Darby Smart is a monthly subscription box that is perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects. It comes with everything you will need to make a specific craft all for $19 plus shipping!

Most of the projects do seem like you are getting your moneys worth where as others seem to come with some materials you could get for pretty cheap at your local craft store! But the surprise every month is always nice.

My first "TO DIY FOR" box was a block printing kit! I really do feel is worth the amount of money that I paid! Here is how it came! It came in a super cute blue and white chevron box that says "INTERNET REHAB INSIDE", which is super cute!

Cats not included!


Here is what came inside my box! Everything I will need to make my stamp!

  • Linoleum Cutter
  • Soft Brayer
  • Black Block Printing Ink
  • Linoleum  Block

I was actually really hesitant to give this a try! I had no clue what to expect when trying this. It was a very stressful process but it was also very fun! I love the end result and plan on adding more to my stamp; maybe adding a quote from the movie on the inside of my Wild Thing! 

For those of you who don't know, my stamp is based off of the movie "Where the Wild Things Are".

I'm definitely not a professional and I doubt I will buy more linoleum blocks to make more stamps but it was definitely a fun experience!

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life hacks

With Spring's arrival comes a bit of Spring cleaning. Spring's weather is vastly different than Winter's, and a good transitional cleaning will get you inspired and pumped for the weather!
Firstly, get your coats outta here! Coats = gone!

It's an amazing feeling to realize you no longer have to wear a coat outside.

If you have a hall or coat closet, go ahead and pop those babies in there with a moth ball or two.
Instant room in your closet!

Pack up your sweaters!

I live in the temperamental Midwest, so I can't pack up all my sweaters, but I take the thicker ones, fold them, and place them in some Modcloth boxes I have lying around. They're cute, and pretty strong boxes, so they make perfect closet candy while also being useful. Shift all your clothes over to fill in the now empty spaces.


Switch the shoes!

Now, for shoes. I usually keep boots on the top and flats on the bottom, but, seeing as it's Spring, I'm going to be wearing my flats more, so I reversed this. I put my oxfords on top, and loafers and boots at the bottom. I prefer having the more worn shoes on top because it 

And, that's it for the basics.

Buuuut, if you're more hardcore into Spring Cleaning:

Display your warmer weather hats...

Roll up your long socks...

Put your heavier scarves out of sight...

And bask in the light, floral delights and warmer weather.  How do you Spring Clean? What are some tips you can share? Comment below!

Find Katie other places, too:  Style Blog | Tumblr | Instagram

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Alrighty, I'm super competitive and recently my friend challeneged me to learn as much about music theory as I can and then we're going to compete. I'll let you know when I wipe the floor with him - but in the mean time learn with me! 

1. Fun! 

Music facts

This is just adorable and has nothing to do with actual knowledge. When in doubt cite interesting facts! Basically this is 26 conversation starters. 26 ways to make people believe you know more about music than you do. //source

2. Music Theory, oh yeah!

Both the apps advertised on the site cost money. I totally bought one of them and have considered buying the other. The app is actually super easy and helpful and anything I don't understand enough I can google a bit more. But I didn't even think there would be a rescource like this! //source

3. Visual learners? 

This guy makes me giggle the whole time. And what helps me remember? A good joke about something. I stand by if I can't make it into a joke then I don't really know the material. This guy really hits those jokes and that knowledge home. Plus he gives you the visual representation with the piano. Thanks oney! //source

That's what I got for now, If you have references please let me know! I'm drowning in the music theory! 

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Last week was a bit of a bummer week for me. However, this week was so much better. Since I was not longer feelling ill, I was able to integrate myself back into society properly.

On Sunday I spent my day at home, primarily working here on Vinted. I did run out to Wal-Mart to get a movie to watch, and had really no interaction with anyone. 

Monday was another breeze day. My cough was still up and at it, but lower so I decided to go ahead and go thrifting. The woman at Goodwill was in complete compliment mode with how much she enjoys my eyes without the makeup. The blue is more suited for me. This was the first real compliment I had. I also noticed that the gentlemen were not paying as much attention to me - though I find this as a good thing!

