Hello lovely Vinties! 

My name is Natalie and I am happy to be a new blogger for the Vinted community! I will be discussing a variety of topics throughout my blogs and I will take suggestions and/or topics you would like to hear from me! My goals are to share my knowledge with you as well as be a support for those in need with daily life struggles, mental health questions, and/or any other problems you may need help with.

I am by no means a professional, however I am soon to be a Social Worker after I complete my Master's Degree (yay!). 

My first blog is to encourage all of you to ask for HELP when needed, and understand it is perfectly acceptable to need a helping hand once in a while. Everyone in this world is fighting battles that are difficult to go through and you should NEVER feel alone in a time of need. 

It can be hard to ask for help, right?! We have many doubts and questions on whether or not people will actually help us, but I encourage you to try to ask for help because majority of the time someone will lend a helping hand.

With school coming up or recently starting for many of us, a new chapter of our lives is beginning. This can introduce new life stressors that we may feel that we cannot deal with. Maybe you have hard classes or you're new to the school, this can be a difficult time in our lives. Just remember, you are beautiful, smart, intelligent, and unique! You will get through your struggles with courage.

I wish you the best with your upcoming school year, or career life and always know someone in this world is here to listen to you when you need support.

***If you ever need to talk privately you can always message me***

Best Wishes,


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I know this site is about fashion and all things pretty but it is also a site full of women with one very common denominator …. A PERIOD!  So today I am going to talk about the not so pretty part of being a girl and what we can do to make it a little more tolerable.  

According to an article in Woman’s World you can reduce the flow of your menstrual cycle by 35% by taking Motrin (ibuprofen) or Aleve (naproxen). The trick however, is to begin taking it the day before your cycle usually starts. Younger ladies you may not have this mapped out yet and some ladies are not set to a clock like others, so this could be tricky. Here some tips for spotting the onset of your cycle:

It has been 26 days or so since your last cycle and you are experiencing any of the following: anxiety, irritability and mood swings. You are craving sugar, chocolate, white bread, white rice, pastries, and/or noodles. You are fatigued and/or have a headache. YOU JUST WANT TO CRY!  ;(

According to the article, one regular strength tablet every 8 hours for three or more days is enough, but as always, check with your doctor first.  P.S. Never take products that contain aspirin as they thin your blood and will increase your flow.

Did you know....

Super heavy periods can be an indication that your body is deficient in Vitamin A!

According to Woman’s World, women with severe flooding can take 50,000 IU of vitamin A daily for just 15 days and 92% of them will have lighter periods for the next year.

They also claim that 58% of them enjoy perfectly normal cycles.

Okay so this is a stretch.

I am not eating this stuff.  But… here is what they say about soy. Apparently, as we get older, one in three women will experience cycles that are heavier and closer together (longer).

Soy products contain estrogen like compounds and according to Stanford University researchers, eating ½ cup of edamame, 1 oz. of tofu or 8 oz. of soy milk daily can keep your cycle length on track if your own estrogen output is dwindling.

I think I will grab one of these instead :)

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The summer is coming to an end and change is coming in many different ways. The weather is going to start getting colder and the night time is going to start coming earlier. School is beginning for many. Some go back to familiar faces and others start college and have a whole new adventure ahead. There are people starting new jobs, and others moving to new places. Whatever the changes that are coming into your life you want to be able to handle it standing firm on two feet.

positive mind

It is important that your relationships are healthy. This would be your family and people close to home. This is what helps you to choose people and partners that will be healthy for you to be with in the future. You want people around you that make you smile, someone that makes you happy. So hopefully these people will teach you how important it is to love the most important person in your life, and that would be YOU!

We have to revolve and keep moving, that is why there is change. If we stayed the same and had the same day over and over, life as we know it would probably become boring. But one thing that is certain you will change as you grow. As you meet new people try to choose the ones that will help you prosper in your life. I don’t mean financially (although that would be a plus). But people that will make you laugh, feel good and build your confidence? Those are the people you want to gravitate towards. And it is important to learn to give as you take. Meaning if there is a person that lifts you, makes you happy, boost your confidence; you want to give back in return.

