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May is wrapping up, which means most of our favorite TV shows are going on break until fall, new movies are coming out, and more music! Most importantly, summer is JUST around the corner!

With Spring coming to an end, here are Spring's top 10's as of May 2015!


Top 10 Songs

10) Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran 
9) Nasty Freestyle - T-Wayne
8) Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
7) Sugar - Maroon 5
6) Want to Want Me - Jason Derulo
5) Uptown Funk! - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
4) Shut Up and Dance - WALK THE MOON
3) Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) - The Weekend
2) Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
1) See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Top 10 TV Shows 

10) The Comedians (FX)
9) The Casual Vacancy (HBO)
8) Bloodline (Netflix)
7) Billy & Billie (DirecTV)
6) Big Time in Hollywood, FL (Comedy Central)
5) Battle Creek (CBS)
4) Aquarius (NBC)
3) American Odyssey (NBC)
2) American Crime (ABC)
1) A.D. The Bible Continues (NBC)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

10) Finding Neverland
9) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
8) Cesar Chavez
7) Son of God
6) Earth to Echo
5) Noah
4) The Quiet Ones
3) The Babadook
2) Legally Blonde
1) Fruitvale Station

Top 10 Video Games

10) Axiom Verge - PS4
9) Knights of Pen & Paper 2 - PC
8) Not a Hero - PC
7) Magicka 2 - PC
6) Ultra Street Fighter IV - PS4
5) Wolfstein: The Old Blood - PS4
4) The Witcher 3: Wilf Hunt - PC
3) Project CARS - PS3, Xbox One, PC
2) Destiny: House of Wolves - PC
1) Splatoon - Wii U

Top 10 Baby Names

10) Chloe | David
9) Brooklyn | Elijah
8) Isabella | Carter
7) Madison | Caleb
6) Aubrey | Jacob
5) Sophia | William
4) Ava | Mason
3) Abigail | Michael
2) Emma | Liam
1) Olivia | Aiden

Top 10 Fashion Trends

10) Leather
9) Polo Shirts
8) Denim
7) Flats/Sneakers
6) Gingham
5) Sheer
4) Crop Tops
3) Florals
2) White
1) Boho

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Alright, it's that time of the year. So many crazy things are going on: finals, deadlines for last minute assignments, and the craziest of all: PROM. I know it may seem like you'll never get ready in time or you don't know the first thing about prom but I've got you covered! From getting the best dress to making sure your makeup isn't a mess, here are some Prom Do's and Don'ts!

Do Buy Your Dress Several Weeks Before.

This is a must. It's prom season. Girls are filling up malls finding the best dresses and they're sure as heck definately not giving in until they find the perfect one. Going to the mall several weeks before to get your dress means that the majority of the ones that wouldn't be there had it been a week before prom will be all yours. Although there are some pretty good sales when prom season does roll around, what would a good sale be with a bad dress. Prom is the night of your life so you want to make sure your satisfied with everything.

Don't Over-Do The Makeup.

If you've been practicing your contour or your winged eyeliner for prom night, by all means, go for it! But there are some things you should want to think about before you open your makeup bag. During prom night you're gonna want to take pictures and people are going to want to take pictures with you. It's normally dark during prom therefore people might want to use flash. Flash does NOT go good with a cakey face. A great beauty tip that I swear by is using more powder foundation than liquid while applying face makeup because powder foundation doesn't cake up on your face (especially when you're sweating and dancing) so you'll look great in those instagram pictures!

Do Find a Friend To Walk With.

Even if you're not going to stay with one person the entire night, find a person to walk in and out of prom with. This has nothing to do with having a "date" for prom but rather safety. Most proms start late and end even later which means it would be darker. A great way to ensure safety is having a friend to walk into and out of prom with. But do NOT go home alone. It's safer and nicer to walk with someone whether it's a parent or someone close to you after a night like prom. A good way to know where your friend is at all times is to have your cell phone charged. Prom is fun and crazy but you should be incorporating safety into your night as well.

Don't Stress Over a Date.

The last thing you should be worrying about is who you're going to be slow dancing with. Prom is supposed to be all smiles and laughs and you totally have the power to make it that! You are in control of how you feel especially on a night like prom. If you have someone you've been thinking about and might want to go with, ask them! The guy doesn't have to ask out the girl. Either way, you should be happy with who you're going with, whether it's a friend or a boyfriend. If you're wondering who to hang out with, just keep in mind that you should be surrounding yourself with people that make you happy!

Do Create Memories.

