Metallic Moves In!

Metallic colors were scattered about this past spring and it looks like they will be returning full force for fall and winter as well. Fashion designers and beauty experts report seeing shimmering lights everywhere this fall and winter.  Metallic makeup, clothing, shoes and accessories are forecasted to bedazzle this year and add vibrant blasts of color to the beautifully dark and warm fall fashion pallet.

Makeup: - You can do a little or a lot with metallic makeup and a little can go a long way. They are sometimes refered to as heavy metal colors.  

Clothing: The most popular forecasted metallic clothing colors are steel, silver, gold and metallic mauve. 

Shoes: Metallic shoes are not limited to heels and flats it seems. I found cowboy boots and sneakers as well.

Hand Bags: I want them all!

Accessories: Accessories are easy to find in metallic as metals are metallic by nature. However, I think the trend is to go above and beyond and maybe even a little overboard.


Metallic items have a special coating and needs special care. Washing your garments inside out and hanging them to dry will preserve their finish. You can dry on low heat to remove wrinkles. I do not iron but imagine they would probably need to be ironed inside out as well.  

Metallic shoes, purses and accessories need extra love also. You will want to watch out for scratches, scuffs and even bends. 

Metallic makeup is highly pigmented. It will settle into fine lines and magnify them. A primer or line filler will help if you have problem areas. 

Ready for more? Check out part 2!

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It seems that many of us are too rushed to appreciate each day. We are so busy going off to work, to school, wherever it is we are going most times we’re rushing. Instead of taking time to enjoy life we want things to go faster. The person we like, we want them now. If it’s a relationship that we want, well we want it now. We are so caught up in speed; we even want our computers to respond in nanoseconds. We don’t take time to appreciate the basic goodness of life.

slow down

Yes many times we are rushing to work, to pick up the children but there are times that you got to ask our self “where are you rushing to”? If it’s nowhere, we need to slow down. We are just so used to going fast; we are just so inpatient sometimes. We have got to learn to slow down and enjoy our lives. When it’s summer, we want winter, when it hot out we want the cold weather. We are wishing our lives away. We need to relax and enjoy every moment.

For instance, we take for granted that we get up each morning, that we can walk, talk, see, hear, feel, love, live, breath and the list goes on and on. Life is not a race. So begin each day by giving thanks and you will see you‘ll have more time for playing. If we continue to race through life not only will we be old, we will have missed many things along our way that we should of stop to take notice. As you’re rushing through your day, you are missing so many beautiful things such as your children growing. A relationship with patience and time may have worked out. You mother and father that you are too busy to see will no longer be there one day. I by no means want you to get bummed out. My point is to stop and smell the roses. Take time to laugh, to love, to have beautiful relationships and that includes with yourself.

Remember, what you give attention to it grows. Often we live life in automatic, taking each experience for granted. At time we get caught up on the material aspects on life, we lose sight on everything else, especially the ones that are the most rewarding. Love makes us flourish. So that should be on the top of our priority list. I am not talking just about romantic relationships, but all. Take time to make your relationships healthier especially with the people near and dear to you.

Ideally we should all give thanks beforehand. For me, giving thanks is a sign of appreciation and gratitude. It also brings about a deep sense of peace. I have had so many incidents that I know that a higher power was there getting me through it and to me it’s such an amazing feeling. So starting right now let’s try to be more conscious of all the good that life has to offer and say thank you. Thank you are such powerful words always remember that. Barbara Jeanne xo

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I love shopping online. In fact, I rarely shop in actual stores anymore as it is not as convenient and it often causes my children to have near death experiences. I love the variety at my fingertips while shopping online. I LOVE getting stuff in the mail. I love it all but one little, well not so little, thing …. SIZING!  

Clothing sizes are not universal and can vary by brand, style, country of origin and many other factors. So how do you buy online and get clothes that fit without trying them on?


My personal cheat-sheet & tips

First I determine if the item is a "Juniors" or "Misses" sized item. You can do this by asking the seller and/or researching the item before you buy it. One clear indication is the numerical sizing.

  • Misses sized clothing is sized with even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8…)
  • Juniors sized clothing is sized with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7 …)

Tops and dresses are harder to determine as they are often sized with a letter vs. a number. 

So, what I do is try to find pants online by the same brand and how they are sized. Some major brands however, will carry both options but most well-known companies have size charts that are available online (like Levi’s for example). I cannot stress enough that size is different by brand and should never be taken for face value.

