Between sport tryouts, homework, tests, and part-time jobs…this is the first thing you are asking for, right?

Oh, come on, go ahead and tell me to “get real”  I understand that it is SO much easier to grab a bag of Frito’s out of the vending machine instead of bringing a quality lunch or snack.

I get it. Totally.

Who has time to deal with a healthy diet whenever our To Do List is about 595,904,001 things OVERDUE. (and not to mention, how everyone will not shut up about it due to the New Year! UGH)

Plus, some of us may even have children of our own to provide for… let alone manage to find time out of the day to take of ourselves.

But girls!  We gotta take care of our bodies, no matter how busy and stressful our daily lives may be! :D Can I get a WOOT WOOT

I’m not asking you to do a 180 degree change in diet.  I’m not asking you to start working out 6 days a week, because it’s “not that hard”….what I’m asking, is to make a change for yourself, to better yourself because you know that you DESERVE it.

Start off simple. Start off slow.  Instead of a bag of chips, get a pound of apples at the store…it’s only one change.  Before you know it, those small changes will start rolling over to other changes (perhaps a 15 minute walk outside while you talk on the phone or “txt ur bf”)

Small. That’s the key. A small amount of oatmeal. A small bag of grapes. A small peanut butter sandwich.  It’ll really make a BIG difference! (plus check out the free, bonus pics) ;)

Before you know it, those changes might start making you a happier person. (Trust me, after I choose an apple over a Hershey bar, I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF)  You may smile a little more, you might even reduce anxiety from those daily stressors that make your heart race.

That  single change alone is TOTALLY worth it :D (seriously, just ONE! So pick a picture above and make a commitment to yourself)

SO, ladies, will you start asking for my carrots and less chocolate cake?  Will you make the SMALL change for yourself because you deserve to feel good, inside and out?

I’d love to hear if these changes make a difference in your life!  So, keep me posted, okay?

:* Jess

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I am so very excited to share this D.I.Y. project with all of you! But since I've only had the pleasure of talking to a few of you, I should properly introduce myself before we get started. My name is Cori. I was born, raised and still currently residing right in the middle of New Jersey with an abundance of clothing that refuses to fit in my closet. I firmly believe that you do not have to have an unlimited budget to purchase great pieces or create a stylish outfit, which is exactly why I chose the DIY route for this transparent clutch/chain bag.

Recently, I've become obsessed with the transparent look because of how versatile the pieces can be depending on the accessories you place in them. After reading plenty of tutorials and watching several videos I felt that I had gathered enough information to make one myself- but with my own special twist. So, rather than showing you a complete re-make of what's already out there, I decided to change up a couple of elements, re-think the measurements and incorporate some other ideas of my own. Before I decided to take on this D.I.Y. project, I scouted the internet just to see what the going rate was for one of these bad boys. Some were as low as $10, some were $40, some for $100 and even one for close to $1,000 (no thank you!). Determined to stick to a very low budget, I set out to the local craft store to pick up my supplies so I could get to work In total all of my supplies came to about $30 (minus the tools, I borrowed them from my Dad's garage).

I did opt to buy the bigger pack of each supply because I knew that I wanted to make more than one clutch, so when I broke down what I did use for one, my total came out to around $10.

Here's what you'll need: 
1. Double Polished Clear Vinyl (typically near the fabric section- it's used for covering furniture. Tip: choose the thickest)
2. 1/4" grommets (4)
3. Rivets (10)
4. 42" of chain (optional)
5. 6 studs of your choice (optional) 

Tools needed:
1. Ruler
2. Marker
3. Scissors
4. Hammer
5. Pliers
6. Masking Tape

Now, let's get started! 

1. First, I made myself a template with the measurements below. I did fall in love with once specific template by A Pair & a Spair, which is where I got the shape from. I did use slightly different measurements because I wanted mine a bit smaller.

Once you've made a template, tape it over your vinyl (you'll only need a couple of pieces). Cut around it to imitate the shape of the paper, be sure to save your scraps for later. Once you've done that, it's a good idea to fold your vinyl up just to make sure everything falls into place before heading on to the next step.  Fold the two smaller side flaps inward first, thn fold the bottom flap up and the top flap down. If it all matches up, you're almost half way there!

