Hey girls! I hope your Monday's are off to a great start.

Earlier today, I mentioned wanting to post this blog, and had a handful of interested ladies. So, here it is! :)

Selling on Vinted is an excellent outlet for extra income (and extra closet space for my shopaholics!) BUT, when you are selling on a regular basis, miscellaneous expenses (mailers, tape, ink, etc.) can potentially burn a hole in your pocket, and quite possibly counteract any profits you make. So, I'm here to share a few tips on how I personally keep these extra expenses to a minimum. Here's how:



I got extremely lucky when it comes to these puppies; the company I used to work for gave away boxes and boxes of padded 11x8 mailers, and I have about five 100 unit boxes left. Not everyone is so lucky, however. So, here are some saving tips:


You have heard this before, I'm sure, but it's really your best option! If you tend to purchase items online, whether it be Vinted, Forever 21, and so forth, you can most likely salvage these mailers. Refrain from (though I understand your anxious excitement) ripping mailers, and instead cut them neatly to re-use.

Buy cheap

As a last resort, you will need to purchase mailers (bummer, I know). If you sell a lot here on Vinted (or online in general) try options like this! If you have prime shipping, or check Craigslist if you'd like to avoid paying for shipping. Many people (like myself) and/or companies either received a bunch for free, or purchased too many and need to get rid of them. If you don't sell often, I would recommend the Dollar Tree (they sell 2 for $1) or the 99 Cents Store.

Ink & Paper

Aren't these two the worst?! I'm a student, and I know many of you are too! Aint nobody want to waste money on ink and paper, right? Here are a few options to consider:

Business Centers

Do you live in an apartment complex? If so, you are likely in luck. Most apartment complexes have business centers, where they allow residents to use computers/print/scan for FREE (well, I'm sure your rent is paying for it technically, so why not take advantage of what you pay for?). Most business centers allow residents to print up to 10 pages per day. If you're unsure there's a business center at yours, give your leasing office a call to find out! I know it sucks leaving the house to print, but this will save a lot of your personal ink, so get out there girl!

Rescale & Double Side

Don't have access to a business center? You're still in luck! Resizing labels is an excellent way to conserve ink. This is something I do when I don't want to go to the leasing office. When you hit print, you will see an option for scaling. You will want to change the scale from "100%" to "70%" as this will shrink the image, and in turn conserve ink (and require less tape when attaching your label). You don't really want to go any smaller than 70% as it may effect the post office's ability to scan the bar code. ALSO, make sure you only print the label, who needs that second instruction page anyways (it's not rocket science lol)? 

You also want to conserve paper, so consider double siding your labels. This will take some practice, along with trial and error, but once you figure it out, you'll be cutting down your paper use by 50% (save the trees and your money; double winning!). 



Tape seems pretty cheap at a glance, but it can add up quickly! Here are some options to consider:


Be frugal with your tape! Do not overlap tape, or use in excess when packaging. I use packaging tape, and when I'm feeling extra frugal, I will cut the strips of tape in half, long ways. This gives me twice the bang for my buck. As long as your label is secure, and your item is sealed in safe, you're good to go! 

The Dollar Tree is your Friend

You can get both packing tape, and scotch tape very reasonably priced at The Dollar Tree. You may also find great deals in places like Walmart. 

Tissue, Paper, Ribbon, & Thank you's

These are EXTRA courtesy items, and by no means do you have to wrap items in tissue/ribbon, and you are not required to leave a thank you note. However, I do notice that buyers appreciate these little touches very much (I don't expect it when I purchase on Vinted, but boy do I love pretty packaging). Most of my customers mention packaging in my feedback, and greatly appreciate it. If you have extra to spare, here are some tips:

Again, The Dollar Tree is your friend. 

I have attached a picture of some fun tissue I purchased there. These packs come with 8 sheets of tissue for $1. So with $3 (what you would spend for a pack of 10 at Target for example) you can beautifully wrap 24 packages. You can also find fun ribbon, printed tape, and thank you cards here, for you guessed it, $1.

You may also have luck in places like Michaels. Their dollar section is full of adorable packaging materials like ribbon, stickers, and thank you cards. 

I hope that I have helped, even if it's just a little! If you yourself have advice, please share it with the rest of us here. If you are already exercising these tips, I tip my hat to you. Thanks for reading my very long post. Happy (and inexpensive) Vinting to all, near and far!


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It's the last week of August! Can you believe how fast time is flying by? Let's take a moment to love what's going on! 

1. Raver Grandma!

You've probably seen her on social media, she's been super popular which is awesome! There's nothing I love more than older people still going after life! My grandma still dresses up - she loves platform sneakers! And my great grandma still loved to hike and camp in her 70s. These are most def my #goals // source.

