We know their names, know lets get to know their products!

1. Kendall and Kylie

Following the steps of their big sis, Kim K, Kendall and Kylie are the stars of their new game!  Want to give it a try?  Download it on iOS and Android.



2. VIVA GLAM Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has teamed up with MAC to created this delicious plum lipstick and shimmery lipgloss.  Not only is the lipstick fabulous (got mine last week and I LOVE IT), but all sales made go towards to help women, men, and children living with HIV/AIDS.  Get it while it last!  


3. Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner

Speaking of lips... did anyone get a chance to snag Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner before they were all sold it?  My BFF did and it looks fabulous on her!  Here's hoping they restock soon!  


4. Beyonce + Topshop

Back your camping chair and fill your thermos with coffee.  Beyonce and Topshop are collaborating to feature a line of  "athletic streetwear"!  Learn the deets and sign up to hear about it first here!  


5. Gigi Hadid + Tommy Hilfiger

It girl, Gigi Hadid, is collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger.  Who's excited to see to see the upcoming fall line?!?  

Let us know your favorite celebrity product in the comments below! 

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Buying fashion and beauty items on Vinted is by far one of the most fun things that's ever come out of technology, at least in my lifetime. It allows girls the opportunity to find their favorite brands for a great price!

There are a few simple tricks to make the most out of your buying experience on Vinted, and getting the best deals!

Use those vouchers from Vinted!

Every once in a while, Vinted allows users the opportunity to shop for free through Vinted vouchers. These offers show up in your inbox so be sure to always check your messages! One time, I got a $50 voucher and only ended up spending $5.99 on a purchase, which was the shipping. 

Check to see who has the BEST bundle discounts!

A lot of Vinties are using Vinted casually to make some extra money. Others are using Vinted as an entrepreneurship opportunity to learn and make a business out of it.

One of the ways to find a Vintie with a good bundle discounts is to search and find items you're looking to buy. Then, search the through Vinties who look like they are clearing out their closet.  Some hints: quick photos and items that are priced fairly cheap. You can find great items with this tactic and they usually have pretty high bundle discounts, too!

Make an offer!

It’s a love/hate relationship with the offer tab, really. If you’re really serious about an item and want to see what you can get off of it: make an offer! If you’re not that serious about an item, it would be best to refrain from using it until you’re ready. This way you don’t end up getting blocked and not getting the item at all!

Buying on Vinted can be VERY rewarding! Just be sure to be nice and patient with your sellers.

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Whether you're out in nature (like me) or feeling a bit sexy, taking a selfie is a perfect way to express yourself. Don't listen to people who make fun of you for taking selfies. I started taking self-portraits when I was 15 years old. I will never forget the first day that I took the camera and tried to imitate some of the beautiful women I saw on the internet. It took me a few years but I think I've finally mastered the art of selfie lighting and positioning. I've finally found and learned my own photography styles. Here are some of my tips to create the PERFECT selfie! 



Always face an open window with natural light. I'm sure this is second nature to most selfie-takers by now and probably just a general rule - but this is probably one of the most important things when trying to achieve awesome selfie. 

When the camera is pointed at you with your face in the light, the light illuminates your face while blacking out the background.  That's exactly what I did in this photo. Yes, it's supposed to be crooked. Remember that 'personal style' thing? Yeah, that's what that is. :) 


Outdoors Selfies

This selfie was taken with my Nikon D700 but the same rules apply to cell phone selfies as they do in this type of photo. Outdoor selfies almost always need some post-editing. I used VSCO or Adobe Lightroom. During the daytime, light shines on the top of your head and doesn't really light up the world as much as you'd want it to portray in photos. Always make sure you're getting your best angle because unfortunately that sun can add some weight to your features as well (darn shadows!). Make sure you're getting the background in this photo. You want people to know you're outdoors. 


Post-editing apps

As mentioned above, I do like using post-editing apps.  I like the ease of the color tone correctors but I don't overdo it by any means.  People really frown upon post-editing apps for some reason.  If I ever figure out why I'll let you know ;).

