Welcome to #HerStory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory - meet Archel!

  • Name: Archel @archel
  • Currently killin' it in: Los Angeles, CA
  • Vintie since: October 2014

Ever since high school, I’ve made clothes and fashion a big part of my life. It all started with the private school uniforms. My move from public to private school meant that weekends were the only time I could express my personal style. To fill that void, I started flipping through fashion magazines after school and just fell in love with all the different clothing brands.

Fast forward to college, best part: no more uniforms! I went shopping every chance I could get. Being able to put together outfits everyday of the week gave me that little push to try harder to look my best. I started taking outfit pictures and featuring them on my blog. People started asking me for fashion advice and where I got my clothes. Fashion became my hobby, which also meant shopping became my hobby too.

With a year left of college and my last time moving to a new apartment, I started cleaning out my closet. I realized I had so many pieces I never wore or rarely wore, and I needed to get rid of them asap. I started selling on a ‘Free & For Sale’ group for my college, and I’ll admit it, it was kind of addicting. I studied Business Economics and some Marketing on the side so making money related to fashion felt like a huge accomplishment. Even though I was selling, that money I earned probably went to more clothes. My fashion blog grew just like my closet size.

Graduation time came and I had to move back home, which meant I couldn’t use the selling group anymore. One of my followers on Instagram asked me if I sold on Vinted. I told her I’d check it out and let her know if i decided to make an account. Finding a platform that integrates social media with fashion and business, felt like I struck gold. Two of my passions put together into one site, what more could I ask for. 


HERjourney to Vinted

Whenever I go into my real closet and say “I have nothing to wear” it usually means I have way too many clothes and I desperately need a closet refresh. Vinted has been my solution for buying and selling, I’ve found so many great steals while also sending my clothes to a new home. When I need something specific or just need to do some retail therapy, I always open up Vinted first. I’ve become a smart shopper



I used to take pictures with my phone, but I invested in a highquality camera that takes clear and crisp photos. You can tell the difference when you look at your closet as a whole.

Give people reasons to leave you positive feedback. Everyone loves mail day, and it’s even better when your order is packaged creatively and well.

Interact with your buyers, answer when asked. Always have a conversation instead of just dropping one worded answers. People will note how nice you were when they leave some feedback! Respond as soon as possible, it lets people know that you are serious about selling to them.

Also, I recommend using other social media outlets to advertise your Vinted closet. It raises awareness amongst friends that haven’t used the site before. For me I like creating #ootd's with items that I'm selling, and posting them on Instagram, Facebook, and my blog.

Always hashtag with relevant tags and also include vinted specific hashtags: #vinted (for items you're selling),   #vintedtreasures (for items you scored), and  #fromvintedwithlove (for your cutest packaging).



My personal style is clean, minimal, whatever I’m most comfortable in. I love neutral colors with a hint of gold or silver to make any outfit stand out. Of course, you never go wrong with black.

  • Forever 21
  • H&M
  • Brandy Melville
  • LA Hearts
  • Topshop

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I'm a lover of hats. Is this a known fact? If not, well, now you know!

I am borderline obsessed with having something on the top of my noggin, be it head chains, head scarves or a good ol' hat.

Fall is the hat season, and now that it's officially fall, we can bust out the fall hats and display them in all their glory!


A wide brim fedora is the quintessential hat for the fall; a big brim to protect you from the filtered sunshine and keep your head warm. But, it's stylish, too! 

This is the kind of hat I think of when I think of the fall. This hat, on top of a fall outfit, just screams the season! And, they look good on anyone, you just have to find the right size brim for your preference. 

Bowler hats sit closer to the head and take any outfit from boring to interesting.

I love adding bowler hats with an inherent feminine look to bring in some sort of manly dapper look. Paired with some sort of textured hair, this hat is the easiest to style by far.


Want the perfect hat to hide greasy roots? Beanies. Want to make any outfit casual and chill? Beanies.Beanies? Beanies. Be it the crocheted, open knit or otherwise, are the essential fall hat. They keep your head warm, they add volume to your head and they come in every variation of colors and styles ever. You can never go wrong with throwing on a beanie.

What's your favorite hat? 

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Fall is a time for fun-filled activies we can enjoy with our friends and family.  While it is one of the best times of the the year, our pets are usually at home missing the fun.  This year include them in your favorite fall activies!


1. Jump into fun

Raking leaves might be a drag but it doesn't mean you can't have some fun doing your chores this fall.  Gather all the leaves in your yard, the bigger the pile the better, and jump in with your pet.  Sure you'll have to re-rake the leaves but think about all the fun you'll have!


2. Hunt for the perfect pumpkin

Halloween is coming up so that means pumpkin carving time!  Lots of pumpkin patches are pet friendly so bring them along and have your pet pick out the perfect pumpkin for the both of you.