It’s very important as you grow and come into more mature relationships that with your entire lesson on loving yourself that you will only want those that love you as well. So all your prior relationships, especially the ones closer and dear to your heart will guide you to know what a healthy relationship is. Know if it makes you sad, feel uneasy or is negative, let’s just say those relationships would be a no go. Let’s try and keep your life positive and this will give you smoother sailing ahead for whatever changes come your way.

Barbara Jeanne xo

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Does Size Really Matter?

My challenge for today was to put on my mad hatter “pants” per say and blog about the every so confusing topic of SIZE.  My most current size is a 4 so my focus is going to be on size 4 and her sister and step sister sizes. I will note that I can also comfortably wear some size 6s and 7s and for that reason I will claim to be a “true to size” 4.

This is what I have done. I took 7 pair of size 4 based jeans and compared the measurement and fit of each one. Here are my results and they are absolute madness. I will also try to explain why such madness exists so you can spot it on your own. Okay here goes…

Subject # 1: American Living Size 4.

These have a 28” waist and 9.5” rise. These did not fit. Why you ask? They are too big because they have a high waist. If the rise were 7.5” vs 9.5” then these would fit.

Subject #2:  Gap Size 4.

These have a 28” waist and a 9.5” rise. These would not even button. Why you ask? They have a three button fly closure and a 9” rise. Button flies do not forgive like a zipper.  Another reason is that these jeans were made in 2007 and have no spandex in the material. They will not stretch like most current denim.

Subject #3:  Lucky Size 4/27.

These jeans have a 27” waist and 8.5” rise. These jeans fit everywhere but at the waist closure. I can button them fine for about ten minutes but then they no longer fit. Why you ask?  The 8.5” rise and 100% cotton material will not stretch to fit comfortably around my postpartum stomach. A younger person with a tighter stomach could pull these off but not me …. FOR SALE :).


The “sister sizes” (waist size)

A size 27 is the equivalent to a Size 4.

Subject #4:  7 for All Mankind Size 27. These are my favorite jeans. I don’t care for the color but they make my rear look good and are the perfect length.  They are 29” in the waist have a 7.5” rise. These are real snug at first but after wearing them for an hour I am looking for a belt. Why you ask? This is designer denim. It is thick and heavy and contains spandex. It takes a minute to stretch this stuff out. Once you stretch your designer denim out it has a different fit. So if you buy a pair, do not be surprised if they fit different by mid-day. Also do not write off a pair you try on or buy without wearing them in.

Subject #5:  Angels Premium Size 27.

They have a 27.75” waist and 7” rise. These fit like a charm. They do stretch a little after an hour or so and are pretty snug at first. They are on the higher end of the Angel line and have the thick denim.


The “step-sister sizes” (Junior sizes)

A size 3 is the Junior size version of a size 4 (supposedly).

Subject #6:  Mudd Size 3.

These have a 26” waist and 6” rise. These would not come past my thighs. Why you ask? …. Well that is another blog altogether (stay tuned)!

Subject #7: Mossimo Size 5.

This is supposed to be the step sister size to a size 6 but I threw it in for the heck of it since size 3 was so far off. They have 27” waist and a 7.5” rise. I could get these on but not buttoned. Why you ask? Again…. Don’t forgot to check out my future blogs :)

So out of 7 pair of jeans and 5 actual size 4/27 …. I have 2 that fit.

The number size 4 means absolutely nothing to me. It is a good starting point but does not mean anything as far as “fit.” I have known for a while through a lot of trial and error and again from this demonstration that I need a pair of jeans with a 27-29 inch waist and 7-8 inch rise. I also want spandex in the list of materials. So if that’s a 4, 27, 6, or 7, it does not really matter.

One thing I would like to point out as far as measurements as I hope you ladies will start asking for them is the rise. The rise measurement is just as important as the waist measurement. The lower the rise is then the wider the waist measurement and vice versa.

