Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

The Make an Offer feature - you've seen it, no doubt. But how should you use it to get more deals? The Vinties below are sharing their tips on offers and negotiations! 


1. Don't be afraid to negotiate (@lacrosse26 & @ktbugg)

"When a buyer offers you a price you are not comfortable with, you don't have to accept! Negotiating is a great way to find a price both buyer and seller are happy with!" - @lacrosse26

"I love the new offer and accept or decline option added. My advice is 'use it'!! If you decline an offer always offer a price back. It doesn't hurt to haggle. If you are absolutely set on a price that can't be lowered offer a gift with the sale. Everyone loves a gift and we all have an item that is listed as $1 or $2 in our closet that can be used as a gift." - @ktbugg

make an offer



"Always keep in mind the buyer is paying shipping and that adds up on their end. I generally always except all offer request (as long as they are not to low) because it cleans my closet out and helps someone else! At the end of the day they generally are used items and the price should reflect that." @macjo


3. Meet in the middle (@liz.richardson)

Don't be discouraged by lowballers! Counter-offer with a more reasonable price and you'll be likely to make a deal." - @liz.richardson


4. Research your offers (@emattie)

"Do some research to see what similar items are going for... then you can determine a starting price and a bottom line that you are willing to go to when negotiating... Ensure that you and your buyer walk away with a price you are both happy with." - @emattie


5. Offers = interest! (@prothrifter)

Remember, offers are a GREAT thing! They mean that you are doing a good job of getting visibility of your closet! I generally find that if I have had an offer which does not follow through, the item will usually sell to another Vintie soon. I will usually accept offers up to 15-20% off my asking price. You have every right to accept far greater percentages off, or to not accept offers at all. The offer button exists for a reason, and most Vinties will try to use it. Be friendly, and if the offer offends you, simply decline, do not scold.- @prothrifter

There you have it, 5 quick and easy tips to take your sales to the next level.  Give them a try and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below! 

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Now that has come and gone, it's now time for Christmas!  Time to get merry and pick out your pick out a Christmas tree?  On a budget or just not a fan chopping down a tree?  I've got some Christmas trees for you that aren't trees at all!  And remember it's the most wonderful time of the year ;).


1. Post-It Note Tree

Loving this tree! So simple, so cute, and it doesn't break the bank!  You can have guest write sweet notes or leave it blank and reuse the daily after the holidays!  


2. Book yourself a tree

Got a love for books and lot of books lying around? Then this book tree is the tree for you!  Extra festive points if they are all holiday themed books!


3. Ladder tree

Get the height without the mess!  The best thing about this ladder tree?  You can see all the ornaments without having to spin the tree around!


4. Ornaments only tree

Calling all you DIY masters!  The ornaments only tree looks elaborate and it'll impress your guest!  It's simpilar to make then it looks.  Wanna give it a try?  Find out here


5. Ornaments wall tree

Have a bunch of childhood ornaments?  Got a bunch of cute knick-knacks lying around?  Live in a place where there are walls?  This is the tree for you!  

How will you be decorating your tree this year?  Share your ideas in the comments!

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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

Today we're talking about... talking! You wouldn't believe the power of a conversation. Not only can you make a few more deals with just a few messages, but you can make a new Vinted BFF, too.  

1. Manners matter (@

"Always be polite when talking to potential buyers! Be happy and considerate. Even if someone asks to swap, it doesn't mean they don't plan on buying. Be respectful always!" - @burrsunshine



2. Be proactive (@kyadanza)

"When someone likes an item I have for sale, I always try to send them a quick [message] just to get the conversation flowing. I've ended up with some great sales that way!" - @kyadanza


3. Replying matters (@

"Respond as soon as possible. Potential buyers will move on if they have to wait to long for a response. It is also an indication of your shipping speed and seriousness level. Respond in a timely manner and your sales will increase." - @fmello12


4. Questions? No problem! (@victoriajewel)

"Always be polite and let your buyers know you care! Don't give one word answers to questions. Always answer your buyers right away. Even if you aren't at home and can't take measurements or more photos, let them know you read their message and tell them that you will get back to them later in the day." - @victoriajewel


5. Treat buyers like friends (@

"I love meeting new VInties! Answer questions honestly and have a conversation as if you were talking to a friend you already know! These two things are sure to help you boost sales and build lasting friendships ;)" - @carmenandco

There you have it, 5 quick and easy tips to take your sales to the next level by.  Give them a try and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below! 

