Summer is wrapping up, for some there's 2 more months left and for others it's only 1 month until school. So, while we're in the last days, I thought I would recommend some of my favorite summer staple movies! 


This is definitely a classic. I've been watching it since I was a kid and it gets better the older I get. Technically it's set in the school year but a song like "Summer Lovin" for sure deserves to be here. The whole movie is bright and sunny and definitely feels like summer. If you haven't seen it - you have to go for it!


2. Addams Family Values

Not every summer movie has to be bright colors and happy content! Addams Family Values gives you a family who geniunely love each other but live life outside of "normal" behaviour! The family dynamic is defiinte #goals. 

adams family values

3. Parent Trap

"Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah" The creativity of the twins pranks are phenomenal! And shoutout to the way they wrote all the relationships! This movie is the reason I wanted to to go to summer camp and was convinced I had a twin (this and the show sister sister) Alas, I have no twin but I have this movie. 

parent trap

4. National Lampoons Vacation

Favorite scene: When the dad is driving but starts to drift off. It's a laugh out loud hilarious moment! Any family road trip I have taken or will take - I reference this movie. Especially that scene. There were others in this - european vacation and others - but this is by far the best one. 


5. Stand By Me

 I was really late to the game on this classic. But I live in LA where a lot of classic movie theaters like to screen movies again and I had the chance to see this for the first time in the theater! If you have the chance - I would recommend it - it's a really beautiful movie. And how adorable is a little River Pheonix?! 

stand by me

These are just a few of my favorite movies - tell me your favorite summer movies! 

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So, you just started a new job and you're confused on what to wear to your first day! First things first: BREATHE! We'll get through this together with some helpful tips and ideas on what to wear for your first day at your brand spankin' new job. 

1. Look at what the interviewers were wearing 

If you didn't miss the chance - ask what dress code they have. Usually an interviewer is just in their normal everyday career wear clothing. They don't usually go all out to impress potential employees, because they don't have to! Take a peak at what they were wearing for the interview, and that's usually your best bet for deciding what you can and can't get away with. 

2. Find out the best type of clothes for your body. 

I get it that sometimes you want to have your own style and wear whatever you want, but when you've just got a new job, you definitely want to leave a good and modest impression. There are plenty of websites to tell you what type of clothes fit your body the best. You can input your measurements and they show you the best designs! 

what to wear

3. Overdressed is better than underdressed.

On the first day of my current job I wore a pantsuit. The girl next to me wore jeans a regular old baseball T-shirt. I felt a bit weird about it, but I knew that I was leaving a good and professional impression on the bosses. From there, I started working into a more business casual type of style. However, you should never wear just regular clothes that you would wear to Wal-Mart to work. That doesn't only give other people the impression that you don't take your job seriously, but it also makes you feel tired and not too good about yourself. 

4. Love yourself! 

Confidence will make any outfit look good. Be proud of yourself for landing an awesome new job, and walk with confidence! 

- Robyn Hynes

Lifestyle and politics blogger from the Black Hills. Lover of camping, college, and cats. 

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Summer has officially started. So let’s bring our A-game and get this summer rocking! There is so much we can do in three months. Don’t let them pass you without having a kick a** time. Make sure you are looking your best, why? Because when you look good you feel good. It actually allows your mindset to become more positive.

Don’t let anyone slow your mind, heart or soul down. Make your own fun. Take control and go. Remember 3 months goes by in a flash. So make a list, check it twice and begin your fun. No boyfriend? Get your BFF and get out and mingle. And let me remind you to dress to impress. You might catch the eye of someone when you least expect it.

fun in the sun

 If you do have a boo, well then let’s have fun enough for two. We can be on a budget, so here are some ideas to do it without spending.

  • Take a nice walk under the moon. Get a blanket, lay down and look at the stars.
  • Need more action? Let’s head to the park. Grab the swings and see who can go higher. Go down the slide linked together. Laughter is tremendous for a healthy relationship. It actually brings you closer.
  • Have some cash, go to a fair and jump on a ride or two! And you have to hit those guns. You know the ones that water comes out and you have to hit the target! End the night with some delicious ice cream or yummy cotton candy.

“I’m just a summer girl, I wear my flip flops, and when I let my hair down, that’s when the party starts. And who needs a boyfriend, I got my girlfriends and when you get together the summer never ends. Everybody needs a little bit of sunshine. Everybody’s needs time to unwind. Everybody has to have a good time” - Leighton Meester

Remember summer will be gone faster than you know it. So make plans to enjoy. And remember girls if anyone haven’t told you lately, I sure will… You are absolutely awesome, beautiful, brilliant and one of a kind. 


