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This week we are featuring new Vintie and French blogger and body positivity advocate, Manon Edwards, of Chic With Curves fame. Manon is originally from Marseille, a small city in the South of France - two years ago, she decided to embark on a fabulous American adventure and has been living in LA ever since.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a blogger/influencer.

At the beginning it was just a hobby, since I was passionate by writing and blogging. I always had been concerned about the struggles of loving fashion and being plus sized, since I’m a size 16, so I decided to write especially about body acceptance. Even if my focus isn’t specifically fashion, I want to show that loving yourself AND loving fashion is totally possible, no matter your size! Once I started writing about this, a lot of brands contacted me, loving my energy and my fight against the negative image of plus size and fashion, so I began my social media accounts and become a freelance blogger influencer.

You have a strong message of body positivity - how did you come to be so confident and comfortable in your skin?

It’s been a long journey. It started after I broke up with my first love, because he wanted me to fit in with HIS standards of beauty, not mine. I told him enough, that I’ve cried too many times, that I’ve tried to change myself for somebody else too many times, and that I want to be happy with who I really am! It was still not easy to really come to loving myself after this, but I decided to keep a positive outlook on life and my body.


Blogger roll call, from left to right: curvygirlchic, chicwithcurves, gabifresh & curveella 

How would you describe your style?

I do not have a specific style - that’s another part of my identity. I really encourage women to wear absolutely whatever they want, no matter their size. If you’re happy and feeling beautiful, that’s the best way to find your “fashion style.” So my own style actually  depends on my current mood! Sometimes I’m more preppy chic, sometimes more rock and casual, but I admit I’m in love with mixing different styles in one look - for example, a sexy chic dress and camo shirt with casual sneakers!

What is the biggest difference between French fashion and LA fashion?

The biggest difference is the choice! In LA (and the US, as a whole) even if you are plus size, if you want to go on the mall, you can also find some trendy stores with fashionable plus size clothes, like Lovesick, Torrid, Forever21 plus etc. In France, unfortunately, it’s still tough to find places that carry plus sizes in store. Some stores, like H&M, offer a maternity section but who said that being plus size means you want to wear maternity clothing? As well, if a store specializes in plus size in France, it usually is not trendy clothing aimed at older women. While styles and trends are international, for the most part, the selection and availability of plus size options is the key difference between the US and France.



Name three of your top brands for finding amazing clothes




What are you most looking forward to for fall fashion?

I’m loving jeans that are super destroyed on the knees or with destroyed fringes at the bottom, which I saw on the runways last year! I also am looking forward to over-the-knee boots and the classic lace up dress or top.

You recently joined Vinted and even came to our Vinted Goes Vintage event! What do you love about being a member of Vinted?

I’m in love with the fact that it’s really fast and easy to post your clothes for sale - every option is already set up, you just have to chose yours, upload a photo and that’s it! But what I prefer the most is that you can really find some great deals, and it’s specifically for clothes, shoes, accessories and fashion!


Your words of wisdom for the Vinted community? 

Girls do not forget, be happy with YOURSELF for YOURSELF, be #HAPPYwithcurves no matter your size!


Check out Manon's Vinted closet, featuring sizes 16 and up! 


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Festival season is now in full swing, but if you’re still looking for THE piece that’ll make you stand out in the crowd, look no further! We managed to catch up with Coline Bach, the in-demand stylist coming up with the looks worn by Years & Years, the British band shaking up the pop scene.


What do you do?

I’m a fashion and wardrobe stylist.


How do you divide your time between celeb styling and editorial?

It depends how busy my clients are, my main clients are Years & Years and for the past ten months they have been really busy so it has taken most of my time as they are always my main priority, but if it gets quieter with them like it has been for the past two months then I get to do more editorial, so it’s always a good balance.


How did you get into styling?

I assisted A LOT of more senior stylists, but mainly I was Robbie Spencer’s first assistant at Dazed & Confused for a while. Then I went freelance and started doing my own thing, I met the Years & Years boys on an editorial shoot for Modzik magazine, which is a French music focused magazine, and we just clicked! I was also shooting for Schön! quite a bit as a freelance and the editor in chief asked me to become fashion editor for the magazine.


What's the process like when you're styling a band like Years & Years for a festival?

I would first talk to Olly about what he would like to do and what direction he would like to take. For Coachella I worked with graduates who sent sketches and fabric swatches for tour outfits ideas for Olly, according to a general brief I sent them. We picked the favourites with Olly and commissioned five of them. For Glastonbury, I asked Olly if he had a specific idea of what he would like to wear, and he said that he wanted something rainbow coloured with wings. We worked on this idea with my friend Lara Jensen who is a great accessories and costume maker, and she designed and realised the full outfit for him. The vest, the shorts and the cape. This was a very special outfit because it was Pride weekend and after the terrible events that happened in Orlando, Olly, as a spokesperson for the LGBT community was able to send a strong message to the Glasto crowd, both with his incredible emotional speech, and the outfit.


Do you have special tips and tricks when packing for a festival?