I wish you all many pleasant buying experiences and also many pleasant selling experiences as you return your ill-fitting items into the wonderful world of Vinted! :)

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If you have facebook, I'm sure by now, many of you have seen the strange videos of people tossing buckets of ice water on themselves. Some of you may have become hip to the cause and joined the movement. Some of you may have been confused. (I mean ice water? People realize that's cold, right?) Some of you may even have been secretly hoping you'd be forgotten about as you've seen the challenges make their rounds. (Did I mention it was cold?)
If you've never heard of ALS or the ALS Ice Bucket challenge , let me give you a quick rundown. ALS (aka Lou Gherig's disease) is a very serious neuro degenerative disease for which there is currently no cure.
Unfortunately, the foundations who have fought to find a cure are severely in need of donations. Realizing that many people had never heard of ALS, Massachusetts resident Pete Frates (who has been living with ALS since 2012) came up with an idea. He created the ice bucket challenge as a viral guerilla awareness campaign.
We KNOW that Vinties love a good challenge, ESPECIALLY when it's for a good cause. That's why we're bringing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to you right here, right now.

Here's how it works :

  1. If you are nominated, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge.
  2. To complete the challenge you must tape yourself throwing a bucket of ice water over your head and nominate the next vinties you want to see complete the challenge. Tag them in the forum post so they'll receive a notification!  
  3. Upload your videos to Youtube and leave a comment on  the forum post with the link to your completed challenge. Don't forget to tag the vinties you're challenging! The Vinted team will create a playlist on youtube of all of your great challenge videos! 
In the original challenge it was recommended that you make a small donation to ALSA.ORG  when completing the challenge, and $100 for not completing the challenge.
Don't fret if you don't have anything to give! This is first and foremost an AWARENESS campagin. Your time and participation is more than enough! 
Okay, I'm up first! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 
I'm have decided to challenge the following vinties:
  1. @RenegadeRo
  2. @Brittfarence
  3. @CJHubley
Watch below to catch my completed #ALSIceBucketChallenge !

Vinties ALS Challenge Playlist!

And again, that forum post is here , don't forget to tag the vinties and add your youtube video link in the comments of the forum post!

Please also note that safety ALWAYS comes first. Please take caution when participating!

I can't wait to see all of your videos! 

Stay Beautiful and Vint on!


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back 2 school.

The only good thing about going back to school is shopping for school supplies (even though you already have millions of pens & highlighters) and shopping for new school outfits! With school starting in early Fall it’s the perfect time to clean out your closet and buy some new Fall gear! Who else loves Fall fashion?! Can I get an YASSSSS! I absolutely love Fall fashion and feel it’s one of the trendiest times of the year because you can layer up, Fall makeup trends are HUGE, and there’s so many styles to choose from. It’s important to start Fall thrifting & shopping NOW! Why? Because later on that cute camo jacket is going to be long gone and don’t you want to be ahead of the game and look super fab? (Even though you ladies already do ;) )

Here’s your Fall cheat sheet! These are the biggest trends that are slowly popping up into retailers so watch out for them!

  • Camouflage Print
  • Army Green Errrrthang
  • Motorcycle Babe Jackets
  • Flannels
  • Maroon (Duh!)
  • Jersey/Football Shirts (It is football season after all!)
  • Statement Cuffs
  • On Wednesdays we were Black (Pink’s overrated anyways)
  • Slip-on Sneakers
  • Booties
  • & Bold Lips!

What does your back to school outfit look like?! I want to see! Post them here!

Be sure to look out for those student discounts! Carry your school ID with you!

Happy thrifting & shopping! Say bye bye to your wallet :’(

Xoxo, Valerie

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Well the saying actually goes “Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world” but during the last week of #VintedTreasures we saw that shoes can conquer the world too... with just a little help from you, dear Vinties.


Find out more about why #VintedTreasures took a liking to shoes and dont forget to check us out on instagram! http://instagram.com/vintedusa



Today lets take a look at how the shoes from Vinties from all over the globe, conquer the world. #VintedTreasures! 


Flats with red ribbons came from Vinted.com Instagram follower forthewyn. Grey leopard print shoes that make your feet look like little bow wrapped presents Meanwhile, boba_tee struts her #VintedTreasures too, and we're loving her shoe-view! 



“Two's company, three'a a crowd”. Vinted UK girls staying cosy and sharing their love for shoes from where they stand, #VintedTreasures right from the office! 



Vinties in France, danhllr and sarah_elie, are crazy about sandal styles to go with their floral prints! 