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Crockpots are my BFF in the kicthen and this recipe for breakfast scarmble is super easy and will be ready when you wake up! Here's what you will need...



  • 12 eggs 
  • 1 bag of frozen hash browns
  • 1 16oz roll of sausage (I used Jimmy Dean)
  • 16 oz of shredded cheese
  • 1 cup of Milk
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 bell pepper (red or green)
  • 1/2 white onion, chopped​


  1. Brown your sausage and onion in a skillet and set aside. Also go ahead and chop your pepper.
  2. Spray the bottom of the crock pot with cooking spray and layer your hash browns on the bottom.  
  3. In a medium bowl, crack your eggs and add milk, whisk them together. Add salt and pepper and set aside. 
  4. Layer the sausage and onion on top of the hash browns, then the bell pepper, and lastly the cheese on top of that.
  5. Mix everything in crockpot together. Pour egg mixture over.
  6. Cook overnight on low for 6-8 hours 

Bon Appetit,


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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

In today's blog we're talking about promoting yourself! It's all about YOU when you're selling on Vinted. The Vinties below take control of their deal-making-destinies by finding clever ways to promote their closets!  


1. Get social ( @archel )

"Talk on the Forums, make yourself known throughout the Vinted community, have pics that make people click on your name. This will increase traffic to your closet and you’ll have a higher chance of people following you. I really love the Forums aspect of Vinted, you get real answers from real people , and there's an endless amount of topics you can talk about." -  @archel

Jump in and say hi! Our community forum awaits you. :) 



2. Keep it fresh ( @prothrifter )

"The best way I have found for promoting my closet and gaining new followers, is to keep uploading ! The more you upload, the better the chance to get closet-raided, which will end up with a ton of likes, new followers, and even sales!" -  @prothrifter

Curious? Get the deets on closet raids on Vinted. 



3. Network ( @vedalovebelle )

"Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, I have gotten so many friends, family and acquaintances on Vinted by telling them about it every chance I get. I am a big believer in the growth of our community being the best way to boost sales!" -  @vedalovebelle

Sharing your closet with friends? We're all about it (it's how Vinted was born). ;) 



4. Share and reply ( @nikkiferrari )

"Going through ISO lists can be a hassle but you'd be surprised at the amount of attention your closet gets by putting your items out there! Posting links to your closet on your social media can be a big help too..." -  @nikkiferrari

Forum ISO posts let you share what you're in search of (ISO) or link what you have that matches. 



5. Social media - you're already on it ( @tkwongster )

"Share your Vinted link on your IG [instagram] bio. Add your Vinted URL to all social media! Take a screenshot... and post it on your social media to promote your closet!" -  @tkwongster

Plus, we love resharing your #Vinted pics! Say hi if you're on Twitter or Instagram


And just like that, bam, five ways to promote your closet with no PR experience necessary! Give them a go, and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below! 

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Money = Necessity

In today’s society you need money. Sad but that is just how it is. You now need money for simple things that years ago weren’t even a thought.

Nowadays everyone has cell phones to play games, watch movies or text and make an occasional phone call when necessary. Not only cell phones, but most people own multiple devices of technology as well. To keep these items of technology running we also need service, so there is a bill. A phone is ones biggest necessity. But although it is a bill, it wouldn’t fix all your financially problems from drowning in debt.

Cell phones

Debt. The modern crisis

The problem is that most people are living beyond their means. Many people are now living paycheck to paycheck. Eventually that can add stress to your life. But when we are making less than what the economy is offering, this may be where the big problem starts. Gas, food, and the necessities to run your home, will take a big chunk of your pay checks. We now have online shopping. That is 24 hours around the clock of shopping.  I’m not sure if anyone remembers when all stores were closed on Sunday. Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest. That might help us out having one less day not to be able to spend money. It’s Just a thought because that would never happen; we are in the fast track of spending. Hum, I wonder if we are now programmed to spend?

