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Welcome to #HERstory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory- meet Alex

  • Name: Alex @xelas89
  • Currently killin' it in: Washington, DC
  • Vintie since: 2013

Vinted started off as basically just a fun little hobby until I started getting into it and making more money. I completely revamped my entire wardrobe and have purchased mannequins, backdrops, packing supplies, and other items to help out my business.

Vinted has also made me more of a minimalist in regards to my clothing choices. I never buy anything full price anymore and try to pick out pieces I truly need and that will go with a lot of other items in my closet. I am less impulsive in my shopping and have become much more in touch with my personal style and preferences. I still sometimes feel like I am living pay check to pay check and barely getting by but the extra money I make from Vinted makes a big difference in those times of struggle.

Also as a conservationist, it is such a great feeling to know that my unwanted clothes might be worn and appreciated by someone else rather than just thrown away or somewhere in the back of my closet never to be worn.


HERjourney to Vinted

I stumbled upon Vinted from a Facebook ad I believe, and was SOO excited to make a little extra cash and clean out my closet at the same time. At the time, my closet was overflowing with so many clothes I hardly ever wore, and I was paying a ridiculous amount for rent and other bills, plus had thousands of dollars in credit card debt. I slowly began paying off my debts little by little, and I am almost completely debt free now and have managed to save a little money too!

I tried other selling apps and sites out there, but Vinted really stood out to me. I'm so glad I made the decision to join Vinted because it has really helped me get organized, financially stable and live a more minimalist lifestyle!

nichelle 2


1. Good lighting and background display is KEY! It took me awhile to figure this one out, as I used to take all my pictures in my dark basement.

2. Describing items accurately is super important! Provide measurements, explain any flaws and details of the item, and model whenever possible!

3. When buying, always check that you cannot find the same item or similar elsewhere for a better price. You want to make sure you are getting the best deal and not buying impulsively without doing your homework.



I'd say the best way to describe my personal style is versatile. I'm always open to stepping out of my comfort zone and switching things up a little. I love mixing and matching the same clothing items to create different looks and spicing things up once in awhile with some high heels or leather. :)

  • American Eagle
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Forever 21
  • Free People
  • Francesca's



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Welcome to #HERstory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory- meet Nichelle

  • Name: Nichelle @nichelle.parker
  • Currently killin' it in: Richmond, Virginia
  • Vintie since: Nov. 2013

Vinted has helped me clear out my wardrobe. Out with the old and in with the new... Vindication through Vinted is what I call it!

I like the idea of breathing new life and adventures into used clothing. Finding the perfect outfit or accessory always gives me a rush. It's great to know I can help someone get that same level of excitement from an item in my wardrobe that I once loved so much.


HERjourney to Vinted

I've spent years working in retail processing orders for a large company and turning a profit for a machine I felt barely a part of. After about a decade, that got really old. 

Then I found Vinted. I started small several years ago as just a buyer! I got so excited after finally posting some items on my new mannequin I rescued from the trash heap at work. She sure paid off, and Miss Mani and I have been together rocking it out the Vinted way ever since.


With Vinted, I find that the retail and customer service skills I've developed over the years are being put to better use. My customers appreciate a rapid and knowledgeable response. Merchandising is important and I do my best to feature every item I sell in the best way possible. And I love knowing how to communicate a sale visually by creating a simple graphic for my Instagram account or a forum post. 

These skills have taken on a new meaning with Vinted. I am using my talents toward my own ends, all while making the effort "to make secondhand the 1st choice worldwide", as Vinted says.


nichelle 2


Photos: The biggest priority for me is clarity in my photos. Shopping is a sensory experience, whether it be done at a boutique, mall, or from the comfort of your own home. Everyone wants to see the fine details. Those are the ones that matter.

Communication: Another important factor to making consistent sales is communication. Not everyone is familiar with the way a certain brand cuts their pants or what a peplum top can do to highlight a waistline. Being open to chats and answering any question a Vintie and potential buyer may have is a must.


My style varies depending on my mood. Most days, I love a good fitting pair of jeans. One can never go wrong with polka dots. And of course, a fresh and natural makeup look never hurts. ;-)

  • GAP
  • Express
  • Nine West
  • Loft 
  • bareMinerals 


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Welcome to #HERstory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory- meet Chriss

  • Name: Chriss @colormechriss
  • Currently killin' it in: NY, NY
  • Vintie since: Jan. 2014

Law school. I guess I had to go. I guess I'd been spending my entire life working up to the moment I got to take that entrance exam and submit my application papers. I guess I didn't realize exactly how much work and how.much.money law school was. After my first year, I realized I wasn't going to be able to achieve my dream: I needed money and I needed it fast.

