Hey Vinties,

Hope you’re ready for some more thrifting talk! Cue cheers and applause. This week’s installment of the Thrift Tips Series is focused on the actual shopping. If you haven’t read last week’s about preparation, you may click this magical link.

Upon arrival of your desired destination (yes, alliteration again), you take a glimpse at the never-ending rows of racks and get smacked in the head with an overwhelming feeling you’ve never experienced in your [insert number here] years of spending your money on pieces of cloth. Never fear! Your shopping thrift tips are here! Hooray.

Yes, I know, I know. It is a thrift store and you’ll never know what you’ll find. But you can still keep your eyes peeled for, you know, those cute things you’ve been swooning over, but haven’t had the heart to spend your money on at a retail store. Thrift stores actually sometimes have items from places such as Forever 21, American Apparel, etc., so you know never, you might find those to-die-for shorts you’ve been eyeing. Or you might have a general idea of some vintage pieces you like that thrift stores often carry, such as a floppy hat or a denim jacket. So keep your wants in your head as you go through the store, especially when you come across a rack that corresponds to something on your wishlist.

Now back to the idea that you’ll never know what you’ll find. It’s true. You might find a blouse with a classic buttonup structure, but it has the wackiest print. At your first look, you think, ew, that’d be so embarrassing to wear out. Then you take it off the rack and kinda just… stare at it. You like it. Well, then, put it in your cart already! The world of vintage is filled with crazy, but super cute, prints and countless bold trends, those of which are definitely present at thrift stores. So remember to be open-minded as you sift through all the items. Your taste in clothing might just shift a little.

So I usually do this in about ten seconds in my head, but I still believe it’s important to do, so you don’t find yourself walking back and forth across the store. Before you go on and do your thing, I suggest you think through the order of the sections in which you’ll shop. For example: Jewelry, bags, shoes, women, girls, men, boys, appliances, and lastly, books.

Wasn’t your example in the last tip a bit too extensive? Nooo, you must go through all the racks and walls and shelves and display cases! Well you don’t have to, but it is highly suggested. I’ve spotted many of my favorite thrift finds in sections other than the women’s! One being this rad vintage colorblock denim hoodie, in the photo below, I found in the boys’ section. And yes, the tank top and shorts are also thrifted. High five. You might also want to look at sizes bigger than what you normally wear, as you can wear various pieces oversized. I’ve found an amazing oversized knit cardigan, which has become one of my wardrobe essentials, in the XL section (I’m a size XS/S.) So please. Just look through everything! You’ll thank me later.

That’s all for shopping, gals! If this series is helping you out on your thrift trips (or better yet, convinced you to start thrifting), feel free to comment below :) I’d love to hear from y’all. Keep an eye out for the next, which is also the last, installment of Thrift Tips!

Happy thriftin',
Shai ♡

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With SXSW over, and Coachella quickly approaching, it can only mean one thing: Festival season is upon us.


Music festivals are known for two things: live music and style. While is it important to like the bands that are playing, many go for the atmoshphere and the style.


With a festival that focuses on live music, alcohol and style, how do you dress?


Firstly, you have to take into consideration location and date. Most festivals take place in Spring and Summer, in the heat, so you need to dress accordingly. Don't show up to Coachella, a desert festival, with a sweater and pants. Unless, of course, it's night time. 


Only when you know the specifics can you start bulding your outfits. 





The crop top and high waist shorts combo is common in festivals because it covers you--but it doesn’t bake you alive--so you can stay covered and cool. If you’re more modest—or if you want to add another element to your oufit—you can add a lightweight kimono. You always want to wear boots, no exceptions. Because the amount of people who attend festivals, you want to stick with boots. People are often carrying things and bumping into each other, stepping on things, and you really don't realize how susceptible your legs are to injury until it's too late. These thigh highs will protect your legs from people and elements and while being effortlessly cool.




This is another crop top and high waist combo, but this one is a more feminine version. The lace on the shorts is more demure than denim and the rusty purple of the top accentuates the cream shorts, making it a more romantic and Spring like outfit. Hats are the perfect accessory for festivals because they protect your head and face from the sun, and this floppy hat will do just that. Though they aren't high boots, Docs will protect your feet from stomping while coordinating with the color of the crop top.



