Happy New Years everyone!

A new year has arrived and it's time to get moving!  If you have resolutions I've got some apps for you to ensure you finish your goals this year!  

1. Doodle

Planning to make more time with friends and family?  Doodle can help you with that!  Find out easily when everyone is free and make plans with a sn"app".  Available on iOS and Android.  


3. Mint

Everyone should be saving money and mint helps you keep track of your finances.  Pay your bills ontime and build your credit score!  Learn more about it here!


3. Fooducate

Healthy life; happy life.  Fooducate helps you eat your way better to a healthy life and helps you lose weight if that's your goal.  Educate yourself with Fooducate.  


4. Duolingo

Is your goal to learn a new language this year?  Duolingo is the app for you!  Best thing?  It's free!  Pick your language here and get started.   Adios!  


5. Wonderful Day

Start the new year off with simples goals and work your way up!  Wonderful day shows a visual tracking to meet your goals!  Find more about about having a Wonderful day!

Goals made, now go and carry them out the rest of the year!

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There's no question - Vinties have style! Here are a few Vinties who showcased their own personal style in their closets during 2015 by styling the items they have up for grabs. Which look is your fave?

Click the pic to shop any of the looks below!


@morningthrift: vintage statements



@makenziepauline : delicate lace



@iamanna: little black dresses



@: retro skirts



@nataaallieee: flannel every day



@cutethingstosell: black & white stripes



@xbitterfruit: comfy oversize sweaters


What's your go-to look?  Are you revamping your style for 2016, or just revamping your Vinted closet? 

We want to know - share with us in the comments! 

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Stylish You

Well,  New Year’s Eve is upon us! Can you believe it?  This is another occasion where you can dress to impress. Old or new outfit, it doesn’t matter. This is one day (besides Halloween) where dressing up can mean making a statement as well as simply looking formal or pretty. There is something about dressing up that makes a girl feel magical, beautiful, and confident; maybe we feel a bit like Cinderella, but tonight the party doesn’t end at midnight, it begins!

Fashion is great, but be comfy!

Looking for a dress?  Obviously go for one that will flatter your figure without being too tight.  If you are pulling it down every time it rides up, you will be doing this all night. If you love an outfit but feel shy in it, this feeling will color your entire night. There is no reason to feel uncomfortable the big night. You want something that fits your figure, makes you feel awesome inside and out!

Flashback, Madonna!

I was lucky to grow up during the Madonna era, so I was able to dress sassy, sexy, and edgy because that was the style of the day.  I could actually pull off a mini skirt and heels or thigh hi boots and a crop top. And not for just clubbing, but to rock it at the mall or food store! How awesome is that?

Let’s bring back fashion this year

So as we go into the New Year I am asking girls to bring back a sense of fashion. Yes jeans and a sweater are great, but once in a while, throw on a dress for no reason.  Or, you can create your own wonderful outfit. When you put time into your appearance it truly makes you feel like you are really kick a** awesome. When you feel like you are looking your best, your mood soars high.  And that girls of all ages is an absolutely wonderful feeling. So what's your style?

Barbara Jeanne

Love, Barbara Jeanne xo

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Life Hacks

The year is coming to an end rather quickly. With that being said, it is time that we make our New Year resolutions. Year after year they seem to stay consistent.  Here is a list of a few resolutions that are common areas where people want to improve.

Get Fit

You don’t need to make drastic changes to make progress.  For starters, cut out that one food item that you find you crave. Don’t even keep it in the house.  It might be difficult for a few days, but if you are consistent eventually the cravings will fade. Small changes at first will keep you on the path and will help you lose weight. Next, move those feet. Go for a walk. Fresh air and change of surroundings when you feel cravings will redirect your thinking to a positive rather than negative outcome. Walking, even short distances, is much better than sitting home. Sitting home you are more likely to eat. So get up and move!