3. Couples costumes

Speaking of Halloween, what happens when your friends don't want to be the Robin to your Batman?  No worries!  Your furry friend is here to save the day! //source


4. Follow the leader

Next time you're taking a walk, have your pet lead the way.  They want to take a right?  You go right.  Walking is a great exercise and you might get to explore a new part of your neighborhood!


5. Cuddle up

The great outdoors is a wondeful place but sometimes you need a quiet night in.  Turn on your favorite movie or show and cuddle up with your pet!  Warning: falling asleep in the middle of the movie is very likely.  

What are your favorite things to do with your pets?  Let me know in the comments below ;).

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New season means new shows!  Time to get comfy on the couch with your favorite snacks and relax after a long day.  I present to you the 5 shows to watch this Fall!


1. Scream Queens

Horror, mystery, and comedy all rolled into one who with a fantastic outfits.  The first episode features Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, and Niecy Nash.  Nuff said.  Watch it now on Fox


2. American Horror Story: Hotel

I'm devistated the talented Jessica Lange will not be in this America Horror Story series but I am excited to see Lady Gaga as The Countess.  Premeries on FX on October 7th.  I'll be counting the days! 


3. Supergirl

The world can't get enough superheros and CBS will now tell the story of Supergirl!  Forget what you thought you knew about the original Supergirl, this story shows our soon to be favorite new superhero embracing her powers and balancing her "normal" life.  


4. Limitless

Loved the movie Limitless?  Well there is now a TV series you can enjoy every week!  Best thing?  Bradley Cooper reprises his role in the show!


5. Flesh and Bones

Flesh and Bones shows the dark side of being a ballerina.  Expect some beautiful choreographed dancing and probablly a lot of tears in the upcoming weeks.  

What will you be watching this Fall?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Boost Your Sales With Vinted Videos!

WAIT. Drop the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Did you say "Vinted Videos"?

Yes! This new video feature has already increased my views, followers, and SALES! I want to share some tips that I’ve learned from trying out this awesome video option!


Time Management

We all know that listing items in our closet takes time and effort, but having an effective routine makes it easy!

Record your videos the same time you take your cover photos. Whenever I take my photos for my listings, I record a quick 10-15 second video. You already have these items on hand, make use of this time! I know I don’t want to take off my leggings more than I have to. 



Modeling helps buyers get a sense of how an item fits and an idea of how to style it. Let’s show the #VintedCatwalk how it’s done!  Do a quick twirl, show different angles and close- up shots.  I make sure to focus on creativity, simplicity, and effectiveness. 

Creativity: You want to grab your buyer’s attention and keep it! Take advantage of your 15 seconds and have fun! Be confident, but most importantly be yourself. 

Simplicity: Yes, you want to stand out from the bunch, but you also want to keep it simple! Make sure your buyer knows exactly what you’re selling. 

Effectiveness: Now that we walked down that catwalk, don't forget to capture the most helpful shots. Take advantage of what a video can provide. Show off the flow of the fabric, or those hidden pockets!



Not into modeling? That’s fine! This is the perfect time to use your good ol’ hanger or trusty mannequin. Now you can point to specific details, features, and unique designs. This is still your time to shine!



Ask a friend to help or plan a video session with other #vinties!

Use your #selfie skills and record yourself! You can also place your camera on a stack of books and press record!

Make an investment- Buy an affordable tripod. I purchased mine on sale from Best Buy. I also use a cell phone adapter clip to hold my iPhone, which I found on Amazon



Describe your items just like you would in your listings. If you get stuck on what to say in that moment (like I do, lol) do a quickvoice over on your phone. I use iMovie. 



I personally enjoy editing videos, so taking the extra steps like background music, transitions, and voiceovers are fun for me! I do everything on my iPhone: record, edit and upload!

If you want to save time or you don’t have an editing app, practice getting your video in one shot. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a natural routine and you will become a pro! 


I hope these tips help you boost your sales with Vinted Videos! Now we can all be a part of this innovative new feature and take over the Fashion App world with Vinted!


Come say hi! (@itsmonikarose)

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Some people brush aches and pains off as if they're nothing.  A simple muscle pain doesn't stop a lot of people.  Or even something as minor as a papercut. 

That is unless you're one of the minority of us here who are invisbly ill.

There has been more, than ever, more media attention to chronic illnesses that you can't see. Like the mother who took her daughter to Target and parked in the handicapped section. She came back to a nasty letter. Once I read in Cosmo that girl got a letter because she didn't look sick. She had a disease that attacks her lungs.

Just because I do not look sick, does not mean I am fine.In fact, as I type this, I have pain enough to be close to tears in my left shoulder, and I have readjusted my hip twice.

I was born with a rare (aprox 20k cases per year) genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. We didn't know about this until I was in my twenties. When I was little everyone just thought I was clumsy. As I got older it turned into everyone thinking I was a hypochondriac. But as it turned out, I wasn't insane (well that may have yet to be proven) and I am in fact definitely clumsy.

