As we all know, it's time for festivals, going out to the beach, and general outdoors activities! I bring to you my favorite photo apps! There's never a wrong time to capture all the fun moments! 

1. Photojojo disposable camera app!

Disposable camera

This is an app where you pay for 12.99 paying for 27 prints. The app itself is free - but to use it you pay the fee and you have a fully operational disposable camera in your phone. You can take the pictures like all the others but you can't review them after. Once you've gone through all 27 - you get all the prints in the mail! //source

2. Pocketbooth


This is one of my oldest but most favorite apps! Mostly, I go into real photobooths for the lighting but use this instead. It gives you complete control of all the options. You can make it - color, black and white, sepia, glossy or matte. Definitely one of the best apps out there! //source

3. Afterlight


This is probably the best editing app in my opinion. I've paid for a few - but this one has always been my go-to app for any post work needed. It's .99 but definitely worth it! If you follow their IG - they post some cool tutorials! They even teach you how to do a double exposure! That's some hip stuff. //source

And that's all folks! 

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Stylishly You!

It's that time of year again fellow style mavens.  You know the signs, suddenly everyone is looking for a flower headband or other "look at me head piece", social media and entertainment sites are flooding your timelines and airwaves with the latest "celeb Coachella look"  While the warm weather, cool vibes and great music and activities of festival season are awe inspiring, finding your style medium and what works for you can be a daunting task when everyone is so hyper focused on what the celebs are wearing and not so much on what looks good, what is comfortable, or even what the music sounds like.

Festival style is an opportunity for you to be cute, creative, and comfortable.  With that said, consider your personality type, what makes you feel good, what you are comfortable in, what's hot in your fashion perspective and go forth and create.  To give you some ideas, check out these festival looks.

Look #1

This look works well for the fearless rocker chic type.  You are bold enough to wear prints and cute enough to pull it off.


The omnipresent romper in a beautiful, bold color with an almost naked back.  Wear this if you are into showing some skin.


This look may come as a little preppy for a music festival but it is high on style and comfort.  Pair high waisted shorts with a vintage blouse and bold necklace and you have effortless chic.


Go for the camo meets gladiator edge in this sexy (the dress is very short) number paired with a great pair of gladiator sandals and bold accessories.

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Sometimes you just want to add a nice  designer purse to your collection but your bank account isn't always so up for the idea. Well, here is some good news just in time for the weekend! That It-Bag you desire no longer has to cost you you a month's rent. Smart shoppers know that pre-loved is the way to go to get all that luxury for less. Here's a round up of 7 of the  most covetable bags on Vinted right now. 

Michael Kors Jet Set Chain Handle Tote

Tory Burch Marion Tote

Coach Chain Handle Crossbody Purse

Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca Purse

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Kate Spade Crossbody Bag

Madewell Kensington Leather Satchel 

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The trench is arguably the ultimate French girl staple, adding the perfect touch of sophistication to almost any outfit. Whether you opt for a classic beige or go for something a little less ordinary, think if these three styling tips to make you feel a little more effortless.

1) The Shoulder Drape

Word on the street is that all editors were doing it at fashion week. Let's be honest, it's not the most practical way to wear your trench, but it sure has that effortless thing down.

Photo: Fashion Eaters

2) The Cinched-In Back 

This is an oldie-but-goodie. By cinching the belt in the back, it gives an otherwise shapeless item a more feminine silhouette but it also pulls open the front of the jacket allowing the world to marvel at your awesome outfit underneath.

Photo: Wendy's Lookbook

3) The Front-Tie

So simple, but so effective. Simply tie your belt around your middle rather than buckling it up. Trust us, it makes all the difference. It's what the pros at Burberry teach all new owners of one of their famous(ly expensive) trench coats. 

Photo: Vintie 'alyxmariek'

You can shop the best trench coats on vinted by clicking here.