2. While your clutch is folded (with the larger flap on the outside of the two smaller flaps), mark where you'll place your rivets. It's a good idea to use a small piece of tape on each side to hold it together while you are marking the spots. Since only the larger flap is exposed, you will only be able to mark that portion for now.

Now, use the hole punch to knock out those markings and fold your vinyl back up to it's original state to mark the smaller flaps. Using the marker once again, make a marking right through the holes you just punched so that everything matches up for the next step.

3. Now, it's time to get in touch with your inner construction worker and start hammering in your rivets. The reason I chose these specifically is because once you hammer them together, there's no turning back. Therefore, there's absolutely no chance that your clutch with disassemble in the middle of a dinner party and spill your contents all over the floor.

The rivets will come with a concise, three-step instruction manual for hammering them together properly along with the other tools pictured.

It should look like this when you're finished!

4. One thing that I've noticed is that a lot of the tutorials that I've read were missing a way to close the clutch. Rather than investing in any more hardware pieces, I took some of my scrap vinyl that was left over after cutting the main piece and made a closure device. I cut two rectangular pieces that were 2.5'' long & .5" wide. I attached the first one right above the bottom of the top flap, and in case that was as confusing to read as it was to type, there are two pictures below. This is also where I decided to attach some skull studs to make my clutch more "me". I attached one over the middle rivet on each side of the bottom, and one on the bottom corners of the top flap. I also used another stud over the rivet that I used to attached the closure flap (as shown below).

Next, I installed another rivet on the bottom of the closure flap but didn't hammer it in ALL the way so that it would secure on the other closure flap.

After that, I installed my other rectangular piece about one inch below the top flap (when the clutch is closed). I secured each side with a rivet and put a skull stud over each of those as well.

Almost done!!

5. For me, carrying a clutch isn't always practical.. especially if I'm shopping, which is why I took it upon myself to install a chain. While your clutch is closed, make a small marking on the right side of the clutch (about one 1&1/2" to the left & 1" down). Repeat this on the left side of the clutch and use the hole punch over both of these markings. (Since the hole punch might not make a large enough hole for the grommet to fit through, make another one right next to it to make the hole a little bigger). Install the grommets according to the directions they come with (they will also come with the necessary tools).

To make the holes the same on the back of the bag, fold it back up and make the markings through the grommets as you did for the rivets & repeat the same steps as you did for the front. It should look like the picture below after all four grommets are installed.

Since I purchased enough chain to make several bags, I measured out 42" and used the plyers to open up one of the links and separated it from the reel. Then, I put one end of the chain through the grommets on the left and one end of the chain through the grommets on the right and reattached the end of the chain with the pliers.

One your chain is installed, you're done! Hooray! It should look something like the picture all the way at the top. Of course, the skulls studs & chains are completely optional but I felt that they worked well for me, so, if you want to see how I wore it you can check out my personal blog here.

If you guys have any questions at all please feel free to let me know and I will answer them ASAP.

I would also absolutely  love to see pictures of your D.I.Ys so please share them with all of us!



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 Have you ever wondered how celebrity stylists give long haired mavens a fresh, messy bob for a red-carpet

event and yet they have long hair the next day?  A few pin-curls and some creative tucking will give you a cute

look for a night out or just to try if you're thinking about trimming your locks, but aren't ready to commit.

Here are my personal fav's and must haves for creating this look:

1. bobby pins

2. a rat tail comb

3. a wave iron or your favorite curling iron

4. Big Sexy Spray and Play hairspray

Step One: Anytime you are going to curl or flat iron your hair, make life easy and section out your hair.

I usually do each side,and two sections on the occipital, or crown. Leave the nape of your hair down.

Step Two: I love the way the wrap style wave iron gives your hair curl and texture, without looking like

Shirley Temple. For this style the sections do not need to be perfect. Always start at the BASE of the

section you are curling and wrap the ends around. This rule also applies for regular, spring action curling irons.

The bottom pics above show completed sections.

Step Three: Take a large section at the nape where you started and wrap it around your first three fingers.

This will forma pin curl. Fasten this in place with a couple of bobby pins and spray with hairspray. Repeat

this in the nape sectionuntil its all pinned in curls. You should have three to four depending on how thick

your hair is.

Step Four: The middle picture above shows me taking the MIDDLE section and LOOSELY twisting it. You

still want to see the curls in the shorter layers.

