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Yesterday was a day of internet frenzy! It was definitely a day of internet realness. So I bring to you a tiny time capsule of what you might have seen on all your news feeds yesterday!

dress gate

1. Net Neutrality 

Net Neutrality

This wasnt the most exciting in terms of pizzazz! There were no funnys but this is a constant issue we have to keep fighting. And every time we win - it's a good thing. The internet brings us ridiculous memes and awesome rescources - it's the only thing that is mostly free. We are so lucky to live in a world with anything at our fingertips and I would hate for that to change. So while this wasn't the most fun of yesterday - it was the most important. // Source


2. Llama chase! 

What the llama?! Yup. That's it. There was a llama chase, but let's be honest... what more do we need? It was a real life Benny Hill and I think that's beautiful. Move over Ikea monkey , 2015 had a llama chase. // Source


3. What color is this dress?

blue and black

You got a text, you responded on fb/ig/twitter - it was everywhere! Yesterday was the day of "WHAT COLOR IS THIS" For me it started as blue and gold but became blue and black by the end of the day. My mom saw the white and gold. And everyone else I knew saw blue and black! Turns out there's a reason - and now the memes pop up and mystery dies. It was good to know you, dress that made us all question our eyes. #blueandblack forever!  // Source

And that's all folks! 

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DIY Love

Hey ladies! Do you want super soft skin without having to pay a fortune? Three ingredients and a couple of minutes are all you need to make this cheap and natural body scrub!


  • 1/2 cup of organic unrefined coconut oil
    • Coconut oil has so many benefits. It is packed with antioxidants & vitamin E which makes your skin feeling silky smooth. It also prevents wrinkles and dry skin. Make sure to use organic + unrefined coconut oil. That means no bleaching & no chemical additives :) I got mine at Target, but you can get coconut oil at your local grocery store. It is $7-$8 for a jar, and it lasts foreverrrr!

  • 1/4 cup of sugar
    • Sugar is a natural humectant. It attracts moisture & it helps keep your skin stay hydrated. It won't strip skin and it is gentler than salt.
  • one tablespoon of lemon juice (optional)
    • Lemon juice brightens and lightens the skin. It helps fade away any scars or age spots. However, if your skin is sensitive, the acid in the juice may cause irratation. You can add a little water to dilute it, or don't use it all all :)


Simply mix it all together & voilà! Gently massage it all over your body & rinse.

Have fun~


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boss chicks

We grow up hearing this question: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"

As a little child it seemed like we knew what we wanted to be whether it was a princess, a doctor, or a lawyer. Fast forward a few years and you get asked that same question in high school and what is your answer? If it was anything like mine...you probably didn't have it figured out yet.  

Family member: What are you going to do after high school?

Me: Umm...I like pie?

It seems like people expect us to have our whole lives planned out by the time we are juniors in high school. Often after graduating high school we enroll in college not knowing what we want to do.  I fell into that trap, college; that magical place full of books, boys, and fun times.  It’s a proven fact that the average college student will change their major at least two times (I have already changed). So your question is how do you know what you want to do?

 Here are some tips on finding what you want to do and what career to pursue:

Ask yourself what is your passion? What do you love? 

Many people are looking at the numbers and paychecks behind careers and not thinking about their own happiness. I hate the break it to you, but money does not buy happiness.  If you love something or have a natural talent go for it! However, if you don't want to struggle financially, see what careers would fall under the same category.  For instance, if you love art and want to be a freelance artist, do that on the side and go for art therapy or teach art.

Outline your life preferences

Before you start researching different careers outline your life preferences including: Worktime preference Do you want to work evenings, weekends?), would you like travel or relocate? Do you work well in groups or independently? Questionaries’ can be easily found on Google. Another great resource are personality tests and career quizzes. 

Do your research

Research! If you are interested in a career, google it or check out the Federal Employment Handbook which outlines the salary, a description, and other information including the projected growth of the career

Shadowing and an Internship

Try out shadowing someone in different professions, this is the best way to get hands on experience and see if you would really enjoy the career. Through this you can eliminate choices and see what it is like from a day to day basis. 