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NEWS FLASH: putting on those summer heels doesn't mean you have to suffer. Here at Vinted, we love our heels as much as we love #SweatpantSunday, so we decided to interrogate our team and give you the best heel-wearing advice around. Here's what we have to offer!

1) A thick heel is your friend

It's all about the science here. The more surface area the heel has, the less pressure your foot is going to be under. Not to mention stability - it's much harder to keep your poised position when you're balancing on stick-thin stilettos. 

2) Platform soles take away half of the pain

Platform soles are basically a double win: you get those extra inches and you reduce the potential pain. Not only does the thick sole offset some of that pressure on your foot, but a platform will make your feel like you're wearing a smaller heel. We've found this brand new pair of Lauren Conrad shoes which perfectly fit the bill! 

3) Straps = support

Shoes that have thick straps up top provide untold amounts of support which translates to more painless steps for you. Ever noticed that your heeled booties are way more comfortable than those strappy stilettos? There are plenty of cute summer sandals out there which are heavy on the straps, like this pair from BDG!

Feeling inspired and want to shop those perfect heels for summer? We've got a selection for you right here.

Now all you have left to do is make sure your manicure is on POINT! 

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Festival season is here again and we've got our annual yearn for fringe. To avoid going out looking like Coachella threw up on you, we're putting all our focus on fringe accessories.

We've got something for everyone, whether you actually are going to a festival or if you just want to change up your day-to-day look. And the best news, this is a closet update that is wallet-friendly.

Click the images to shop the items or click here for the entire selection.

For the festival-goer/Coachella fan girl:

For the minimalist:

For the person who needs to downsize their purse:

For that pop of summer color:

If you're already rocking that fringe look, don't forget to share your OOTD on Instagram and tag it with #VintedTreasures so we can come and get inspired!

You can follow us here, we love to share:  http://bit.ly/vintedIG

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Best Of!

Hey there hey! Alrighty - warmer weather is among some of us, and approaching for the rest! And with that comes days out sprawled in the sun, bbqs, picnics, etc etc. Now, I'm a total soda person, much to the chagrin of my body. And as much as water is something I know I need to drink - I don't love drinking it. So to get my butt of that sugar grind and into the water vibe - I'm experimenting with infused water. 

1. What a peachin' recipe! 


Okay, hold THE PHONE! When I was learning about this - I only ever saw berries and pineapple - and then shape came in and was like *ring ring* " You can use peach too" Infused water game at a whole new high. This is one of 8 recipes they gave, not only that - it's the first one. If this was a game changer, you HAVE to go through the rest of this list! //source

2. Kool as a Kiwi

This one is pretty simple. Kiwi + Coconut water. Done! *drops mic* And yet, it still packs a punch! Refreshing, hydrating and just so dang good for you. Plus, it looks super cute - it's a way of coming off fancy when you have friends over. "Oh that, that's just some infused water I made this morning" Instant hostess. //source 

3. Getting Fresca

fresh as fresca

This one is a bit more effort - and definitely one to share with your friends. But life isn't fun if you don't mix things up (hint) This one includes blending the watermelon to really get that agua fresca vibe! This also includes my favorite thing in drinks, MINT! Ugh, mint changes the game when it comes to fruit drinks. Definitely give this one a whirl! //source

4. Sage isn't just for ghosts


I lied. I said I loved mint, but I think it's more any herb. Herbs add a kick to anything. I should have made this the best of HERBS! (let me know if this is worth doing) If you've seen a horror film - you've seen sage. They burn it and walk around the haunted house to cleanse the home and rid the spirits. I have no personal experiance with that, but I do have a ton of sage love as a food. So this is a MUST. //source

5. I didn't choose the spa life

Spa it up

This last one is such a "Spa water" it's ridiculous. What's a spa water? This. It has lavender, that's some calming stuff right there. This one is definitely a great one for a home mani/pedi day. Or just sip it and watch various epeisodes of shows where they go to spas. There's always a spa episode with sitcoms, right? //source.