Sometimes during a festival, you just want to be lazy, kick back on a blanket, and not worry about layers. Maxi dresses are perfect for those times. This dress in particular is perfect because it has a cute print and it’s long, so you don’t need to worry about protecting your legs. Because your legs are shielded by the dress, you can wear a shorter pair of boots, like these low heeled ankle boots. I paired the dress with long sleeveless cardi, for added suburn protection as well as some layers for dimension.



You can wear skirts, too! Skirts are a great alternative to shorts, and are a lot more comfortable. This skater skirt is a great piece—it’s flowy, on the short side, and can match with anything you want it to. I paired the skirt with a trendy aztec print top and some high boots again, for the aforementioned reason. I opted for some high socks with the boots to add some color, and more protection. The design on the socks is similar to the top without being too matchy, and it adds a splash of color. 



Now you're covered! Go out there and enjoy you some music.



What are some of your tips for attending a musical festival? Let us all know down below!


xx Katie

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Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!


Did you just re-load your instagram feed? I bet you did…No worries I do it too ;)

Most of us spend so much time on our phones playing games, finding out the latest gossip, and searching for new clothes on Vinted. But what if we could make money by using our phone?

 Yes girls! No shenanigans here! 

Believe it or not, there are apps out there that will pay you to use their app to do fun things!



Scoopshot lets you earn money with your smartphone photos. Scoopshot has tasks for you to participate in and let your creativity shine! You can see what others are submitting and submit your own photo masterpieces. The photos don’t even have to look profesh, their looking for your own take on the task at hand. Sell your photos and get published!



Want to get rewarded for shopping at your favorite stores? Shopkick gives you kicks (points) for visiting stores, scanning items, or making a purchase at a variety of stores. You can then redeem your kicks for rewards like gift cards or accessories! Sounds to goo to be true? Try it and you’ll become addicted!


So there you have it girls! The secret is out….shhhh! Next time you’re bored scrolling through your phone, try these apps to get your creativity flowing and money rolling into your back account!

XOXO, Valerie (valerieeg) (:

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Hi Vinties!

If you’re an avid Vinted blog-reader, yes, I’m new around here. :) So lemme just introduce myself before I get onto the ever-so-exciting thrift tips (it seems like I’m being sarcastic, but I promise I’m not). I’m Shai. Pronounced “shy” and no, I’m not shy. I’m a seventeen year old with a keen interest in fashion, film, and Disney. I found out about Vinted about two months ago and have been an active member and addict ever since. I love the true connections that gals make here and I’m super excited to be contributing to the Vinted community!

Alright, now for what you REALLY wanted to read about. THRIFTING. It’s pretty much changed my life. I starting thrifting about two years ago and since then, I’ve grown an appreciation for vintage, secondhand clothing, and fashion in general. If you don’t know what the heck thrifting is, it’s essentially shopping at thrift stores. That’s it? No, it ain’t just shopping! It’s buying amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces for super cheap. So for all you thrift newbies out there, I present… the Thrift Tips Series! To start off this thang, here are some preparation pointers! (Don’t you love all the alliteration?)

If you’ve never really gone on a thrift trip, I suggest you use Yelp or a similar app/site to search for the best ones in your area. If you’ve already started to delve into the thrifting world and started rummaging through a few stores, then try to settle on your favorite(s). Once you’ve decided which to go to, call ‘em to inquire about any upcoming sales. Thrift stores always have amazing sales! From my experience, many do 50% off certain colored tags weekly or biweekly. Items under $5, PLUS 50% off?! Yup, I swear I’m not lying. It’s that cool. They have awesome sales for almost every holiday too. You’ll also want to go online or call in to check what types of payment they accept, as many shops only take cash.