Explore all your options

Do not let what people say hold you back. Many think that you need a college education to make a living, is not necessarily true.  There are trade schools, cosmetology schools, and other option out there. Some where you do not need a college education or other or other options where companies will pay for you to go to college.


But most of all. Remember you do not need to have everything figured out.  Often, life doesn't go as we planned and while it may be inconvenient, remember that everything happens for a reason and every life event you can learn and grow from.  Focus on the journey and not just the destination! 


Stay beautiful 


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Best Of The Week!

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a great long weekend last week and took advantage of all the sales! This week had a lot going on! Am I right?! I've been all stressed out with school and waiting for acceptances to transfer. Anyone else trying to transfer?! Talk about STRESS! So last weekend I tried to take advantage of the time off and relax. While on my time off I found some really rad things that I knew I had to share with all my Vintes, so let's get started!


1. 141 Thoughts We Had While Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey

WARNING SPOILIER ALERT! Did anyone else spend their Valentine's Day watching Fifty Shades of Grey?! My friends and I just had to see it! The movie receivedso many mixed reviews, I for one was not a huge fan. However, I also never read the books. What did you ladies think!? Let me know! //Source

2. Drakes New Mixtape!

He's BACCCCCK! Once this mixtape dropped it's been all the rage. Drake has been topping all the charts! What do you guys think of the album?! //Source


3. How to Get Hired at Sephora

Is your dream job working for Sephora?! Well we have all the deets you'll need to land that job! In this interview insider article learn about what companies are looking for in a candidate. Even if Sephora isn't your dream job, there are some helpful hints on how to land your dream job! //Source

4. 23 Emotional Stages Of Getting A Drastic Haircut

With winter weather comes winter damage to your hair (cries). It feels like every spring I go into the salon and just chop all my hair off. Then ten minutes later I'm crying in the bathroom asking why did I do that. I'm pretty sure all of us know how it feels to go through a dramatic haircut and these GIFs sum up the whole process. //Source

And that's all folks! I hope you have a great weekend and I'd love to know your thoughts on any of the articles!

xoxo, Valerie

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Stylishly You

Feel like a model

A lot of times being a plus size model, yes I said model because most of us who don a stylish outfit, do it becasue we love it.  When we slip on a pair of heels with a regular pair of jeans and a tee shirt, it says to the world 'I take pride in my look.' How people view me.  I am not a shallow person by any means, but I do take a lot of note when I see other women going about their daily lives in whatever they chose to wear for the day.  Whether it be running errands or just dropping the kids off for school, making a few simple changes to your normal routine, can boost your confidence to new heights.

If you never wear a pair of heels and earrings, try incorporating them into your wardrobe!  If you made these two simple changes to your daily look, it could make a huge difference. Once I left the house without earrings, and I was running late. I clutched at my chest when I felt my ears and realized I had forgotten them. felt like I wasn't dressed. No pants, no shirt, you know the feeling. I had no time to turn around and retrieve them and I had no intention of doing that. But do you know I had the nerve to think about how I could fit a WalMart  run in to my packed schedule to stop and buy a pair of hoops or something. Crazy right?!. Well, this is what we do to ourselves. Image is not always everything, but it does give us that boost of confidence we need to make us blend into the crowd, stand out from the crowd or whatever we feel we need to do to get through the day.  Let's face it, the workplace can be kind of high schoolish! Fashion is the center of our world.  We all have our own sense of fashion, but we also take a look at the fashionistas crossing our paths and think in the back of our minds, "How can I recereate that look?"

The troubles of plus size

I often shop in the non pluz size clothing to see what types of styles the plus size creators are keeping from us. There have been times when I look in the plus size section and the clothes look like something grandma would wear. No stank you! That is not my style. Who are these "plus size designers"? Who are the plus size merchandisers or buyers for the stores? What focus groups are they using to decide what us big girls like?  What are they thinking? Some of the outfits don't even look like something they gave a second thought to.  Our sections are a lot smaller so they have to fill it with something! No Thank You. That's not cute!  We need to stand united and ban together, do not buy outits that do not boost your confidence.

No matter what...

There are many big women out there! I am one of them. Somebody has to be big so why not be big, curvacious, and confident!  I, for one, am trying to be healthy while at my current size, make no mistake about that.  Big and unhealthy won't make you feel better. You can be a proud girl, but be a proud, confident big girl who takes care of herself! 