ALRIGHTY! Go infuse your waters or tell me some of your favorites! And I'm serious about a Best of... Herbs. Just you wait! ;) 

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Media Real Talk

Once in a blue moon a show comes along that strikes the deepest chords in our soul. The last time I related to a show was MTVs's Awkward but, so did millions of other viewers. All of us together related to an awkward teenage girl, weaving through the treacheruous waters of high school. No biggie. We're all awkward, we all went to high school. This show was borderline perfect.

Then, I stumbled upon a gem called Jane the Virgin. Jane the Virgin is a show about a girl who gets accidetally artificially inseminated with her long time crush's sperm sample. It sounded totally ridiculous and obnoxious. So of course I watched it, right? What I wasn't prepared for in this show was the amount of hispanic influence behind the story. Jane, our protagonist, was raised by her promiscous fun loving mother who had her at a very young age, and her strict but loving Catholic grandmother. Ding ding ding! Chords being struck left and right over here. I became engrossed and began sending clips to my best friend who grew up in a similar household, coaxing her to watch with me. So of course she fell in love right away.

The show is funny, engaging, and all around lovable. Although there are some outlandish themes, it is supposed to be styled after a Spanish telenovela after all, it deals with real life Latino issues. At some point in the story Jane's grandmother's legality to be in the U.S. comes into question, although she's lived in the country most of her life. At that moment the words "#ImmigrationReform" popped up on the screen. This show just called out the government on its treatment of illegal immigrants. That's definitely not something you'll see on Girls. Also, just hearing Jane and her family speak Spanish/Spanglish in their household makes my heart happy. Jane the Virgin doesn't make me feel like I'm part of a minority. I feel like I'm part of something much bigger, a culture. Seeing this culture I love in the mainstream, and watching it get such a postive feedback from both the media and viewers, struck more chords than I can count.

Gina Rodrguez won her first golden globe for her role as Jane this season. Her acceptance speech made me tear up because it says it all. "This award is so much more than myself, it represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes." Jane the Virgin inspires me as a young Latina, to do and say what I feel, because at  the end of the day, we're all just Jenny from the block. 

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Even though Summer isn't here yet & Spring just hit a couple of weeks ago, for several states like mine we’ve been seeing warm enough weather to warrant kicking off the boots & closed toe shoes in lieu of our favorite sandals. This brings up an ongoing issue of foot health & beauty.If you’re not one to drop $20-$50 every time you need a pedicure (which for some of us is more than twice a month), you may want to investigate the following. I’m not talking about the emjoi micro pedi (which is amazing btw) or amope`, but a non-invasive & not to mention, effortless way to exfoliate.

This product is a Japanese import called Baby Foot.


baby feet

Baby Foot is a citrus-based AHA deep defoliant that is as easy to apply as slipping on plastic socks.  This stuff is amazing & gently tackles a range of the winter woes from discoloration to scaly cracked heels & beyond. One disposable application is supplied per box & can cost anywhere from $18-$30 depending on where you shop.

If you’re a risk taker & love a deal (or free s/h) try eBay or Amazon (though the selection is a bit more limited here). Otherwise, a stateside beauty supply that stocks Asian brands called Jcosme keeps them readily available.

(There are several others if you're interested...)


You just wear the socks (that fit avg. 9-13) for 2 hours & chill. You can walk around your home with them as the plastic is durable, but I wouldn’t suggest going outside.  I actually like wearing a regular pair of socks over these for deeper penetration of the product & better traction, lol. When your time has elapsed, wash off. 

Be prepared not to see anything for a few days, most of the peeling will begin to occur by the end of the first week.  Full exfoliation should be complete by 2 weeks end. (because I didn’t want to weird anyone out with my own exfol process) There are plenty of photos if you google (go to Baby Foot's site *link below*) or youtube the product & see what to expect for yourself.