Step Five: Loosely wrap the ends under the pin curls and pin in place with a bobby pin. If you have more

layers, you may noteven need to do this step. As you work your way up, let the waves fall over the tucked

sections and spray in place to resemble a bob.

I added a rose to the other side to make more of a statement...

Helpful Tip: Using the Spray and Play, spray and scrunch to give a finished messy look and help blend.

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As my list of things I need from Vinted grows, the brands and styles seem to change. While typing this up I realized I picked three floral pieces that I want. Is this a result of my mind secretly wanting spring to hurry up? Maybe, Maybe not. I'm oh so fond of the cold weather, but the florals in this set are brilliant. Maybe I'm just feeling extra grily.....

Also, that Betsy Johnson heart shaped purse is adorable! There are also a few Brandy Melville pieces. I'm seeing those two (already huge) brands grow and grow in demand.


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Have any of you ladies noticed all of the matte nail craze lately!? I know I have! And I am in love with it! However, I have BILLIONS of nail polishes and don’t feel like going and buying a bunch of more colors that I already have just so that it appears matte. But have no fear! I have found a solution to turn all your already beautiful nail polishes from glossy to matte! And guess what, you probably already have these two simple items which means you don’t have to spend money!


And TA-DA! It's as easy as that! Hope you ladies have fun trying this out! I know I will! :)


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And no I’m not talking about Christmas cookies. One more school semester down! Can I get a WA-HOO!?

But seriously, it feels like I have been counting this down since….well, forever. Who’s with me? :'(

Ever feel like the homework assignments will never end, that the tests will just keep piling up, that the so-called break is about 3 HOURS long?! Ha!

Relax, chickas.  It will all come to an end one day. You will walk across that stage and flip your tassle before you know it.  Of course, it is one more semester down, but whose to count?  (well heck, I know I will)


Life goes too fast to count all these semesters and days.  Plus, all that counting is just one more thing to exhaust you.  And we ALL know that we don’t need more exhaustion in our lives.

Take a good look at those colorful suckers up above.  Remember those?  We used to color pictures and learn numbers all day with those things…and where has that time gone?....Exactly!  It is SO far in the past, that I had to dig those crayons from the bottom of my desk draw.  Look at how fast those years have went…

See it really will end. It really is one more semester down. Yay!  But take some time to enjoy it too.  I was in your shoes one day, counting down the days until I graduated (no, seriously, like numbering in a planner LOL).  But my life, two and a half years AFTER I graduated has gone so fast, and I have accomplished so much.  It really will come one day…so congrats on your semester down! But take a breather and enjoy these moments.

You will have plenty more to count on the next road in your life. (and no, I’m not talking about trees or road signs) ;)

:* Jess

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Okay. We all do it. I know I'm not the only one that pulls up my phone in the car and takes 20 selfies until I feel like I got the perfect one. Well...I hope I'm not the only one that does that...If so, this post is about to get really awkward.....


I'm going to assume I'm normal when it comes to taking selfies. I have realized that I take selfies on the days I feel strong and confident with myself. Which I wish was every day, but no one is perfect. When I do take them and I like one, what do I do imediatly after??? I post it to Instagram of course! I just wanted to share my two apps I use before posting them to IG. 

So I created this little chart for you guys. It kinda gives you a sneak peak of the app before you guys go and download it.

This selfie was taken on Halloween. I was dressed as a "Stereotypical Goth". 

First of all, I NEVER use the filters on IG. I feel like they are cheesy and over done. The tones are never complete and I always regret using them. I wil admit that I went through a dark phase where I used them on every photo I posted, but now I won't even click through them.


I use the VSO CAM app for filters and color editing. The app is completely free and totally worth the download! It's the one photo editing app I couldn't go without.

My favorite filters in the app are the 5 on on the top row. I rarely use the bottom ones, it just depends on my mood or the natural coloring of the photo. :)


I use AFTERLIGHT for the boarders. The app cost $0.99 in the app store. Once again, worth the download.

I get a lot of questions about the borders of my photos. I mainly use the square boarder for this one. Since IG automatically crops photos, this one insures that I get my entire photo posted. Another reason I use the border is the white space adds a sense of simplicity to the photos and kind of cleans up my IG page. 

Do you guys have any favorite photo editing apps?? Let me know! I love to try new apps out! 

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