We discovered makeup artist Anne Sophie Costa on Instagram, because of course we did. We started following her for the i-D and Jalouse shoots, but we also love the mermaid vibes she throws here and there. Let her signature dewy looks guide you through the hot and sticky bit of summer.

Can you explain what you do and how you got into it?

I am a fashion makeup artist in London. I started about 8 years ago, when I was approached by a makeup artist at a event, who asked me to be her assistant. I took a course, and I haven't stopped ever since.  


Why and when did you decide to move to London?

I remember that even aged 12 I wanted to leave Portugal. I had always thought it wasn't for me. In 2009 I spent my holidays in London, and I instantly I fell in love with the city.

Around that time I met a makeup artist I assisted in London, on a few shows and some magazine editorials. He and his team pushed for me to stay and to move to London, and a few months later that’s what I did.

I feel more like myself here, I’m freer. It's a city that lets you be yourself without judgment. The opposite in fact, people here encourage you to be original. It's amazing!


When you work on a shoot what's your process to decide on the makeup?

It depends on the shoot, but usually we have a chat about the mood of the shoot, the clothes the models are wearing and how it's going to feel.

I then suggest some options, products, shapes or ideas and we discuss them until we reach a final decision.


What are your top 5 beauty/makeup items and why?

1. Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Palette

It's a 2 in 1, which you can take everywhere and you’re ready for any event. Day or night!

2. Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden

I love it for a casual dinner or drinks, I use it on my lips and to give my eyelids some glow!

3. They’re Real! By Benefit

Love that Benefit mascara, it really has a push-up effect on every single one of your lashes!

4. False Lashes Waterproof by MAC

Waterproof, for summer. Never leave the house without mascara! Even one coat is enough, but don't forget to start by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler!!

5. The Orange Flower Facial Oil by Neal’s Yard

Last but not least, especially in the summer, mix you everyday cream with a bit of natural oil from Neal's Yard, like the orange flower one, to help your skin recover at night. That way your skin is always moisturised and you don't peel from sun damage!



Even though we may not like getting older, we definitely love warm birthday wishes, gifts, and FREE STUFF! Since July is my birthday month, I have been soaking up all the freebies that come along with it!

Here is a guide to a handful of businesses that have awesome birthday perks.



Bare Minerals- if you are a Friends and Benefits member you will receive a personalized beauty gift.

Benefit Cosmetics- join and get a free birthday Brow Arch!

Sephora- if you are a Beauty Insider you get a free birthday gift. Who doesn't love free sample size beauty products? This month I got a Marc Jacobs package. [No purchase necessary].

Ulta- if you are a member of Ultamate Rewards you receive an email for a free full size item. This year I got a full size Urban Decay eyeshadow. You also get 2X reward points all month. [No purchase necessary].


Buffalo Wild Wings- if you are a member of Buffalo Circle you will receive a free snack size boneless or traditional wings. [Dine in only, no purchase necessary, must present coupon].

Dunkin Donuts- If you have their app they will send you a coupon for a free drink on your birthday. Even better: this coupon is actually good all month! [No purchase necessary, must present coupon].

Jersey Mike's- join their rewards program and get a free sub AND drink!

Panera- if you are a member of their rewards program you get a free birthday pastry. Yes. Free. Birthday. Carbs.

Starbucks- if you join their rewards program you get a free drink on your bithday.


American Eagle- if you are a member of AERewards you will receive a coupon for 15% off your purchases in your birthday month.

DSW- if you are a meber of their rewards program you will receive a $5 off coupon. [Read: MORE SHOES].

Torrid- if you are a member of their rewards program you will receive an email with a $10 off any purchase coupon!

Victoria's Secret- if you join their mailing list (or are an Angel) receive a coupon for $10 off of $10.

If you know of any other can't-miss birthday deals, please share them below.

Happy Birthday, y'all!


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life hacks


School's been out for the summer for a while now, and I don't know about your kids, but I have to actually make my kids go outside and play! They are perfectly content being glued to the TV, tablet, and computer screens in the air conditioning all day long. In order to keep them active, I sometimes have to get a little bit creative! It is recommended that children get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Here are some fun ideas for outside play that won't break the bank.



1. Search for Inexpensive Summer Camps  

Every single year, my kids attend a summer camp at a park near our house. They have been doing so from age 3. It costs us $1 per day per child (covering the cost of daily crafts) and it's run by college students. It's 3 hours. Imagine what you could do with 3 hours to yourself! Check your local bulletin boards and newspapers for cheap or free day camps! Your kids get tons of exercise, and they will also get to socialize!