The upside of going this route is that you only have to do it as you deem necessary-which for me is only 4 times a year or once every 3 months, which cuts the cost of a pro pedi WAY down. Quite a saver, huh?!? In between those times…. an occasional use of the previously mentioned motorized foot files or the like do a fine job of keeping things together. Now you can spend less time & money in the nail salon this summer & more time outside shopping for more cute sandals!

For more info, if you’re interested, check out Beauty Foot's main USA site. Baby Foot

If you already use self exfoliating foot masks, how do you like them & what are your favorite brands?

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Best of the Internet!

Okay, maybe that's a stretch. Certainly, some of you have heard of these places. Regardless, I think most curvy ladies will agree that finding clothing that's trendy and made well is often extremely difficult. You typically can't find items that fit both criteria and if you do, your wallet will pay for it tremendously.

As a fellow wearer of plus sized clothing, I feel your pain. It has taken me a very long time to find clothing I really, truly adore. It's especially hard when you're not able to fit into a Junior Plus size well. I've been to the standard Lane Bryant/Catherines/Torrid/DressBarn/Avenue retailers but I just am not always happy with those options.

About a year ago, I did some research and found some truly awesome clothing options. My wardrobe is now full of fun and sass. Dressing each in the morning has become one of the best parts of my day.

With that said, here are my top 3 plus size clothing brands that you may never have heard of. 

You might even be able to score these brands in the Vinted catalog, so keep an eye out!

 1.) SimplyBe


Simply Be started as a catalog and internet only retailer in the UK. Only recently have they begun to open brick and mortar shops. (Sadly none have made their way to the US, yet.) Let me tell you, buying from a UK based company has some serious perks. UK sizing is typically more generous than American retailers. Also, they get so many trends first. Talk about a major boost in your "fashionista" reputation. 

Price Range: $15-$400 (They have a good range, with special occasion dresses being most expensive)

Size Range: 8-28

Tips: Sign up for their email list. They send deals that will only be valid to email members. 

2.) eShakti


Ever fall in love with a piece of clothing and think "If the sleeves were longer, I'd live in this until I die?" I know I have. Enter eShakti. This company is based out of India. It is the ULTIMATE "have it your way" plus size clothing shop. Don't like the sleeves? BAM! Ask and you shall receive! Want it to be longer? Not a problem at all. eShakti allows you to choose modifications to each and every piece they offer. Each modification is reasonably priced at a flat $7.50.

Price Range: $25-$130

Size Range: XS-6X

Tips: Signing up for their email list gets you a $25-$40 off coupon! Sometimes, if you don't spend it right away they get antsy and upgrade your coupon to being more off! Always follow sales. They do 40% off sitewide and Buy 2 get 1 free sales that make it much more affordable.

3.) Gwynnie Bee. 


Remember how netflix used to work pre-binge watching days? When you signed up, you'd make a queue of movies you wanted to see and how DVD's you wanted to have out at a time. Gwynnie Bee is the Netflix of plus size clothing. With the world obsessed with subscriptioning and renting EVERYTHING, it only made sense for someone to start applying it to clothing. You choose which items you'd like to try on and how many you'd like out at a time. A very cool, yet somewhat expensive way to try new styles and designers.

Price Range:  This differs on the plan you choose. With each plan you're allowed a certain amount of items "out" at a time. (Think library books)/ If you choose the 3 plan, you'll be allowed 3 items out at a time. If you send one back, they'll send you another so that you always have a total of 3 items. Keep your items as long as you like before returning. Find something you just can't live without? You can purchase it from GB and keep it!

Here's the break downs of plans:

  • 1 item at a time: $35 a month
  • 2 items at a time: $59 a month
  • 3 items at a time: $79 a month
  • 5 items at a time: $99 a month
  • 7 items at a time: $129 a month
  • 10 items at a time: $159 a month

Size Range: 10-32

Tips: They usually offer your first month free. It allows you to try it out without committment. 

*PLEASE NOTE: I have personally bought, or tried the service from all of these retailers. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. I'll do my best to answer them!*

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