Here are some key differences between the two sizing options:

The sizes for Juniors are usually slimmer in the hips and bust than Misses sizes. Junior apparel is often trendier and less expensive than women's apparel and often made to be more fast fashion (in style for just a few seasons).

Misses’ sizes fit the adult woman and are often contemporary and/or modern. The hips are wider and the chest is bigger. If you are a Juniors large then you are likely to be a Misses small. 

You know how weight loss products and magazines tell you that you can drop two sizes in 6 six weeks if you follow their program? Well, I lost two jean sizes instantly when I crossed the isle at Belk for the first time (from the Juniors department to the Misses department).

Talk about instant gratification. I entered the store a size 9 and left the store a size 4 & 6!           

This chart from Levi's Juniors, is a perfect example of step-sister sizing.

(I hope you guys read my “Does Size Really Matter” blog”). According to this chart and in most of field research, Junior size clothing is 2-3 sizes smaller than Misses. They are rumored to go 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and so forth but that is not usually the case.

As you can see, a 4 on this chart is the same a 9 and a 2 is the same as a 7.   

chart via Zappos


Know your measurements or at least the measurements of your best fitting garments.

If measurements are not included in the description and you are unsure of the brands sizing then you should ask before you buy. Compare the measurements of the item you desire to your own and decide if you think it’s plausible that the item will be an acceptable fit.  I also advise knowing the rise measurements of jeans as that will have a major effect on the waist measurements.

Low rise jeans will measure wider than mid and high jeans by as much as 2-3”.


My last tip is more a trick that I have picked up and it works well for me.

I ask backward questions. This may sound a little sneaky but it is not. Let’s say for example that you usually wear a small but you really like a shirt that is a medium. Instead of asking the seller if it would fit a small, try asking if it would fit a large.

Why? Because technically all mediums will fit a small. If the seller tells you yes, it will fit a large then it is likely to big for your preference.  

I do this a lot with shoes also. I am a between a 6.5 and a 7. Some 7’s are too big and some 6.5’s are too small. So, I may ask if a 6.5 would fit a 6, or if a 7 would fit a 7.5. I know ahead of time that I do not want shoes that could fit a 6 or a 7.5.

The most important thing to me is to buy where I'n comfortable with the return policy. When I shop on Vinted, I know that if my item turns out too small, I can always re-list it or swap it with someone smaller than me for a purse. I love purses!!!

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beauty central

Have you ever heard of the “cheap item curse?”  It basically proclaims that inexpensive items are not nearly as good as higher priced items.  Well…. I have to disagree and so does most every major retailer. Will these retailers beat the streets and prove the quality of their products so they can sell them cheap? NO! They make a similar if not almost identical product under a different brand name and price it higher.  

Most cosmetic and clothing companies are owned by a “parent company.” The parent companies own and operate under many different brand names. They can make one product and change it up enough to sell it as three. These smart parent companies know that you can only ask for so much from each income class they target. So, they take a high end product and trim the edges (mostly packaging) to sell it cheaper under a different name or vice versa.

These products are manufactured at the same places and many of the formulas that make up the higher-end brands are the same as, if not very similar to, their lower priced counter parts! They use the same knowledge, technology, factories, and labs for the formulation of their products.

So, before you go spend all of your mad money on a high end product, take a look at my “Who’s Ya Momma” collections.

All of these products have the same parent company and it is actually L’Oreal!

These three shirts are all made by the same company but branded under different names. Can you tell which shirt goes with which brand name?

Estee Lauder is the proud mother of these products. I could not find a drug store relative in the Estee Lauder family. This group has class but is still behind industry leader L’Oreal.

These beauty pros are all related and none are what I consider to be cheap but you can tell the prices get pretty high per brand.  

The Jones Group owns all of these items and they can be found at Wal-Mart or Macys but not both.

L Brand owns The Limited, Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works. This mom looks nice and smells good :).

Yup … same Momma!


This is just a who's who short list. There are many, many, others!

Now here is where you really pay more for basically the same product with a diferent name.

Same Momma!                                                       

Same Momma!                                                          Same Momma!


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Autumn is just around the corner, and with Autumn comes shorter days, longer nights and colder weather. 