Maybe this is just me, but I prefer to thrift alone. Or at least with someone who also likes to shop around on their own. When I have someone waiting on me, I feel so pressured to shop quickly. Trust me, you’ll want to take your time when thrifting! Speaking of…

Sifting through the many racks in thrift stores takes quite of a bit of time, so be sure to have a good amount open in your schedule if you truly want the thrifting experience. If you’re looking for something specific, however, this probably wouldn’t apply. You’ll also want to go in the morning, especially if it’s a sale day, so you’ll have more stock to look through and pick from. The worst thing is walking by a fellow thrifter and seeing a piece you absolutely love, but in their hands. You kinda pass them every so often to see if they still have it and yup, it’s, unfortunately, still in their possession. Then, they’re finally at the cash register and you have to deal with the heartbreaking moment of seeing them seal the deal. Sob. (Yes, it’s happened to me.) It sucks, so go early and don’t miss out on anything!

Finally, be sure to wear a thrifting-appropriate outfit. If you know you’re going to try on a few pieces, you’ll probably want to wear a long sleeve top, leggings, and socks. That way, you can try on things over your clothes. Also, I always change my outfit once I return home from shopping and hack my thrifting outfit into the dirty laundry (since it soaked in that thrift store smell), so I usually just wear something simple. If you don’t really care about the germs or anything, then of course, wear whatever you want! Or at least something comfortable.

Well, those are your basics for thrift trip preparation! Y’all better be calling up your local thrift stores right now. :) ‘Til the next Thrift Tips post, Vinties!

Your personal thrifting guru,

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Eeeee, it’s almost that time!

I remember how EXCITING it was to get ready for the big day.  To get all dolled up with makeup, high heels, and a dress that you can hardly breathe in.

(No, not our weddings, yet!) :) It’s almost prom time!  Who’s pumped?!

Well, my days of this excitement are done and over with, but I’m excited for all you ladies out there that are looking forward to their big day!


So, my advice to you, in preparation for your big night, is a simple checklist to help push away any stress:


  1. Prom dress (well, duh!  PLUS there’s soooo many closets on here that have some awesome dresses!)
  2. Shoes (or flip flops like I wore)
  3. Picture of hair updo
  4. Nail polish/manicure
  5. Picture of makeup (the makeup, too!)
  6. Group of friends (no, you don’t have to go with a guy, it’s more fun with girlfriends anyways :) )
  7. Limo/transportation
  8. Pictures!


There’s your main list.  You don’t have to get it all ready tonight, but just have some ideas in the back of your mind.  Make sure this night is everything you have dreamed of!  

Once the big night comes, be ready to dance with your friends like never before!  ENJOY your youth :)

Also, during the evening, it is a good idea to bring a little hand purse with you…I’ve pictured some items you might wanna stash away for the “girl emergencies” :)  But don’t panic, because you WILL be ready! (see pic below, and comment with anything YOU recommend to bring along)



I hope you ladies have a BLAST (and stress free)!

Be sure to post pictures in the forums and ask around if you haven’t found THE dress yet :)  Let me know how your night goes! I’d LOVE to hear about them.

:* Jess

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After going through Vinted with a fine-tooth comb for those incredible green clothing finds or purchasing that perfectly sarcastic and cute Irish tee somewhere, our attention must shift. Though, I must admit I’m still on the hunt for an outfit… my BFF should have something? 

But makeup? OH YES. That’s something I have not only thought about, but tutorialed for those bold enough to wear orange and green shadow this St. Patrick’s Day! 


All products used are listed below and substitutions are certainly do-able, makeup is all about custimization after all  :)

PRODUCTS (Substitutions are okay!)

  • Primer: MAC Studio Fix 
  • BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 1st Edition:
  • Eyeshadows (Light Green, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Bright Orange)
  • Maybelline Color Tatoo: Fierce and Tangy
  • Eyeliner: NYX Black Eyeliner
  • Lipstick: MAC St. Germaine
  • Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2
  • Brushes: Bdellium Tools & others from Walmart!
  • (Whatever gets the job done)

Please use the hashtag #bridgetb0mber on Instagram if you decide to recreate this look! Now back to watching Macklemore & Ryan Lewis music videos... do all Irish artists look that great? *drool*

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