Hey there Vinties *cyber waves*, I know you’re looking at this post like, "uhhhhhh and you are???" Welp no need to wonder any longer *curtain opens* my name is DIAMOND :) ya know like the sparkly thing you rock on your finger (no pun intended) lol 

Sooooo now that I've introduced myself, I’d like to share some of my personal favorite SUMMAAAH TIMEEEE STYLES and tips (: Summer time is for all shapes and sizes to start stripping off those wooly clothes and slip into something, light, short, and full of STYLEEEEE ^_^ So let me share some tips and styles that you guys may like, takeeee a scroll 


So summer time is when you SHOW OFF THEM LEGS GIRRRRRLL!! Don’t be afraid to show off some skin and be daring with various colors and designs. High waisted shorts are VERY in! Try all types of colors such as, Pink, Purple, Peach, and Powder Baby blue, Red, White, Green and ects. These colors look fabulous on any skin tone, and shape and any girl ^_^ you can roll them up at the bottom to reveal or hide certain parts of your legs; you can add belt s for a more fitted look .

Also my FAVORITE  shorts are trending and these areeeee *d rum rolls* POM-POM shorts. These are splashed with designs, prints, colors, and styles that are PERFECT for summertime. They are comfy and  fit any  size ^_ ^  ch eck out @freebirdcollection and @fashiong 1982 on inst agram  :) 

(photocredits to @aris_ara , @americanapparelusa , @cheried_ ) 



So I absolutely loveeeee CROP TOPS for the summer ^_^ these add a nice flare to any outfit. You can pair a crop with any type of bottom. They look great with High waisted denim shorts, cute skater skirts, high waisted skirts, high waisted jeans, regular jeans …. The list goes on and on! 

(A helpful tip: you can find crop tops anywhere for cheap, try stores like Goodwill, Charlotte Ruse, Forever 21, Wet Seal, and heeeey best of all VINTED

You can make your own crops and style them perfectly to your comfort and liking. Halter tops are also very exciting for summertime. I’d say to find Aztec patterns, Flower patterns or simple plain colors that will pair nicely with any bottom. 

OMG! So another BIG thing every girl should have in their closet for the summer is a KIMONO!! They come in various colors and designs and they are SUPER STYLISH AND SOOOO ADORABLE (: they feel light weight and will be perfect for a casual breezy day: p 

*Check out these instagrams - @shoplovejunkee, @americanapparelusa, and @officialmink_pink

(photocredits: @brandymelville , @cheried_ , @freebirdcollection) 



Ok so these are must have accessories for the summer (these 7 things) 

  1. A shoulder bag or little purse
  2. Flower Crown or Flower half headband
  3. Rings
  4. Beach Hat (tan, white, black, or any color) 
  5. Cute necklaces 
  6. Head chain or body chain (:   
  7.  Groovy Sunglasses 

(helpful tip: these can be found at stores such as Forever21, Walmart, Claire's, Ices, and Target,just to list a few. As for the head bands they are very easy to make; simply get some headbands, a group of flowers (which can be found at the dollar store), cut off the top of the flowers where the stem meets the flower and hot glue it around the band to make the PERF flower  crown or simply glue flowers half way around the band ^_^) 

(Photocreds: @urbanoutfitters, @10dimesforever , @americanapparelusa ) 



Of course you can NEVER go wrong with some super cute sandals for the summer (: you can polish your toes vibrant solid colors so that it pops against the sandals. My favorite shoe would have to be JELLY SHOES lol i love them ^_^ and they are too cute and come in different colors!

(Photocreds: @aris_ara) 




Before I leave the most perfect thing to do for summer is ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES :D show your outfits, the places you go , vacations, foods, friends , events ... EVERYTHING (well not everything but something close) Capture these summer memories and be FREE! *_^ 

(photocreds: @urbanoutfitters) 

xoxo Diamond :*

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Our life is filled with all types of relationships. From family, friends, coworkers, and we can’t forget the romantic relationships that we come upon along the way. Each brings a little something different to our lives.

