It's about that time!

The weather is probably getting better where you live, the flowers are blooming, birds are chirping...yada yada... It’s sounds like I’m about to start a romance book :)


But really!  School is out and vacations are coming up!  How exciting!


I'm curious if any of you lucky ladies are going anywhere this spring/summer?  Are you going somewhere exciting, exotic, or freezing cold??  I wanna hear about it!


Let’s admit... we all need a place to get away from real life for a moment (or a week!)...away from the stress, bills, children, boyfriends/husbands that might be drivin’ you BONKERS!


I know that I am doing it for myself, and believe each of you should try too!  Maybe even going to a local coffee shop and reading a book for a few hours...JUST GET AWAY and into your own little world :-)


Short & Sweet,


xoxo :-)


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Hi ladies! I hope you all are enjoying your summer! And if you’re in summer school, I feel you. #thestruggle

How are your behinds feeling? Good? Bad? (Bad is good because that means you working your butt off girl!) Well I hope you all are getting a good workout into your day!

This week we will be focusing on losing those love handles! Working on your core is probably the hardest but it’s oh so rewarding! Trust me and hang in there!


Just like the name says, you’re going to be riding a bicycle except on your back. Sounds weird right? But these are my favorite! Simply lay on your back then raise your left elbow to hit your right knee. Then do the same motion for the other side. Really make sure to focus on your core to keep you balanced. Do this exercise 3 times with 10 reps for each side.


Everyone knows this classic exercise for targeting your core. When doing crunches its key not to strain your neck! Having a partner to hold down your feet is extremely helpful. Lay down on your back and then bend your legs. Make sure you keep them shoulder width apart. I good way not to strain your neck is instead of putting your arms behind you head, criss-cross them against your chest. Do this exercise 3 times with 15 crunches.

Jack Knife Sit-ups:

Don’t be scared by the name! No knifes here! Although this exercise is a killer! Lay down on your back. Kick your arms all the way back behind your head. Then, in one motion lift your legs and arms and try to touch your legs. Do this exercise 3 times with 10 reps.


Its plank time! This exercise not only targets your core but also hits your arms and legs! Talk about a winner! This is probably the simplest exercise to do and you can do it whenever! First lay on your stomach. Then, bend your arms and raise your feet and hold. Make sure that your body is like a straight line! No dipping in or out! Do this exercise 4 times for 30 seconds.

There you have it! Bye bye love handles! After working on your core it’s helpful to do the child pose after each exercise. It will feel like heaven!

I’d love to hear how these exercising are going for you ladies! Feel free to shoot me a message or comment! 

Now go get your sweat on!

XOXO, Valerie

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Hey Vinties,

Do you need a little extra money to make an exciting summer dream come true? We’ve got another tip to help you sell faster: videos! That’s how Vinties can get even more details of the items you’re selling.

Show us your Vinted closet in a short but sweet YouTube video and we’ll help you find buyers by sharing it on the Vinted YouTube channel. Girls are already doing it: https://www.youtube.com/user/vintedusa

Are you giving side eye at the thought of being on YouTube? Here’s an easy and fun alternative: Instagram videos! They’re a hit! http://instagram.com/p/f3l4feOYIP/

Whatever you feel best with, remember to use the #Vinted hashtag so we can find your video and share/regram like crazy! Add a link to your closet in your YouTube video description or Instagram bio so any Vintie who wants to buy your items can find you fast.

It’s not just about selling to boost your own savings, but also letting other girls know that looking good doesn’t have to break the bank. Hey, we all want to spoil ourselves, and why not do it by getting those things we’ve all been hoping for this summer ;)


Sharing the love on video,

Ro + The Vinted Team

p.s. wanna check out selling tips 1-3? I've got you covered, just click here! 

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Life can take us in so many directions. But I like to keeping things going by staying healthy and positive. Of course you can’t be constantly laughing all of the time. But if you keep in the company of people with good energy it is one way of attracting good things to come your way. So make a commitment to yourself and begin to be positive.

Yes times may get hard but if you keep positive and "keep on, keeping on," know that eventually, you will succeed!  And that is a fabulous feeling! So make some goals for yourself, and try not to doubt. 

The First Step

Remove these phrases from your vocabulary...

  •  I guess
  • I hope
  • I’ll try

They are not committed words. Try not to be negative and instead, stay committed. Commitment is “I will.” 

When you say “I will,” energy goes out to attract whatever (or whomever) you need to help you achieve your goal! Even when you may feel unsure, this will help you gather the strength and courage to keep on going.

So whatever it is that your goal may be, I say “GO FOR IT!” How will you ever know if you don’t take chances? School, career, love - whatever it is, you will kick yourself if you don’t at least try. In doing so you could find out that there might be something else in store for you along your path. But I feel that the universe never gets things wrong. So know that eventually if you try, believe, and don't give up - you will find what you're searching for. 


Next Up!

The first step to having a good relationship, is having a good relationship with yourself. 

By doing this you'll find your relationships with family, friends, and your love  will be stronger and healthier. So when it comes time to find love with that special someone, you'll know what a good healthy relationship is. The right love can feel absolutely amazing.

So keep positive, keep your heart open, and remember how precious you are! You deserve someone that will love you, care for you, and cherish you. That person might just be around the corner, waiting to love someone just like you. Or even better, YOU!

Barbara Jeanne xo

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boss chicks: career corner


Can you beleive it?  I can't...

I bet most are already planning adventures – whether that be heading to the beach, vacationing, partying,  whatever – but at some point you're going to have to ask yourself, how am I going to fund all of this?

Love them or hate them, retail jobs are some of the best positions to get when you don't have a resume full of experience. Me and all my girls got started in retail and worked our way up, building much needed experience along the way!