VSCO has filters that allow you to choose how much of the actual filter you want to show in the photo. They also have lighting editors to make your photo brighter or less bright. Here's a photo of mine after using VSCO. 

Remember - selfies are as much for you as they are anyone else. They can make you feel empowered and beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Many of our days are filled with hustle and bustle and by the end of the day, it can leave us stressed out. We are constantly on the go, but sometimes we just need to stay home, be comfy and cozy to let our mind and body rest.  Not sure how?  I've got some awesome relaxation tips here.


1. Me time

Carve a little time for yourself no matter how small.  Take 15 minutes and lay down somewhere quiet with your eyes closed.  Try this video and by the time you're done you'll feel the difference! 


2. Find time

Commuting to and from to school or work can be time-consuming.  Take advantage of the journey by creating a mix of your favorite songs. Listen, enjoy, and sing along!  Here is one of my favorites!   

3. Sleep it off

Our minds are constantly going throughout the day so when it comes to bedtime it's time for sleep and only sleep.  Don't think about work, the bills, relationship.  Relax and give your body some much needed rest.  

4. Breathe easy

Life a bit too hectic? Try some breathing exercises!  Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air by breathing in through your mouth and exhaling through the nose.   Try to hold your breath a bit longer each time.  



5. Be happy

Learn to be happy and have fun!  Surround yourself with people who you love and make you laugh.  

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From meeting new friends in the airport bag check line to middle-aged men attempting to buy you drinks on the plane – traveling alone can be the most rewarding experience you can have in a lifetime. Even though it’s incredibly life changing, here are some tips to help you make it the best experience ever!

1. Prepare in advance

I don’t mean planning out every hour of your vacation, I mean knowing when and where you should be to avoid any headaches. I showed up 2 hours early to the airport when I found myself traveling to Arizona alone and I ended spending 3 hours in a small town airport after I checked in a little too early.  Plan ahead and know how much time you'll need. 


2. Don't be afraid to be independent

I know how scary it is to do things outside of your comfort zone and I also know how amazing it is when you finally get up the courage to act on it! You have to search deep within yourself to find the strength to know what you deserve out of your life. That includes exploring the world and meeting people that you never thought you would. Life is beautiful, and all you need to do is step outside that tiny boundary that you’ve set for yourself.

3. Pack lightly and appropriately 

Packing lightly will help out with the cost of baggage at the airport and it'll also with the logistics of traveling by car, bus, or train. Packing things appropriately for your trip is a good idea and habit to get into. When I went to Arizona by myself, for some reason I skipped out on hiking clothes. All I had was jeans. I can’t tell you how miserable it was to hike in Sedona with 90 degrees weather. It took all the fun out of the experience! Don’t make that mistake!

4. Have your safety net established

It’s VERY important that someone knows where you are at all times. Make sure that you have your phone charged and that you’re able to call for help if needed. AAA is definitely worth the cost as well. I’ve had lots of breakdowns on the side of the road and I can fully claim that AAA is a lifesaver.

Like I said, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Life is all about adventure, mystery, and love. Find these things on the open road, or in the open sky and live your life to the absolute fullest!

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1. Free to be you!

You never have to take into consideration what a date’s “opinion” might be regarding your dress and the details of it. You go get that pink ruffle dress that makes you feel like a princess!

2. Save some dough

You save money like a boss! And you don’t have to feel all awkward like you did when a date tried to pay for stuff cause that’s what he was “supposed” to do.

3. Spend time with those you matter to you

You can make and/or go with whatever prom group you want! You don’t have to be that one friend that ditches her single friends, for a group she secretly hates, for a guy she might not even like.

4. Do what you want to do

Your prom, your rules. You can plan the entire night and do what you want. Midnight Bowling? Uh, YES!