Quit Smoking

No doubt about it, this addiction is one of the toughest to conquer. Cigarettes are not simply physically addictive, there are social and psychological habits to break too. Some people can try cold turkey, and others need help from a patch or medication from a doctor. If quitting cold turkey has not worked for you in the past, you might try tapering off. If this doesn’t work, see your doctor. There are multiple, keep track of the cigarettes you smoke and reduce the amount by one a day or two a week.  Either way, you should try to reduce the amount you smoke. Don’t be hard on yourself. You will feel so much better as well as your skin looking healthier. Getting rid of cigarettes and their toxic chemical from your life will help you in multiple areas. Good luck!!!

Healthy Eating

As a certified dietician and nutritionist, I do not believe in dieting. Eating healthy is the right way to lose weight. Keep track of your calories. The computer age has made this much simpler than it was in the past. You can use search engines like Google to research calories and get meal plans. Follow good practices, and eat three small meals a day is better than not eating, or over eating and not exercising, your metabolism will slow down and then it becomes even harder to lose weight. Sadly, there is no magic cure for losing weight. Better health takes work, but it can be accomplished with small changes!  

Start the day with a healthy breakfast

Decrease Debt & Save Money

Perhaps you find it difficult to save. Perhaps you live paycheck to paycheck. Like most lifestyle changes, if you want it to be permanent, sometimes making small gradual modifications is more likely to succeed. Cut small expenditures. Cutting back on fast food and restaurants is a painless way to save money and become healthier. Sit down and write out your bills. Budget your income to cover all the bills with some left over. If you are married, talk with your spouse and make sure you are both committed to making changes. Try and save at least 5% of your take home income. Take advantage of saving plans at work (if offered). Ditto “Vaction Clubs and Christmas Clubs” These will allow you to pay for big ticket items through the year, rather than using a credit card and paying the debt with interest later. For personal savings I like to put $20.00 in a shoe box or a small safe every week.  By doing this consistently you will have saved $1,040.00 in one year. Along the same lines, if you have the ability to do so, contribute to an IRA or 401K through your employer. Contributing even a small amount is better than none, and long range savings are key if you want to retire someday. Doing it in your 20’s is best, but it is never too late to start!  

Save your pennies

Less Stress

Get Zen! Take time for yourself. Relax in a chair or on a bed. Close your eyes and imagine you are in a place where the sun is warm and your troubles are far away. Yoga and meditation are helpful in these areas. Light some candles that have a pleasant scent. There are many videos that will go through a process of meditation.

It is so important that you know your worth. You are absolutely priceless. Never ever allow anyone to make you feel any less than the best. Be secure in who you are. Keep company with positive people and if no one has told you recently I will: “You are absolutely beautiful”!


Our need to improve our lives seems constant and our need to make changes that are positive is always on our mind.  New Years Day gives us a reason to make those changes. How can we have a chance of making the resolution work? Make it fun and exciting, try and make changes you can actually do without much effort. Making small changes isn’t lazy, it is essential to make changes that can last. Honestly, many people’s lives are so hectic that giving up something that makes them temporarily happy is the last thing that they want to do. But do so if it makes you happier or healthier. You are totally worth it. Don’t you think?                 

Love, Barbara Jeanne xo

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Time to gather with your family and friends and watch some classic Holiday favorites while sipping hot chocolate and eggnog.  And I've got the list for you here!   Start watching and enjoy a fun and relaxing Christmas day!


1. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Home Alone is what started it all but that scene in the hotel with the room service always got to me. And that toy store, omg!  Oh to be stuck in New York City with my parents credit card... a girl can dream  //source 


2. Elf

One of the new movies that has turned into a holiday classic, Elf is a most see every year.  //source


3. Miracle on 34th Street

Whether it's the classic 1947 or the newer 1994 version Miracle on 34th Street is a heart warming story tht will make you believe in the unbelievable.  //source


4. The Santa Clause

Santa Clause is a fun commedy that teaches you about family and how an outfit can change your life ;).  Who wants to take a trip to the North Pole with me? //source


5. Dr.Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I'm a sucker for rhymes, so I watch this all the time. :) //source

What are some of your favorite holiday movies?  Share in the comments below!