Here's a Vintie from Germany that's all-about-shoes: modesalat. Minimal style, big bags, and a special touch with accessories - all accompanied by her killer shoes. Loves it!



These flats with white hearts are already making us think of love. This pic from indi_jana is overflowing with cuteness.


Polish Vinties dominika2014 and immpredectibles are all about that sporty life. Even if you're not into running, you gotta admit these are cute. (and who doesn't love Chucks?)



Lithuanian Vinties are in love with stripes... but who wouldn’t be? Alvinija.c and namieela choose this classic print for summer, perfect for a nautical feel!  :) 




Do you love it!?

Come join us! Share your love for shoes  - from where you stand - with the #VintedTreasures tag on Instagram!




Find out more about why #VintedTreasures took a liking to shoes and dont forget to check us out on instagram! http://instagram.com/vintedusa




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Hiya! If you do not recognize me from annoyingly being all over the forums- Im Madisson, yes with two S's. ;)

So if there is one thing I love the most it is makeup- I live it, I breath it (ecspecially when I get face powder in my nose..)

The end of the summer is approaching unfortunately but the heat isn't ending so soon. You can beat the heat and look your best with these end of summer makeup must haves- on a budget!

1. Elf Studio Makeup Mist & Set. ($3) 

can be purchased online at eyeslipface.com and at retail stores like Target!

This is actually a dupe (dupe- an item very similar or even exact to another item that usually is more expensive.) to Mac's Fix + ($13). This spray is awesome for beating the heat and helping your makeup not melt off! Also if you over do it on the powder!

2. Maybelline BB Cream. ($8.99) 

can be purchased online, at walgreens, or can be found at your local drugstores.

Besides its cute little packaging, this lightweight formula will keep you covered through the heat for less!

3. ELF HD Blush. ($3) 

can be purchased online at eyeslipsface.com or can be found at retail stores like Target!

Switch out your powder blush for a cream lightweight blush. In the summer your powder blush will mostly look cakey- avoid the mess with a simple cream blush. I have so many cream/liquid blushes and they don't apply as clown makeup, just natural and pretty. 

4. BH Cosmetics Malibu Eyeshadow & Blush Palette ($5.95)

can be purchased at bhcosmetics.com

Get that sun kissed glow with 16 cool toned eyeshadows and 4 blushes-for cheap! BH Cosmetics sells high quality makeup for less- take advantage of the ongoing sale and be a beach babe untill next summer!

5. NYC Smooch Proof 16 hour Lip Stain- Orange on the go (4.99)

can be purchased at newyorkcolor.com or any drugstore

Orange, coral, and pink lips are in this summer! Rock an orange lipstain that'll last through all your drinks and fun times with this 16 hour lipstain enriched with vitamin B5 moisturizer for a smooth color all day!

6. Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-brush Waterproof Mascara ($8) 

can be purchased at ulta.com or any retail or drugstore. 

Nothing is worse than a mascara meltdown after taking a dip in the pool. Not only does this mascara have a mini brush so you can coat every lash- it'll last all day long through sweat after a nice run, or having fun in the pool.

That brings an end to the End of Summer Makeup Must Haves! Stay cool and pretty throughout the rest of the summer and stay tuned for more :)

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Got a huge closet full of clothes that you swear you "wear" (I had three) ? Well, I recently learned a very handy organizing and de-cluttering technique that has worked wonders in determining what I actually do wear versus what I own. I think this technique applies really well when selling unused clothing as well.  

The 6 Month Technique - This can get tricky for seasonal items so I shortened my time frame to 4 months for tops, shorts and dresses. 

  1. Turn everything hanging in your closet the opposite direction. (Hang it backwards on the rail). 
  2. Mark your calendar. 
  3. When you wear an item and it has been laundered hang it back the correct direction. 
  4. At the end of the 6 month time frame pull everything out of the closet that is hanging the wrong direction.
  5. Look at these items and determine why you have not worn them (size, care instructions, style, etc.).
  6. Donate or sell what didn't make the cut.
  7. Have fun buying replacements or enjoy the extra space!

Here are some examples of what my closets looked like before and an example of what I hope for them to look like at the end of my summer cycle. 

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