Furoshiki cloths are used in Japan to pack all kinds of things, but the furoshiki bottle bag is perf for giving away gifts! Not only can you get super creative by changing up the pattern you use (Hanukkah blue, or Santa prints galore) but the receipient can re-use the cloth instead of tossing it in the trash! That's enough for me to say "so long sucka!" to traditional wrapping.  

eco friendly gift wrapping

This wrapping style is perfect for most hostess gifts for holiday parties. You can use them for gifting candles, home made mason jar recipes, wine bottles.... the list goes on and on! I've even used them to wrap small homemade pumpkin bread loafs for a friends dinner party! 

So enough talk, it's time to drop this knowledge so you can start wrapping those holiday gifts, with a dash of style. 

Start with a simple square cloth - a little more stable cotton cloth. We're using two soda bottles here. Place the items on the backside of the cloth (the non decorative side). This one shown is just a pretty floral towel found at a discount store. You can see it's not the Japanese original, but it's still pretty :)

Pull the corner over your items, then tuck...

.. and roll them right up!

Bend in the center like shown...

Then tie a pretty knot or bow - depending on your skills - I personally am never able to make the perfect bow, but it still looks great! 

And you're done! Then just give your gift and prepare yourself for the *ohhs* and *ahhs* - amazement is basically a side effect when giving a gift in homemade wrapping ;)

If you try this out during your holiday gift giving, be sure to drop a note in the comments and let us know how it worked out! 

Happy holidays, 


#SeasonsVintings: wanna prize? Leave a comment below with your best eco-friendly giftwrapping tip or hack, and one lucky Vintie (chosen at random) will score a $30 Vinted voucher! The winner will be annouced Tuesday (Dec 2nd) on the next SeasonsVintings game forum post!

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stylishly you!

Am I right?!

We asked you why you #LovePreloved and the responses were astounding!  Vinties give yourselves a round of applause because you are all AMAZING!

Whether you #LovePreloved because you have an overflowing closet and need some quick cash or you have Beyonce taste with a college student budget (guilty as charged) , we all have one thing in common, we are the queens of #LovePreloved!  Who run the world?! Vinties! Queen B would be so proud! *cries* 

The  Vinties have spoken, and here's what they've said:


Vinties #LovePreloved on YouTube!

Let's not forget about these Vinties who have some rad blog posts about #LovePreloved !


Bloggers #LovePreloved too!

Vintie   shares her story about why she started buying preloved items and what she loved about Vinted! Check it out! 


Vintie  @katielikeme shares her easy, but essential  communication tips on how to score deals on Vinted!  She also shares her story about why she shops for preloved items!

Thanks for showing us why you #LovePreloved! They're part of the movement, but are you?   If you love shopping second hand, and want to help other girls discover that magic,  join the movement!

Want to check out why other Vinties #LovePreloved? Just search the hashtag on Instagram or over on TwitterYou might even see yourself on there ;)

XOXO, Valerie

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If you are anything like me during the holidays, you always think you have more time than you ever actually do. All of those wonderful time management skills you've acquired at school or work have decided to jump ship with no regard for your sanity or well being...

(I know, right?)

Let's face it, whether you're hosting or attending, a lot of time and effort is spent during the holidays. Some times it's hard to separate yourself from the work and never ending checklists, and truly enjoy your time with your friends and family.

With that said, I encourage you to take back your Thanksgiving this year. I challenge you to work smarter, not harder and destress. I've compiled a couple of tips and tricks I've used over the years (yes, they really work!) to help save time and get you back to the game, the table, or the day and enjoy your company.


Playing chef this year?

Regardless of the amount of people you'll be serving, a thanksgiving feast is a balancing act. There are potatoes to peel, green beans to snap, pies to bake, things to roast, gravys to simmer, etc. I know, I know. If only you had eight arms, right? It can be all very over whelming. Don't worry, you can do this! Just Breathe. 