5. Dance, dance, dance!

Remember the prom dance scene from every high school movie ever? You know where the girl awkwardly stands there by the punch because she doesn’t have the confidence to dance? That won’t ever be you when you go with friends. You can go Cupid Shuffle and Wobble, while having the time of your life! //photo

6. Avoid the awkwardness

NO AWKWARD FAMILY DATE MEET AND GREET! Phew, now you don’t have to worry about your dad expressing his “I detest every teenage boy that looks at my baby girl” mantra.

7. Picture perfect

The photos you take while at prom with friends, are the ones you will always keep. You won’t have to sacrifice these photos to the fiery gods of the bonfire in your backyard, as part of your declaration of independence from men. No angrily tearing prom photos because you broke up with the guy in them. //photo

8. LOL

If anything embarrassing happens it will make your night instead of breaking it. Sure you fell walking to your seat at the restaurant, but now you can laugh about it for the rest of the night with your best friends. Instead of falling in front of your date and crying in the bathroom, while looking up cat adoption sites.

9. Memories to last a lifetime

This will be a prom you will always remember; one you can be happy to tell your kids about one day.

10. Have fun!

Now just because I wrote this article doesn’t mean I despise everyone that goes with a date. Heck! I’ve done that too and that can be fun as well. The reason I wrote this article is because I want everyone to go to their prom with pride and confidence, with or without a date. I know so many girls who missed out on prom because they didn’t have a date and that broke my heart. You should never feel like you need another person to feel validated, and especially not to go to a prom. You are all wonderful and beautiful and you deserve to go make prom memories you can tell your kids about.

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To all the single people wishing they could be having Valentine's Day with a special someone: embrace your independence!

Don't call it "being alone" on Valentine's Day.  Take this precious time to learn about what you want for yourself, in a partner and what you can't live without.

I've realized over the years that when you learn that you can be happy on your own, you'll never be lonely again.

So what if you don't have that someone special? How should you "celebrate" such a grand and glorious day if you don't currently have that person in your life?

Every year, I focus on what I have and not on what I don't.


Here are tips to celebrate this Valentine's Day:

1. Make it an above average day

Even though Valentine's Day is "just another day," go get a massage or treat yourself to something as a small gift for loving yourself.


2. Splurge a little

Give yourself permission to indulge in something that gives you pleasure.  Whether it be food, shopping on Vinted ;) or anything that you don't get to do on a normal day. 



3. Spread the love

Something that will make you instantly happy is when you give.  Last year I bought cards for my grandma's and sent them to them with pictures of how I decorated my condo. They loved it!   Doing nice things for people will bring you a sense of joy that nothing else can. 


4. Hang with other singles

Get together with those who are also not in a relationship and plan something fun.  Go see an Imax movie, go to the zoo after some cocktails, make it a night to remember!

I have been single for the last 2 years and honestly, I cherish the time to spend on myself.  You probably won't have many more days where you can literally do whatever you want whenever you want in your life.  So what are you waiting for, live it up!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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We’ve all been there. Our friends and family are snatching up all these cute clothes at the mall for full price, and we’re standing back wondering why they’re wasting their money! I’ve seen people spend $180 on a VEST, only to search for that item online and find it for over 70% of the original price! Thrift stores, Vinted, and clearance racks are my heaven and I live by them. I almost always avoid the original price racks (unless I’m in love with something) and head straight to the back. Here are some tips from ME to YOU!


1. Thrift stores

I live in a semi-small college town, with limited options. There isn’t even a Goodwill! However, this small town has a lot of upper-class income earners and so the small, locally owned thrift stores sell a lot of high-end items for super cheap. I recently found a Doncaster cardigan, originally $498 and bought it at a thrift store for $3!

Hunt for locally owned thrift stores. Most people like donating their good clothing to local places, so there’s great options that come out of those kinds of places.

While shopping at chain thrift stores, please keep in mind that people got rid of something for a reason. You need to make sure that the item you’re buying doesn’t have a huge stain. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten home and noticed a huge tear right in the front of a designer shirt that totally devalued it. Check your clothes before you check out!