I spend Tuesday running from appointment to appointment. I like to get all my stuff done in one day, it is so much easier. My dermatoligist agreed that this should help my usual acne out much better and she can already see a difference. My breakouts are not nearly as bad now. 

Wednesday was my first day back to work, and boy did I miss being there. I had not told my manager I was doing this, but she noticed within minutes. What she said did kind of come off as an insult, though I know she didn't particularly mean it. "Are you sure you're feeling better? You look ill." I told her I wasn't wearing any makeup. She suggested I put some on to hide my dark circles. This brought us into a conversation how women do not need makeup to be beautiful. Our brand is to embrace every beauty there is, and make up is not necessarily required for that.

I pulled a lovely long day on Thursday. This was no big deal for me because I absolutely love working. I had so many compliments from my regular customers. Our one elderly woman was so proud of me for letting my (quoting) "beauty shine from what is not just on the outside, but on the inside". This meant a lot to me. I also suppose because my confidence was higher, this inspired me to be purchasing new clothing. I ended up with a lovely spring wardrobe.

Friday was a bit stressfull of a day, but I pulled through. We were incredibly busy at work, and I have a fashion show to be planning. I didn't much deal one-on-one with anyone other than coworkers. By this point, I believe no one I work with (other than my manager) has noticed I'm not wearing makeup. This is making me question how neceassary makeup is, even if you do work (in all technicalities) the fashion industry.

Now, this part is going to be the worst part of them all. Since I stopped doing makeup, I haven't been needing to wake up as early. Typically when I work at 1, I wake up at 11. I splurged and slept until 11:45. Of course I forgot I still had my hair to fix from being a hot mess. But, that is not he worst of it. I got to work and a car physically hit me. No, he didn't back up into my car, he backed up into me. I was in very high wedges, which caused me to fall and rip my legs pretty badly. But this is life, and you have to make the best of it. I still think with my adorable outfit, and ability to jump right back, that I rocked the day out. I was working with a manager I do not particularly get along with. We squashed everything, and then she noticed I had not even lip gloss on (I live on NYX butter lip balm). She said she is going to stop wearing concealer, but she can't give up her eyeliner. 

I think an image tells a thousand words. Last week's I was pretty miserable in most of them. In this first one (Sunday) I was still pretty "meh" but as the week went on (shown by the Wednesday and Saturday image) I definetly amd feeling much better about myself. 

The next half of the month should really be a breeze, and I cannot wait to continue to share this experience. 

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Every Girl Has A Story

Welcome to #HERSTORY: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 

This month we're putting the spotlight on Hayley. Find out more about her and  why she joined Vinted, below. We have a feeling you'll fall in love with her, and her story, just as quickly as we did.  


Meet Hayley

My name is Hayley (@hayllllz) and I live in a small suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA! On June 1st, 2013 I was (very suddenly) diagnosed with Leukemia.

My whole world was turned upside down, I had to quit college and focus on my health.

I had three rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant (from my older brother).  After over 100 total days in the hospital I became a healthy 19 year old again (well, I just turned 20)!  and as of January, 2014 I am in remission!


For now I am still too weak to work, therefore, I have been selling some of my items on Vinted to save up some money! I am going to beauty school and would love to save up enough money to buy a new wardrobe (the requirements are to wear lots of black!!).

I am so excited to make girls feel beautiful, and am even looking to do outreach programs for women with cancer (who have lost their hair and their eyebrows like I did), to show them how to "rebuild" their appearance to how they used to look pre-cancer!

Me in my favorite blonde bombshell wig!


I am so passionate about this, and since I have been given a second chance at life I try my best every day to make MYSELF feel beautiful - whether that is doing my makeup, putting on my wig, or picking out the PERFECT outfit!