2. Sharing media!

This is one of those things that makes me feel like we're living in the future. It's a new level of trust. All through New York there are USBs in walls and you can share files, or download some. It's awesome! The next chance I have to go to New York, I definitely want to look for one! // source.

3. Grilled Cheese to your door!

3 years of being a vegetarian, and grilled cheeses have never become boring.  And there's nothing I love more than a grilled cheese I didn't make (I just can't get it right) But guess what? Now there's fancy grilled cheese coming to you! It's not in the US yet, but it's just a matter of time. // source.

4. Good messages for girls!

As someone with an 8 year old sister, who isn't the "cliche" little girl, I know how hard it is to find great clothing! So much of it is bad stereotypes. Luckily, there are people who see problems and think of solutions! I think I'll be buying my sister some of these! // source.

5. Helping strangers!

Sometimes you drop the engagement ring in the water, and sometimes strangers just don't let that be the end of the story. An engagement with not only an adorable story to start with, but a happy ending! // source.

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For High School Seniors

Many of you will be applying to college soon. This is a very stressful time but please do not panic. I urge you to apply to a few schools, even if you don't think college is for you. Even if you don't think you have the money. Even if you are nervous. Because situations may change. There are scholarships and financial aid. If you don't apply and then change your mind later, it may be too late to apply for that year. 


What Schools Should I Apply to?

When looking at schools to apply to, use your ACT and SAT scores as well as your GPA to determine three categories of schools FOR YOU. These categories will vary person to person.

The first category is a safety school . Most students apply to a community college as their safety school. When categorizing schools, be sure to have a safety school that you will get into FOR SURE, with no difficulty. Also, make sure this option is affordable for you, and not too far away. Ideally, your safety school is a backup school, just in case the things don't go how you plan. The next category is a best fit school.

A best fit school accepts students with around your GPA and test score levels, and should include one fairly close to come.

The reach school or schools should be tougher to get into or significantly expensive for your budget. Depending on your criteria, this could mean a state school or an Ivy League. You should try to apply to 2 safety schools, 4 best fit schools, and 2 reach schools. Applying to colleges can be expensive, so if you can only apply to a few schools, choose a safety, a reach, and a few best fit. Last but definitely not least, do not apply to a school if they don’t have your major.

That might seem like common sense, but so many people do it anyways. If you don’t know what you would like your major to be, try to apply to schools that have things you are interested in. If you have no clue, try to apply to schools that have a lot of majors. A small liberal arts school with only 11 majors may not be for you.


Private vs. Public Schools

Private schools and public schools very on many fronts. The most important of these fronts for most people is money. Private schools are generally significantly more expensive, but they also give much larger financial aid packages. I would recommend applying to both types. Public schools are much cheaper, but do not give as much financial aid. Do a FAFSA estimator to get an idea of the financial situation. Every situation is different, so it’s a great idea to apply to both types, to see what money you can get from each. 


Test Scores and GPA

Do not worry about your GPA at this point. As a senior, there is basically nothing you can do it about it. BUT, you can work on test scores until December for most schools. There is a test date for the ACT in October and December, but try to take the October one if you need to get your score up. Taking the test earlier gives you a better idea of the range of schools you should apply to. If you have never taken the writing portion of the ACT, you should take it because some schools require it. Early Action deadlines generally start on November 1st, but triple check each due date. Also, check for scholarship essays, supplemental essays, and special program essays (including honors programs), because you don't want to find out about these things last minute. 

what to wear

Early Action and Early Decision

Early action is applying to a school early and being notified for admission early. When you apply early action, you may be accepted, rejected, or deferred. Being deferred means they want to wait to see who else applies Regular Decision, and they will reassess your application at that time.

EARLY DECISION IS A BINDING AGREEMENT. Early Decision is telling the school that if they accept you, you will attend there. No question. You aren't waiting for financial aid or to see if your test score goes up. It's a binding contract, so don't sign it unless you are sure of everything. If you are granted admission, you will have to withdraw all other applications. Also, you can only apply to one school as ED.

Some schools do not have an Early Action program, only Early Decision, so please double check. 

what to wear

The Common Application

If you need to do the CA for any of the schools you plan to apply to, start it today. Look at the essays that are required for your school, the first of which will be the same with each school, known as the Common App Essay . Simply searching this phrase will show you the prompts for this year, if you’d like to take a look at them before starting the application. Remember, this essay is about you.