Be sure to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  


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Media Realtalk

There are many classic Christmas movies, so many it is hard to choose a favorite. Here are my top 3 because they each have a special meaning to me:


Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer...

... and all those who don’t fit in

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is about the Reindeer who was not like all the others, and who ran away due to his mistreatment by his peers. He was joined by an elf who didn’t fit into his group either. Along the way they face danger and meet more people who feel as they do, from the island of misfit toys up to the Abominable snow man who was able to reform himself and become part of the elf’s family.

We all have a time or a moment in our lives where we might not feel like we belong. You may not feel like you fit in. But if you realize you are truly unique and understand how very special you are, eventually you will find your comfort zone. In doing this you will also find yourself. I felt at one point I was a misfit, and everyday my mom would say, “You’ll see you will be beautiful” and eventually I did feel much better about myself. Everyone needs to hear supportive thoughts, so please take this message from me: “You are special and loved”.


Santa Claus is Coming...

... Meet all challenges!

Santa Claus is coming to Town: It has a song that I took a liking to since I was a little girl.  It goes something like this “Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you will be walking across the floor, put one for in front of the other and soon you will be walking out the door.

Motivation is the theme of the song, and I love how it makes all challenges something that can be attained.  But it wasn’t til the end that the meaning was so very awesome. Fred Astaire is the narrator and he says “that if we are kind, loving and giving that we might just get peace on earth. Here is a little clip.


Three Days...

... putting others before yourself

This one is my all-time favorite. This one is not a cartoon, but live action. It’s a Christmas story with a beautiful meaning. The couple is married and the husband pays little attention to his wife. Finally, an angel comes to him and says that he needs to find a certain gift before Midnight on Christmas Eve, or his wife will be taken. The husband is frantic. He tries everything to get that perfect gift, but he can’t seem to figure it out. All the angel keeps saying is “No, that is not the right gift”.

Eventually, he finds the perfect gift in the moment of his own sacrifice.  

The holiday season is a time for laughter, love, joy and happiness. It is a time for giving.

But what if this is something we did all year round? Maybe Mr. Fred Astaire was right. Maybe we could have peace on earth every day.

Love, Barbara Jeanne xo

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Stylishly You

So far, the Winter on the East has been mild and unseasonably warm.  But that doesn’t mean we haven’t gotten out our winter boots for the season! Boots are not just a practical way to keep your feet dry, they are also a fashion statement. I collect boots, and although I have departed with many through Vinted, I have kept many more.


Styles Change

As little girls we all loved to play dress up with our best clothes but it seems today most girls wear comfy jeans, a sweater and casual boots…such as Uggs. What I would like to do is show you how to rock different boots, and demonstrate different styles. I tell my daughter, you need to have fun with your wardrobe.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the Madonna era. I was able to wear the lace top, the tube skirt, and to express my fun and flirty side. It was normal to wear a mini skirt to the super market. It was normal to wear thigh-high boots with leggings and a crop top. I had to ask, “What if we took it a notch up and actually had fun with our wardrobe and our boots included"?!

Some 'take away' points!

Here is my advice:                          

  1. Grow your boot collection. Stores, Vinted or even thrift store are awesome for finding unique pieces.
  2. Think outside the box and find what your very own style is!  Be you!
  3. Remember boots are not just for warmth, they demonstrate your style as well.
  4. Don’t be a clone. You are beautiful, one of a kind. So remember that when you chose the things you wear.

Chic and warm

Boots can upgrade the outfit

So when you are out with your friends or chilling with your boyfriend and you want to keep it casual, you can sport the Uggs or those furry boots you might like.
If you are going out on a date (oh yeah!) then perhaps kick it up a notch with thigh-high boots, or boots with a heel and jeans. Choosing nice boots puts any ordinary outfit up a notch.

Uggs and faux fur

Practical and fashionable!

Even those special occasions during the winter, or holiday season you can sport heel or cuff boots, they are flirty and fun. Stylish boots will add a little pizazz to any outfit.
Snow? it’s fun to watch it come down but it’s not so fun to be out walking in it. When its cold and Yucky,  we need those boots to keep your feet warm and dry! But nowadays they even have boots to rock your style while being practical as well. .
It’s winter ladies, lets have fun with our wardrobe and our boots as well. I want you to bring out your creative style in you, what’s your favorite boots?

