Spring is comming!....I literally just typed that while huge chunks of show and ice fell off of my roof. By the way...It scared me so bad that I knocked over my water....

Anyways! I know it's still all snowy and winter and stuff, but before long, flowers will be blooming and we will all be suffering from itchy eyes. 

When I think of spring I think of spring break and concerts. Effortless outfits that still make a statement. It's easy to throw on shorts and a long sleeve tee because the weather is perfect. Some of my favorite pieces to throw on during this time of year, are kimonos and short boots. Paired with dainty dresses and flowy tanks, you get a relaxed vibe that can also look kinda "bad a".

Here are a few of my picks from the clostes of you vinties. I went with flowy everyday pieces that could also be amp up a casual outfit. I have to say that #3 is my favorite tho. LOVEEEEEE ITTTTT!!!

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Gossip Girl

KIDDING! I'm just Raeshellia.

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I know I’m not the only one absolutely obsessed with bold, chunky and sometimes a bit over-the-top statement necklaces. For me, the gaudier.. the better! They come in so many different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors that I can't help but get lost in the cyber world for hours looking at them. You can add a pop of color to your little black dress to give it a brighter look or dress up a simple jeans and tee outfit with a silver layered chain necklace, it's amazing how you can completely change the look of your outfit by adding one accessory. There is absolutely a necklace out there for every single style or mood possible no matter what your go-to look or pieces are. I spent a lot of time looking through all of the great pieces here on Vinted and paired up a few outfits that I hope you ladies will enjoy and maybe inspire you to invest in one of your own if you haven't already..


Although it's fun to give a neutral outfit a pop of color with a vibrant statement necklace, it's even more fun to play with the colors and see how far you can go with them. The peach in the skirt matches the peach in the necklace perfectly, but rather than keeping a one-color theme, this necklace also brings in some vibrant pinks and yellows for an extra pop. Mixing patterns isn't exactly the easiest of tasks but it always works when you pair a bold or large pattern with a smaller one, so the large strips of this neutral colored blouse definitely work with the small, intricate pattern of the neckace. Depending on the day, this outfit would look perfect with a pair of gladiator sandals or pumps for a night out.


There are so many ways you can wear a denim shirt that possibilities are nearly endless and I love the challenge of dressing them up since they're typically looked at as more of a casual piece. Since gold accessories can effortlessly dress up an outfit, this layered gold chain necklace will definitely do just that. These chunky and very trendy booties will not only give you some extra height but will for sure turn a few heads, especially since the gold accents on the shoe highlight the gold necklace. To keep it causal throw on a pair of black denim skinnies or to dress it up a bit grab a black skater skirt, either way you can't go wrong.


Since the pattern on these shorts is more than enough on its own, this solid white sweater works perfectly as a top and keeps the attention on the shorts as well.  The black stone layered necklace not only brings out the black in the shorts, but the gold in the chain also brings out the yellow & golds in the floral pattern. Of course, you can wear this outfit with a pair of tights and booties in the winter or a lighter sweater in the summer so you can wear it year round.


There are so many ways to change the look of a little black dress and I love mixing dressy and casual pieces together to give it two looks at the same time. The rhinestones in the necklace give it more of a "night out" look while the brushed or antique metals in the chain and pendants keep it casual. As for the shoes, the slight heel gives it a dressy look but the brushed metal buckles and chunkiness of the heel match the casual look of the necklace chain. 


I love to give my neutral outfits a pop of color with a bold necklace, it gives my older pieces a whole different lool and makes them feel new again. One of the best things about a more basic colored outfit is that you can pull in so many bold colors, metals and textures. There are so many expensive layered necklaces out there but there is absolutely no need to spend hundreds of dollars when they are right here for less than a fraction of the cost. I chose a bold chain necklace as the first layer for this look which would go higher up on the neck. The second necklace has similar metals to the first which you can drape underneath the first to give it the layered effect and really make a statement with your accessories.

If you're still not sold on the statement necklace you can check out my blog to see how I paired some of my very own HERE .

Since I'm always looking for some inspiration myself, I would absolutely love to see some of your outfits as well, so please post them below! 



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I get asked by my long haired friends all the time how to do what is called a "round brush set" or a "blow out".  When I worked in a salon, we used to teach a class to clients that explained this.  Here, I've outlined the basics for getting a fantastic blow out that lasts for a couple days.


Step One: Use a dime size (or smaller, depending on how long your hair is) of the Organix Coconut Serum from about mid-shaft through ends. Using your fingers, blow dry your hair until it is about 75% dry. At this point, section your hair in four sections. 