Barbara Jeannexo



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Hey there! Now that it's summer - sometimes going out is just too unbearable! Time to hang in bed with the AC blasting and cuddling up to our computers! So here I bring to you some shows for you to binge watching!

1. Daredevil 

The comic book superhero coming to life on the screen is so popular right now. Even Netflix joined in and now has this show on Daredevil! We can all forget the Ben Affleck version and exist solely on this! My friends who read the comics assured me this is accurate! If you're not a comic book reader - don't worry, this show is amazing on its own! Definitly worth the watch


2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

Now, I will be completely honest - I watched this whole show in 2 days. And while it's great, I don't know if I would love it without Titus. If you've seen the show, then you'll know his song is the BEST! If you haven't, oh you'll learn. Muahahaha! Titus is definitely my favorite character, but the show in whole is pretty good! Very quotable ;) 


3. Wet Hot American Summer

If you've ever seen the original cult classic film - then you're just as excited as I am that not only is it a show, but with the original cast! One of the most underrated shows is going to be one of the best shows! It's released at the end of this month and I'm counting the days! 

wet hot american summer

4. Hemlock Grove

This show is definitely for the lovers of occult or horror. Also, one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Season 3 (the final season) is premiering sometime this year, so you gotta catch up and cry that it's over with the rest of us! Hot vampires and werewolves are all over this show! 


5. Gilmore Girls

And to throw in a curveball, I give you one of my all time favorite shows. I have seen this beginning to end more than once and even as I write this I'm thinking of starting it over. Suggestion: take notes. You'll learn a lot of movies, books, and music. 

gilmore girls

That's all I've got so far - let me know some of your faves to binge watch! 

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Closet raids bring in potential customers and can fund your summer fun! However, some girls find themselves getting frustrated with no closet raids because their photos don't stand out. The good news is that I'm here to help you out with 5 really simple tips to get 'closet raid' worthy photos of your clothes!

1. Use Natural Lighting

Some girls don't have much time to take photos when the sun is out due to jobs, kids, and plain ol' life! They end up using fluorescent or harsh lamp lighting which discolors the clothing in the pictures. Sure, you can try to fix the colors in post-editing, but it won't look as good. Take your photos when the sun is up is your best bet for closet raid worthy pictures. You won't need to edit the colors, and it is very attractive when used with the other tips listed here!

2. Use a neutral toned background, or if you're lucky - BRICK!

Using lime green bedroom walls as a background can throw off the color of the clothing, too. Not to mention no one is going to be looking at the clothing if you have this huge hot pink or lime green background. To get closet raid worthy pictures, find a background that won't distract from the clothing you're advertising. White is best, but dark gray, black, beige, or a brick wall background always brings in more attention. 


3. Shoot your pictures vertically. 

Vinted has a vertical format when you see the photos on someone's profile. This is the 'hamburger' way. If you have your picture horizontally (hot dog), it will cut off or zoom in super close so that your item is completely invisible. That's the last thing you want! 

4. Use high-quality cameras 

No, that doesn't mean you have to go spend $600 on a brand new digital camera. Pretty much any newer smart phone will do, especially if you're using Tip #1: Use Natural Light. 

5. Give the camera time to focus. 

When you're being impatient and have a huge stack of clothes to take pictures of, it's difficult to want to wait for the camera to focus completely. But you need to wait an extra second or two in order for your camera to be it's best. It will be worth it when your closet starts gaining more attention!

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Hi lovies!

School is right around the corner and let's face it we aren't going to have a lot of time to spend on our beauty rituals or a lot of money to spend (can I get a "college bills stink" and you have buyers remorse for spending a fortune at Staples... #thestruggle).  I have a few products you have at home that you can add to your arsenal, for when you run out of your beauty supplies or ran out of time while you are running to your 8 am class.  So lets get started!

1. Vaseline

Yes that goopy substance that comes in those little jars your  mom has in our medicine cabniet, but that little container can do wonders!  

  • Use it as a substitute to lip balm! I always carry a little container of it with me in my purse and just swipe some on when my lips are chapped.  Often chapstick leaves your lips feeling great for 10 minutes and dries them out soon after (and you can get addicted), but with Vaseline you can get moisture and it helps repair lips better than chapstick
  • Lipstick+vaseline.  Okay so you ran to your 8 am class and sit down in the lecture hall and pull out your compact mirror. UGH you look pale and tired. Easy fix just add mix a bit of vaseline and lipstick together and blend on your cheeks to make some blush.
  • Turn short eyelashes into long lush lashes. Now I have this problem all the time (short stubby asian eyelash probs), just swipe Vaseline on them in a thin coat and BAM longer lashes. **put it on before you go to bed and eyelashes will be moisturized and it is said that they will grow**
  • Perfume enhancer. Lets face it we love Bath Body Works, but their body spray doesn't last all day (sadly).  A trick to use is put Vaseline on the points where you spray your perfume (wrists,behind ears, elbows, and knees) before you spray your perfume and it will last all day.
  • Makeup remover. You can even use it as a makeup remover, just add to a tissue and swipe over your eyes (it will even get off that pesky waterproof makeup). You won't be wasting $$$ on expensive makeup removers. 