All of your essays should be about you, even if the prompt seems like it shouldn’t. Your essay should be the best essay you’ve ever written. It will take weeks, most likely. Which is why you should start now, even if it’s just reading over the prompts. When you read them, one will likely stick out for you. If it doesn’t, trying showing them to your friends of family, people who know you well and see what they think. It should represent you, your mistakes, and the person you want to be. Everyone does their essay differently, which is good.

You want it to be unique as possible, because admissions counselors read many of these a day. If you choose a topic that seems common, try to put a different spin on it. If you have an application that is not on the CA, you may be able to use the same essay for different prompts, or make a few edits

If anyone needs their essay looked over, feel free to contact me. Shoot me a message on here with any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.  


For Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen

Do not panic! Take lots of practice tests and work on your GPA. Take any internships, interesting jobs, field trips, or shadowing opportunities you can, even if it doesn't seem interesting at the time. Trying new things will expand your horizons, and you might just love it.

Keep your eye out for scholarships you can apply for, as well as volunteering and doing extracurricular. There are TONS of scholarships for students who are highly involved in service activities.

Remember to take challenging classes, because colleges will not only look at your GPA, but will also look at the rigor of the classes you decided to take. If you have the option to take additional English classes, I would recommend doing so, no matter what you are interested in. Being well spoken and well written will help you in any profession. Try to challenge yourself when writing, and write a really good paper, even if you know the first draft you wrote in an hour will get you an “A” in your crappy English class.

Always respect your teachers, principals, and guidance counselor. Some colleges require a recommendation from your principal, and some require the guidance counselor in addition to your teachers. Remember that these people are here to help you, especially your guidance counselor. The better you get to know your counselor, the more equipped they will be to help you choose what schools to apply to.  

Good luck to everyone!

Remember to ask your counselors any questions you have. Also feel free to shoot me any questions. I will do my best to get back to everyone!  

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stylishly you
The first day of school can bring lots of emotions. It's so exciting getting to see your friends again, after the fun summer, but then again, you realize that there is a long, hard school year to come. So, what's a better way to brighten the mood even more, than to look fabulous!?

I definitely think that the hair, makeup, and outfit, worn for the first day back at school should not be too harsh, but should also be super cute! I would suggest going with a nice neutral makeup look, a simple chic hair style, and a cute, but casual outfit! You can find some ideas in the video above!

Let me know what your "perfect" back to school look is!

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Hey there! Here I am to wrap up that HEAT with some of the HOTTEST trends! Sorry to keep reminding you that summer is ending, but as a cold weather lover, I couldn't be more excited! 

1. Knit/Crochet Crop Top 

The knit/crochet top has been everywhere and for good reason. It's absolutely an adorable look and is one of those tops that are so versatile! 

//source: top , bottom



2. Jean Skirts

Let's all take a moment of silence for the dark ages where jeans skirts were out of style. Okay, done. YASS! Jean skirts, thank you for coming back, I've missed you. (I think I've been holding on to 1, or 2, or 100 waiting to be cool again) 

//source: top , bottom



3. Pointed Toe Heels

Honestly, were these ever out of style? No, but I have seen them all over the interwebs and life this summer. It's either nude heels with a bright outfit or bright heels with a muted outfit. Love it!

//source: top , bottom



4. Denim Jacket

I'm going to make a bold statement; denim has been the fabric of the season. Okay, there it is. I know denim is one of those fabrics that never get out of style. However, this summer I've been seeing denim everywhere, and in almost every outfit. So a denim jacket, or shirt to throw over is no different!

//source: top , bottom 



5. Floral

I've always thought floral lived and died in spring. But I've been seeing a lot of really pretty floral crop tops and bralettes - especially at music festivals. 

//source: top, bottom



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Media real talk: books

I know that the school year can be very stressful for students. That’s why I have listed 5 awesome books that will take you away from all that stress!

1. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

This story follows two best friends who attend the vampire academy. I found this story to be so fun and interesting. When I was reading this I drowned out all my surrounding and was completely into the book! This book has the perfect combination of action and romance. I think that even if you aren’t into vampire books you will still like this one. // source.

vampire academy

2. What Dreams May Come by Beth Honeycutt

This book was actually sent to me by an author to review on my blog a while ago, but I love it so much that I have to tell everybody! This story follow a girl who has been dreaming about this boy since she was seven. In every dream they always tell each other everything that’s been going on in their lives. One day the boy in her dreams shows up in her classroom ,and she doesn’t know what to do.