2. Host a Neighborhood Sprinkler Party/ Water Balloon Fight

I'm constantly faced with the challenge of "there's no one to play with!" Odds are, if your closest neighbors aren't miles away, there's probably children in your neighborhood. Sprinkler attachments can be purchased from for $5 or less. You can typically get 25-100 water balloons for $1 at your local Dollar Tree, and you'll typically use about $3-$5 in water. Your kids will have just as much fun jumping through a sprinkler or throwing water balloons at their friends for $10 or less! Compared to the price of expensive water parks, and I'd say it's a heck of a deal!

3. Have a Dance Party

Every 10 minutes of dancing will burn 50 calories! Pop in a CD (if you're old like me) or play some tunes off your phone! Start dancing and the kids will follow along! Your kids will be shaking their groove thing and having so much fun that they won't realize what they are doing is exercise! Best part- it's absolutely free!

4. Have A Picnic/Hike/Swim at a State Park 

The best part about visiting state parks is the price! Zero dollars! Pack a healthy lunch and head out for a hike! Most state parks have safe and paved trails! Find a picnic table to eat your lunch at and have some family fun. Some state parks have sectioned off parts of a lake to swim in for free, also. Do your research beforehand to see what the state park closest to you has to offer.

5. Play in the Dirt!

I know, I know. As an adult, playing in the dirt just sounds gross, but it absolutely has its benefits! Letting kids make mud-pies and dig holes encourages them to use their imagination as well as build their immune systems! Grab some old clothes that are ready to be thrown out, and let the kids loose! Sand toys are inexpensive and your kids can make mud castles and be a wonderful filthy dirty mess! Play along and let your inner child go wild!

Have any tips for helping your kids fight summer boredom? Let us know in the comments!


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You can’t spell Vinted without Vintage (actually you can, but just go with it), and so we enlisted help from the coolest girl on the vintage scene, Amanda Lee Shirreffs. Read on for her tips to make vintage shopping (and selling!) a fun walk down memory lane.

How did you get into vintage?

My mother and my aunt really inspired my love of vintage with their love of music and aesthetics. My mom always pushed for me to be an individual and to always stand out from the crowd.

Can you tell us about your career path?

I attended the London College of Fashion [in London]. While I was there, I threw myself into any opportunity that I came across, which led me to assist the D&G and Burberry Buying and Merchandising teams. At D&G I was encouraged to take on a stylist role during their buying season, which really propelled me down this path. They were the catalysts to me finding my way in fashion.

I was always so inspired by British style, how they are able to mix vintage to amplify their look and how much fun they have with it. Men also really commit to a look. That’s what I miss! Give me a Northern boy in Cuban heels.

Afterwards, I started styling singer Ren Harvieu, which snowballed into working with musicians on the rise for publications like The New Yorker, New York Magazine and i-D.

What are your rules when shopping for vintage?
- Go in with an open mind! I always find my best pieces when I least expect it.  
- Don’t buy anything that needs a lot of repairs. Take it from someone who has a bin worth of ‘repair’ items. You’ll never come around to it!
- Check armpits. I find fabrics like 70s polyester really absorb the smells and sweat stains.
- Know your brands, but don’t let them lead you. Last year I was really taken by a full length, sequin dress that the thrift store wanted to chuck. I decided to just take it off their hands – both completely unaware that it is a high priced Malcolm Starr gown.
- My online vintage shopping is geared towards finding curated, high-end pieces. I always assume it’s most likely final sale, so it’s important to know your measurements.

What are your styling tips to create outfits that won't look costume-y?

I never like my look to be too polished or strictly married to one era: maintain contemporary hair and makeup and add some modern accessories.


What’s your advice for sellers?

When I started to have a real distinct vision of the direction I wanted my career to go, an artist friend gave me the best advice: ‘Curate your account as if it were a gallery. Make it recognizable.’ So, art direction is important if you want to attract like-minded people who will purchase your pieces.

Good lighting is important, as well. I tend to shoot my vintage pieces in natural light, at the brightest time of day – because unless you’re a trained photographer, lighting can be tricky! Make sure to include a few off-figure images so the buyer can see the details.

