Here are some of the BEST and TRENDIEST items that should be on your shopping list for spring and summer 2016! 


High Waisted Swimming Suits

Two piece with more coverage.  Yes!

Modcloth You Point The Way Swimsuit - $49.99


Wide Brim Hats

Protect  yourself in the sun fashionably! 

Free People Sam Roberts LA Star Gazer Zodiac Hat - $298


Strappy Heeled Sandals

Tip: put sunscreen on your feet to avoid strappy tan lines ;). 

Frye Sara Harness Sandal - $278

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I love Spring and I've been really enjoying switching up my makeup routine for the new season!  My new look for spring?  Creating a dewy base with some light pink shadows.

You can just use any of your normal base products. Recently, I've been loving the  Rimmel Radiance BB cream and the  Maybelline Master Conceal concealer . I love that the BB cream has SPF so if my moisturizer doesn't have it - it's not that big of a deal! On top of that, I like to use the cult product - the  Rimmel Stay Matter Powder . It leaves my skin matte (as the name suggests) and leave my makeup in place all day. 

For blush I used my Elf blush palette as well as a little bit of clinique highlighter. I love using a highlighter on my cheeks as it gives them such a nice glow!  My eyeshadow is definitely my favorite part of the look. I used the Maybelline color tattoo in 'Inked in Pink' and one shade from the  Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette. I started off with the color tattoo all over the lid. I then took a darker rose color in the crease to give it a bit of dimension. I then used my Revealed 2 palette and used the matte pink/maroon color (the one under the gold shade in the palette. they don't have names?) in the outer corner. 

I then used my  L'oreal liquid eyeliner to add the smallest line possible. As always, I used my trust Clinique high impact mascara. For lips, I don't normally wear lipstick but for these different posts I like to experiment so I went for the Kate Moss shade in 17. It's the perfect dusty rose color and stays on for so long.   

What products will you be using this spring?


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I'm not a top seller or anything like that on Vinted but I do pretty well. So, I thought I'd share some of my tips on how to sell some clothes. 


1. Photos are EVERYTHING!

If you your photos aren't great - your items won't sell. Try to get the most natural lighting possible. I usually just take my photos on my iPhone.  


2. Follow People

You want as many people to see your closet as possible. Following people is a great way to do so. 


3. Post on the forums 

I like to post in the ISO section pretty frequently if I have something relevant that someone is looking for. It can be time-consuming but it can be really helpful!


4. Make your description as thorough as possible

List all, if any, discoloration, damages, small details! 


5. Be nice! 

Be respectful and nice to people buying from you.  This will promote them to leave you great reviews and you might gain a loyal customer!


6. Have a measuring tape handy

 I've had countless people ask me for measurements so I always have one handy. You can find charts on how to properly measure each piece of clothing. 


7. Negotiate prices 

My trick is to set my prices a little high just so I'm open to some wiggle room. Agree on a price that makes everyone happy!


8. Give discounts on bundles 

This is something recent I've discovered.  I like to give pretty big discounts on bundles. It gives people more of an incentive to buy more and it helps you get rid of a lot of items faster!


I hope these tips helped! Share any others in the comments down below!


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I love taking a piece I've had in my wardrobe for a while and reinventing it by styling it differently. This is a great idea because you don't have to go out and keep buying new clothes. My clothes keep feeling new and exciting if I always style them differently! So, today I'm going to bring you 5 ways you can style a simple printed dress! 


1. Keep it simple

The first way is the most simple without just wearing the dress by itself. For those chillier Spring mornings and nights, I threw on a long, white cardigan. But this is a perfect outfit if you just want to get out and go!


2. Denim

Another simple look is pairing the dress with a denim jacket. Almost any dress looks good with a good denim jacket and these are normally pretty easy to come by on Vinted or at a thrift store. They're also perfect for layering for the spring. 


3. T-shirt

One of my favorite ways to reinvent a dress I've felt like I've worn the same way a million times is throwing a t-shirt over it! It turns the dress into a really cute skirt! Normally, if I just put the t-shirt on it can look a little baggy so I like to tie a knot on the side to give it a little shape. 


