or have it on the side for dipping)

Voila – that's all there is to it. Super simple, super yummy, just a little different.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Leftover Dish? 

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Hey Vinties - we've got another cool post from your fellow Vintie - Valerieeg! Let her know what you think! Happy Friday

Ladies! We all have those days where we just wake up and our hair just seems to not want to cooperate with us (For me this happens on a daily basis (#myhairhatesme). Have no fear! It’s time to embrace your beautiful messy hair and work it girls! There are so many hairstyles out there to tame your mane and their super simple and quick! Why not try an easy going loose braid? Or maybe a sock bun! Feeling a bit creative? Try a bow up do!  Or my favorite, the all time famous messy bun! Add a few braids into your bun and you’re looking FAB! After all your hair needs a rest day once in awhile so why not give it some love back! With winter in full swing it’s time to relax, drink hot coco, and wear your messy hair with pride! So tell me, what’s your favorite messy do?

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selling 101

Hey girls, it’s me Ro! Before settling in here at Vinted, I was in marketing for several years. Along my career journey, I picked up some wonderful tips, and I’m going to share them with all of my favorite girls (ahem, that’s you guys!). Writing good descriptions is a quick and simple way to get your listings here on Vinted seen by even more girls. 

Look, I’m not great at math, but this is a simple equation: Descriptions + Eyeballs = $$

So let’s get right down to business in our Vinted Marketing 101 course. Class is in session, starting… now!

So, what are descriptions Ro?

When you upload an item to Vinted, you’re able to put in a title, but you’re also able to enter more details about your item too! 



This area is the perfect spot to really talk your item up so others know just how rad it really is. Plus, the words you use are searchable too, so if someone is searching for a special word that you used in your description, your listing will pop up in the results! Those special words are called “keywords” in the marketing world, and you’ll want to make sure your item description has the best ones! 

How can descriptions help?

When you write your descriptions, try to think about what you would search for if you were looking for an item just like yours. Keywords are simply common words or variations of words that describe your item. If you had a listing for a “Stunning Wool Peacoat,”  then  both “wool” and “peacoat” would be keywords that help describe your item! These keywords are searched for, and if your listing includes them, it appears - and that, girls, is how you get more people to see your cool stuff!

Study example: 

Here’s a fake listing of mine where I highlighted all the keywords that I think someone might use if they were searching for a coat like mine. You don’t want to just type in all the random keywords you can think of. That’s a major no-no. Instead include them in a helpful description, like I did here - so it’s easy to read and provides more information about the item you’re showing off! 


After entering my description with important keywords, you’ll see that you can search Vinted using any combination of those keywords, and my listing appears in tons of different searches! Now girls that are looking for specific features for an item (like a wool jacket, or peacoat) will always see my listing in their results! 


Bonus Tip: It never hurts to repeat the size and color of the item within your description. You’ll still want to select the appropriate item category, colors, and size in the listing options - but some girls search for the size and color as a keyword (instead of filtering choices) so including them in both spots just doubles your chances of getting your items seen. 


Get it now? I know, it’s easy! *group high five* 

This concludes your first class for Vinted Marketing 101.

Homework (aww, man!)

Go edit a few of your listings to include a great description! Now remember, try to think like someone who’s searching for an item just like yours, and include those key features they might be looking for! Let me know if you see a difference in your item views or sales! I wanna hear about your results right down there in the comments! 

You know where to find me if you need help - just shoot me a private message or comment below any ‘ol time! 

Happy Vinting,


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This year I wanted to take a classic holiday dinner staple and give it some new life. Revamping something old to make it new again… well, that’s kinda our thing here at Vinted, right! 

For as long as I can remember, cornbread has always been included in our holiday meals. My mom makes great cornbread - everyone in our family says so - but that trait didn’t really pass down to me. Mostly because I think cornbread is… well, kinda gross. It’s not my favorite thing, but so many people love it, I wanted to try something that even a cornbread hater (that’s me, y’all) would love. I think I nailed it with this recipe! You still get a taste of that savory traditional cornbread, but there’s a hint of something else. Something more exciting. Tickling your taste buds with every bite, with a familiarly  sweet finish! That special something is another holiday favorite - sweet potato! 

