life hacksEveryone needs to do a trip to Las Vegas once in their lives. Even though the main thing to do there is party all night (aka club and drink) there’s actually an endless amount of fun things you can do without breaking the bank!

  1. Try a Buffet: Most of the hotels on the strip have a buffet, do some research and find out which one fits your needs. The fancier it is, the higher the price, but you will get a gourmet selection of food and desserts! Some have unlimited gelato, some have unlimited beer and wine. There’s a buffet for everyone!
  2. Go up the Eiffel Tower at Paris: If you go up at night for a small entrance fee, you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of the strip! If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the Bellagio fountains performing right across the street.
  3. Check out the Pinball Hall of Fame: There’s a huge collection of vintage pinball machines. It’s a like an interactive museum where you can play games!
  4. Visit Fremont Street: This is where Old Town Vegas is. There are so many lights and shops and things to see on this vintage strip and you can even zipline down it!
  5. Watch a Show: There are plenty of entertainment options like shows and concerts. Buy some tickets to see a Cirque de Soliel show like the Beatles "LOVE" or the Michael Jackson Tribute. The performances here are unlike anywhere else
  6. Hotel Hopping: All the hotels have amazing lobbies and casinos, and some even have shops. You can spend a whole day going through each hotel on the strip! Check out the art installations they have in some of the lobbies.
  7. Visit the Shark Reef: Mandalay Bay has an aquarium full of fish and sharks! You’ll find exotic creatures everywhere. It's perfect if you have kids in your group.
  8. Ride the rollercoaster at New York, New York: I love this ride-- it feels like you’re flying through the city buildings! For a fee you’ll be zooming though the outsides of the hotel.
  9. Visit the Circus: Check out Circus Circus. They have a huge dome in the back that holds a circus and rides! There are plenty of games to play and acrobats to see.
  10. Take a Spa Day: Some hotels let people purchase a spa pass for the day. Find out which one you’d like to visit and call to see they allow outside guests.

There are so many more things to do in Las Vegas, so one trip is never enough. Welcome to the city of lights!


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Healthy Hobbies

I have never met a woman free from all insecurity. Beautiful women in magazines, photoshopped to the point of nonrecognition, made up to look like a Barbie- they are all over the media! Many women, at some point in their lives, will struggle with their weight, ranging from wanting to lose 5 lbs and toning up to needing to lose over 100 lbs to save their own lives. It's not an easy feat with all the temptation around us. (hello, who doesn't love French fries?!) Most of us will fall victim to a burger joint at least once this week and then feel very, very guilty about it. This is my story of overcoming these temptations: I lost over 60 lbs over the past year with only an adjustment in attitude!

My whole life, for as long as I could remember, I (and everyone else around me) have been obsessed with my weight! From the age 8 on, I was a chubby kid. Always active in sports and playing with my friends but with no success on trimming down, I was introduced to diets at an early age. (“Suck on the bullion cube! It'll curb your appetite!”)

Do you know how much it sucks to be overweight and school-aged? I was teased by the pretty, thin girls and started doing their homework assignments for them so they would be my friends. Being 200 or more pounds through all of my teens was awful for me. Plain and simple. I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted. I struggled with my self-esteem. I wanted desperately to be thin.

At age 20 I had my first child, a son. His father and I split before he was born. I began crash dieting and using chemicals to lose weight. I began using drugs to cope with depression and drinking heavily to gain some liquid confidence in social situations. My life was a complete mess. I married two years later, and was continuously harassed by my then husband about my weight. He would call me names and watch very closely what I ate. After my second child, a daughter was born, we divorced. Many men in my life, including my own father, would express discontent with my weight, and let me tell you, the stress was ruining my life.

Mother's Day 2014 I saw myself in a family photo, and it changed my entire life. It was the heaviest I had ever been. I was on the tail end of a bad relationship and continuously eating my feelings and wayyyy too depressed to leave my bed. When my jeans stopped fitting I stopped buying clothes. At that point I was a size 22/24. I wore stretch pants every day. I met the man I'm currently with a few months later and showed him the photo. He told me I was beautiful.

He thought that a fat, lazy, blob of crap was beautiful. Seeing my beauty from someone else’s eyes was what I needed, and finally the weight started falling off. I became pregnant twice within two years and still managed to lose almost 70 pounds, a difficult feat for sure. However, when my boyfriend accepted me and loved my body, I began accepting me and loving my body, too and that naturally led to some big changes.

After nearly two decades of starving myself and working out to the point of exhaustion, I lost weight with only a change in my perception of my body. When I stopped worrying about my shape, I stopped eating my feelings. I am a foodie, and I will always love sugar, junk, caffeine, alcohol, and pretty much everything else that is bad for me, but when I came out of my deep dark depression, I stopped focusing on how much I could eat and how long it had been since I last ate. I stopped being so self-conscious and started venturing out into the world-- walking, dancing, playing, and doing things I wouldn't have dreamed of letting anyone see me do. And the extra activity also helped me to lose weight.