Be Bold, Be Curvacious, Be Confident!  Always wear it with a smile!


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beauty central

The Target® beauty box was the first beauty box I bought. I always thought they were some sort of scam, it didn’t make sense that you can get a $25 value of beauty products for only $5, even though it is a sampler box with free shipping.  So, I decided to try the one from Target, to try out.

My first reaction was shock, the box was a really nice sturdy cute box. Weird, but it’s the little things. What was in the box, was another shock. There were a total of 6 items included in the box.


target beauty box

1. SoapBox Argan Oil Shampoo

First if you don’t know anything about Argan Oil. It comes from a tree in Morocco, and they press the kernels into oil, and the oil acts as a moisturizer. I have always heard so many wonderful things about Argan Oil and have used it plenty of times prior, and one of the best parts is it does not dry hair out, it is a very vegan and a natural oil. You don't want to be putting products in your hair that contains sulfa, that just makes your hair worse.

This is a sample size of 2 oz. but even after the first use can feel the difference from other shampoos. The smell of the shampoo is great, it is a very relaxing smell.

The brand SoapBox is a great brand, they donate soap, water and vitamins to children in need to numerous countries when a product is purchased. Now to me that is a great cause.

2. Skinfix Hand Repair Cream

This sample is a only 1 oz. but you can get a lot of uses out of 1 oz. even just for your hands. This product is great for this winter season. Your hands get dried out from walking in the cold and going into a warm area, then with general use. Unless you are lathering your hands constantly with lotion, this really just requires one use, and lasts all day. This product contains natural ingredients and is fragrance free.

I work with a lot of paper all day and my hands unfortunately get dry very fast, I love this and will definitely buy. It’s not oily so I can go right back to work after applying, and it does not smell and feels great.

3. Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes

Who hasn’t tried any product from Burt’s Bees? I personally love all of their products due to them being natural and not containing anything bad for your skin. Your skin is your biggest organ and you need to take care of it. These wipes clean your face, remove all makeup and dirt, and all the nasty stuff that gets on your face, which causes breakouts. This sampler pack contained 10 wipes and that can go 10 days.

These wipes that came are the facial cleansing towelettes and white tea extract. The white tea extract is definitely where the smell comes from. The smell is very relaxing and not overwhelming at all.

target beauty box

4. SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Smoothie

This product is for thick and curly hair. I do not have curly hair, mine is flat as flat hair ca n be, but it is thick. This made my hair feel so soft and shiny, not an oily shiny but a nice beautiful shine. My favorite part. The smell, it is coconut and hibiscus, wow, the smell is not overpowering, very light but subtle. I can describe it as tropical. I recommend this for girls who have thick hair, and curly, how it made my hair look, curly would look awesome. Also, for girls who have regular medium and thin hair, try it, it is truly amazing.

This product came in a 3.2 oz bottle and does not require a lot. This itself is definitely worth the $5 alone.

5. Acure Organics Facial Scrub

I love facial scrubs, they do so much, they remove dead skin and clean pores. I use a facial scrub everyday. This was kinda scared me when I opened it, primarily because it was a dark green. I looked into it and it is made from sea kelp and French green clay which is where the color comes from, it also has other natural ingredients. This made me feel relieved, now knowing there was no artificial colors or ingredients, including argan oil. This came in a 1 oz. bottle, and when using on the face and neck it requires about a pea size amount, so with everyday use, you can get a good month out of this 1 oz. bottle.

I have dry skin, due to living in a dry climate. After using I could feel the moisture going into my skin. Even after working all day, my face was still so soft. With being made of argan oil, it does not dry your face, like most face scrubs, that removes all moisture. Now, if you are worried about the smell of kelp and clay, you don’t have to worry it smells like argan oil. The nice lovely smell. This product also helps improve cell growth in your skin which is great for helping prevent wrinkles and old looking skin.

6. Borghese Facial Scrub

This is an exfoliate facial scrub came as a 1 oz. bottle. This bottle did not look fancy, just plain Jane bottle, which I know that means it is going to be good. After trying a couple times, I started to notice a change in my face, just feeling was soft and it looked brighter and better circulation. Just like a facial scrub it removes the dead skin, dirt and excess makeup.