Take pictures! Polaroids are amazing because they print right away and they last forever!!! But whether it's on a phone or disposable, make your prom night a night to remember! Remember: YOU are in control of whether you end up having good memories or bad memories. Make them amazing! Dance to your favorite songs, eat as much as you can (guilt free), take as many pictures as possible and enjoy yourself! Prom is not a "who has the better dress" or "who has a date" competition. Relax, smile, and make it the best night of your life. Enjoy!

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So, in honour of my birthday (let's not go too crazy here, I mentally feel 20 and act it too!) I wanted to share with some of you things that I have learned, in hopes that I am not yet "too old" for you to feel you can glean something from this.


What I Learned by 30 That You Should Know Sooner...



1. Your number of true friends is limited.

All those high school besties you said you had - over time they will dwindle and become the friends on one hand that you can TRULY count on in times of need. Those who are really there. The rest fade in time. Friends are about a numbers game anyway. It's better to have 2 close best friends that are there for you day and night than 200 acquaintances that don't even know your middle name.

2. Tell people how you feel.

I'm talking about love here. Tell your family, tell your friends. Tell anyone who matters. You never know what tomorrow brings, or if you'll get the chance. I lost a very close family member when I was 15, brand new Freshman in high school - he died in our house unexpectedly (heart attack) and I never told him I loved him. He was my stepdad. It has bothered me for 15 years since. Don't be afraid to love, ladies. Never be afraid to love.


3. You are beautiful.

My Mom always says, This is the only body you'll ever have. And it's true. Learn to love you. Maybe you don't like your nose, or the way your knees look in a skirt, or the way you have just a little muffin top when you wear those one pair of pants, but you are BEAUTIFUL. You are so unique and special and there isn't a single person in this world that can replace you. Be comfortable with who you are. Some things you can change - contacts for eye colour, hair dye, exercise for toning or weight loss/control, but you aren't getting any shorter or taller. Your face is your face. Those who love you in life, love YOU. For YOU. You should too. Don't dress for what others think of you! Dress for you. Had I known this in my teen years, I would have been so much happier. Put on that top and those jeans and tell the world, Fuck it. This is ME. Don't like it, don't look. But I'm telling you all, I'm here! And I'm okay with who I am.


4. Don't be afraid to talk

If you're hurting, if you have a secret, if someone has hurt you, please please please PLEASE don't EVER feel afraid to tell someone you can trust. If you don't know someone, reach out on a website, or call a hotline, go on a chatline. Call the authorities. You don't have to hurt and you most certainly aren't alone. Whatever has happened to you, no matter how crazy, someone in this world has gone through something very similar and there are places designed to help you, save you. And you will be okay. Survivors together c:


5. Try not to be so angry at the world.

Let it go. You can only change what's in your circle, but you CAN make a difference in others. Volunteer, do random acts of kindness. Every smile makes a difference.

6. Lastly, enjoy every day.

When I was in high school I remember feeling old and that already life was going fast. I remember being a senior and thinking, Where did all the years go? And now I'm 30 and still thinking the same thing. School, work, dating, engagements, babies, marriages, divorces, moving, interning, and just living in general.. all these things distract you from the days as they pass. Let every day be important. Let every sunrise and sunset you see be something special. Should you see tomorrow, be thankful and start again.

I have been on this app since January and I am so grateful for those of you I know, I have bought from, I have talked to who needed someone to hear them out. You are all amazing, wonderful ladies - biological or not, however you identify - I am thankful for this app connecting me to you 


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vinted: herstory

Welcome to #HerStory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory - meet Chanel!

  • Name: Chanel @
  • Currently killin' it in: Overland Park, KS.
  • Vintie since : May 2014

I'm a fashion marketing student, barista, and fashion blogger based in Kansas City. My website (JeMappelleChanel) and I were recently honored by Styleblazer and named, Most Stylish in Kansas, which I am still incredibly grateful for. It is a reflection of my passion for fashion and my online world I rule.

I have always had an immortal love for all things related to fashion and style, and I would like to be a fashion forecaster when I graduate university. I chose Vinted as a way for my readers to exclusively shop my closet, and a way for me to tame my own.

vinted jemappellechanel

HERjourney to Vinted 

My senior year of high school was a very rough time in my life. I was cyber bullied by one of my closest friends and I was battling depression. A lot of the friends we shared, picked sides and chose her, making it extremely difficult to feel excited about anything. 