I'm not saying a proper diet and exercise isn't important but feeling good about yourself makes all the difference. Confidence is, and has always been, the best thing a girl can wear. Don't let anyone hold you back from being your best, happy self. Find it within yourself and surround yourself with people who reinforce how beautiful you are. It could very well change your life.

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Life HacksWedding planning can be the most fun part of the wedding or your worst nightmare. If you follow this short list of do's and don'ts you can improve the planning process and have some fun doing it!

DO: Attend a wedding expo early on. It can save you a lot of money, introduce you to a ton of vendors, and be a fun way to kick things off.

DON'T: Settle. This is the biggest regret I hear from my friends. Hiring a friend and saving a few dollars might be something you regret 5 or 10 years down the road. Get the best product and service you can in your budget.

DO: Make a budget. Even if it is a rough estimate, a budget can help you keep costs reasonable and avoid unnecessary tears down the road.

DON'T: Forget things. Make lists. Lots of lists. Lists have been my best friend through this whole process. It allows me to check things off as I have time and as I can afford them.

DO: COMMUNICATE. Wedding planning can be stressful on you and your spouse. Fighting during this process seems silly since your big day is about a loving bond. Remember, you are in this together and wedding planning should be fun.

DON'T: Let your guests stress you out. There will invariably be a crazy aunt that can only eat green foods, a friend who wants to bring her flavor of the week, or a family member that just can't figure out how to book a hotel room. Go through these things with a level head and remember why you're inviting the person in the first place. (Bonus Do: Be firm. Stand your ground. It's your wedding.)

DO: Have fun. Fall in love all over again. Plan away!

What are some things you wish you would have done planning your wedding?

What can Vinties do to have the wedding of their dreams? Comment and let us know!

Happy planning!


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Beauty CentralSometimes, it seriously feels as though I am buying a new beauty/health product everyday. According to my bank statements, it may be true! I do love trying new things out, whether just passing it in the store, or reading/seeing it on a blog/vlog.

Within the past month, I have fallen in love with some really nice products under $15. Check them out!




I'm the first to say I rock the “Snow White” pale; however, during the summer I do like to be tanner. With me working seven days a week, I am not going to get much suntime. I have been loving Suave Professionals Visible Glow self-tanning lotion because of that. The application is easy and basic. The formula is nice and has great moisture, especially if applied right after a shower.

The downside, like with any self-tanning lotion, is if you forget to wash your hands, the area between your fingers turns a funky color. Also, if you do not apply evenly, or if you apply over any kind of body hair, you will end up with darker spots. Definitely avoid elbows and knees as well!          

Insert my completely shameless Colourpop plug. Sorry not sorry, I love this brand. I'm one of the people who finds a brand they love and sticks with it.

I have been in need of a good red brown eyeshadow for a while, and I was beyond happy when this was released. The formula is great, and it isn't too shimmery or too matte. That makes it work well for both my lid, and my crease and lower lid as well. I find it best applied with a flat brush and then blended in


Sephora Brow Thickener has to be my favorite product I have been using lately. I have an annoying brow color that is between a blonde and brown, and it is a pain in the butt to get them looking thicker and natural at the same time.

This really isn't a product I would use if I had very thin brows. I have noticed I like this more when my brows are starting to grow in. The tip gives it an easy application, but because it is a loose powder I make sure to use before applying anything else. I also top it off with a brow gel just to keep it in place.         

I know I have posted this product in my previous entry-- I just love tarte’s Maracuja;s Oil that much. I'm a klutz and knocked this over one day and spilled about half my bottle, but even still I have a ton of product left.

This isn't a product I would say you really need the full size of, because a little bit goes a long way. I'm very dry in my t-zone and this keeps me hydrated. I like to use it more at night, but I do mix it in with my HD foundation. It hasn't made me break out, which is great considering it is an oil.

Warning: the bottle can get slippery.


Wet ‘n Wild’s Megaglo Illuminating Poweder has to be my second favorite product I've been using. It's technically a contour palette; however, I use it for highlighting and blush instead. The darkest shade is too dark for my skin tone but mixing the first three gives me a beautiful glow.

There is one major downside to this, and it is the shape. I actually don't like large round products like this because it is more of a pain for me to store, and it is a lot more annoying to hold. However, for the price, it is an amazing size!

I'm pretty sure I have used this product every day for the past three weeks, that is how much in love I am with it.


I'm always looking to try new products, so finding a bunch that I love (out of maybe the ten new things I have tried recently) is very exciting for me. These are all products I use basically everyday, and I know won't go to waste.