Discover Amanda’s Vinted picks:

Little Lavander
“I love her shop because of its distinct look and feel”



I love vintage tees and she has some great ones”


She has a great eye for brands! The selection of high waisted skirts and oversized blazers are my fav.”

All pictures Amanda Lee Shirreffs for Shrimpton Couture.

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Festival season is now in full swing, but if you’re still looking for THE piece that’ll make you stand out in the crowd, look no further! We managed to catch up with Coline Bach, the in-demand stylist coming up with the looks worn by Years & Years, the British band shaking up the pop scene.


What do you do?

I’m a fashion and wardrobe stylist.


How do you divide your time between celeb styling and editorial?

It depends how busy my clients are, my main clients are Years & Years and for the past ten months they have been really busy so it has taken most of my time as they are always my main priority, but if it gets quieter with them like it has been for the past two months then I get to do more editorial, so it’s always a good balance.


How did you get into styling?

I assisted A LOT of more senior stylists, but mainly I was Robbie Spencer’s first assistant at Dazed & Confused for a while. Then I went freelance and started doing my own thing, I met the Years & Years boys on an editorial shoot for Modzik magazine, which is a French music focused magazine, and we just clicked! I was also shooting for Schön! quite a bit as a freelance and the editor in chief asked me to become fashion editor for the magazine.


What's the process like when you're styling a band like Years & Years for a festival?

I would first talk to Olly about what he would like to do and what direction he would like to take. For Coachella I worked with graduates who sent sketches and fabric swatches for tour outfits ideas for Olly, according to a general brief I sent them. We picked the favourites with Olly and commissioned five of them. For Glastonbury, I asked Olly if he had a specific idea of what he would like to wear, and he said that he wanted something rainbow coloured with wings. We worked on this idea with my friend Lara Jensen who is a great accessories and costume maker, and she designed and realised the full outfit for him. The vest, the shorts and the cape. This was a very special outfit because it was Pride weekend and after the terrible events that happened in Orlando, Olly, as a spokesperson for the LGBT community was able to send a strong message to the Glasto crowd, both with his incredible emotional speech, and the outfit.


Do you have special tips and tricks when packing for a festival?

It depends on the festival, for Coachella it was sunblock and bandanas, because it’s in the middle of the Palm Spring desert and such a dusty festival that people walk around with bandanas across their faces to avoid breathing in dust. For Glastonbury you can’t go without wellies, it’s just a mud bath there! And a good raincoat or rain poncho.


life hacks

It's Sunday morning and you get a notification on Facebook. Your friend tagged you in 30 photos. THIRTY! You quickly log onto the Book and see a few photos that are not so flattering. She got your bad side... and your other bad side.. and omg look at that muffin top. You untag yourself quickly. Phew. Crisis averted.

But why? Why do we do this?

Social media is addictive. We love the instant gratification of likes (and now loves!). We want to share the best parts of ourselves: the parts we want the world to see.

I'm a plus-sized gal. I have been since I was in elementary school. I often don't like photos of myself and also often opt to do neck up poses where I feel I can control the undesirables. I've been made fun of, I've been looked over, I've been forgotten. I want the likes on social media as much if not more than the average woman. The difference is that I realized that really loving myself starts with allowing others to know the real me.

The person sharing those 30 awkward photos enjoyed your presence, your laugh, your body as it was, and you should too! Hiding behind filters and insecurities will keep you from fully living.

If I delete those pictures from my memory I will look back in 10 years and just have photos of my face when I was looking my best. I won't have that open mouth shot of me laughing with my dear friend. I won't have that snapshot where I looked a little chunky, but it was an awesome concert. Which is more important- the great memory or my vanity?

So step back a moment. Don't micromanage your life on social media. Sure you can share that totally awesome selfie it took you 10 snaps to get but those other photos and memories are just as important if not more important. Share that body shot. Wear a bikini if you feel like it. Love yourself and let others love you too!


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Welcome to #HERstory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory- meet Chriss

  • Name: Chriss @colormechriss
  • Currently killin' it in: NY, NY
  • Vintie since: Jan. 2014

Law school. I guess I had to go. I guess I'd been spending my entire life working up to the moment I got to take that entrance exam and submit my application papers. I guess I didn't realize exactly how much work and law school was. After my first year, I realized I wasn't going to be able to achieve my dream: I needed money and I needed it fast.