We all know how to hairspray, but here are some tips to on other ways to use that  can.

  • Make sticky bobbypins.  I have straight, silky hair and bobby pins never stay in my hair, but all I do is spray a bit of hairspray on my bobby pins and volia they become sticky and will stay all day
  • Flyaways.  We all know those annoying flyaways and babyhairs that stick up.  Just spray hairspray on a toothbrush and smooth those hairs down (with out that matte look).  Also, use it to groom your eyebrows!
  • Static. It seems like whenever you are in a rush your clothes stick to you! Just spray a bit of hairspray on clothing and let it dry. No stick no mess!


Better for more than keeping those pearly whites clean!

  • Polish. Whiten your white shoes, clean your jewelry, or whiten your nails.  Just add to a toothbrush and scrub them clean.
  • Stain Remover. So you are in the dorms and you got lipstick on your favorite shirt and didn't bring stain remover. Just swipe some toothpaste on and rub the fabric together and thow in the wash. Stain gone!
  • Acne. Now some of us have heard about this trick. But just dab a bit of toothpaste to acne or trouble spots and sleep with it on and in the morning the annoying pimple should look better.  (It will dry it out) 

Hopefully, these hacks will be useful as you gear up for school and save you bit of $$ and time.  

Thank you and stay beautiful!


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Team Vinted has had so much fun getting to know you all. Now, it's time for you to get to know some of us here at Vinted too! Welcome to a very-Vinted Special Delivery - where you can get to know the folks who work to make Vinted your favorite place to buy, sell & swap!

Meet Stephanie!

Today's Special Delivery comes from Stephanie. Stephanie ( @stephvinted )  is part of our Community Support Team from San Francisco, California! You might have seen her around answering your questions over in  the forum - but now it's time to get to know a bit more about Stephanie, below!

steph and doggie

How did you come to work at Vinted?

I used Vinted for about 2 months before I found the job listing on Indeed. 
I loved the app so I decided to apply and luckily I was hired
Fun fact: I have pet rocks from all around the world.  My friends who travel would bring me back a rock they 
picked up from that city :) 

What tips would you give to Vinties?

Tips on Vinted: Treat all Vinties with kindness and respect :)  
Tips on style:  If you don't feel comfortable - change!
Tips on traveling: You want to see everything the city/country has to offer but take an hour and sit at a park or a cafe and relax and people watch!
Tips on dating:  I would love some, thanks ;)


How would you describe your personal style?

Simple and comfortable, think Jane Lane from Daria .  I'm a tshirt and jeans girl on lazy days but I love to wear dresses on rompers if I wake up early and have time to dress up.  While I love colorful outfits I never feel like I can pull them off so my daily outfits consist of black.  One of my go-to outfits!

What are your favorite brands?

  • rag & bone
  • Aritzia
  • Madewell 
  • Brandy Melville
  • Free People



That's it for today's Special Delivery! Now that we've helped you break the ice, make sure you say "hi!" to Stephanie ( @stephvinted ) the next time you see her in the forum.

If you'd like to learn about more members of Team Vinted, stay tuned to the Boss Chicks category here on the blog. 

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Biker chicks: love bikes and I love to rock the classy/edgy style !!!

Tops for the biker girl

No biker chick would be seen without either a distressed denim jacket covered in patches or the infamous leather jacket. To attain the biker image without spending a fortune, leather look jackets are all the rage. Zips and buckles are great touches to jackets and add that mechanical feel to the outfit. Plain tank tops are a biker chick favourite or even top with skull and wing or bike prints. Fitted enough to show off the figure but at the same time plain enough to express a tough girl attitude. Greys, dark greens, blue and silvers are all acceptable colors for a biker look.


Bottom Styles for the biker girl

Heading back towards distressed denim, jeans in this style are a great piece to have in a biker wardrobe. They go fantastically with black tank or strap tops. Leather look trousers are also worth a go when trying to gain the biker chick image. These ideally should be fitted and matched with a leather jacket for a complete biker image. However be cautious not to use too much black, break up the black jacket and trousers with a coloured printed or plain top. Why not alter your own leather look by adding your own zips and buckles? Simple things like these scream biker.


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Family. Sun. Fun. This basically sums up everyone's Fourth of July. Whether it is a small cookout with your immediate family, or a huge blast it is still super easy to stay healthy on your July 4th.