First I have said the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself. It is important to love you and if there are things that you feel you need to change, do so. Develop a program to help get you there. Once you have achieved that (or at least have that in the works) you can start to make sure the relationships around you are healthy.

If there is anyone that brings negativity to your life you can try to turn the relationship around and make it positive. If you can’t seem to get it going in a positive direction then either put that relationship on the side or back burner so you can leave room for the healthier ones to come forward.

The healthier you are, healthy people will be drawn to you... 

Especially as you get into your more intimate relationships you want to draw healthy people to you. This is important because as we grow and get into more serious relationships we want them to be as uplifting to us as we are to them. Relationships that can even make us better people, imagine that.

The healthier we are, the healthier our relationships will be...

We want to go into every relationship with a positive attitude a peace of mind and a loving heart. This is what you are asking in return. The love you give to others; you want to feel that love in return. I am by no means saying gifts and tokens, even your time that you give to another person is something you should not be waiting for in return. Absolutely not. You give from the goodness of your heart, not because you are expecting something back in return.

But love is a bit different. Love is free and your heart is big enough to love many people so I say love away. But make sure that you are getting the love in return.

When you feel as if you are not getting the love you give to another after a while you feel like it may be a bit one sided. If that is the case keep it moving. There is a big world out there. There are so many people looking and wanting to be loved.

There are no fees for love. Love is free and your heart can love so many people. So you can keep giving and remember love doesn’t cost a thing.

Barbara Jeanne xo

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Hey everyone! Served this Vanilla Lemonade at a party last night and everyone loved it! 

Here is the recipe I used, but you can find many others online!

  • 2 cans of lemonade concentrate (add water as directed)
  • 2 Lemons, One Squeezed, One Sliced
  • Ice (as much as you want)
  • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract! This will add a slight vanilla flavor, but feel free to add more to taste. 

And that's it! Some recipes require boiling of vanilla beans and such, but I used a basic recipe which still turned out amazing!! If you add too much vanilla, or you are using an unsweetened brand of lemonade concentrate, add sugar or sugar substitute. 

Enjoy! :P

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Hello Everyone

So I just got back from my mini vacation in California ,and I missed you guys so much! I had a great time ,and I bought you back some pictures.

Can you guess what my starbucks drink is? Comment below!

This post is inspired by my time in Cali. There were so many girls rocking thier bathing suits at the beach I just knew that I had to give my ladies some tips.

Look it up!

Go on the internet and search some swimsuit style or look through some fashion magazines for inspiration. Its good to have a basic idea of what you want so you dont waste your time. If you want a one - piece with cut outs then you can skip the two- piece section.

Bring a Friend

Not the one the one thats impatient and likes to leave 30 min after she can't find what she wants. You need to bring someone who also needs a swim suit. They will be just as motivated as you because you both want the same thing. Choose your shopping buddy wisely you dont want the mood to be killed because some one doesnt want to be there. If all else fails you can bring me!

Count that Cash

You need a budget. You don't want to spend it all on a swimsuit and have no money for your other summer essentials. Set a resonable price for you to go shopping with and leave the rest at home. if you find a swim suit that you just love and it isn't in your price range go home and sleep on. If the next day you still really want it take some cash out of your makeup fund ( your beautiful without it) and go buy it!

Cover it up!

I think I like shoping for cover ups more than i like shopping for swimsuits. A Cover up can be anything from some jean shorts to a long cardigan. If you splurged on your swimsuit you can even D.I.Y it.



Tips For your Body Type



Girl you can make a cardboard box work! You have a great figure so show it. Don't be afraid of the two piece. If you prefer to be more conservative try those trendy high wasted bikinis. Remember that you can still rock the one piece. They have evolved from being boring and now have cute patterns and fun cutouts.