To top it off I didn't get accepted into my dream school, and shopping was something that made me feel better despite all of the adversity I was going through. It was always so nice and fulfilling to have something that made me feel good when I didn't feel good about anything. Thankfully, I got through the year of 2013 and eventually had a closet filled with the excess amount of clothing I had been buying. I had heard about Vinted from a blogging friend and decided to try it out. 

Now I've found some of my most cherished and treasured pieces on Vinted (#VintedTreasures), like a vintage Anna Sui silk dress I swapped for a clutch that I used for my senior prom!

vinted jemappellechanel

Image via jemappellechanel



Something I've learned from Vinted is to... just list it!

Some things that I thought would never sell (that no longer appealed to me) appealed to many other Vinties. Who knew hot pink x-hi Converse All-Stars would be so coveted? Not me, I was shocked!

Also, I believe in giving a great deal every so often. Sometimes you just have to sell it at a lower price to make someone's day + make room for new things.



Well if René Lacoste was mugged by a goth girl in a dark alley, and then fell madly in love with her... I suppose that'd be it! 

My style is influenced by Lydia (Beetlejuice), Cher & Dionne (Clueless), Holly GoLightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), American Horror Story: Coven, Anna Sui, and fashion journalist & model - Audrey Kitching - she’s my ultimate icon. My favorite brands are: 

  • Rachel Zoe
  • Anna Sui
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Urban Outffiters
  • J-Crew

vinted: chanel's fave brands

Share the love for Chanel in the comments below! 

Want to share your story? We want to hear it  >> SHARE

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Oh hey there! It's Mother's Day weekend coming up and some of us might be scrambling for a gift! Have no fear, I bring to you some quick and easy DIY's to put time and effort for your mom! 

1. #RealTalk Coupons

Sometimes we get a little lost in our own life and forget the first best friend we ever had. These coupons give your mom that extra special time she deserves whenever she wants! //source. 

2. Cookie butter

For a woman who has been so sweet all your life - give her a little guilty treat! Double whammy, you can make this for her and then eat it together using one of the coupons you made her! ;) //source.

3. Mini Succulents! 

Here is a play on the traditional! You could buy her a bouquet or you can make her a teeny succulent garder to display anywhere. I'm thinking of making one for me and my mom! //source. 

4. Photogram letter!

Here's a great way to go down memory lane! Take old photos and use the first letter of her name - or spell out mom - and there you go! One super personalized gift that will surely make her tear up! //source.


And for those of you who are too far from your mom, here's a cute online gif maker! Take your online "Happy Mother's Day" message to the next level! //source.

Tell me if you use any of these or what your idea for Mother's Day is! 

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I, like many others, love having the best of both worlds. I adore anything with salt on it, and I love anything with the word "chocolate" in it. 

I wasn't introdued to Chocolate Toffee Bark until this Christmas, when a customer in my store made it for us for our Christmas party (accordingly, we all got her a gift as well because this indulgence was the best gift anyone has ever given us). Ever since then, every time she is in, I beg her to make me some. 

This sweet treat is, in my opinion, the most delicious and addictive food in the world, and upon looking at the recipe for it - it is incredibly easy to make! 


  1. 1 pack of saltine crackers
  2. 16 oz of semi-sweet chocolate (chocolate chips work just fine)
  3. 1 cup butter
  4. 1 cup brown sugar
  5. Non-stick spray
  6. 1 hungry belly

Honestly, I wish this recipe were harder than it is...


  • Preheat your oven to 400F.
  • Start off by getting a baking sheet, and putting aluminum foil on it. Spray your non-stick spray to keep everything nice and neat. Lay your crackers out in rows. This should take you one pack of crackers, it is okay if it takes more, just fill it up!
  • Pop over to the microwave to melt 1 cup of butter (or 2 sticks) and your brown sugar. Using a mug or small bowl is easiest for this.
  • After you've made your glaze, give it a bit of a stir, and then pour it over your crackers - while making sure it is spread evenly over them with a spoon.
  • Bake in the oven until you see it bubbling up. Remove it at this point and remember to turn your oven off.
  • Your next step is to take your chocolate, and lay it out on your cracker concoction. The chocolate will begin to melt, and while it is doing so, you should smooth it over your crackers. 

If you want to add nutty toppings, you can do this now. I personally like it just fine without it.

Let it cool down, and then place in the fridge. After it is set, cut it into squares, set it up on a plate, and devour. 

Photo cred only:  http://whiskedfoodie.com/chefs-rant/chocolate-saltine-brittle/

Seriously, once you start eating it, it will be hard to stop. I really do mean you might possibly devour these, so it is best to try to savor them. Or just eat them all and start over again...

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