1. Sunscreen is Sexy

[Source: gamerfitnation.com]

A lot of people adore a sun kissed look on their skin, but what many do not understand is that not all sun kissed looks are healthy. Did you know that exposing yourself to the sun for just a few hours can cause overexposure? 

Something as "simple" as a sunburn is caused by overexposure of the sun. Sunburns are a reaction to the sun with symptoms that include tenderness, pain, swelling, reddening of the skin (ie: burn), and blistering. It could also be even more severe with giving flu like symptoms (fever, chills, and nausea *NOTE IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THIS AFTER BEING IN THE SUN, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY*).

Too much exposure to the sun is quite horrible for your skin. It can cause premature wrinkles, skin cancer (Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma), eye damage, and immune system disease. 

"A sunscreen with SPF of 30 provides more protection compared with one with an SPF of 15 but it does not mean that the protection provided by the SPF 30 product against UVB rays is twice as much as that of the SPF 15 product." //source 

On top of sunscreen, protecting yourself with a cute floppy hat and a kimono is a great way to keep those pesky rays off of you!

Also, just because it is cloudy doesn't mean you shouldn't protect yourself! Clouds have an effect on UV rays, which causes an enhancement of the UV. It is important to treat a cloudy day just as you would a sunny day.

Note from author: Please remember to reapply your sunscreen every hour if you are swimming.


2. Healthy is Happy

It is still incredibly easy to eat healthy at your barbeque! Try these healthy alternatives! You can replace your hotdogs with GRILLED AVOCADO! //source

A little pineapple never hurts, create a healthy kabob: 

The best friend of side dishes - roasted vegetables, or marinade some shrimp for a healthy dish alternative!


3. Ditch the Drinking

It is no secret that alcohol dehydrates you. Not only does it make you tired faster, but it is complete empty calories! Try these easy-to-make mocktails!

Grapefruit Spritzer:


  • ½ grapefruit
  • ¼ cup unsweetened lemonade
  • ½ cup seltzer
  • Ice

Scoop out the 1/2 grapefruit into a blender, make sure to get all the juice in there as well. Blend until smooth and pour into a large glass. Add lemonade and seltzer and mix to combine. Serve over ice. //source

Sangria Punch (all ages friendly)


  • 4 cups cold reduced-calorie cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 cup cold orange juice
  • 1 tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 cup lemonade or pink lemonade flavor drink mix
  • 3 cups (cold) club soda
  • 2 oranges, sliced
  • 2 limes, sliced

Stir the first 4 ingredients in a 2-qt glass or plastic pitcher. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Add club soda and fruit, stir and serve in ice-filled glasses. //source

Independence Punch


  • Cranberry juice
  • Blue Gatorade Frost
  • Diet 7UP
  • Ice Cubes   

Fill the glass or drink dispenser with ice. Pour in the cranberry juice. Next, pour in the Blue Gatorade Frost, but make sure that you pour straight onto some of the ice to gently add the layer. If you pour it directly into the juice it will mix. Pour in the Diet 7Up the same way. You'll need to use drinks with varying amounts of sugar, since those that contain more sugar (such as soda) are denser than those with less (such as diet drinks). This makes the stacking possible. //source

4. Family Fun

[source: adoptapet.com]

One of everyone's favorite part of this special holiday is the family fun! It is always great to play outdoor games, swim, and do fireworks with the family. Here are some simple hacks to make it all the more special!

DIY your games!

Pinterest is filled with ideas to DIY some outdoor game projects. Doing this will let you customize it to what your family loves!

Make sure your pool is ready! 

Have your pool set up with some fun (and perhaps relaxing) flotation devices. Perhaps you could even get some volleyballs to set up a fun game in the pool!

Keep the pets indoors!!

Our pets hearing is more sensitive than our own, so it is important to get your pets inside before setting off any fireworks. Here are some tips from The Humane Society

Leave your pets with the TV on at a normal volume to dampen the noise.

Do not leave your pet in a parked car during the display. Temperatures inside a vehicle can rise to dangerous levels in minutes. Assume your car is over 20 degrees warmer on the inside than it is on the outside at all times.

Be sure your pet is wearing a collar and an identification tag. 

Microchip your pet! Most pets that are lost are more easily found when microchipped! 

Respect the Vets

Before setting off your fireworks, check your neighborhood to see if you have an military veterans with PTSD.
For more information, please visit http://militarywithptsd.com/an-explosion-of-kindness/

[Image credit: militarywithptsd.com]

Props to @lauren.bralczyk for helping me with ideas!

Feel free to share below what your holiday plans are! Are you hitting up the beach or having a fun pool party? Or maybe a low key cookout with the kids? 

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