Hi Ladies!

I hope you all had a great and exciting Easter weekend! I ate so much I had a food baby for two days....Is that bad?

Well I hope you stuffed yourself well this weekend because it's time for part 2 in our Beach Body Bootcamp! While trying to get a sweat on at the gym the hardest thing to do is find motivation. Am I right? You could have the cutest outfit but still feel just a tad lazy. Well, it's time to pump up you stereos and get your headphones out because we're creating a workout playlist!


Whether you're blasting your stereo in your car (beware of people staring!) or pumping up you headphones all the way to top to hear that bass, juicy music is sure to get your adrenaline going!

Creating a playlist ahead of time makes it easier when you work out that way you won't have to waste time skipping tracks you don't like and it's a quick reminder to work out if you set it as a reminder tone on your phone! My playlist consists of all types of music from rock and roll to EDM to hyphy music (Yes I said it, hyphy! Any Bay Area Vinties out here!?). Don't restrict yourself to just the music you normally listen to. Explore! Workout music can be anything. It just depends what get you pumped and ready to go!


Now go find some gnarly tracks that are sure you get you fueled and ready for week 3! Thats when the real hard work will begin ladies! Try spotify, youtube, pandora, and shazam to find some great hits!

Stay tuned for week 3, exercises are coming your way!


XOXO, Valerie

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Where my D.I.Y fans at!?


It's been a while since our last D.I.Y but with Spring in full gear, we thought it was time to head in our closets for a reboot. 


You might think decoupage is a hobby for bored housewives but trust me, once you start, the fun don't stop. Anything can be decoupaged if you put your mind to it - today's project is the often underrated, unfairly discarded, poor poor hanger.


Check out these adorable Spring themed hangers! 

For this you need:

  • Wooden Hanger
  • Pretty Napkins
  • Brush or Sponge
  • Scissors
  • Specialty Decoupage Paste from a craft store or just Wood Glue with a little paste :)



First, mix your adhesive with a little water to make a thin paste.



You will only need the printed side of the Napkin. Gently peel off the top.



Cut the napkin into suitable pieces.



 Brush the hanger with the adhesive and allow to dry slightly.



Fold the Napkin to meet the shape of the hanger. 



Once the whole hanger is covered, paint over the entire piece with paste using a brush or sponge. This will fix the napkin in place and repair any small wrinkles or imperections.


For water-resistant coat hangers you can paint the whole thing with clear lacquer paint. Let it dry completely.



Now all your missing is your favorite piece of clothing hanging down! Anything that doesn't make the cut gets uploaded in your Vinted closet. ;)

Share your decoupage projects or inspiration! 

Till next time loves! Get crafty!

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Attention! Warmer weather is rapidly approaching!

Ladies with Summer feeling so close, I know we are all thinking the same thing. It's time to get this booty and body in shape! The question is how?! Over the past few years I've learned some tips and tricks to getting ready for the Summer and I am here to share them with you! During the next few weeks I will be blogging about how to get your Summer body in check with my Beach Body Boot camp series!

So who's ready?!

It's time to get off your couch and get your sweat on!

Best way to get motivated to hit the gym? Buying workout apparel of course!

Buying new clothes not only motivates, it also puts you one step closer to your goal! When buying workout attire comfort is essential! You don't want to feel uncomfortable in your clothing because it will not only make you feel awkward but, you will be less likely to go out and hit the gym. Workout attire comes in all shapes and sizes and everyone is different! Remember that! The key thing is to find out what works for you and only you! Whether that may be a pair of sweats and tank top or, a baggy tee shirt with yoga pants. Don't let anyone tell you what's the right thing to wear when working out because we all have different needs and likes.


Some key picks that I have in my closet for working up a sweat are:

  • Sweats
  • Yoga Pants
  • Compression Pants
  • Shorts/Capris
  • Tank Tops
  • Random Tee Shirts (Feel free to cut these bad boys up!)
  • Hoodies
  • Running Shoes
  • Sports Bra


It's now time to go and search your closets, hit up the mall, or find some great deals on Vinted for some cute and comfortable athletic apparel!

Stay Tuned Next week for Step two in the Beach Body Boot camp!

(P.S. Workout attire is the perfect lazy day outfit Shhhhh!)

XOXO, Valerie

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Hey Vinties!

I’m afraid the time has come… We’ve reached the final installment of the Thrift Tips Series! Missed the other two? Rest assured, I’ve come with enchanted links. Boop. Beep.

Now that y’all are experts in the preparation and shopping realms of the amazing world of thrifting, it’s time you learn about sealing the deal. While there isn’t a whole lot in this topic, I’m sure it’ll help you thrift newbies at least a teeny bit.