Summer style is easy—lightweight top, breathable bottoms, and shoes that don’t make your feet sweat. Simple! But, the colder months are when it becomes harder to dress yourself. You’re either too hot or too cold, and it seems like it’s a never ending sea of the same outfit over and over and over again.

Fall seems to be one of those seasons that everyone is excited for. You can finally be comfortable! But, it's difficult to assemble an outfit that is both comfortable and fitting for the season. I've been there--it's a constant struggle between sweats or tights--and it's hard to get out of the style rutt. When you find yourself stuck in the rutt, it's best to list your essentials. Essentials are items that you would consider crucial for the season. In summer, I would consider camisoles, denim shorts and sandals essentials. In fall, however, it's a whole different ball game.

I like to split up seasonal essentials into two parts: essential colors and essential items.

Essential colors are to be expected: dark and muted. These colors fit the season best because they don't deter from the natural beauty outside and instead compliment it. 

For essential items, warmth, along with comfort, are key.


This year's fall essentials are chunky knit sweaters, leggings, coated pants, anoraks, cardigans, and over-the-knee boots.

First and foremost, chunky sweaters are a must. They’re warm, comfy, and they can opt as a dress if you’re short enough. This gorgeous navy one keeps you warm while also being a departure from the normal black.

I threw the sweater over a floral dress and paired it with some black tights and some Chelsea boots. Layering sweaters over summer dresses help to extend their wearable life! Also, it’s super cute and put together for any kind of casual occasion.

Leggings are a huge necessity in fall because they alleviate the need for pants. I’m a huge advocate for leggings as pants. Have you worn leggings before? They’re comfortable as can be. Wine ones are perfect for adding a pop of color in any outfit without being too bright.

Since wine is a dark shade of red, I paired it with black, because black and red (and brown!) are an unbeatable color combo. The tunic is long but fitted, and will cover your bum, and the faux leather jacket keeps the outfit warm with a touch of biker-chic. The boots balance the brown from the scarf and all together, you're really channling the fall leaves with this outfit.

If you’re against leggings, coated pants are a great alternative to the basic jean. They have texture and shine and go great a pair of loafers.

I like to think of coated pants as being transitional. Not in seasons—I can’t imagine wearing these in the summer or spring, but rather, in terms of situation. I can see these being worked in the workplace (albeit, a more casual work place) or in a club. They’re the perfect combination of sexy and modest. In this outfit, I played with the sexy aspect, and paired the pants with sheer blouse and simple bralette. I added a pair of leopard print loafers from some playfulness and a red blazer for a structrued edge. The oversized hat keeps the look overdramatic, and perfect for those cool fall days.

Outerwear is huge in the fall season, and anoraks are the best way to stay warm without sacrificing style. You can throw them over anything and stay warm and stylish. Army green is a great color to act as a neutral because it isn’t bland, but it isn’t bright, either. It keeps the outfit toned down.

I threw the anorak over a basic white/black pleated skirt combo. The anorak, along with the buckle boots, add some masculinity to the outfit and the scarf is a nice touch to tie all the colors in. The dark muted green of the anorak brings out the white of the blouse without being too bright.

Also, cardigans are great for that cozy warmth that everyone needs. This brown one is, again, a departure from black, and it's light, so it's easily layered under or over something. 

I paired the cardigan with a basic breton striped tee and high waist black shorts. This combo is killer for rainy campuses, and is great for catching a pumpkin spice latte. The boots aren't too high, so you don't get that weird uneven leg to boot ration you get when wearing high waisted shorts, and the stripes give the look a little Parisian touch that is always fitting for Fall.

When it comes to fall boots, the taller, the better. Fall is a rainy season, and with rain comes mud, and with mud comes gross stains. So, the more protected the leg thebetter. So, over the knee boots are winner for this season.

Whenever I think of over the knee boots, I think of trenchcoats. I feel as if they go hand-in-hand. I started this outfit with a cream lace blouse and an olive green skirt. The skirt is flowy and the blouse is demure because if it'sd lace details. I added a black trench coat and topped it off with black over the knee boots. I opted for a black trench and not the normla khaki because the black helps to make the green in the skirt a neutral by darkening it. A lighter trench would only accentuate the color and would make the skirt more bright.

Honorable mentions: there are some items that I consider essentials that are too miniscule to create a whole look for, and those would be tights (sheer and opaque), frilly socks, knit scarves, and knit beanies. These can really tie a whole look together.

What are your fall essentials? What colors are you going to wear and what items?


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