My Style & Favorite Brands

I would describe my personal style as simply bohemian. I love pairing crochet halter tops with simple maxi skirts and lots of silver & turquoise jewelry! I get a lot of inspiration from my mother who is a true bohemian!! My favorite brands are: 

  • Free People
  • One Teaspoon
  • Brandy Melville
  • Young Fabulous and Broke
  • Anthropologie

My ultimate style icon is Vanessa Hudgens, but I definitely have a more toned-down style with less accessories and more simple patterns. 

Favorite Brands

Share the love for Hayley  in the comments below!

Want to share your story? We want to hear it - share now!


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I'm not a big sun + heat fan. I get a sunburn, and I sweat - I know women are supposed to "glisten" but that has never been my case. However, spring and summer still have a special place in my heart for all the festivals that happen. I get just a tad bit stronger with 700 bottles of sunscreen in my backpack. 

So in preparation for my favorite activities - I'm gonna share with you some awesome festivals coming up!

Now, right off the bat I'm going to have a bias. I'm an LA girl and thus these might all be LA or California based. I'm sorry, I'll make an effort to NOT do that. Okay moving on...

1. FYF Fest


FYF Fest is only in it's 11th year but it's moved up fast. I've attended twice and it was amazing. My personal favorite: the craft booth and the recycle program. If you collect recycleables around the event you could trade it in for a drink (3 bottles) or a t-shirt (200 bottles, i believe) or even a skateboard (so many bottles). I saved up for a tshirt my first year! Check it out for this year! //source


2. Punk Rock Bowling

Okay, this one is a 21+ but if you're into punk music, or you're into bowling, or you're into drinking, and even better all 3 - this is for you. I have yet to go, but an old hairdresser of mine had gone for 5 years straight and guaranteed me it would be a blasty blast! You don't even understand how prepared I am to go! I own 4 bowling shirts collected through various flea markets and thrift shops. I own saddle shoes, which people confuse for bowling shoes. And yet the stars haven't alighned - maybe I'll be writing a blog on my time there this year... //source


3. EDC everywhere!


Something i think is super awesome about EDC - is they hold events everywhere. They are constantly having festivals in different parts of the world. You could, with the all the money and time in the world, could follow it around and just be dance crazy! Plus - it's definitely a festival where dressing as a tie dye polar bear will make you friends instead of looking insane. That's the kind of enviorment I'm into. //source


4. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage


Yeah, take it in. Take it alllll in. This is definitely a festival I want to attend. I've known a few people who've gone and swear by how fantastic it is. There's so much right with this - how could it go wrong? With everything New Orleans has faced, it's awesome that they can still do this festival - that they can build up again and continue carrying on their legacy. This is a festival to go to whether you like jazz or not. It's one that will leave you with sense of a different culture. //source


5. Lollapalooza


Woo! Back in my emo/pop punk days - this was THE festival to go to. Now as I have evolved - I've noticed so has this festival. Or maybe, I'm just realizing the diversity of the lineup. It's located in Chicago, which all the wins. You can get a taste of their classic pizza and have a grand ol' time at one of the coolest festivals out there! Yeah, sometimes you CAN have it all! //source

Woo - there is so much more to mention. And look! I even stuck to not being exclusively California based! Some honorable mentions: Coachella (we all know it, so I didn't feel the need to write more about it) and  Burning Man - great if you're into a bartering/art community! 

Let me know some that you're attending or want to attend! Festival goers UNITE! 

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Say HELLO to SensatioNAIL's Gel Polish Starter Kit & GOODBYE to expensive nail salons! I don't know about you, but I used to spend $80+ on gel manicures every month. Sometimes my nail techinican wouldn't do a good job, and I would leave unhappy. A few weeks ago, I got a gift from my boyfriend's sister and it was a starter kit by SensatioNAIL. LET ME TELL YOU, it is ahhh-mazing! I don't have to drive 30 minutes to the nail salon, & I can do it at home, in my pajamas, while I Vint. It doesn't get better than that! ;)

Look how awesome this kit is! It comes with the whole sha-bang.