You can give any shirt that feminine touch! You should look for support. they have gorgeous swimsuits with underwire.  You would look great with a solid color bikini top and a fun patterned bikini bottom.


Bottom Heavy

Baby Got Back! You should go for a really interesting top to compliment what your mama gave you.


Straight-up and Down

Girl you can rock those cut outs! Try busy and intricate patterns and cut -outs to define your waist.

I hope you guys are having a great summer. I have exciting news! I started my own blog ,so you guys can read even more about me! The link is below so check it out (P.S. I'm having a giveaway soon!) Thank you guys reading glad I could help!

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Now is it just me or is everyone just chopping off their long locks?!

   Nicole Guerriero                                     Kylie Jenner                                Vanessa Hudgens                              


One of the biggest trends I’ve been noticing is short hair for summer time! Recently I mentally prepared myself to chop of my long locks (Yes I mean it!). I’ve had medium-long length hair for most of my life. However, I was so inspired and awed with these short do’s and I decided to drive in and let my hair go (RIP Valerie’s hair). 

I can’t tell you how scared I was! I thought about it over and over again and almost skipped my hair appointment. In end, I just closed my eyes, ate a big fat cookie and went to my hair appointment and BAM! Brand new me!

I have to say I LOVE my short hair! But styling it can be difficult since you can’t do as many things.

My favorite way to style my hair is with texture and waves! I think it’s the best look for short hair!

These products are MUST HAVES for every girl that has short hair! You can find them at Ulta or Target (Ulta gives out coupons! Check their website!).

Big sexy hair gives you the perfect amount of volume without making your hair feel too heavy and it actually works! If you’re looking for texture Bumble and Bumble is the brand for you! Their products give you light waves without making your hair look greasy.

Lastly, a wand is the ultimate tool for long lasting waves! Smaller hair can be harder to warp so be sure to get a heat resistant glove! (I’ve burned myself too many times to count already)

Don’t be afraid to chop it all off ladies! It’ll look FAB!

Xoxo, Valerie

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What the title should really say is, "These are a few of my favorite things... that I'm totally obsessing over" But that's not how Julie Andrews sang it in The Sound of Music. (Love her btw)  These items are something that I wear on a day to day basis (that's how much I'm obsessed with them)



You can't go wrong with a fedora. They literally go with every outfit. Dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts, yoga pants (yes I really just said that one) I think every girl should have at least one in their closet. I got mine from Target for $12, but I know they have some cheaper ones that are on SALE!

Sales make me really happy :)


Jean Vest

Oh. my. gosh. Can you say adorable?? I actually have 2 jean vests. The first one I found at Goodwill for $3 (I literally cried from excitement) and the second I found at Love Culture for $15. Jean vests go with a lot as well as a fedora and every jean vest is different so you can totally rock your own style ;)


Nivea Lip Balm

This stuff is amazing. Not only does it mosturize your lips and leave them feeling soft and silky, but it gives them a hint of shimmer like a lipgloss should.


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Clear Polish

Dries in ONE MINUTE.

I totally didn't believe my friend when she told me to put this top coat over my finger nails after I had just got done painting them. After all, they were still wet and I didn't want to go through the process of taking the nail polish off and reapplying because I was going to use some "fancy" top coat. This clear polish really does dry very quickly. Once I applied it to one finger, as soon as I was done with both hands where I had begun painting was already dry. I was amazed.


The Bucket Bag

Currently obsessing over this one right now, although I was a little skeptical of it at first I have come to truly love this bag. The one I'm using is similar to the one below, but not exact. You can find these bags anywhere, including Goodwill but of course Vinted has a bunch if you're really looking :)

Let me know what you're obsessing over, I'd LOVE to hear about your favorite item :)

 - Lauren :)

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It can be hard to be positive when things happen that you have no control over. But many of the things that we do we create. This is why it is a good reason to try and stay positive. We can’t always control what happens 100% of the time but by keeping your thoughts positive is key in changing many outcomes from negative into positive. But your thoughts are a major role in your life. So if we keep our thoughts positive our life will start to become more positive. And when you see your life begin to go in a positive direction is such an awesome feeling.