Out of these two facial scrubs that came in this beauty box, they are both amazing. The smell of this one if a very nice light natural smell, it was not heavy. This product was light and required less, and it did surely go a long way. I love it and love the feeling of the scrub on your face.


When searching for a facial scrub do not get one that is heavy and contains alcohol. Find a natural scrub (such as above), and one that feels light. They will clog your pores if they are heavy and contain various types of soaps.

As a final thought regarding this beauty box, I love it and I am now looking into retrieving more. It was definitely worth $5.

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Best of the internet

Season 7 of Rupaul's Drag Race is only a month away and it is truly a time to be alive! I've been obsessively keeping up with this show since the first season, watching it grow and the talent get tighter. Because of this - I have probably been over applying every bit of my makeup for the past few weeks. #LessIsMore 

I want to embrace my indulgent side and show you some of my VDay look inspirations from some of my favorite queens.

1. Alyssa Edwards

alyssa twirling

Yes Ma'am, Alyssa Edwards from good ol' Texas. She is SICKENING (it's good to be sickening) She is a pageant queen - and this gif explains exactly what to expect from a pageant queen. This is totally a wearable look, right guys?

2. Willam Belli


Willam is pure glamour, when she wants to be. And in this - slay qween SLAY! If you don't want to recreate her look, recreate that attitude. This is a woman of pure confidence and I love it. 

3. Raja


Raja was the undisputed queen of her season. I have yet to meet someone who thought anyone else deserved to be the winner as much as she did. And look at her! She is B-E-A-UTIFUL! This is a great look to pull some inspiration from and also some great moves! (You might know Raja as Sutan from ANTM - he was the makeup artist)

4. Roxxy Andrews

roxxy andrews

Now, Roxxy wasn't my favorite queen. Her attitude on the show constantly annoyed me - but I can give it up to this beauty. This double wig trick was a show stopper and when it came to giving hot club girl realness, she gave it and beyond. That smokey eye, amiright?

5. Latrice Royale 


This is probably the most wearable look out of all of these. Thank you Latrice, you always are on point. Honestly, though look at her! She wasn't the first to represent the big girl - but she was the best one, in my opinion. 

6. Rupaul


Because you can't do a list like this and not include mother Ru. She is a daily inspiration to the LGBTQ+ commuinty and to any other misfit out there. I have watched many interviews of hers and his (whichever Ru decides to be that day) and each and every time it's encouraging and accepting. She teaches love and in one of the best ways - to love yourself. 

Let me know if you would try to recreate any of these looks! And most importantly - if you watch the show! I need to gab about this show with someone!! 

And I'm gonna end this as Ru ends each episode "If you can't love yourself, how  you gonna love anybody else, can i get an amen?" 

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from vinted with love

Wanna jazz up your packages but lacking a little inspiration? We've got you covered (that's kinda our thing). The Vinted team made these cute package tags for you all to enjoy. Best of all, they're completely free and all you have to do is download them to use them! 

Ready to add some love? Here's how...


How to:

  • First download your printable here.  
    • ​It's in PDF format so you'll need a PDF reader to get it. You can download a free version of Adobe Reader if you're on a computer, or find a free PDF viewing app for your phone!
  • Print out your package tags
    • Print out any of the tags you'd like to use (all or just one!). Tip: use a heavy weight paper for a stunning look and print them all on one page if you'd like to save paper. 
  • Cut out your tags
    • Cut out your tags and poke a hole for your string. A paper hole punch works great if you have one.  Now just use ribbon or twine to attach the tags to your wrapped item. Pop that item in your shipping package of choice and you're already spreading the love!

We hope you love them. 



Don't forget to show off how you package your goodies by tagging them #FromVintedWithLove when you share them on  Instagram and  Twitter!

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Because I love pretty things- I have designed a gift wrapping technique to surprise each of my Vintees with a well loved, uniquely wrapped item! This gift wrapping takes about 10minutes to complete and cost me nothing. Yep, that's right: I spent $0! I used items that I already owned and simply collected from around the house.

