Something we’ve been fearing for a long time has finally become part of our reality: the 80s are coming back. We thought we knew better. We remember the last time it happened. And yet - the oft-mocked decade has been creeping back on the runways and on the streets.

Read on to see how a touch of eighties style could be the update your wardrobe needed. After all, a decade that gave us Purple Rain and Like a Virgin can’t be all bad!


The power shoulder

They seem to come back every few years, and for good reason: not only do they make a powerful statement, they can do wonders for a silhouette. It’s all about the angles! The 2016 version, however, is a watered-down version of the 80s shoulders. Think enhancement, not replacement.



We’re blushing

Although the contouring trend doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon, bronzer fatigue is real. Blush is a reliable way to bring a face alive, so if you’ve been skipping that step in favour of cheekbone-sculpting, consider reintroducing your face to vivid 80s colours. The key to avoid the harsh line of yesteryear when working with red or fuchsia is to blend. Always.



For your ears only

After a few years of delicate adornments, tiny stones and thin mini hoops, we’re ready to think big again. Opting for mismatched (but still in the same colour family) earrings keeps the look current. The only question now: will you opt for bold doorknocker earrings, giant hoops or colourful clip-ons?



It’s lamé, not lame

We’ve been easing our way into metallics in the past few years, by way of shoes, bags and other necessary accessories. Full-on glam now doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but it’s easy to overdo it. When opting for a lamé wrap dress or top (or trousers if you dare!), keep the accessories on the minimal side.



And for the bold only: stirrups!

Not only reserved to ski holidays, stirrup trousers have been cropping up on the runway. Now, this is obviously not for everyone, but the look feels fresh again, if approached with caution. For a more 2016 feel, it’s best to avoid any athletic associations. Worn with a stiletto with the strap in plain view, stirrups make a glam statement.


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