Barbara Jeanne                                   

Love, Barbara Jeanne

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Holiday shopping all done?  Time to wrap those gifts!  Skip the traditional holiday wrapping paper this year and try these cute new wrapping ideas!


1. Balloons!

Put gift cards or small objects in your balloon, blow it up (not with helium!), write a cute message and you're good to go!  Buzzfeed also has a great list of gift card wrapping ideas here!  


2. DIY Gift Bag

Why spend money on one bag when you can buy a roll of wrapping paper and make dozens!?  Find the how to fold your own bag with this simple tutuorial!  


3. Nature wraps

A gift and flowers all warpped into one!  The beautiful idea came from Justina so be sure to check out her blog!


4. Shapely presents

Squares are so well... square.  Try wrapping a gift in a fun new shape or letter even!  Find out how here!  


5. Wrap with a shirt

Got a shirt that you'll never wear or giving someone a shirt and something else?  Use the shirt as wrapping. Recycle is fun!  Get the full deets here!  

Got some fun wrapping ideas?  Share them in the comments below!


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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

We're talking about meetups! That's when you use the Nearby feature to shop closets near you!  What better way to get the full Vinted experience then to meet people? You get an item and maybe a new friend.


1. Meet in a public place (@prothrifter)

"I have done meet-ups a few times, and I have never had a problem. Be clear about where you are meeting, it's fine to pick a neutral location, like a cafe. Both buyer and seller might feel more comfortable with this." -@prothrifter

Meet at a cafe


2.Get contact info up front (@bowtiquwlebena)

"Get the person's phone number so you can contact them offline. Let them try on the outfit if they want and settle the deal if it's all good."-@bowtiquwlebena

Exchange numbers


3.Take a friend (@c.pia2035)

"I did once and it was so exciting :) To be safe you should go with somebody. I know Vinted is just for girls but you need to be safe."-@c.pia2035

Take a friend


4. Look before you buy (@nikkiiii-kole)

"Inspect items on site before exchanging your items or money."-@nikkiiii-kole

Look before you buy


5. A chance to make friends! (@nataaallieee)

"Make sure you package the item nicely! Try treating the meetup more like one between friends instead of just a transaction. It's always nice to meet someone nice."-@nataaallieee

make friends

There you have it, 5 extra tips from Vinties like you! Be sure to check out our safety tips for meetups too. Give them a try and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below!

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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

Today's class covers the cherry on top! You're in control of your sales at Vinted - you get out what you put in, and sellers are sharing exactly what that means. 

1. Be real and have fun (@nataaallieee)

"Just have fun. Try letting your personality shine through your pictures! Get creative! People who like your style will naturally gravitate to your closet." -@nataaallieee



2. Upload often (@nikkiferrari)

"If you know you have a ton of items to upload, try spreading them out over the course of a few days. If you upload 20 items in one day some things could get lost in the feed. But, if you upload 3 or 4 items every day then your followers know your closet is growing and it will get other Vinties to take a look too!" -@nikkiferrari



3. Follow the golden rule (@bowtiquelebena)

"Always treat others as you would want to be treated. You get what you put in. Good luck to all!" -@bowtiquelebena


4. Get involved in the community (@julieng)

"If you choose to partake in the forums, it can be a great means to show your closet around." -@julieng



5. Maintain it (@ohmyvintage)

"My best tip to increase vinted sales is to work on your closet in some way every day. Push up your items when suggested. If something has been sitting for a while, change the title, work on the description, take better pics or lower your price. If you have things to upload, just do it. They certainly aren't going to sell hanging in your home closet. Get those items in your vinted closet! Not only does uploading new items bring attention to your closet but the more items you have listed, the more opportunity there is for buyers to bundle from your closet." -@ohmyvintage


There you have it, 5 extra tips from our beloved Vinties. Give them a try and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below!

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