Now when I tell you that this recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and savory, I’m pretty serious about that statement. I tried 3 other recipes and this one is by far the best. You don’t have to take my word for it though, this recipe only takes an hour to make (most of that is baking time), and with such a short ingredient list - it’s pretty inexpensive to make! 

So here’s a Thanksgiving dish that’s easy, quick, and delicious - but fun and unique, too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup yellow cornmeal 

4 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

½ cup sugar 

¼ to ½ teaspoon of ginger (optional, or more if you like!)

1 can sweet potato puree

2 eggs

3 ounces of milk (or 6 tablespoons)

3 tablespoons vegetable oil



I used a full fat milk, canned sweet potato puree, and regular sugar for this recipe. But you can totally mix it up! You could try milks with less fat or substitute the sugar for honey, if you’re more comfortable with fiddling with your dry ingredient measurements to compensate for the honey! Also I’m pretty sure this would be even better with fresh sweet potato - you’ll use about 3 sweet potatoes instead of the puree. Just peel them, bake them up, and mash them smooth. My substitution game is not that strong (kitchen disasters happen), so I chose to stick to the recipe. 


Preheat your oven to 375. You’ll mix all of your dry ingredients (flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt, sugar, and ginger) into one bowl. Don’t stick your finger in there to taste it yet. It’s still gross #guilty.



Now mix all the wet ingredients (sweet potato, eggs, milk, oil)  into another bowl. Yes it looks like baby food… but this is a process girls. You gotta let your little gross little caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly…by sticking it into a scalding hot oven. Moving on! [making a mess is optional]



Mix the dry and wet ingredients together but don’t over mix it! Cornbread mix isn’t smooth, so don’t get obsessed with those lumps, they’re supposed to be there! Grease your baking dish (I used butter) and pour your caterpillar cornbread baby into it’s baking dish cocoon. Ok, I’m going overboard with metaphors. The struggle! Just pour your cornbread mix into a baking dish or tin. Then pop it into oven.



Bake for 45-60 minutes at 375. Depending on your location & oven, cooking times can change so you’ll know it’s ready when you can stick a toothpick in the center and it comes out clean.

Here’s a stunna tip my mom taught me: lightly make a line down the center of the mix (with a spatula) right before you pop it in the oven, that will guide where the bread breaks as it’s baking. That’s what I did here to get the break down the center, and I forgot to take a picture of it. But, voila! #momswag



This sweet potato cornbread tastes great served hot/warm, with a bit of butter on top and a drizzle of honey! I also had it the next morning for breakfast with my coffee. When you add the honey and butter on top it instantly becomes next level. Take my word and don’t skip that deliciousness. #Cornbreadturnup


Girls, please give this recipe a try this Thanksgiving and holiday season. If you do, share your pictures with us down in the comments! I want to see what you changed, or improved upon too! But most of all, let me know if you loved it!  

Your resident Crazy Cat Lady (that now also bakes things, apparently), 



Recipe adapted from The Sweet Potato Queens’ Big-Ass Cookbook

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For the minimalistic, Parisien school girl in you, here is... the French girl’s wardrobe in 10 must-have pieces!


1. The Black Skinny

2. The Perfect Blouse

3. The LBD

4. The Winter Coat

5. The Vintage purse

6. Cool, minimimalist accessories

7. Booties

8. Ballerina Flats

9. The Flirty Skirt

10. The Biker Jacket


Just add a flick of black liquid liner, a serious case of bedhead, and voilà! You're a French girl (or at least you dress like one)!