  1. If you're having turkey this year, slow cook it overnight. Pop it in the oven overnight and when you wake up, you're good to go! The turkey is often the biggest oven space hog, roasting overnight completely solves this problem!
  2. Do your hands hurt every time you peel potatoes? Mashed potatoes are a requirement for many thanksgiving tables. The time consuming and sometimes, painful act of peeling doesn't have to be. This year be a rebel! Boil those potatoes with their skins on! When they're done " shock " the skins by dumping them into an ice water bath. Rub your hands over the potatoes and watch as the skins start to slide right off. Also, skip scrubbing before you boil them by running them through a dishwasher (no detergent, just water!) Sounds crazy, but it works!
  3. Use your grocery store's salad bar as your own personal prep cook. Head to your grocery store a day or two before and pick up ingredients from the salad bar that are pre-washed, pre-chopped, and pre-peeled. No more chopping onions, trimming green beans, or boiling eggs!
  4. Trouble mixing cold butter into your baked goods? Cold butter is better for some recipes like biscuits and pie crusts. Making sure it's thoroughly distributed can be difficult and take time. Skip that time by using a grater. Grate the butter right into your mixtures as if it were cheese! This will help your recipes along and makes them fluffy and delicious.
  5. DO NOT , I repeat, DO NOT forget about crock pots! If you have a few, or can afford to get more, prepare some of your side dishes in them! You can throw all the ingredients in them and let them do the work for you while you get down to business with other dishes.
  6. Skip the fancy china. Try paper or plastic plates. It's 2014 and there are some beautiful styles of disposable dishes. They come in all sizes and shapes. Recyclable, resealable, etc. You name it, it's out there. Why go through the torture of doing all of the dishes, or loading and reloading the dishwasher? (Sorry, Mom! -  "a girl has gotta do, what a girl has gotta do")

Taking a back seat to the family (or "framily") chef?

Some people don't host these family style dinners because they aren't terribly "chefy" and wouldn't know where to start. Some don't simply because they don't have the space. Whatever the reason, showing up empty handed can be awkward. So what do you bring?

  1. Dessert. I don't care what anyone says, you can not have too many choices when it comes to dessert. Try something quick and easy like a pudding pie! Use a pre-made graham cracker or cookie crust, instant pudding, and whipped cream. Takes minutes to prep and then you toss it in the fridge to set. You can even add a twist to it by shaving peppermint over the whipped cream, adding peanut butter to the pudding, or tossing candy into the mixture. No true chef skills required!
  2. Ask if your host needs glasses or silverware. Sometimes it's the small things that mean the most. Sure, my family has silverware, but they're not always prepared for the entirety of the "RayuhhRay" crew. We're always seeming to run low on forks, glasses, etc. This takes no time to bring but can be a HUGE lifesaver to your host.
  3. Beverages are often the unsung hero of the holiday meal. If you're of age, consider bringing your host's favorite bottle of wine. The personal touch will be remembered. If not, try making hot cocoa or cider in a crock pot! It keeps the drink warm and available for easy serving.
  4. We may all love the children in our families, but they can be hard to keep up with. Try bringing some toys with you that you think the children may like. It'll help them stay entertained and out of the kitchen. Plus, they'll be less likely to be bored when the meal is over and everyone is sitting around the table catching up!

Last but not least; remember that the holiday is about giving thanks. Some things may go wrong. Embrace those moments and appreciate them. From my "bio framily" to my "vintie framily",  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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media real talk!

Lately, we've had a trend of awesome female celebrities putting out honest memoirs that gives us the good, the bad and the ugly. As a 20 somethin in search of everything in life - these books are my new reference guides. They are that "this is life manual" I've been waiting for! So, I'm going to share with you a few of the top contenders out there - in no particlar order (with a wild card thrown in there);  

Mindy Kaling - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) 

If you're familiar with Mindy Kaling - you will know exactly what you're about to get yourself into. She is the star and writer of The Mindy Project, and she was one of the best characters of The Office. This is all of that - and more! 

If you aren't familiar with her - there is no time better than the present! She has a dry wit and the most relateable facial expressions. She has locked down the awkward lifestyle and made it seem kind of cool to be awkward

She says truisms you can't believe - and she talks directly to us, the reader. She makes us feel less like we aren't reading a book but a bunch of handwritten notes she couldn't wait to share with a friend. It's advice and it's understanding the process to getting there.

My favorite part? Learning to love herself. Because we all need a little help getting there and when she explains that uphill battle - damn, is it good. 


Tina Fey - Bossypants

We all know her - and most of us love her. Some of us know her as SNL's Sarah Palin, others as a total pusher (Like a drug pusher? probably) Oh, and did I mention a little thing called 30 Rock.

But now we can know her just a bit more personally.

Where Mindys book made me want to show off how much I love myself, Tina Fey's makes me want to show everyone how ready I am to be a bossypants. It's her talk of years of hard work and the steps she took to secure the career she has, and even better, the legacy she is leaving. 

It made me stand back a bit to appreciate the stepping stones I am on now and appreciate every lesson I'm getting now. 

Amy Poehler - Yes Please 

Amy Poehler has been my favorite for quite some time now. Honestly, she is just a world class star - and I'm positive if I ever met her, I would freeze. She promotes positivity in everything she does and is setting forth the best example you could currently ask for, for young girls. 