Now that you’ve hunted through the racks of almost the entire store, you can sort through your precious gatherings. Although you should be open-minded when thrifting, make sure you’re purchasing pieces that you know you’ll use. With such low prices, you can easily be sucked into buying that crazy-lookin’ top, simply because you don’t feel the guilt from its $1 tag. If you go on shopping trips pretty often, however, those small purchases add up. Plus, one of the reasons you’re thrifting (or at least it should be) is because you want to save! So run-through all the items you picked up and keep the ones you can actually picture yourself wearing. Hack all your “fiiiine, I’ll let it go…” pieces onto the leftover rack.

With your mind set on the lucky few (or tons), you should then total up the cost prior to purchasing them. Although many of you probably already do this, whether it’s shopping at a retail store or a grocery store, you may be vulnerable to the heaven-sent, cheap prices and forget about this essential shopping step. Especially if you’re thrifting on a sale day, you’ll definitely want to make sure that the actual total matches the number rung at the register.

Hoorah, I finally hold all ze tools to being a nifty thriftin’ queen! …Not quite yet, silly. Now that you’ve purchased your amazing finds, ask for a stampcard/membership, if the cashier haven’t offered it to you already! Just when you thought the savings ended at your receipt, nope, you can even save on your future purchases. Most thrift stores offer a certain discount once your stampcard is filled. Others offer membership, where you can get early notification of sales and discounts on special days. So don’t miss out on these perks!

Well, that’s it! I have now transferred my two years of thrifting knowledge to your brains. I’m sure many other tips are out there, so feel free to comment below if I missed anything! Also, I’d love to hear your thrifting experiences, so go ahead and add that in too. :) I’m so glad I got to share all of this with you ladies, hope you enjoyed. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with a new series! Super excited about this one, since I’ll be incorporating pieces from your gals’ Vinted closets. Meheeheheh. >:)

See ya @ the thrift,

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This part of life is TOUGH.

There really is no other way to put it.  It can be frustrating, depressing, overwhelming… the list could literally go ooooooon. I totally get it.  But let’s all take a big breather.  Getting stressed out about it, really isn’t going to help the process go any faster. Getting stressed will actually make the process feel more miserable. Let’s not do that, okay?

Here is a step-by-step guide on where to look for your next job, and what to wear (because it will happen)



Talk to your family, friends, previous co-workers, etc.  Having connections with someone is probably the best way to get a job.  This is also why it is a good idea to NEVER burn a past bridge.



Search online.  The internet is full of a million different opportunities.  Try these sites:

(pssst. comment below if you know of any other good ones!)



Keep your eyes and ears open for job fairs in your community.  This is a good way to see many different companies in one location!  This will help save on time and on gas money! Why spend a fortune looking for a job, when you don’t have a fortune to spend? $$$

Those are three, simples steps for ya.  So good luck!


Remember: if you get called for an interview, be professional! Talk in a respectful manner and listen to all of the details.  When it comes time to dress for the interview, be professional! (Yes, I know I just repeated myself) But it’s important! This is your first impression. Make it count. Cover those “goodies” and make sure your hair looks nice. PLEASE don’t just roll out of bed and expect for the best.

For this top, Check out: bellaredd and for this dress, check out: lechuzablanca

Check out all the awesome closets on Vinted that are full of professional attire too!  Most important: SMILE! This shows the interviewer that you are excited and ready to work. 


Let me know how it goes!  Or if you need to vent out any stressors, go right ahead!  I’m here to listen and guide :)


xoxo :-*


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Spring Attire!


With Spring now in full spin, it's time to get your wardrobe in check!

Spring is filled with color, prints, and effortless chic looks! I'm sure most of you ladies have pieces in your closet that can be transformed into Spring ready attire! And if not, have no fear! Vinted is here!

Below are my top 4 Spring ready looks that are sure to keep you trendy and looking fabulous (even though we all know us Vinties are already FAB (; )







&& There it is! Spring worthy looks to get heads to turn. I hope you ladies found this helpful and if you have any questions or are looking for more looks feel free to message me!


XOXO Valerie (valerieeg)

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I'm on Pinterest all day, everyday. It's my weakness. I can't quit looking though the Home Decor, Womens Fashion, and Hair and Beauty categories. They just pull me in.

When I go shopping, I look for dresses and pieces from my fashion board on pinterest (not the exact ones of course, but as close as I can get). It's where all of my fashion inspiration comes from. Also, every girl in the images I pin seems to be confident and happy. I sit back and think, "If I could just wear that outfit, my day would be perfect".

After looking around, I've found some items on Vinted for you girls to feel perfect in. It doesn't take much to make your outfit pop. I've picked 2 pieces per photo that can transform you into basically being a Pinterest model.

You're just all lucky that I haven't bought them all yet.......YET.....

(ahhh payday...why must you take so long to get here?!?!)

Here are the links to 1 & 2.

Here are the links to 1 & 2.     

I'm in love with Kimonos right now btw. I own 5, but I'm constantly searching for more.

Here are the links to 1 & 2.

Probably about to buy number 1 right now...

Now I want to see photos of everyone from Vinted all over Pinterest.

Also, you can follow my Pinterest here.


Rachel :)

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