Online shopping

Changing priorities

Years ago money wasn’t a first thought. Yes it was a thought that money was needed and necessary, but not a huge stress factor. Most people lived to their means of their yearly salary. We weren’t worried what the Jones’s had. My goodness you could drive a hooptie (a crappie car) and your friends thought “awesome, we’re mobile”. Years ago, fun was playing outside until dark, and watching TV after dinner was a given. Many mothers stayed at home and the man worked. Now unless your man is in a higher bracket most women work. In fact many women chose to work. We no longer wait for a man to come to our recue to sweep us away. If we waited on them, the way things are going we might be waiting a life time. But that is a whole other story. (Oh and if you have children and chose not to work I totally respect that).

office jobs

Be real with your spending

But things are much different today. A flaw most people have including me is that we are a bit more materialistic nowadays. One of the biggest problems is that we spend more than we make. The cost of living for many is much more than we intake.
So how can we get ahead when the odds are against us? First off, do not spend money that you do not have. Just because you have a credit card does not mean you can max it out. If you only pay the bare minimum you are just paying the interest. And eventually you will not be able to catch up. So keep it cash and break out the credit card only for emergencies. When you do buy online, make sure you have the money to back that purchase. I included a few more tips, check them out, they might help!

Don't max out your credit cards!

  1. When you see an item that you think that you can’t live without think again, my guess is you don’t need it. Most girls have a decent size wardrobe. I am pretty sure most of us have much more than we need. And most times we have so many choices, but somehow many of us have those comfort clothes. You know that outfit that is worn a lot. I call it my uniform.
  2. Another idea a wealthy lady once told me, every week put 20.00,- in a shoe box and never take it out. By the time you retire you will have enough to live on. Now days that might not be the case. But I still think the idea of putting 20.00 each week in a shoe box is an awesome idea. I try to do it and I haven’t touched it yet. And you would be surprised how much money can accumulate rather quickly. Put it this way, its money that you would of spent one way or another. So whatever age you might be, it’s never too early or late to begin. You can decorate it really nice and if you have children it’s something you can do as a family. Of course the children won’t have that much, but anything is better than nothing. And it teaches them about money.
  3. Don’t access credit cards for a way to pay. More than two credit cards are too many. So think of those cards you truly need. The rest? Today is the day you need to combine them and pay them off. It will take a lot of added stress off you. Trying to pay credit cards off with money you don’t have is stressful. Let them go and breathe. It will be such a nice relief.
  4. So you want nice things that is entirely up to you. I want nice things, I must agree. But I now think twice about what I truly need. This gives me the option to splurge when I want or need. But if this is the case you need to find the means of affording them. What does this mean? Maybe a second job, overtime, or selling some of your retired items at home online. Hey, like here on Vinted. If you put the time in you can definitely make a bit of an income. Remember, the effort you put into the things in your life, you hopefully will get back.

Live a stress free life!

I by no means am perfect with money. But I do know that I do not want to stress over not having money to pay my bills. I don’t want to panic if something happens to my vehicle, or an added bill that pops up suddenly. It still is upsetting but when you have the money it is such a relief. And if it takes not to buy to have peace of mind, well sign me up.

Love, Barbara Jeanne xo

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Thanksgiving is next week and I can't wait!  The food, the family, the food, the friends, the parade, did i mention the food?  I've got some great sides receipe for you to try this year to share with your family or friends.


1. Mashed Potatoes

Everyone likes their mashed potatoes a certain way.  Creamy, with lumps, or if you're like Phoebe from Friends whipped with peas and onions.  Buzzfeed has 13 mashed potatoes recipes, which one is your favorite?


2. Sweet Potato Casserole Bites

Looking for a great and easy recipe?  Try the "Sweet Potato Casserole Bites"!  They look great and are oh so easy to make!


3. Hawaiian Sweet Bread Stuffing

Stuff your guest with this fun and yummy new twist of stuffing.  Find the recipe here!  


4. Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and delicious.  Make these and it's guaranteed your family and friends will leave stuffed and happy.  Here's on of many recipes online to try!


5. Stuffed Baby Pumpkins

These stuffed baby pumpkins are sure to steal the show at Thanksgiving dinner!  Definitely Instagram worthy #foodporn.  Give the recipe a try! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved one this year!  

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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our Selling 101 series

In today's blog we're talking about your items story, and how you can share it with your buyers by way of writing killer descriptions! Description tips from the pros? We got 'em below. 


1. Think like a buyer (@supjdubbb)

"When writing a description, less is not more. Be sure to include the size, fit, material, amount of wear, color, where it came from, and any imperfections. Be honest! Your buyers will appreciate it! Also, try to add in an example of how this item could be useful, to get the gears rolling. Example: this would be great paired with leggings and boots on a cool, crisp fall evening.@supjdubbb



2. Tap into your feels (@julieng)

"Describe how that piece makes you feel. Not only how it fits, but how it feels, how it flows, how it falls. When you're taking the photos, keep a tape measure handy too. Take those basic measurements and have them in the description. I consider it a time saver, because if I measure it while it's on the mannequin (or laid out for photos) it's easier for me. And no requests for measurements later!"- @julieng


3. Style it... with words (@ohmyvintage@sglennn)

"Use your words! Describe your item as if someone had to envision it by your words only. Get creative with your descriptions [giving] interesting facts about the item or label. Anything that will make your description stand out from others!" - @ohmyvintage

"I usually give an idea of a potential outfit. I also make sure to include information on how the item fits. Your buyer can not try things on, so it's important to give as much information as possible in the description." - @sglennn

Image: @ohmyvintage

4. Honesty is the best policy (@saccardi)

"Be honest. Describe items fully, measure the item, use hashtags, answer questions. Try and list the material,  color of any hardware, flaws, age, serial numbers and creeds." - @saccardi


5. Spark their imagination (@jxie03)

"Sometimes, it's not enough to let the item speak for itself. I will suggest ways to wear an item and make it work for several seasons; hopefully it sparks the buyer's imagination!" - @jxie03

There you have it, 5 quick and easy tips to take your descriptions to the next level. Give them a try, check out even more tips on descriptions while you're at it, and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below! 

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The holiday season is just around the corner.  Time to enjoy all the sweets and many dinners with your loved ones.  Yummy and tasty but the pounds can sneak up. Some of us probably want to get into a workout here or there. Let me tell you, unless exercise for a living it’s harder than you think.  There are a few different ways to exercise without dreading it.  It's best to find a workout that's fun with friends, children, or alone.  


My favorite is gathering at least 5 of your favorite upbeat songs. You can either go with the season. Like for Halloween you can go with “Monster Mash and Thriller”, just to name a few. And so forth for Thanksgiving. And forget about it, Christmas songs are fabulous, one of my favorite songs, is “Sleigh Ride” by Debbie Gibson. That gets my feet tapping just thinking about it. Now that you got your 5 songs together, let’s boogie. 

Wait! Before we begin, we should start with a quick stretch.

  • Breathe in and out a couple times
  • Reach those arms to the sky and get in a good stretch 
  • Stretch those arms, and legs, and we are now ready to dance. 

That’s right dance. Move that body. If you are dancing alone, have fun and get your groove on. If you are dancing with your friends or children, allow each to take a turn. Whatever and however they dance, everyone has to follow. Get creative, have fun, and dance at your own speed. Breathe as you dance, if you get out of breath, walk it out.


Easy Workouts

Next is a class I have taught for many years and it is called “Just don’t sit there”. Here is how the home version works. When you are watching your favorite show, you can exercise for about a half hour. The time will fly by and you won’t even realize.

The only way many people will work out if it’s effortless.  How low? Until you feel your muscles being worked. 

  • Grab a chair, stand behind and hold on.
  • V your legs out, toes pointing outward as well
  • Go down and up,  2 sets of 16.

Next standing behind the chair, still holding on...

  • Go up on your toes and then bring your feet flat.
  • Do 2 sets of 16.