However, getting a Summer job in retail can be easier said than done. The most miserable part – open interviews – seeing all your competition displayed in front of you and building up nerves while waiting. 

In my Pre-Vinted life, I worked for several big retailers, first as a sales associate and later in management. As a retail manager at a popular “Urban” chain that “Outfits” youth (not allowed to say names...but I hope you get my drift ;) ).

I finally got to lead open interviews and today I'll be sharing my secrets as to what these interviewers are looking for. :)




Make a list of your local stores you'd like to work for and prepare a professional resume. Even if you don't have work experience, it's important to include any volunteer service or school activities that you've accomplished!

When you arrive at the store present yourself like you would if you worked there already. Dress in their brand's style and have a friendly attitude. Ask for the hiring manager and introduce yourself and your reasoning for being there!


At my store, I'd be way more interested in a person if they came in with determination. One of my favorite hires was Zoe - she came in the day before open interviews randomly with a resume in hand and a huge smile. When I told her to come back the next day for open interviews, she did. I immediately recognized her from before and her follow through won me over!  




Make sure you arrive fresh and well kept! Remember – when dressing for a sales associate position you want to be dressed like the employees are dressed. 


You wouldn't want to dress the same way to an Abercrombie interview as you would an American Apparel interview right?

If they've given you an application, fill it out professionally, but don't forget to add a touch of personality. ;)

Practice, practice, practice! Most interviews for entry level sales positions follow the same basic guidelines and these can be found online. :) 


Many interviews include ice breaker questions:

  • "What's your favorite movie?"
  • "Who are your style icons?"
  • What are you listening to right now?"


Be prepared to describe your store of choice. They may ask you to describe their brand, what they are currently selling etc. Check out their website and do your research! 

Others will ask about your past experience. If you don't have any that's okay!

At my first interview, I talked about being involved in student government. I've heard others talk about their responsibilites at home or helping family, remember everyone needs to start somewhere. 

Not having experience is not a deal breaker! :)  






Always bring a fresh copy of your resume! That shows the person interviewing you that you are serious about this interview.

Make sure your cell phone is off or silent – not on vibrate – and put that ish away!  You'd be shocked how many times I'd catch someone ON an interview check their phones. For me - that's an immediate no! 

In a group interview, you'll want to make your voice heard but don't take over the group! Play nice kids and let everyone have a turn! Remember, keep things positive no matter what!  Hated your last job? Try to spin that in a positive light. 

I ABSOLUTELY HATED MY FIRST JOB at a Halloween store. With a serious passion. But if I was asked about it in an interview I would say it was a great learning experience, where I met a lot of "unique" personalities and got to play dress up. ;)


Take a deep breath! Remember you are awesome, you're going to nail this and most importantly you're gonna make it rain this summer. 

The retail life is a struggle of ups and downs but a lot of ups! I made so many lifelong friends in my years of retail starting at 16 and ending at 24 phew! 


If you have any questions or tips feel free to include in the comments.



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I like my summer recipes easy, fast and fresh! (there's a joke there, I know!) 

This dish is one of my go-to's for a quick summer snack, side, or appetizer. The best part? It looks super fancy, but it's really a snap. All you need are fresh ingredients, and the ability to work a stove without burning down the house. #thestruggle.


Pan Fried Bruschetta 

picture credit: renegadero (that's me!) 


Unlike your typical boooring brushetta, this one gets its  kick by lightly browning the bread on both sides in olive oil. Remember, you want to find that perfect balance with the oil. If it's too hot, your kitchen will be filled with smoke in 2 minutes flat (trust me on this one!) But if the oil isn't hot enough, the bread will absorb too much of it, and you'll end up with a soggy mess. #notcute



  • A loaf of rough bread that has some texture. Try focaccia, ciabatta, a cruncy baguette, or something similar! You want to aim for something cruncy on the outside and soft on the inside. 
  • 16 oz. assorted small heirloom tomatoes. (they add a super "oh she's fancy now!" touch)
  • 1-2 cloves of fresh garlic
  • A bunch or two of fresh Basil leaves, depending on how large the leaves are in your area (but not dried!)
  • Sea Salt (course or flaked)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cook it up like this...

First you'll make your tomato mixture.

  • Slice your tiny, adorably fancy, tomatoes into quarters and place in a bowl. 
  • Add in 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Sprinkle on 1 teaspoon of sea salt (feel free to use less. It's your house, I don't make the rules!) 
  • Add in the basil. I like to try to find smaller basil leaves, and leave them whole (as pictured). It's a nicer, fancier presentation when it's finished, but if you can only find larger leaves, then channel your inner Freddy Krueger and slice them babies up! 
  • Mix together (be gentle!!!) and just set it to the side while you prepare your bread. 

Slice your bread lengthwise, then heat 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan (remember you want it hot enough to brown quickly without absorbing too much oil). Brown your bread on each side, and if you need to add more olive oil along the way, that's ok!  

Because your bread is hot out of the pan, it's going to absorb the flavor of the garlic really well during this next step...

Now slice a garlic clove in half, take the cut side down (facing the bread) and literally rub the garlic into the bread on 1 or both sides (I like both!). Yes, just pick it up and rub it in, it's just like taking an eraser to a piece of paper. Rub in as much as you like, I use nearly 1 clove per two slices of bread, but I love garlic!

Last step: place your bread on a plate, spoon some of the tomato mixture on top of it (so juicy and delicious at this point), and sprinkle a bit of sea salt on the top, just for that extra taste explosion in your mouth when you bite into it. 



Try this dish out, tell me how much you love it... or hate it. I dunno. You could totally not love having delicious things in your life. Weirdo.

Until next time, when we're burning down our kitchens together, 


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