Her time in SNL, Parks and Recreation, and my personal favorite of her career - her youtube series/website Smart Girls at the Party. She highlights creativity, ingenuity and brilliance in budding girls and interviews them! Do you love Broad City? Amy Poehler is an executive producer. Let's also not forget how she still performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's. Yeah she is outstanding.

Her book is the mommy one. You feel loved and nurtured and you're laughing in the first few pages. She talks about having children and the guest writers you hear from in the pages of the book talk about her encouraging and selfless nature. She cozies you up and flashes you forward and back through her life. She is fearless in her accounts and when it ends you hope she writes a sequel. Even if it's fictional. My note: more unicorns. 

Sara Marcus - Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution

Here's our wild card. She isn't a comedian - she's a writer. She wrote an amazing book about an inspirational time. Something she lived through. Sara Marcus, herself, has lived a pretty awesome life. She was in a punk band, she's lived in co-ops, lived in a few different states throughout the USA, written for many publications, and was an editor for Heeb magazine.

Her content? Not autobiographical. But it's all true. She puts us in a time, I would have loved to have lived through but makes me feel pretty damn close to being in that action. 90's, punk, feminist. How bad**s is that? 

We learn about some major players of that scene: Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill (Later Le Tigre, and now of The Julie Ruin), Alison Wolfe of Bratmobile (Cold Cold Hearts, Partyline, and now Sex Stains), and bands such as Heavens to Betsy, and Huggy Bear. 

This tells us about the music - how girls needed an outlet so they picked up a guitar and learned to play. We read about girls making a community with each other from a whole country away. Girls who never thought they would have a safe space to just be themselves, or talk about things they need to get off their chest, finding it here in the music and in the friends they made.

If punk is not your thing - read this for the girl power. The total comradery displayed here is breathtaking. It leaves you inspired and calling up all your girlfriends to do anything together! Trust me - a project will come out of you because of this book. 

That's all I got for now, tell me some of your inspirations so I can get into it too!

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stylishly you!


With Fall and Winter now in full force it’s time to pull out all those oversized sweaters, plaids, and infinity scarves. However, this weather is totes not inspirational and just makes me want to wear sweats every damn day.


Luckily my fellow vinties have some RAD style that just makes me want to go buy a whole new closet! So get your notebooks and pens ready to jot down some style inspo from these stylish vinties!


That lazer-cut skirt! #GORG // Source


GalmandGrace pairs vintage with modern to create the ultimate look // Source





She rocks the hard-soft look by pairing a leather skirt with a denim jacket #Genius // Source






That hat and that lace cardigan are MUSTS for this fall/winter! // Source



She's got the urban-edge style down to a notch! #Snapbacks // Source



Want more edge for your outfits? Misselizthabethjoy has got you covered from head to toe! // Source







Winter whites with a color poppin lippie! #AMAZING // Source

Now if these ladies don't make you want to go shopping for a new wardobe I don't know what will! #BrokeGirlProbs. Get your style inspo on and be sure to tag #Vinted so we can find you! ;) 

P.S. our instagram is pretty RAD too


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If there's anything I love, it's being able to make something with things I already own, so when I came across this pin, I knew I had to recreate it. 

You will need:

  • A tree branch
  • Twine
  • Sealer

1) Firstly, you're going to find yourself a good, sturdy tree branch, preferably one not infested with mites, or one that's not falling apart. 

2) Grab a paper towel, or an old rag, and gently scrub off the dirt, loose bark, and general unwantedness. 

3) Apply a sealer to the branch to assure that the bark won't fall off easily. Also, it seals holes and gives it a nice sheen. Follow the directions on the sealer. 

4) Take your twine and tie a knot at one end of the branch. Make multiple knots depending on the strength of the twine.

5) Wrap the end of the branch with the twine. I wrapped it about 150 times.Tie another knot after you're done wrapping to ensure it won't unroll. Make sure to leave a long tail--that will become the hanging portion.

Repeat  steps 4 and 5 to the other side of the branch. 

6) Take both sides of ths strings, tie a strong knot. Depending on where you tie it is how low the branch will hang, so tie with caution. 

7) Hang the string off a thumbtack (or a nail, if you're a more permanent person).

Voila! You're done. Display your necklaces, sunglasses, what have you, in this cheap and easy DIY. 

The cool part about this DIY (besides it being incredibly easy) is that you customize it to your tastes. Bigger branch, less twine, adding hooks--the possibilities are almost endless!