I love this story because their romance is so cute! I love how the author kept all the characters human and she explained everything so well. I recommend this story for all ages. // source.

what dreams may come

3. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

This is my favorite classic book! I know most people have already read it,but it is honestly an amazing piece of literature. I honestly don’t really like classics but I really liked this one! If you have already read To Kill a Mocking Bird you should check out the sequel Go Set the Watchmen (I haven’t gotten a chance to check out the sequel so I can give you opinion). // source.

to kill a mockingbird

4. The Notorious Pagan Jones by Nina Berry

This story follows a teenage movie star who has a bad drinking problem. It’s so bad that she killed her family while drunk driving. Now she lives in a correctional facility for juvenile delinquents. This all changes when she meets Devin Black.

This story is so awesome because it is actually a historical fiction, so it takes place during a major historical event. This story is filled with all types of mystery and deception. I found this book to be a really good read! // source.

pagan jones

5. Divergent by Veronica Roth

I have not personally read this book yet, but I have heard so many great things about it! It’s about a dystopian society that’s divided into factions and things start to go south when one faction tries to take over. I know a lot of people have seen the movie, but I still recommend that you read the books. In my experience books usually have more information and detail then the movies. I just recently bought the book so we can read it together! // source.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found some awesome new reads! What's your favorite book?


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Hi guys! so today I am showing you some trends that will keep you cool for the rest of the summer. Now all of these trends are shorts but that just means that you can pair them with any top! This is a trick I like to use, also because patterned shorts with solid colored tops can be super versatile whether you want to be dressy for a night on the town or super casual at the beach with your girlfriends.

The first style of shorts that I am going to show you is the “Flirty” short. I’m pretty sure you can find these shorts any retail store you go, and you can find them on Vinted too! And every store has their own version so it's ok to like them from one place and not the other. I myself prefer Aeropostale's version . They have there at a super affordable price ($10). And they are super cute. LOL. I love them so much that I bought 3 pairs( in the photos below).

Flirty shorts

The second style of shorts that I am going to show you is the “Crotchet” short . I own two pairs of this style (in the photos below). The first pair I own is from rue 21 which I scored on vinted for super cheap. And the second pair I got from the Lily Pulitzer collection at target. These shorts can be toned down, but  they aren’t as casual as the previous style I just showed you. However, would recommend them for a more dressy look.

crochet shorts

I am in love with these styles of shorts and I can wait to wear them this summer I hope you guys liked this blog.

And here's my video telling you a bit more about these shorts! 



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Hey there! School is coming up for some of you so we all know that you'll be on that coffee grind! Shout out to the gilmore girls! ;)

As I'm someone who has to get up before 1pm #thestruggle, I have collected quite the list of coffee recipes that I've attempted or hoped to one day attempt!

My gift to you - coffee coffee coffee! 

1. The one for the gains! 

When I get on my fitness kick it's always " THE PROTEIN! I NEED THE PROTEIN!"  I'm all about those protein shakes first thing in the morning - but there I was double fisting a protein shake and a coffee. Well as my favorite commercial says "por que no los dos?" (why not both?)  And here it is - both in ONE! This is absolutely delicious and the best part is, it's so easy! // source

2. For the one who likes to prep

Sometimes we need something to look forward to! This cold brew coffee recipe is great for anyone who wants a little prep work the night before. What I love is it finally taught me why my iced coffee was all wrong! Over night soaking youre a miracle! Even better, she has more than one coffee recipe. But this is perf for those early mornings! // source.

overnight coffee

3. For those who can't get enough coffee

Yo dawg, I heard you like coffee so we put coffee in your coffee so you can coffee while you coffee! Yeah this will definitely be perfect for the previous recipe! Some mornings need that extra pick me up. And who wants water diluting all that beautiful caffeine? Here's a tip: Make your coffee a little sweeter than usual so when the ice melts it becomes juuuuust right ;) // source.

coffee ice

4. For the multitasker 

When is the appropriate time to brush your teeth? Before coffee or after? Here's the answer skip the brush and drink the mint! KIDDING! But oh man, let me tell you, freshly brushed teeth definitely kicks this up a notch! As a fan of mint with most things - I stand by this 100%. If you're generally not a mint anything, please don't try this and then blame me. // source. 

dat mint tho

5. For those who love coffee from all regions

Why put pants on to go to the thai food place when you can make it at home! SUCCESS! Thai iced coffee is one of my favorite forms of coffee. Its rich and has a nice earthiness to it... is that how you food review? #FoodNetwork. I order it every time it's available - I've even tried prepackaged bottles (don't do it!) but nothing like being able to make at home! // source

thai coffee

want to clarify that the mason jar look was coincedence! I did not plan it - but man, I think we've learned that coffee in a mason jar is a might fine combination. Mason jars - the new mug? Share your favorite coffee recipes and let me know if in the colder months you want a HOT coffee list. ;) 

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