This illness comes in variations, and though it has been speculated I have the vascular end of it (meaning my heart is being effected and is bad) as of now I am diagnosed as Classical-Hypermobile. The two being so similar meant that I got hit with both. Luckily, my type will not effect my lifespan, just my life in general.

Though I come off as a very happy go lucky person, this effects my body and my mind. My number one cause of depression is from this, as well as my anxiety.

Here is what this disease puts me through in a nutshell:

I, on a daily basis, experience nearly everything on this list. And there is so much more to go with it!

This is just a few of the things. Now, don't go thinking because you're injured easily or your skin is super soft, or that you're double jointed that you have it. Do not put yourself through that stress. This is a genetically passed disorder. Basically, both of your parents need the mutated chromosome.

On a daily basis, to survive through my day, I take about 2 highest dosage Vicodin a day, on top of 6 mg of Xanax. The theory is to keep me from being able to realize I am in pain. The downside is, I do not realize I am in pain, therefore I can do things that will hurt me later (like carrying a box).

Those of us with EDS live on a different pain scale. We run 1-14. Basically, my 14 is your 10. At a pain level ten, I am not yet in tears.

The largest part of the pain levels, much like someone with arthritis, or MS, it is constant and doesn't end. But this has created me to be, at least in my mind, a super hero. I can endure things and feel nothing. For example, I did not feel one tattoo be done. Or, my personal favorite, I stabbed myself in the leg with a knife (accident) and didn't even feel it.

Through all of this, I have also made the choice to never have a child. With this being X-chromosome passed it is a near promise that an offspring will have it even to the slightest degree. But their genes will be mutated as well regardless. I have come to accept the fact that the humane choice is to end this disorder with me. There is no cure, and no speculated time of one ever happening. Along with this, I would likely lose the child and/or my life during birth.

But, there are some upsides 

I am embraced in a community of people who know what I am going through, and keep my head up. I know I'm not crazy. And, hey, those days I can't really move around, I get a lot of reading done.

So keep your heads up high kiddos. Such is life, and we only have one chance to live it so make the most of it while you can. And always remember, there is always a community of people out there ready to embrace you and let you know that yea things may suck, but it'll also be okay.

If you ever need to talk or rant, please always feel free to messag me or create a forum post for some moral support!

Just remember, there are always other zebras out there holding some spoons, waiting to listen!


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Job interviews can be a stressfull process whether you're trying to get that part time gig or for that job you have always been dreaming of.  I've got some tips to help ease some of that process!

1. Resume Genius to the rescue

Creating a resume can be confusing.  What format do I use?  Should I put that I won the spelling bee in 5th grade? ResumeGenius is a great tool to use.  Just enter all the information needed and it does the formatting for you!  //source

2. Dress for success

Thinking about what to wear is hard enough on a normal day but for an interview, forget about it.  Here are some tips on how to dress for that upcoming interview, plus it's from a great non-profit that you can donate clothing too and help other women succeed! //source

3. Glassdoor opens doors

Know the company, know the job.  You should always feel prepared going into an interview.  Glassdoor has some great insight to companies around the world, giving you a better idea if this is the company for you.  // source

4. Social Sweepster to clean up

Everyone has some kind of social media account these days and companies will check them out. Clean up your online presence - that's the number one rule! Make sure when they look you up they see you for the wonderful candidate you are. //source

5. Google Maps directs you to sucess

First impressions are important in an interview because you don't want to be remembered as the one who came in 15 minutes late.  Google Maps is a great way to check out which route would be the fastest and what time you should leave to get there in time.  //source

Got more tips?  Let your fellow Vinties know in the comments below!

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Hey there Beautiful's!

I'm so excited to share with you How I Made Over $3,000 in one month on Vinted!

I have been asked so many times about selling tips, where I get my packaging, how am I able to sell my clothes so cheap and so much more. Well I'm going to let the cat out of the bag and finally share my secrets, tips and experiences that I have learned, which has allowed me to make over $3,000 from Vinted...YAY!.

Right this way, if you're serious about stepping up your game!


Shipping Tips:

I use poly mailer envelopes to ship items out. What's so wonderful about poly mailers is that they are super light weight just like air. It truly makes all the difference in weight when it comes to shipping out your items. These are a must have and a business essential for anyone who sells clothing items and others things online. I use size 10x13 which is the perfect size for most things like tops, pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts and more.

Pricing:  $6.99 for 25, $11.99 for 50, and  $16.99 for 100.

[Editors note: you can find other shipping supply options at budget prices by searching online! Always do your research to find the best price options for your budget. :)  ]

Lighting Tips

I use CREED 100 watt light bulbs for my photo lights. I almost purchased photo lights that cost around $45 & up (just for one!) These are only $20 bucks each (at Home Depot), last forever and are super duper bright. You can see below just jow bright they can be. AWESOME! 