Step Two: Starting at the nape of your hair, take a section that is about the same size as your round brush (about the length of your index finger) and begin drying and rolling your hair.  Aim the dryer down to avoid fly aways. 

Step Three: Once this section is dry, spray it with got2b smooth operator, wrap around your first three fingers, and clip in place with a duckbill clip. It does not have to be perfect!

Step Four: Continue this through the rest of your hair, working in sections. Once its all dried and clipped it should look like this...

Step Five: Put your dryer on cold and go over your clipped sections with the cold air. This will set the waves.

Final Step: Take out all duckbill clips and shake out the curls. You can comb through with your fingers or brush depending on how you want it to look. Once you have it to your liking, spray lightly with the Spray & Play hairspray!


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One comment I've gotten a lot, since selling on Vinted is "I love the way you photograph your items!" When browsing through the Vinted cataloge, I see tons of cute things, but some of them haven't been photographed to their advantage. They way you portray your items on vinted makes a huge difference in views and sells. Here are a few tips and tricks to photographing your clothes. 


  • Make sure your items are at eye level with the camera. You don't want to be looking down or up when you photograph your items. (exceptions are accessories and pants, but makesure they are on lying on a solid background)
  • Always find a solid background to hang your items in front of. Busy backrgounds like blinds, and closets take away from that stunning sweater you're trying to make someone love.
  • White backgrounds are the best! They are clean and simple and really make your items POP! I use my office door. Sure I might have to stand in a rolly chair (not recomended because I fell last week, haha) but the white background makes a huge difference. 
  • Use hangers. Never lay your items across the back of a chair or on the ground. By doing this, your clothes become hollow and lifeless. Instantly. When you hang them up, they look more welcoming and people can tell how the fit is.


  • Take your photos during the day. Even when you're inside, taking photos during the day adds natural light to your pictures. The items you're wanting to phorogtraph look more natural and are their true colors. If you take the photo at night, you're sure to get a yellow hue in your photographs from the lights in your house.
  • Keep your items facing the light. Never hang your items up on a window. This creates a back lighting effect that can drastically change the color of your items. You want the light behing you when you take the photo, not in front of you. 

Bad Photo Examples

Filters on Photos

If you're going to be adding filters to your photos, keep these tips in mind.

  • Filters can drastically alter the coloring of your item. (That's a bad thing and could end with bad feedback.)
  • If you use enhancing filters, use the ones that are not tinted. Most filters are made up of different tints and colors. If you have a green sweater and add a filter with blue in it, the sweater would end up looking more blue instead of it's true color. **BADDDD*
  • Brightening filters are OK if you don't brighten them too much. They are good to use ONLY if the photo you took captured a lot of shadows. You can brighten up the image a little and still have the natural colors of the item and the details that got lost in the shadows. (WIN WIN)

This is what you want:

Photography is a touchy art, it takes time and practice, even if you're just photographing a sweater. Just remember to be patient and have fun with it. Show your items in the different ways that it can be worn (like rolling the sleeves or tieing up a button up). Don't get frustrated if your photos don't instantly look better. Over time, you'll probably end up seeing a huge difference and an increase in sells! 




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With January coming to an end I can’t help but be reminded of February’s claim to fame, Valentine’s Day. If you’re stomach just dropped because you’re less than prepared and frantically snooping through his things to get some ideas.. than I think a lot of us are in the same boat. So, rather than providing you with a generic gift guide, I decided to go directly to the source, the topic of conversation, the man himself to find out what he really wants. 

After carefully sifting through a number of gentlemen on my friends list, I chose a handful to answer a couple of questions that will hopefully make our lives so much easier for this coming holiday. I asked them to list 5 of their hobbies in order of importance, their go-to pieces or outfit and five gifts they would appreciate most from their significant other. I felt that these three simle questions would give us an understanding of what they like to do, their sense of style and how their hobbies and style correlate with gifts they wouldn't mind recieving from their loved one. Hopefully your significant other shares interests similar to the guys belows and this gift guide sparks an idea to make your Valentine’s Day less stressful and more enjoyable.

Here's what they said:

I chose to keep the gentlemen anonymous so that they could be completely honest and not have to feel shy about answering my questions (we all know how guys can be when it comes to telling us what to buy them), so these answers are 100% genuine. I guess all of our hours spent scrap booking, note writing, picture framing & making other homemade gifts have been very much appreciated, who knew? I've seen so many brilliant D.I.Y. gift ideas from the ladies here on Vinted, if you're looking for a little inspriation in that department I would definitely check herehere, they're pure genius if you ask me. If you have any other ideas please leave them below!


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