Suddenly, and at exactly the right time, my salvation appeared like a beacon in the distance: Vinted! There it was, a suggestion on my facebook page-- that little icon called to me like a siren song. Vinted saved my future, it saved my present and it has helped me achieve my lifelong goal of becoming an attorney. I would have been sunk without the extra cash Vinted helped me earn when I needed it most. I owe my entire career to Vinted.


HERjourney to Vinted

Vinted is where I go to get away from the world. I work 10-12 hour days, sometimes 6 days/week. I work really hard, and, more often than not, I'm completely wiped out. Vinted is my bubble, it's the place I know I can go to get even 10 minutes of support, love, and much-needed peace in my otherwise hectic, fast-paced and stressful life.

The Vinted community has never, not once, let me down or abandoned me when I needed them. At the end of a long day, nothing makes me happier than scrolling the forums and chatting back and forth with my fellow vinties. These girls are clever, supportive, fun and creative: they are everything I don't get in my day. They help me live another life, one far, far away from being a New York City attorney, and I could never thank them enough.



My favorite piece of advice is to re-upload often. I work looooonnnggggg hours, so I don't have time to re-take picture after picture of my items; instead, I screen-shot posts and upload them using the screen shots when I know there's a lot of traffic on Vinted (usually between 7-10pm EST, when most *normal* people are getting out of work). It has helped me get views, favorites and sales on items that were otherwise forgotten in the depths of my Vinted closet.

Second, be active on the forums! It helps people get to know your icon and username, and certainly helps potential buyers or swappers trust you.

Finally, be kind. They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and on Vinted, 99.9% of the time, it's worth it to be sweet as pie, even if someone is royally annoying you. Don't let them walk all over you, stay firm on your prices if you need, but do it with a sugary sweet smile. Works, (almost) everytime.


I like to say that I'm half city-chic and the other half dirty hippie. I'll rock a 3-piece suit in court on a Wednesday but prefer a fringed crop top and high-waisted cut-offs in my backyard playing beer pong on a Saturday.

  • Calvin Klein
  • Express
  • Ralph Lauren
  • J. Crew
  • Anthropologie


Share the love for Chriss in the comments below!

Want to share your story? We want to hear it  >>SHARE 


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At Vinted, we make it our mission to make second-hand shopping the first choice you can think of. It can be an entirely selfish choice, like when you managed to track down that amazing sold out bag, or that time you just had to have these vintage pumps… but if it can also be an ethical option you feel good about, what’s not to love? We talked vintage and all things ethical with Sarah Ditty from Fashion Revolution.

What do you do, Sarah?

I am the head of policy at Fashion Revolution, the global movement calling for a more transparent, safer, cleaner and more sustainable fashion industry. We began in 2013 as a response to the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,100 garment workers, mainly young women. We are powered primarily by volunteers, and we now have teams in 92 countries working to raise awareness about the broken, exploitative clothing industry. In my policy role, I work with the European Parliament, the UK and German government, and international unions and NGOs to look at ways to improve responsibility and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Every year on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse on 24th April, Fashion Revolution takes to social media, the streets, the halls of government, schools and other places both online and offline to remember the people who have died in the process of making the clothes we wear every day. All of our actions are centred around the question ‘who made my clothes?’ Online we encourage people to take a selfie of their favourite clothes and tag the brand #whomademyclothes as a way to encourage more transparency from the companies we shop from.


When did you first become aware of ethical fashion?

Oxfam did a very clever campaign in 2004 in which they covered Radiohead’s Thom Yorke in chocolate and it said “how delicious is it to know that sweet taste in your mouth is one of slavery?” That really struck a chord with me and it sort of made me question everything I consumed from food to clothes to electronics. I had never really thought much about how the products I bought were made, by whom, under what conditions. I have been campaigning on these issues ever since then, starting when I was in university and challenged my school to take a stance against sweatshop apparel.


How do I make sure that my shopping habits become as clean and ethical as possible?

Look at the label when you’re shopping and be curious about what it tells you. Ask the brands you shop from for more information about where and how it’s been made. Ask, ask, ask.

Look for things labeled organic or fair trade as this ensures it’s been made in an ethical way both for the environment and the people who made it.

Always look for good quality, will it last for a long time? Don’t buy something unless you are certain you are going to wear it more than 30 times. Look for natural fibres and try to avoid polyester and nylon as they will stay in the landfill for hundreds of years.

You can find independent brands, designers and craftspeople online much easier than on the high street. If not, can you find a second-hand alternative? Scoring that amazing vintage find is such an amazing feeling!