You have relationships with many people and there are times that you might not agree with them. You can both be confrontational or you can just chill and think how important this is to create tension. Not just for you but between you and this other person. If it is not important let it go and eventually by practicing this, it will become easier to just walk away. So with that being said remember you are the writer, director, editor, and star of your own life. You can keep the negativity from coming in.

You may say how? Simply walk away. If you can’t walk away, then stand and listen without a word being spoken. When people are mad or negative for one reason or another, they almost want to get a rise out of you. If you don’t feed into it hopefully the person and the problem will go away. And it will become refreshing to have less tension and drama in your life.

When you enter any relationship you want it to be healthy. You want the relationship to be fun, exhilarating not exhausting. But if you stay positive these are the people that you will attract in your life. You will find that those people that come into your life have your same or similar goals. To be happy, be positive and keep the negativity where it belongs away from you.

Now that you are finding a bit more harmony in your life you will also have a feeling of comfort and relaxation. You can now breathe without all the stress because you no longer put yourself in those stressful situations. We can’t avoid it entirely that would be a lie, because sometime you can be sitting home and trouble comes knocking on your door. But how you react to it is what I am trying to teach you. Don’t get overwhelmed; know that eventually everything works out. You've got to just trust and believe sometimes.  

Remember that you are in charge of you own life. When you take charge you can now control what direction and where it is you want to go. Even better, what you want. Everyone has the power to tap into their own greatness. If you believe you can do it. If you believe you will win, the odds immediately become stacked in your corner. You have to go out and get what you want and with a winning attitude anything is possible.

Remember we have the power…Girl power and when we feel brave and strong our inner power comes out and everyone will be able to hear you ROAR!  

Barbara Jeanne xo

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Hello Everyone! I wanted to introduce myself as your new fashion BFF.

I am here to help you get the most out of your wardrobe. You can private message me through Vinted at any time. You could ask for help styling those fabulous shoes you bought for the summer. I am here for you and even if you don't have a question message me anyway I would love to talk!

As for today our topic is summer shoes. I see alot fashionistas rocking the open toed heels, the summer wedges, and even the high heel sandals.


Although these shoes can make a major statement they might not be so great for a trip to a water park ,or that 4 hour road trip you planned.

You will need something stylish ,but comfortable at the same time. Flip Flops are my go to summer shoes! They are small and can easily fit in your purse or beach bag. T

hey can also add the perfect summer touch to any outfit. I recently went to Old Navy to get me a pair during their $1 sale. They had a wall full of flip flop from all different colors. 

One of the Old Navy rack of flip flops.

You can get stylish flip flops anywhere.

You can DIY them like I did with the grey and brown flip flops( in the first picture of the post) ,or you can go out an buy some. I have already seen some gorgeous pairs on vinted, so get your pair before they're gone! 

Just for you guys I've came up with 3 flawless ways to rock this your flip flops...


1.Cropped Pants + T-Shirt

This is a cute way to dress up those old sports T-shirts sitting in your closet. 




2. Shorts + Crop Top

This is a great way to style a pair of high waisted short. Also if your nervous about trying out a crop top pair it with a light weight summer cardigan. You will have just the right amount of skin showing. 





3.The Classic Short + Tank Top

You can't go wrong with this look. Perfect for a pool party with a bathing suit or bandeau underneath. 

The most important thing to remember is wear what you love! Thank you guys for reading like this if you want more post like this one. 

  • What is your summer go-to shoe? Comment Below I would love to know! Also if you recreate any of these looks, share them on Instagram, Twiitter or beyond using tags #Vinted #Flatlay
  • If you would like to see more of my style you can follow me on pinterest and these lovely collages were created on polyvore!


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