Photo Lights Set (umbrella): found at 




Photo Tips: 

After my lighting is set up, as pictured above, I also need felt and an area to hang my items when I take photos. 

  • Felt Material (white): found at Joannes, or you can find it at any craft store. It may take about 6 yards of material. Joannes offers coupons! 

The felt is for you to use as your background. I chose felt because most background material is flimsy, but this has some weight. Please notice how I just simply nailed it up, I did not do the most! Just nail it up there YAW! 

Also Vinties please notice how I place the nail, dead center. This is what I use to hang & display clothing. But make sure to put it high enough to allow for longer items, like dresses and pants. You'll need the extra space below the item to keep the item centered in the shot, when you take a picture. 

I also recommend these photo apps if you're using a mobile device. 


More Tips: Video!

I've shared additional tips in more detail, in my YouTube videos. Check out Part 1 and Part 2!

The videos above include the following info: 
  1. Why are you selling on Vinted?  
  2. What you'll need (essentials) 
  3. Your Vinted profile 
  4. My 3 P's (Photo, Product, Price)  
  5. Photo covers 
  6. Listing products 
  7. The best time to list items
  8. Vinted's 19% fee 
  9. Your response time (communication is golden)
  10. Other Questions 
  11. Addressing low offers
  12. Being patient 
  13. Shipping 
  14. Feedback  
  15. Mistakes that will cost you 
  16. Following other Vinties 
  17. Vinted rules & the awesome Vinted team

Be sure to follow my closet, and catch me in the forums!  Share your selling tips (or any questions) down in the comments below! 

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beauty central

I tend to polish my nails on a regular basis maybe twice a week if I have the time! It relaxes me, and is one of my favorite pass times. I tend to polish before bed, because I've perfected my routine. If you want longer lasting polish without spending so much of your coin, lean forward, get comfortable, and take notes. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way a licensed nail technician. I hold upwards of 30 years of nail polishing experience on myself and tried many different brands that claim to give you that lasting manicure.  Well, truth be told, everyone's body chemistry is different. By that I mean, some may tend to produce an oily nail bed, and others may be drier than the Saharra desert.  All in all, you may have to choose the base coat that works best for you.

Nail bed Foundation

Drink plenty of water and a balanced diet for healthy hair and nails. Make sure you use a base coat that is tried and true.

I tend to stick with the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails brand, because it works for me.

I have this routine that I use when polishing my nails. I don't polish my toes as often as my hands but the routine is still the same.

Step One

Get comfortabale and don't rush the process, practice makes perfect so the more you adhere to this method, the faster you will get.

Starting with clean nail beds and the left pinky (since I am right handed) I begin with a base coat(Sally Hansen Hard as Nails $2.50). I continue to the right pinky and continue to my toes, left pinky toe to right pinky toe.

Step Two

Without missing a beat I start with my favorite nail color. The one pictured is a Wet N Wild brand.  I don't think I paid more than $2 for this bottle however, it has a salon brush.  I use the same method as I did in Step One, and apply a a second coat.

Step Three

Without missing a beat again, I begin with my top coat. You can use the Sally Hansen again like I used for the base coat, however, I have been using Out the Door Top Coat which is a fast drying polish I got from Salley's Beauty Supply. Typically runs about $11. (Well worth it) I've had this bottle since November 2014. I polish my nails like I said about once or twice a week. AND NOT BY MYSELF! MY GIRLS ARE IN IT ALSO!

Last but not least, sit back and watch one of your favorite episodes and let them set.  The Out the Door is fast drying however, the polish beneath is still going to get dented if you hit it. 

All in all, respond back on this post letting me know how long your polish lasted without chipping on the ends, I really impress myself everytime. 10 to 14 days.

Enjoy your new nail routine!


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best of

Hey there! I thought I would a little adorable in everyones life! So here are some of the cutest stories around the internet! 

1. A Biker and his kitten

This is just all the feels! A biker saved a kitten and is now biking around the country with him! What could be better? // source

Cat Biker

2. 9/11 rescue dog's birthday party!

If you were old enough to have experienced 9/11 - you can remember where you were when you found out. I was in 4th grade and we spent all day watching the news. But to lighten the mood they honored one of the rescue dogs birthday and had a little party for him! //source

bday dog

3. The most adorkable parents

We already take a bunch of selfies, so when we get a significant other - oh man the selfies double. But what happens when your parents recreate them? All the giggles. //source


4. Cat Jenga

This is reverse jenga. Instead of taking away, you're trying to add on without it collapsing! And it's adorable //source

cat jenga

5. Obama crying

Obama - recently had a speech where he ended up crying about his daughter because of how proud he is! As a total daddys girl, that got me emotional. //source


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