Seven Deadly Spends

Most of you Vinties have no clue who I am, seeing as how this is my first ever blog post on Vinted. So HI! I'm Rachel, a small town girl that lives in Alabama. I'm totally not going to go into an about me paragraph, but if you want to visit my personal blog, it's here.

I want to talk about buying things!  :)

We all have that list of stylish items that we want to add to our closet. From shoes to kimmonos, none of us have every thing we desire. We always "need" more. At the moment, I "need" (Need is in quotations becasue I really don't need anything but I like to think that I do, so I thought that  quotation marks would add humor to this post and now I'm rambeling....that was a long sentence.) a lot of things. I'll online shop all day and not buy anything. Instead I just add items to my list of wants.

Lately I've been into comfortable and realxing clothing. Doesn't everyone want to feel good and look good in what they wear.

Here are my 7 Deadly Spends for relaxing items that I "need" from Vinted. 

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