It depends on the festival, for Coachella it was sunblock and bandanas, because it’s in the middle of the Palm Spring desert and such a dusty festival that people walk around with bandanas across their faces to avoid breathing in dust. For Glastonbury you can’t go without wellies, it’s just a mud bath there! And a good raincoat or rain poncho.


Beat the summer heat and cool down at the movies this summer.

5) Independence Day: Resurgence
June 24

4) The Conjuring 2
June 10

3) Now You See Me 2
June 10

2) Suicide Squad
August 5

1) Finding Dory
June 17


What movies this summer are you most excited to see?!

For me, I am most excited for Suicide Squad, since I love comic book movies. I think DC has a good thing going here with this movie!

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Mindy Kaling is like the coolest author ever. Besides being famous for writing/ acting for the show The Office, she’s really just like all of us. In her book Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?" Mindy writes about childhood, growing up, dating, work, and unfair funny situations all with a comedic twist.     


The book is easy and a lot of fun to read. I literally laughed out loud at some parts, it’s like your hanging out with one of you best friends and catching up after a really long time. She’s super funny, which shows in her writing, she includes little random chapters in between like selfies she found on her Blackberry, or why men take so long to put on shoes. Super random? Yes. Relatable? Completely. This is why I enjoyed her book so much. It’s not a classic autobiography, but more of a real-life story told in a casual and funny way.

After finishing the book, I decided that Mindy Kaling and I need to meet and become best friends, she writes about thoughts most of us have and all the insecurities we face, and all the awkward funny moment we all go through. I highly recommend this book! 


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Best way to stay productive? Create a playlist so that you don’t have to waste time skipping songs you aren’t into. Curate some tracks that help your creative flow. Music plays such an important in everyone’s lives, it can evoke different emotions, transport you to a different world, keeps you grooving and moving, the list goes on. Of course, we all have to work hard in order to play hard (summer festivals coming up *cough*) the best way to stay concentrated on studying or whatever project you’re working on is to distract yourself from the outside world. Whenever I work on stuff I usually create a playlist of my favorite tracks to help me get through at least an hour of productivity!

I’ve been able to keep my composure even when I’m stressing out about due dates and deadlines with the help of music. Enjoy my top 20 picks to help you study!

  1. Faded – Alan Walker
  2. Roses – The Chainsmokers
  3. Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie ( Collin McLoughlin Remix)
  4. Gold Dust – Galantis
  5. Genghis Khan – Miike Snow (Louis the Child Remix)
  6. Hold On – Moguai ft. Cheat Codes
  7. Until the End – Dirty South ft. Joe Gil
  8. Sun is Shining – Axwell ^ Ingrosso
  9. What You Waiting For – Gazzo ft. Sugarwhisky
  10. Pillowtalk – ZAYN (Stwo Remix)
  11. Stressed Out – twenty one pilots
  12. Sugar – Pep & Rash X Shermanology  
  13. Because of U – RL Grime
  14. Payback – Dimitri Vangelis & Wymna & Steve Angello
  15. Five Hours – Deorro ft DyCy
  16. One Last Night on Earth – Dada Life (Speaker of the House Remix)
  17. Gold Skies – DVBBS
  18. Heroes – Alesso
  19. Sea of Voices – Porter Robinson
  20. Up We Go – Lights

My favorite music platforms are Soundcloud and Spotify! If you're willing to splurge the subscription services are definitely worth it! Let me know in the comments if you find your new favorite song! 


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Anyone else chill in bed at night and watch approximately 2 hours of videos? Well, none the less... That is the story of my life. Here are some of my favorites that I've seen. I hope you like them, too!


1) Snowboarding with the NYPD - Casey Neistat & Jesse Wellens

Jesse Wellens is by far my favorite YouTuber, so this may be a biased option. I also think that this video is just FUN, and it's also viral. That's why I've included it here. :) 


2) Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff - Insane Rope Swing

I'm a huge fan of adventure videos. Thus my 'campersvintage' username HAHA. Anyway, this video is incredibly popular, but I love it none the less. It's funny, and nerve racking! Just watch. 


3) Face Swap

Need a laugh? Jenna Marbles to the rescue. Here's a face swap video with her and julienne. 

4) Winter is Trumping

To go a little political on you guys, I've been hearing a lot about this video. Enjoy! 

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Who doesn't love to curl up during the winter time, coffee in one hand, book in the other! My thing was always eating wintergreen mints and laying in bed with a lamp on. For some reason, it brought me so much happiness! You can even get creative and light a candle! Here are some of the best books I've ever read, that kept me hooked until I stood up - dizzy - from reading for so long! 

1) The Forest of Hands and Teeth Series - **Being made into a movie!!**

If you're into The Hunger Games or Divergent, you'll LOVE these books. Zombies, Romance... What more could a girl ask for? Read this series of books by Carrie Ryan. You won't be able to put them down. They're without a doubt the best books I've ever read. //source


2) The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

This is an amazing book for any girl who needs some romance in her life, as well as a dog. Dogs never fail. I know what you're thinking... Aw man, another Nicholas Sparks book? Nope. This one is amazing. I stand by that statement till the end.  //source


3) Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 

I really enjoyed this book, though I will admit it made me cry. I feel as if a lot of young women can relate to this book, especially if you're in a dark place. I think it's important that authors acknowledge how young women are feeling - and this book truly represents that. Last I heard, this was also being made into a movie with Selena Gomez. //source

Have a great reading time! I hope these few books will bring you as much emotion as they did for me. 