4. Layer on!

Another way you can use a denim jacket with a pattered dress is to throw a crochet sweater underneath. This keeps you warmer and gives the dress a totally different look. Crochet sweaters are perfect for this time of year because you don't get too hot but they still keep you warm. 


5. Add a skirt

This is definitely my favorite way to wear this dress. (It's a little hard to show just hung up but I tried haha) But I love pairing the dress with a plain, pleated skirt to give it a totally different vibe! You can either use a skirt that's as long as the dress or you could pin the dress to the skirt if it's longer. 


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Every year, there are thousands of dogs that end up being put down as a result of overbreeding and people not wanting their dogs after they've grown out of the cute stage. Cats are in the same category. The reproduction rate of a cat is similar to a rabbit in the way that if one cat gets neutered or spayed, it can stop approximately 2 dozen kittens from being born into a world where they're feral or end up being given away for free. 

Sometimes these free, unwanted pets even end up as bait for dog fight training. This cycle is horrendous and should absolutely be stopped. Of course, there's no reason why I should be telling you what you can and can't spend your money on - but I would encourage you to look into your local animal shelter to see if you find a special bond with a pet. 

If you can't adopt a pet due to landlord or lifestyle restrictions - try out volunteering! I volunteered at a Humane Society filled with cats for about a month before I went on to college. That one month encouraged me to pursue a career in environmental law - where caring for animals has become the purpose of my life. 

Even if you volunteer and help socialization skills blossom within these abused and helpless animals, it will be doing some good for their rates of adoption. 

I hope my small little words of encouragement show you why adoption is better than buying from a breeder. 

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Traveling is my forte and my calling. I think that the meaning of life is to experience as many places and cultures as possible during our short time here. That being said, I've traveled a lot in my day and I'm very grateful to have done so. Here are some of the best places around the United States for you to experience during Spring Break 2016. 


1) Moab, Utah

This is my favorite place in the entire world, aside from Arizona. The spirituality you feel when you see the arches and indulge in the local culture is one you can't forget. The desert is an amazing place for people who need a sort of cleanse from daily life. Visit Moab, and don't miss out on Arches National Park. 


2) Spokane, Washington

My grandma lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. We visited her over Christmas Break this year and took a day trip to Spokane for some shopping. I've never been to Washington, but I'd say just from what I saw: the downtown Spokane area is a blast! I recommend Spokane to people who are more into downtown life than outdoors life. 


3) Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska is my hometown. I went to college there for a year, and the possibilities for tourist attractions are endless. You can attend the symphony, a hockey game, or the Henry Doorly Zoo. The food downtown is excellent as well. 


No matter where you travel to, make sure it's somewhere that has the things that YOU want to do! Don't cater a trip around what the 'popular' things are to do - have fun with your life! 


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What is vintage?

In the world of collectibles, vintage is used to describe items that are at least twenty-five years old. The general rule of thumb when it comes to clothing is to go back twenty years.  That means vintage clothing can be a garment from the 1920s to the mid-1990s.  And, oh, what choices you have!  From 20s flapper dresses to 90s high waisted denim and everything in between, you're sure to find something to fit your style. 


Why wear vintage?

There is something romantic about vintage clothing.  When I wear vintage, I feel like I have my own little secret that I'm hiding from the rest of the world. Think about it!  That little black cocktail dress had a whole other life before it met you.  

Aside from the emotional aspect of it, and the fact that you will have something totally unique in your closet, vintage garments are made to last.  Most of them were made in a time where very little was fast, let alone fashion.  A simple 1950s cocktail dress that the average woman could afford to wear is constructed on the same level as contemporary, high-end designer piece. 

Construction of a typical 1950s evening dress:


Look for the union label!  Back in the day, garments were made in the USA by seamstresses who took great pride in their craft:


Vintage on Vinted!

Vinted has a great selection of wearable vintage at affordable prices.  If you are new to buying vintage, most vinties who sell vintage clothing have a passion for it and are more than willing to help in any way.  So don't be afraid to ask any questions!  