Have any beauty products to recommend? Let me know in the comments.


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Beauty Central

I don't know about where you live but where I'm from it's getting pretty warm pretty quickly... It's supposed to be 99 degrees this week! No, thanks. But I've come up with a pretty good sweat-proof, easy makeup look that beats the heat! 

For my base I like to use Rimmel BB cream. I like it because it provides good coverage and it has SPF, especially important for the summer. I use a Real Techniques beauty blender to apply, which I find gives it the most natural looking glow. I then like to use Rimmel Stay Matte Powder because I find this helps makes my base stay on longer. To add a little bit of glow back, I have recently been loving Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Peach lights. It works perfectly as a blush/highlighter duo! These highlighters also come in a few different shades to work for most skin tones. 


For my eyes I keep it pretty simple. I don't like using a lot of powder in the summer so I've been loving Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink. I also have a bronze shade, which looks beautiful all over the lid! The colors last all day and are so affordable. For mascara I use Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara. It lasts through the heat and makes my lashes look incredible! 

For lips I usually throw on a tinted lip balm or chapstick. And then to make sure everything stays in place I spritz a little bit of Wet n Wild Setting Spray


This look seriously only takes me five or so minutes and is perfect for the hot weather! What products do you love during this time of year? 




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Stylishly You

Hi guys, I am Abby! I’ve been using Vinted since 2013. I hope you are all as excited as I am about the Coast-to-Coast Pop-Ups this weekend! I’m writing this blog post to give you some tips and ideas for the event, to help you have a great time and make some money in the process.

Before the Pop-Up Shop:

  1. A few days before the event, begin putting aside items you want to sell at the pop-up. I use a plastic tote, which allows for easy transportation to the event and easy clean up when it’s time to leave.

  2. Carefully check over your clothes. Before you leave make sure your clothes are clean and without holes/stains. An item you might sell normally for someone to fix might turn people off from your entire closet.

  3. Look and see what your event is providing. Some provide racks, some do not. Some provide tags, some do not. If your event isn’t providing tags, you can buy a package of 100 for about 5 dollars from stores like Target. If you want to save money, some cheap ribbon and paper can work to make adorable tags.

  4. Join the Facebook event page (if applicable), and talk in the forums! Get to know some of the other ladies selling ahead of time! More than anything else, this is an event to get to know and build your Vinted community, which hopefully can lead to sales in the long run.

What to bring:

  1. Bring clothing items that are in season. Bright summer dresses, rad jean shorts, tank tops, sandals, bikinis-- these are all winners!

  2. Come armed with your best stuff! Be sure to bring the highlights of your closet.

  3. Try to choose items you’d sell in the $5-$25 price range. Remember that this event is advertised as a thrifting event. Since Vinted doesn’t take a percentage, you can lower your prices. You also might be milling around the event, so you might not be able to negotiate your prices, so price to sell! Bring a few high end items if you have them.

  4. Items that people might not buy online due to shipping weight or inability to try on--such as shoes, dresses, and things without size tags--are great things to bring.

  5. I sold accessories very successfully at pop-up shops! So don’t forget about those as well. Colorful sunglasses, statement necklaces, and scarves are eye-catching and popular.

  6. If you sell a variety of sizes, bring a variety or focus on two or three size ranges! If you just sell one size range, that's great too! (I’ll explain in the next section how to display them).

At the event:

  1. Follow the rules and directions given by your local Vinted ambassador or whoever is running the event.

  2. This is probably my most important tip: How do you organize your stuff once you get there? Last time, I thought organizing by color would be adorable. It looked beautiful, but it wasn’t the most conducive to sales. If you have a variety sizes the best way to sort is definitely by size. This time I am going to make little section dividers ahead of time, that say “Size XS,” “Size S,” “Size M,” “Size L,” “Size XL,” and a section for my gorgeous plus size beauties! That way when people visit your rack, they will be able to sort through the section for their size. This is especially important if you have a lot of clothes.

  3. Socialize!! Shop other people's racks, get to know them! Reach out and talk. Eat some food and hang out.

  4. Make sure when you leave, you clean up and leave everything as it was when you arrived.

After the event:

Add the lovely vinties you met on Vinted and other social media platforms, and stay in touch! This can lead to future sales, friendships, and more. A real business is all about networking.



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Beat the summer heat and cool down at the movies this summer.

5) Independence Day: Resurgence
June 24

4) The Conjuring 2
June 10

3) Now You See Me 2
June 10

2) Suicide Squad
August 5

1) Finding Dory
June 17


What movies this summer are you most excited to see?!

For me, I am most excited for Suicide Squad, since I love comic book movies. I think DC has a good thing going here with this movie!

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