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Hey Vinties! You know how much I love giving something old a new life – so for today’s DIY I thought I would breathe some new life into an old t-shirt. We all have them, the old t-shirt that is so soft but doesn’t really fit any more, or maybe has an awkward stain on it. Well now you can wear the tee, just in a new way. 
Check out this super easy DIY for an Infinity Fringe Scarf made from an old t-shirt. Best of all, all you need are scissors!
Find a t-shirt you don’t wear any more. Make sure it’s got some jersey stretch in it otherwise the fringe won’t curl up. 
t-shirt infinity scarf diy
Cut in a straight line across the shirt, right below the under arm. 
Start on one side of the bottom of the shirt and cut up in thin ribbons. Cut as high up as you would like the fringe to be. 
tshirt infinity scarf diy
Once you’ve cut across the entire width of the shirt, pull on the ends of the ribbons. This will make them curl into fringe.

Voila!  You have now given new life to an old T and you’ve got awesome fringe infinity scarf!
Tshirt Infinity Scarf
Think you’re going to try it? Share you pics, we want to see your new scarf!
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Hey Vinties - today's Blog Post is courtesy of your fellow Vinty Valereeg! 


Yes ladies, it’s time to talk about that iconic little black dress! With summer ending and fall fast approaching us, the nights get colder, trees get browner, and the colors get darker.Fall fashion is steadily reaching retail shops everywhere. And of course let’s not forget about Vinted as well! It’s time to put those sheer summer beauties to rest and bring out your sultry dark shaded dresses. Who doesn’t love a little black dress? With the iconic Audrey Hepburn making it a staple in every girl’s closet, you can never go wrong with this piece of clothing. Whether you wear to work, school, or a night out with your friends it is the perfect fall/winter staple piece. Black dresses everywhere are made in all different forms each carrying a little piece of who you are and what your style is. Whether it be a turtleneck, deep v-neckline, long-sleeved, no sleeves, sheer, leather or knitted your options are endless! Maybe you like to pair it with tights, a pop of color in some snazzy heels, or a statement necklace! So tell me, what’s your must have little black dress?

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Has this ever happened to you…you’re walking down the street and your heel drops right into a crack – now this crack is not wide enough to make you fall, luckily, but it is just wide enough to scrape your heel going in and out. Now, your beautiful shoes are scraped up and down the heel – what to do? This has for sure happened to me, and it got me thinking about different ways to camoflage a heel. 


Well never fear awesome Vinties I tried out a couple of ideas and found a DIY Heel Fix that will not only hide those scrapes it will add a little sparkle to your step – and true to Vinted style – it’s super easy!


DIY Shoes

First you will need some Tacky Glue (it drys clear!) glitter and a paintbrush. I chose pink glitter because I have a penchant for pink and gold together. I laid everything out on papertowels just to on the safe side. 

Glitter Heels

Next paint the entire heel with a thin layer of tacky glue, make sure you coat the whole heel. I even coated the inside! Then, just shake the glitter over the heel. This is where the papertowel comes in because I had quite a bit of excess glitter. Tap the heel on the paper towel to know any off and then let it dry. 

Glitter Heels

Voila - no one will see the scuffs and you will sparkle as you walk!  What did I tell you - super easy!

Try it out and post your pics - I would love to see what color combo you choose! 

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There’s something about a sweater on a fall day that just feels right to me. Cuddled up on the couch, with a cup of tea, or hot chocolate watching football I always feel most comfortable in a sweater. It could be the left over from having a grandmother who knit. Every fall I would receive a package with two sweaters in it – a cardigan and a pull over, then around the holidays I would get the obligatory “holiday sweater” and usually a knit hat and matching scarf. Because of this, knits make me feel safe and comfortable – the memory of the love that went into the handmade ones I grew up in.


These days the knits from when I was little don’t fit but that doesn’t mean I’ve forsaken them. I’m all about throwing a baggy sweater on with leggings or a sized to fit knit with a pair of jeans. I feel more dressed up in a sweater than a sweatshirt for some reason – and there is the lingering memory of my sweater boxes arriving every year in the mail.


How do you wear sweaters? Baggy or just right?

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