Some examples of great vintage on Vinted:

90s wide-legged jumpsuit from @anastasia090:


50s leopard print jacket from @irmgard_fury_1:


70s boho wooden clogs from @trendythreads:

This is just a small sampling of the vintage treasures to be had here.  Look around and you will find some great pieces that will be a lifelong addition to your wardrobe!


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Don't you hate when you wake up with a huge, painful pimple coming in? Me too. Unfortunately that's a part of being a woman - and partly the reason I said my face washing routine was only 95% effective. The other 5% is set aside for times when my skin just does NOT want to cooperate. 

That being said, I've had my bouts of heavy skin discoloration and breakouts. I have the scarring between my eyebrows and on my chin to prove it. Now that I'm 22, I've come to find that the best products that other people use may not be the best tools for YOU to use. I've gotten to the place where I know which products work for me by trial and error. My go-to brand is mostly Neutrogena or SIMPLE. SIMPLE works for a LOT of girls. 

Here's my face washing routine for you to follow and keep your clean nice and fresh. 


1) Never go to sleep with makeup on

This is like going to a shootout in the old west and asking not to get shot. You're bound to get something popping up under your skin from the clogged pores. Always make sure that your makeup is OFF at night. 



2) Use your favorite acne-clearing or pretty much just anything cleanser

Using a cleanser will help get rid of the makeup that you missed on the first go-around with just water. I use Neutrogena Green Tea and Vitamin E, and I love the small beads and it smells great. I'd recommend it if you have clear skin already and just want a brightening face cleanser. 



3) Apply a toner on a cotton ball to get rid of dirt in hard to reach places

Lucky me, I started experimenting with my mom's products at a young age. I used her Clinique Cleansing Toner and if I have a pimple coming in, I swipe over it with the toner on a cotton ball and the next day it's either ready to pop, or it's drying up. Toners ALWAYS work. 


4) Apply an overnight cream, or a wrinkle prevention lotion

Like I said, I started at a young age. I wanted my skin to never get wrinkled, and I have yet to see even one wrinkle. (I'm on 22 though, so let's wait a few more years.) 


I hope my face washing routine works for some of you and your pursuits of clearer brighter skin!


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You know your fancy latte is Instagram-worthy but is it going to grow your followers? Well, I’m here to help you find out!

Instagram is not just a personal photo album, now we can share our Vinted closet and build a profitable Instagram account!


First impressions are everything.  Having a cohesive theme will increase your chances of a user clicking that lovely follow button.

Every time I post a photo I think of my theme: Bright. Scenic. Fashion. 

Instead of focusing on one post at a time, think of your profile as a whole. This will give your potential followers an idea of what to expect from your Instagram!

Now it's time to grow a valuable following. Learn more tips on building your BRAND on INSTAGRAM from my YouTube video below. :)


What's your Instagram username? I'll start! @monikarosesf.  Comment yours below!

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I'll never forget the day I was watching my mom get ready for work and watched her put her makeup on. I knew I was going to be able to wear makeup someday, and that someday had come. My mom taught me all about the appropriate amounts to put on and what colors look best. I spent the evening with her in Walmart picking out the colors I liked the best. Since I've grown up, and now over 10 years later - I've switched to an organic/natural lifestyle. That being said, I know everyone has different preferences. These colors are for everyone, and the brands can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle and budget. 


e.l.f Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Elf is vegan and cruelty-free. They're cheap and perfect for beginners. I personally like to get pallets, so that I have options - and don't have to go back to the drug store if I need a different color. As a beginner, it's best to stick with matte, neutral tones that fit your skin color. I recommend this pallet from ELF:



The Nude Wear Palette- Maybelline

This is one of those brands that I would use as BEGINNER and as someone who doesn't want to spend too much money. This is great for practicing new styles and blends. //source.


NYX Bohemian Chic Nude Palette

This brand is, again, great for practicing. These colors are a little brighter which could be fun if you're going out with your friends or on a date. I recommend starting with subtle bright colors. We don't want to look like we walked out of an 80's movie, now do we?! (ok, maybe...) //source



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