Hi Ladies! Hope you all are having a wonderful week and enjoying this lovely weather!

The time has come to put on your cute workout attire, get your ear buds pumping, and get your sweat on! (Sounds attractive right?) Week 3 has come and it's officially time to exercise! To start off we’re going to give your booty a little lift! (We don’t want to end up like Miley now...)

Above are my favorite four exercise that help target your glutes to get them perky and in shape!

Hip Thrusts:

Though they may be a bit awkward to do, these bad boys help to firm your booty. Make sure you lay down on a flat surface, spread your feet arms width apart, and then when you reach the top squeeze your glutes for a good 5 seconds and repeat. Do this exercise 5 times with 20 thrusts.

Donkey Kicks:

This exercise is probably the easiest and really targets lifting your booty. When kicking your leg up you can easier bend your leg at the knee (as show in the picture) or extended your leg all the way out doing the same motion. Do this exercise 5 times with 15 lifts.

Cross Back Lunges:

The average lunge is great for sculpting your legs, however, doing cross back lunges hits the glute region more. When criss-crossing try extending your back leg out as much as you can. Add some weights to this exercise to help build your booty up! Do this exercise 3 times with 25 reps.


Last but not least our favorite squats! When trying to work out your glutes, go for a wider squat to help target that area. Remember ladies the lower the better! Adding weight to the exercise also helps to build your booty up! Do this exercise 4 times with 15 reps.

Before and after working out always remember to stretch! You don’t want to hurt yourself and it will help you not be so sore the next day.

Now go and bust your booty off!

Stay tuned next week for some exercises to tone up your stomach!

XOXO, Valerie

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Hello D.I.Y. fans!  

The week of spring cleaning continues - in my make-up bag. So I wanted to show an easy way to turn a sushi mat into a brush roll to store your makeup brushes. Of course this is not just a convenient way to store make-up brushes, but also perfectly suitable for hair pins or pens/pencils.

Here's what you'll need: 

  • Sushi mat or bamboo placemat  (about $1-3)
  • Elastic ribbon
  • Scissors 
  • Needle and thread (or hot glue gun)
  • Ink 
  • Brush

First, you'll need to paint your sushi mat. But you won't be using just any type of paint. Paint clogs the spaces between the individual bamboo sticks so ink will be more suitable for this project.  

Those who value the natural color of their hands, should wear gloves during this step!  Simply brush the mat with ink, from both sides and allow it to dry thoroughly.  Have some fun and paint some designs if you wish! Or you can leave the natural color of the mat, if that's what you prefer! 

Next you will need to cut about 24 inches of elastic ribbon. Then, sew the elastic ribbon to the outermost rod of the mat. You can attach the ends using a hot glue gun if you're not a fan of sewing. 

Measure how much space each brush/item will need and thread the elastic ribbon through the mat.  Sew the ribbon down to secure it to the mat. We only used a few brushes in our example here, but you can add in as many as you like. 

Add in your makeup brushes, and you're set - your very own DIY makeup brush roll, in a snap. 

Loop and the remaing elastic ribbon into a bow, sew the bow onto the mat, and you're done!

Your brushes are now ready to travel in style, just like you!

Have fun with this DIY project and be sure to share your creations with us in the comments below :)


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As a plus sized gal, I understand the frustrations that come with shopping. Everything is
either to small, too ugly or too expensive, and specialty stores are rarely any better.

But, fear not! I am here to make your lives (and your wallet) feel better.

Forever 21

Forever 21+ (14-24) is a great place to start if you’re just beginning. You can get your basics for relatively inexpensive and you can really build your wardrobe from the basics Forever 21+ offers. Also, if you’re wanting some trendy items, Forever 21 is going to have what you want. Some physical store fronts carry Forever 21+, but not all stores do. However, like the rest of the stores I’m including, they have it available online.


Target may be the only “superstore” who’s plus size section is actually worth shopping in. It’s true, Walmart and K-Mart both offer plus size clothing, but they are glorified muumuus. Target offers a plus size line (14-26), and I have found gems in it. And, it’s actually being revamped at the moment, which means better cuts, styles and more gems for the everyday person are on their way! For now, though, you can check out their site here.


H&M+ (14-26) is similar to Forever 21 in the sense that they are great for basics. But, beyond basics, H&M is great for your dressier items, like blouses and fitted skirts. Also, if you’re a 14/16, H&M’s large, in their normal sizes, usually accommodates you. H&M+ isn’t available in every H&M, but you can view it online.


Deb (juniors 14-24) is a store that’s set up in half: one size is normal sizes and one side is extended sizes. Som all of their locations offer a plus section. I like Deb because it’s colorful. It’s youthful and flattering—there are no muumuus to be seen, unlike some stores. I wish I would have shopped at Deb when I was in high school because it’s inexpensive, cute and again, flattering. You can find them here.

There may be other stores out there like these 4, but I have yet to find any. Let us know down below if you do!

Don't forget, you can also search these brands on Vinted to find better deals!

xx Katie

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