  • LED lamp
  • Gel cleanser
  • Gel primer
  • Gel Base + Top coat
  • Gel Polish (I got Pink Chiffon)
  • Nail Filer & Buffer
  • Lint-free Wipes
  • Manicure Stick

It is so easy to use! It takes me thirty minutes to do both hands.

After you apply the base + top coat, you will cure it for 30 seconds then apply your gel polish. It says to do two coats, but I prefer three.

I am so satisfied with the final results! It looks like I got it done at a salon. It's glossy and it lasts longer than two weeks.

Treat yo'self and try a gel kit. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.



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My family, boyfriend, and friends can attest to the fact that I love my makeup. Really, I do. I hate leaving the house without anything less than eyeliner and/or mascara on. I like to believe I do it pretty well, and quickly as well.

On top of being a makeup addict, I am also a Buzzfeed addict. Of course I have seen the no makeup for a week post a few times(cited at the end of this) and had always thought to myself, I can’t do that.

And because I can’t, I am. But not for a week...No, I’m doing it for the entirety of the month of March.  I’m calling this my #makeupfreemonth

Day One

Conviently enough, the beginning day of this is also the launch of our Dressbar at work. This means we’re basically trying to wear dresses as much as possible all of March.
One would think she’d need makeup to feel better about this, and that one would be right. Today I just couldn’t get into it. Not only was I in pain (chronic illness) but I couldn’t even put on mascara. I’m the kind of girl who puts it on just to go to the grocery store, so this was a big thing for me.
@hotcakez even stopped into my work today, she caught me at my worst point: ready to tear my hair out because my manager wasn’t listening, my medication only brought me down a bit on pain, and I was tired.
But she said nothing about my face, so maybe it wasn’t so apparent I am not wearing makeup today.
To top this off, I have a huge pimple forming on my cheek. Awesome!
I cannot wait to see how the next 30 days go!

Day Two:

I hadn’t gone anywhere today but couldn’t help but thinking ‘wow I really miss mascara’ at least every two hours.

Day Three

When life gives you lemons...Well I’m not sure there is an appropriate ending to that right now. Not only am I now full blown sick, my grandfather has passed. My exhaustion is seen clearly through the image.
All remnants of any eyeliner are now officially gone.
I noticed, as well, that my eyes are much bigger when I am not wearing any makeup. But I have less of an eyelid. Maybe this is because I am prone to creases, so I tend to not have my eyes as open when I am wearing anything. But I do not at all mind the big eyes.
They are also much bluer! Which is a score in my book, since my baby blues are one of my big things that I love that set me apart.

Day Four

“I miss eyeliner” That has basically been my moral of the day. Between only having slept a few hours, and coughing a lung every ten minutes – my swollen face can be solved with a little eyeliner. Day four and I’m just craving makeup.
Luckily I have the best boyfriend ever, when I sent him a snap of my swollen/tired face, he reminded me that I don’t need makeup.
My skin is loving this air though. It feels a little less oily than usual (I mean, I haven’t had a day without foundation in who knows how long) but still oily. I’m crossing my fingers that this will stop.
I’m also finding that I’m more prone to touching my face while I have makeup on vs when I do not. It is really nice to rub an eye and not smear eyeshadow.

Day Five

I stayed in yet again today. I’m still sick and therefore am not venturing out until the world while unable to breathe. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out tomorrow!

Day Six 

I take back every negative thought I have had about not wearing any makeup.
My blemishes are disappearing.  Still there, but usually about this time the month another would take it’s place. I suppose because my skin is not so caked with makeup it is actually able to breathe a little.
I am noticing my forehead is exceptionally shiny though! I tried to get a picture to show this, but not so much.
I just chilled in my glasses today but I am feeling better. I plan on a Goodwill run and shipping tomorrow. #makeupfreemonth (I’m still between that and #makeupfreemarch #nomakeupmonth) is officially fully on the go since I have broken the fever and don’t get winded walking room to room!