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Time to gather with your family and friends and watch some classic Holiday favorites while sipping hot chocolate and eggnog.  And I've got the list for you here!   Start watching and enjoy a fun and relaxing Christmas day!


1. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Home Alone is what started it all but that scene in the hotel with the room service always got to me. And that toy store, omg!  Oh to be stuck in New York City with my parents credit card... a girl can dream  //source 


2. Elf

One of the new movies that has turned into a holiday classic, Elf is a most see every year.  //source


3. Miracle on 34th Street

Whether it's the classic 1947 or the newer 1994 version Miracle on 34th Street is a heart warming story tht will make you believe in the unbelievable.  //source


4. The Santa Clause

Santa Clause is a fun commedy that teaches you about family and how an outfit can change your life ;).  Who wants to take a trip to the North Pole with me? //source


5. Dr.Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I'm a sucker for rhymes, so I watch this all the time. :) //source

What are some of your favorite holiday movies?  Share in the comments below!

Be sure to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  


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Media Realtalk

There are many classic Christmas movies, so many it is hard to choose a favorite. Here are my top 3 because they each have a special meaning to me:


Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer...

... and all those who don’t fit in

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer is about the Reindeer who was not like all the others, and who ran away due to his mistreatment by his peers. He was joined by an elf who didn’t fit into his group either. Along the way they face danger and meet more people who feel as they do, from the island of misfit toys up to the Abominable snow man who was able to reform himself and become part of the elf’s family.

We all have a time or a moment in our lives where we might not feel like we belong. You may not feel like you fit in. But if you realize you are truly unique and understand how very special you are, eventually you will find your comfort zone. In doing this you will also find yourself. I felt at one point I was a misfit, and everyday my mom would say, “You’ll see you will be beautiful” and eventually I did feel much better about myself. Everyone needs to hear supportive thoughts, so please take this message from me: “You are special and loved”.


Santa Claus is Coming...

... Meet all challenges!

Santa Claus is coming to Town: It has a song that I took a liking to since I was a little girl.  It goes something like this “Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you will be walking across the floor, put one for in front of the other and soon you will be walking out the door.

Motivation is the theme of the song, and I love how it makes all challenges something that can be attained.  But it wasn’t til the end that the meaning was so very awesome. Fred Astaire is the narrator and he says “that if we are kind, loving and giving that we might just get peace on earth. Here is a little clip.


Three Days...

... putting others before yourself

This one is my all-time favorite. This one is not a cartoon, but live action. It’s a Christmas story with a beautiful meaning. The couple is married and the husband pays little attention to his wife. Finally, an angel comes to him and says that he needs to find a certain gift before Midnight on Christmas Eve, or his wife will be taken. The husband is frantic. He tries everything to get that perfect gift, but he can’t seem to figure it out. All the angel keeps saying is “No, that is not the right gift”.

Eventually, he finds the perfect gift in the moment of his own sacrifice.  

The holiday season is a time for laughter, love, joy and happiness. It is a time for giving.

But what if this is something we did all year round? Maybe Mr. Fred Astaire was right. Maybe we could have peace on earth every day.

Love, Barbara Jeanne xo

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Music is a huge influence in people’s lives.  I was a DJ for 10 years and during that time I did just about every type of party imaginable and in doing this I played every type of music imaginable. Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love" and Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” are song that still plays at almost everybody’s wedding or anniversary,these two songs seem to be timeless. 

I would love to share just a few songs that I come to learn that are still some all time favorites from each era. They're playing at almost every party because people still can’t get enough!


Marvin Gay Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Don McLean - American Pie // Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman 



Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Sister Sledge – We Are Family //  Kool & the Gang – Celebration



Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long // Meat Loaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Light


Alternative Music:

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Blink 182 - Dammit // Green Day – Time of Your Life


90s Dance:

Aqua – Barbie Girl

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe // Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca


2000s Dance:

Lady Gaga - Just Dance

Daft Punk – One More Time // Kesha – Tik Tok



Next – Too Close

Kelis – Milkshake // Destiny’s Child’s – Jumpin’ Jumpin’


Country Music

We can't forget country music with America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift and her songs – Love Story, and You Belong with Me.

Music is magical.  Music helps us through break ups, make ups, relationships, and weddings. Everyone out there has a song that they can relate to. Time can go by and it will always bring you back to that place with that special person. 

I once read when you hear a song that reminds you of that special person, it means that they're also thinking of you.  I put that to the test and I have to say, it’s a bit freaky but true. Try that fun game and see what your results are. Either way, when the music hits your groove, sing like you're voice is sweet as honey. 

Love, Barbara Jeanne xo

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