And here's how:


  • Old books (I use mine for decoration around my house and have owned them for about 5 years now. You can find them for around $0.05 at a thrift store or old book store.)
  • Scrap fabric (I used scraps from a dress I recently hemmed- yay for upcycling!) :D
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Pen
  • Thank you card

Step One: 

Select your books and get to tearing! I chose 3 different kinds of books to mix things up a little. One book is an atlas that has some really cool maps. Another book is an educational book. And the third book is a story. I like to shake it up (shake it off, shake it off, oo, oo - Sorry, who can say "shake" and not think Taylor Swift)

Step Two: 

Once you have you book pages torn out, crumple them up! This makes them more flexible and easier to bend when wrapping. After crumpling you can then lay out each piece and begin taping them together. This seems like it would take forever but it really only takes about 5 minutes, I promise. And you can read/learn geography while you tape! :D

Step Three:  

Once your pages are all taped together, place your item in the center and begin to wrap as you would with any other wrapping paper. The trick is not to tear the pages! As you can see, I tore my page in the bottom left corner (Oops!) but no sweat! Continue wrapping and then you can go back later and add another page to mend any tears.

Step Four:  

Final touch! This is where your bow tying skills come in handy. I used a scrap piece of fabric from a dress I just hemmed. It is a soft velvet material with a wonderful floral pattern!  I sometimes will match the fabric to the item I am shipping.  This is the perfect way to add a little extra love and pick a fabric you really think your buyer will appreciate!

Step Five: 

Voila! Your package is done and ready to ship! I usually tuck a handwritten "Thank You" note under the bow for a little extra love. 

If you make your own #FromVintedWithLove specially wrapped package, tag me on Instagram or Twitter (@troppustra) or leave a link in the comments here so I can see them! XO- J

Don't forget to show off how you package your goodies by tagging them #FromVintedWithLove on  Instagram  and  Twitter!  

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vinted BFF

There are many things that have resulted from my joining Vinted. I think that I can speak for many of you when I say our intentions for joining were primarily centered around money. We were either hoping to earn money through selling our unwanted clothing, or save money by finding good deals on pre-loved threads. I know that those were my expectations at least.

The funny thing about Vinted though , is if you let it, it can become an entire community for you. You can plug yourself in like you would at any residential community and suddenly you’ve become a part of something greater. As I realized this, I started to participate more. I started with sharing ideas on how I thought Vinted could improve. I became an active participant in the forums. I became a forum friend and even started blogging. Simply put, I loved the community and couldn’t get enough .  I often write how my fellow vinties have touched my life. What I didn’t expect though, is for this community to reach past the land of the interwebs and grab a foothold in my actual, real life.

When the creation of the Vinted Ambassador program was announced, I automatically knew it was something I wanted to participate in. I had just moved from NH where I had lived for more than 15 years. I knew absolutely no one here and thought if I could be a part of that program I’d at least have something to do. I’d get to meet people and make new friends.

cat fwendz

Enter @cjhubley. I initially “met” @cjhubley on the forums. Her humor and online personality is what drew me to her (as many others have also been drawn to her) . Upon talking to her I found out that we had many things in common and didn't live terribly far from each other. We began chatting more often on and off of vinted.  

When I began planning my first meetup as a Vinted Ambassador , I was nervous. Meeting vinties was what I wanted but I was still petrified. (I had absolutely no reason it turns out, as you all rock as much in person as you do online. ) Courtney was among the awesome list of attendees. We talked for literally hours and it was like we had known each other for years. At one point someone had actually asked if we knew each other before Vinted.  We have hung out since then, and talk to each other daily. The rest, as they say, is history.She keeps me sane, is a great sounding board, and overall is just a wonderful human being. I will forever be in Vinted’s debt for giving me the opportunity to meet my Vintie BFF, as well as thousands of other wonderful ladies.

Don’t underestimate the power of this app. If you haven’t yet, please consider becoming an active participant in the Vinted Community. I got a best friend, when I was only looking for a place to sell my clothes.

all the group pix!

This Valentine’s Day let’s celebrate our Vintie BFF’s (VFF's). Give them a shout out here or in the forums.  Show them how much they mean to you. This was my grand gesture. What will yours be?

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