You have just worked out your inner thighs, quads, hamstrings and calves. That’s pretty awesome right?

Mid Section Target

Standing behind your chair, squeeze your buttocks, in out, in out, 2 sets of 16. Awesome! Next lean your body to the side, so that your right hand will touch the side of your leg (Knee) and then come back up. Do this to the left side as well, 16 times. You have just exercised your waist. Fabulous!

Oblique Target

Sit and put your hands behind your head, right elbow to left knee, and left elbow to right knee, 2 sets, 16 times each. And you have hit your oblique muscles. Lastly, extend your arms in front of you and scissor them, 2 sets of 16. When and if you feel this is too easy then increase the reps.  What you are doing is toning your body, while watching TV. We did it, yah!!!! 

Now raise your hands all the way in the air, bring your arms to your toes and slowly roll your arms up your body. Once you are in sitting position, take a few deep breaths and exhale.


If you aren’t into either of the first two, well here is the easiest one. Go to the store and walk. Walk around your favorite stores. You don’t have to buy. Simply just walk. Have a mall nearby? Walk! This can’t get any easier. Now that we have taken care of the body let’s take care of the mind.

Stretch your legs


Winter time gets gloomy. Our bodies want to store naturally and our minds tend to go from a bright light from summer, to darkness. This affects our mood. You can tend to become a bit depressed, and my goodness, this is supposed to be the jolly time of year. 

So let’s take some me time to just shut our eyes and relax. Take some deep breaths. Fill your tummy up with air. That’s right breath deep through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Once you have done this several times, we will now think of the ocean, cleansing our bodies. Think of the warm sun and beautiful weather. Allow the warmth of the sun to heal you mind, body and soul. Let go of all your troubles. Find your happy place and float there for a few minutes. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. I would teach biofeedback, and meditation using a soft and gentle voice. Light a lavender candle. You can do it alone, with friends, your partner, even your children. I think this is essential for the mind.


Remember, the season starts in October and goes all the way until January. If we keep on top of our mind and body, our New Year’s resolution might not be to get in shape in the New Year, because you already are. And once you feel the effect of your efforts of working out, you will see how awesome you feel.

Pass this on, being healthy is not only to feel fabulous, you will look fabulous. Well more fabulous, if that is even possible. Girls remember encourage one another, be the best you can be, mind, heart, soul and body.


Barbara Jeanne xo

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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our Selling 101 series

Today's blog focuses on helping buyers see your items in the best light possible (pun intended). Get ready for Vinted sellers very own photography tips, below.  


1. It's all in the details (@shopmarrrina)

"When an item has a print or a unique detail, such as buttons on the shoulders or an exposed zipper, be sure to capture a close up! If an item is very plain it might help to style it, whether that be with another article of clothing or an accessory. Just make sure it's clear to the buyer which item is the one for sale. You can do this by only styling the item for one of your five possible shots." - @shopmarrrina


2. Choose the right device (@bri026)

"Use a digital camera! Your phone camera just won't take as good of a picture. Make sure your lighting is good and your background is simple (solid color, white is best)." - @bri026


3.Lighting is key (@emilymerrickk)

"My number one tip for taking a good photo is that lighting is key!!! Make sure you're not taking your photos too late in the evening or the true colors and potential of your clothing won't show!

Also, another quick tip would be to have a good backdrop. I personally like to lay an outfit out on my white sheets on my bed and then stand above it to capture the perfect pic. Follow these simple tips and you'll be set!" - @emilymerrickk


4. Model! (@clearlyfree)

"I know most of our clothes end up on the floor every now and then but that really is not the best place for them to be photographed! If you are comfortable modeling an item, go for it! Modeling is a great way for a buyer to see how it might fit them. If not a mannequin or just on a hanger will also work great." - @clearlyfree

[editors note: you can also ask a friend to model the items for you!]


5. No filters! (@dylanraee)

"Use the original picture... show the truest form of the object, so there should be no filters or editing needed unless you are brightening your photo, or removing the background." - @dylanraee

There you have it, 5 quick and easy tips to take your photos to the next level.

Give them a try and pop questions or your own tips down in the comments below! 

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