Day Seven

I ran into an old high school friend at the grocery store today.  She didn’t specifically say anthing about me not wearing any make-up but she did mention that I look much older now (let’s face it, it has been almost six years since graduation, I’m much older). Even better, I was in my old place of work and talked to old co-workers and nothing was said. This really boosted my confidence and I got home with a smile on my face.

In all, this week had its ups and downs. It was quite the week to start but nothing was really planned to happen during this week especially the downs. I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience now.

I have a feeling next week will be much better.

Buzzfeed inspiration 

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Best of Internets

Have you heard of Colourpop? ... I've heard some yes's and some faint no's. Guess what! You're all going to know what Colourpop is really soon! Behind the scenes, the Vinted team scored a few of their most popular lippie stix for spring (and a few transitional colors too) and we'll be trying them out on different skin tones and letting you know what we think! Reviews and swatches, oh me oh my!

colourpop 1

Here is just a sneak peak of them on their own! Can you guess which shades these are?

colourpop 2

We're really excited to see how these popular colors work on different tones. Why? Well the lipsticks only cost $5.00,  the company doesn't test on animals and they're made right here in California!  Sounds like a win-win to us - so stay tuned for the full review blog coming to a Vinted near you! 

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Life Hacks

Of course we know, we need to pare down our closets,right? Out with the old, in with the new-to-you.  But wait, what happens when you post an item you haven't worn because you didn't like the way it looked on you in the store, or how it made you look in a picture you weren't expecting to take? Well, once its sold, its sold!  As I pulled the dress out of the suitcase, where I store my items to keep them out of sight out of mind, I put the dress on to show a potential buyer what it looked like on.

I didn't post the pic of me in it originally because I remembered it didn't fit the way I liked it. But that was over 4 months ago. Seasons changed and the temp cooled down. I dropped some pounds and put that baby on and POW!!!!! It was like magic, It fit a little larger than before, but it fell well over these hips. I fell in love with it all over again.  I relucantly uploaded the pics and they looked great! The sweet potential buyer said she really loved the dress and before I knew it, I got a message saying it was SOLD and a shipping label was ready to print! 

Sellers Remorse

Wait, what!? NOOO! 

Of course, I wrapped it up nicely and added an additonal gift just because she bought the item during a sale I was having.  It's sitting in a box all ready to be picked up by the postman since I missed the PO last drop off. I'm looking at it as I sit here typing.  It's crazy what I'm thinking right now but, I would never think of taking down an item, once someone shows interest in. Like real interest, I'm getting ready to buy interest.  But I know the feeling when you find something that is most befitting you and you do a happy dance, or it makes you smile when you purchase that little significant item.

 I'm truly happy for her, and hope she enjoys this dress to the fulllest.  She will definitely have plenty of compliments on it. Maybe once she's worn out her welcome in her home, she can repost so I can get her back! ;D Just kidding!  But this is really a Seller's Remorse story.

Tips for sellers remorse

After all this, I asked our Community Ambassador, RO (@renegadero) for her tips. 

Here's what she suggests: 

It's such a hard choice when you realize you're still in love with an item! Depending on how long it's been since she asked about it, I'd get in touch and let her know the situation. See if there's anything else she'd like, and offer some special freebies - since you fell back in love with that item, it's really nice to offer a new deal or a discount on something else they might like.;) 

When making a new listing - It doesn't hurt to hide that listing for a bit when you're still on the fence, and just be 100% OK with the item going to a new home if you do decide to unhide it again after you've made up your mind. Stand firm with your choices whenever you can. It's not the best feeling when you're in the buyers shoes and you've got your heart set on a new OOTD. 

Of course you'll always want to try on an item first before listing it , just to double check and make sure you're really not in love with it anymore. That's the best way to make sure everyone's happy at the end of the day. 

I hope you all find those items that just make you giddy inside, and make someone happy by selling something that really makes them feel good!


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