Fashion? That’s a tricky subject for me. I’m one of those girls that doesn’t even know the brand of my favorite pair of jeans (I know, who does that!).I may not be able to recognize your new Kanye West shirt, but there is something I can tell you and it’s a secret that the women in my family have passed down from generation to generation, so listen up! (Read up?)


You can get by with one rule alone: find items that highlight your best features, disguise what makes you uncomfortable, and create the features that you wish you had! *high fives self*


That’s right girls, that’s all you need to know! That rule will get you through every fashion trend, every season, and will carry you through to old-fashonista-age.  


My wardrobe staples typically include: a solid pair of jeans that I always feel great in, a pair of boots that take me to next level fierce, and  a fun scarf… well, that’s just because I’m always cold - and scarves prove that fashion can be functional, too.



[click image below to see essentials on vinted]


Every girl out there knows that finding the perfect pair of jeans is akin to finding the Holy Grail. You look amazing in them, they highlight all your best features, and if you’re lucky, you can still breath in them when you button them up, amiright! Until they start making designer yoga/pajama pants (Karl Lagerfeld, I’m lookin’ at you), you gotta find something stylish, yet comfortable, to leave the house in.  With that goal in mind, jeans are my #1 go-to. Hold it in, pull it back, push it up - the right pair of jeans will do all of this! Plastic surgery pants? Maybe. But the truth is that the perfect pair of jeans are basically like having a good diet & exercise weaved right into denim, then strategically placed on your body. They do all the hard work so that you don’t have to.  


Almost equal to my #denimlove is a fierce pair of boots. There isn’t much that can’t be accomplished with an above the knee, flat boot, and that’s real talk! They’re casual, they’re flirty, and girls - they really do go with everything!


There isn’t a skirt, pair of pants, or dress that you can’t work with the right pair of boots. If there’s one thing I adore, it’s making things easy on myself in the morning.


When you combine boots with jeans, clothes-magic happens (yes, that’s a thing). They pull an entire outfit together and you look like you put a lot more effort into getting ready than you actually did.You can’t beat that. Now just slap on a scarf and you're good to go. Bam! Fall outfit in 3 easy steps!


The only thing left is my #1 accessory that all of you girls already have… a stunning smile. *awww*



Jeans. Boots. Scarf… conquer!



So tell me ladies, what are your wardrobe staples? Drop your tips in the comments below, your ideas might help other Vinties - and let’s face it - I could use all the help I can get, too!






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Animal print never goes out of style, because it's reserved for those of us fierce enough to wear it, no questions asked.

Here are some timelessly loud looks based on our favorite cities... and 100% Vinted!

Of course, there's the classic: go loud and proud!

Style Safari: Miami

Dress from ohthatnicole

Earrings from a.nag

Shoes from italianax0bella

A lot of these prints are done in black and white, which means you can also sneak them into an otherwise neutral look for a little sense of fun:

Style Safari: NYC

Shoes from lexiimarielynn

Blazer from selegnejanine

Top from estout25

And finally, adding them to an accessory like a bag or scarf lets you get a little loud without having to REALLY commit to the look. 

Style Safari: Portland

Bag from speechlesswithair

T-shirt from ayeneecee

Shoes from emilyglenn

For something so eye-catching, animal prints are surprisingly safe to play around with. For years, everyone's known what they meant: you're brave, you're stylish, and you don't mind being noticed. So don't shy away! If you're trying to add a little bang to your outfits, this is a good place to start.

What do you think? Is zebra the new neutral? Or is this just playing with fire?

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Summer’s over, but it’s not quite boots weather yet. Which of these looks are you rocking until the thermometer drops?

Classic two strap yellow

Mint green pointed toe heels


This style is always classic. Heads will turn! Mix it up by pairing these with jeans or patterned pants.

Suede cork wedge sandal

Dolce vita wedge sandals

Nude Dollhouse wedge

Red heel less wedges

White silver cork wedges

Teal sandal wedges

Carlos Santana wedges

Summer’s last gasp! You can still wear your wedges. Put them with a heavier fabric skirt, like canvas or corduroy, to balance them out in your autumn wardrobe.

Teal spiked flats by Kim Kardashian

Pointy toe stripped flats with pink back

Stud flats

Vans shoes


Floral Toms

Coach loafers

Run for the bus. Balance on the step-ladder. Look adorable. Check, check, check. Shoes that are cute but also practical!

See what Vinted ladies have for you in our catalog!

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Back in the day, Drew, Courtney, and Kurt set the stage for alternative fashion. Of course, the whole point of alternative style was that it wasn't an actual "style" but just something you were comfortable in… a reflection of your lifestyle, and tastes in music, too!


I had my fair share of flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and combat boots back then! I'm not ashamed to say that I actually dig that this style has made a comeback!


90's fashion has definitely benefited from current trends! Tailored flannels replaced shapeless masses of fabric. More flattering cuts for women are available, though still made in masculine fabrics and patterns! Which we love. Bring on the unisex patterns! And footwear has been given a more feminine touch, too. Boots and shoes can even be customized to fit just about any level of girly.




It’s funny to think just how well the 90’s works in 2013! Alternative style, with a touch of punk is one of my favorite fashion trends coming up, and the items we’ve found right here on Vinted (from all of you girls) just proves that you can be edgy, but still pulled together! If you're looking to add a few of these edgy pieces to your wardrobe, the closets here on Vinted won't let you down!


Here are just a few great looks we found, right here on Vinted!



Black dress

Black leggings w cut out circles

Diamond cross necklace

Anarchic combat boots

Studded pyramid jean vest


Black faux leather boots

Black shoulder chain purse

Skull blouse


Piece set bracelets

Black half jacket

Acid jeans

Black hills from shi

Rhinestone studded star earings

Coral top

Check out some of our Vinted closets, you might be surprised by how much you can find!

Now girls, sound off in the comments below, and tell me which items you like the most, what you're looking for, or what other fashion trends you're looking forward to trying out this season! 

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