2. Clearance racks

Clearance racks are a savior for someone like me who is surrounded by family who love to shop retail. Whenever I’m in a store, I make a beeline for the back racks. The times I usually shop retail are when I know that there’s an extra discount percentage taken off the already reduced sale price. My favorite stores for this kind of thing are LOFT, or American Eagle.

Sometimes you can come out of those stores with an originally priced $120 jacket and only spend $8 on it. (Yes, that’s happened to me before.) My advice for shopping retail is to always look at the sale racks. The stuff they have on them is nowhere near out of style!


3. Online resale sites

Vinted is great for finding high-end items at discounted prices. Vinted allows you the option to make offers on some of your favorite pieces as well as communicate directly with the seller so you know what you’re buying before it gets to you. 

Being a smart buyer is a very useful skill to have. Hopefully, these tips will help you become a better buyer and know where to get the best deals!

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I recently was diagnosed with a degenerative spine in my lower back. This has resulted from years of wear and tear on my young body and also brought about some positives.

I’ve learned how to exercise appropriately for my body, as well as exercises I can do with my busy schedule. As a student taking 15 credit hours, I sometimes have no time to sit and do my daily yoga for an hour and I’m usually too exhausted to wake up at 5 AM to get it done. These are 5 exercises you can do at your desk!

1. Leg lifts

Sit with your back at 90 degrees against your chair. Bend one of your legs to a ninety-degree angle and press the balls of your foot into the floor. Lift your other leg at a 180-degree angle and flex your foot. See how long you can hold your leg. The great thing about this exercise is that no one will see you lifting your legs! Once you can’t hold it up any longer, repeat the steps with your other leg.

2. Core flexing

Sit with your back straight against your chair and flex your abs. Hold for 30 seconds while breathing deep, slow breaths. Repeat this 5 times. //photo

3. Arm stretch flex

While sitting straight up in your chair, put both your arms behind your chair and intertwine your fingers. Press your hands down and bring your chest forward, flexing your arm muscles backwards. Hold for 20 seconds.

This allows for flexibility in your upper spine, as well as bringing you into the present moment. Use this exercise when you’ve been sitting at a keyboard for a significant amount of time, and need a stretch. 

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Looking for a great bag but not looking to empty out your wallet?  Well I've got some tips on how to find your dream bag at a dream price! 

1. Start in the purse section!

Always, always, always start with looking at the purse section! Finding a great designer purse can be hard considering we all want and love them, therefore finding one for a great deal at a thrift store can be even harder.



2. Double check

Check all the labels and make sure the spelling and/or texture of them are correct. Examine the straps and make sure they look authentic, fake labels use odd straps all the time on their remakes.  Don't forget to check the coloring and make sure that that specific brand would indeed make something in that color.


3. Look for deals!

Don't let the price fool you! Not everyone knows their brands like we do ladies! I once found a perfect condition, authentic Juicy Couture purse for 95 cents! All because someone didn't realize it's worth and value!


4. Check out different spots

While Goodwill may have a designer find once in a blue moon, the Goodwill Boutiques however, have everything you could ever want from luxury designer clothing. From True Religion, Miss Me's, Lacoste, Long Champ and to Michael Kohr's, just to name a few. I once bought a gorgeous pair of Miss Me's for $18.99 and a Juicy Couture Jacket for $11.99, that I still wear all the time.

Frequently check local consignment shops for new shipments as well as antique stores. In my town, there's an antique shop with all kinds of funky furniture, but one down I discovered that on the stores basement level they had real authentic Louis Vuitton bags that were only being sold for $99 ?!? So check every where vintage or consignment like ladies! You never know what you might find!

Go to garage sales in wealthy neighborhoods! One woman's BCBG might be another woman's Prada.

Raid your Grandmas closet, you can find all sorts of fun vintage purses there! Considering this woman lived through at least six decades, that 6 decades of fashion!


5. Enjoy!

Finally, have fun with it and buy purses that make you feel like a million bucks, even if it's not designer

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