Find Katie in other places!
Style Blog | Tumblr Instagram

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healthy hobbies


Okay so not really but with cold and flu season (and who knows what else) upon us I thought I would take a short break from fall and winter colors and talk germs.

Germs are everywhere as you know. They are good, bad and ugly. Exposure to germs helps to build our immunities and should not be completely avoided but we don’t need to over expose ourselves either. There is no immunity for the flu, strep, pink eye and a long list of others.

mc hammer

When I see a germ “hot spot” I think of MC Hammer and his song “U Can’t Touch This.” I know I have to touch it but I try to touch it as little as possible and wash my hands as soon as I can afterwards or use hand sanitizer. I carry three things with me in my purse at all times for germ pick-up prevention. A scarf, a pen and a stylus.

Hot Spots...


Money is disgusting. It has been transferred from who knows how many people and for who knows how long. A 2002 report in the Southern Medical Journal showed found pathogens including staphylococcus on 94% of dollar bills tested. Paper money can reportedly carry more germs than a household toilet. And bills are a hospitable environment for gross microbes: viruses and bacteria can live on most surfaces for about 48 hours, but paper money can reportedly transport a live flu virus for up to 17 days. It's enough to make you switch to credit.


Pin pads

Everyone has a card these days and has to punch in their codes. Can you guess how often these pads are cleaned? In a store - rarely. ATM's - probably never! When I use one, I use my stylus and punch in my numbers. Yes the cashier looks at me crazy and maybe I am but only just a little ;).

Gas pumps

Everyone with a car gets gas. Can you guess how often the pumps or handles are cleaned? Rarely to never! I use my scarf to pump gas.


Door knobs/handles

These are nasty places, especially ones on bathrooms. If the door will push open then I use my body and push the door open. If not, I open the door and wipe my hands on my pants immediately afterwards.

Toilet handles

Self-explanatory! I flush toilets with my foot if it is a commercial handle or with my hand covered in toilet paper.

A pen

Any pen that is publically used such should be avoided. Especially the ones sitting on the counters at the doctors’ offices. Um, hello…. most everyone there is sick or in the company of a sick person and used that pen to sign the log in sheet… no thanks! I carry my own pen to sign whatever needs to be signed. Pens are never cleaned. They are used until the ink runs out and then trashed.



Yep, gotta clean your phone and the ones at your office too. While you’re at it, clean the keyboard and mouse as well.

Lastly and as much as I hate to say this but …. 



If you have children who go to daycare or school with other children then not only are they exposed to an environment you cannot control but tons of other potentially sick children. When your children get home from school, have them immediately wash up. If you pick your kids up you should wipe their hands with cleaning wipes.  

I know this sounds kinda crazy and germ phobic but this time last year, I lost a very nice salary with great benefits because my infant got pink eye from the DIRECTOR of his daycare and it spread to our entire family. Not only did I lose my job but I had to toss all of my beloved eye makeup. 

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love shack     

Being a positive person draws positivity into your life. Although this world we live in can be a bit crazy, it’s better to learn how to bring calmness to your life and not feed into the negativity. When we learn how to achieve this, our lives won’t be so affected by things that are negative and your life will run a lot smoother.  This includes work, school, relationships and life in general as well.

We as a society are impatient. We want what we want and we want it now.  Remember the saying “good things come to those who wait”. Most times when you keep yourself open and available things usually fall into place where they should be. Not always to your liking, but absolutely to your needs. Other times you need to put in the necessary work and time to get to where you want to be, but it all starts with staying positive. Yes, it can be hard at times. And yes there are many things that can come into play that will make you want to throw in the towel, or break down and cry. But let that inner strength that we all have pull you through, when it gets hard keep the faith.

Becoming positive is the beginning where we all need to start. Know that you can handle every situation even though some can be trying. At times you might feel defeated. But more importantly keep in mind at all the times that you were very capable of dealing with what life threw your way. That you had the ability to conquer complicated issues that life had to offer and you pulled through. Bruised at times, but in the end you were okay. So do whatever it takes to get you through but make sure whatever it may be that is helping you, that it’s not hurting you. It’s okay to shed tears. It’s okay to act a little wacky.  

Keep in mind at all times that we grow wiser and become stronger. Some people learn quicker than others. Some people can get through things quicker than others. But when you realize it is okay just being you….you will be able to enjoy life more. Especially after we go through hard times and come out okay. We may get pushed down, but never stay there. Remember these words: you don’t belong down, so don’t stay there. Get up, brush yourself off, and say; “I am absolutely fabulous”. You might be saying those words now, but know one day it will come to be if you believe and keep positive.

Love, Barbara Jeanne

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