Suddenly, and at exactly the right time, my salvation appeared like a beacon in the distance: Vinted! There it was, a suggestion on my facebook page-- that little icon called to me like a siren song. Vinted saved my future, it saved my present and it has helped me achieve my lifelong goal of becoming an attorney. I would have been sunk without the extra cash Vinted helped me earn when I needed it most. I owe my entire career to Vinted.


HERjourney to Vinted

Vinted is where I go to get away from the world. I work 10-12 hour days, sometimes 6 days/week. I work really hard, and, more often than not, I'm completely wiped out. Vinted is my bubble, it's the place I know I can go to get even 10 minutes of support, love, and much-needed peace in my otherwise hectic, fast-paced and stressful life.

The Vinted community has never, not once, let me down or abandoned me when I needed them. At the end of a long day, nothing makes me happier than scrolling the forums and chatting back and forth with my fellow vinties. These girls are clever, supportive, fun and creative: they are everything I don't get in my day. They help me live another life, one far, far away from being a New York City attorney, and I could never thank them enough.



My favorite piece of advice is to re-upload often. I work looooonnnggggg hours, so I don't have time to re-take picture after picture of my items; instead, I screen-shot posts and upload them using the screen shots when I know there's a lot of traffic on Vinted (usually between 7-10pm EST, when most *normal* people are getting out of work). It has helped me get views, favorites and sales on items that were otherwise forgotten in the depths of my Vinted closet.

Second, be active on the forums! It helps people get to know your icon and username, and certainly helps potential buyers or swappers trust you.

Finally, be kind. They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and on Vinted, 99.9% of the time, it's worth it to be sweet as pie, even if someone is royally annoying you. Don't let them walk all over you, stay firm on your prices if you need, but do it with a sugary sweet smile. Works, (almost) everytime.


I like to say that I'm half city-chic and the other half dirty hippie. I'll rock a 3-piece suit in court on a Wednesday but prefer a fringed crop top and high-waisted cut-offs in my backyard playing beer pong on a Saturday.

  • Calvin Klein
  • Express
  • Ralph Lauren
  • J. Crew
  • Anthropologie


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At Vinted, we make it our mission to make second-hand shopping the first choice you can think of. It can be an entirely selfish choice, like when you managed to track down that amazing sold out bag, or that time you just had to have these vintage pumps… but if it can also be an ethical option you feel good about, what’s not to love? We talked vintage and all things ethical with Sarah Ditty from Fashion Revolution.

What do you do, Sarah?

I am the head of policy at Fashion Revolution, the global movement calling for a more transparent, safer, cleaner and more sustainable fashion industry. We began in 2013 as a response to the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,100 garment workers, mainly young women. We are powered primarily by volunteers, and we now have teams in 92 countries working to raise awareness about the broken, exploitative clothing industry. In my policy role, I work with the European Parliament, the UK and German government, and international unions and NGOs to look at ways to improve responsibility and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Every year on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse on 24th April, Fashion Revolution takes to social media, the streets, the halls of government, schools and other places both online and offline to remember the people who have died in the process of making the clothes we wear every day. All of our actions are centred around the question ‘who made my clothes?’ Online we encourage people to take a selfie of their favourite clothes and tag the brand #whomademyclothes as a way to encourage more transparency from the companies we shop from.


When did you first become aware of ethical fashion?

Oxfam did a very clever campaign in 2004 in which they covered Radiohead’s Thom Yorke in chocolate and it said “how delicious is it to know that sweet taste in your mouth is one of slavery?” That really struck a chord with me and it sort of made me question everything I consumed from food to clothes to electronics. I had never really thought much about how the products I bought were made, by whom, under what conditions. I have been campaigning on these issues ever since then, starting when I was in university and challenged my school to take a stance against sweatshop apparel.


How do I make sure that my shopping habits become as clean and ethical as possible?

Look at the label when you’re shopping and be curious about what it tells you. Ask the brands you shop from for more information about where and how it’s been made. Ask, ask, ask.

Look for things labeled organic or fair trade as this ensures it’s been made in an ethical way both for the environment and the people who made it.

Always look for good quality, will it last for a long time? Don’t buy something unless you are certain you are going to wear it more than 30 times. Look for natural fibres and try to avoid polyester and nylon as they will stay in the landfill for hundreds of years.

You can find independent brands, designers and craftspeople online much easier than on the high street. If not, can you find a second-hand alternative? Scoring that amazing vintage find is such an amazing feeling!


Welcome to #HerStory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory- meet Neena

  • Name: Neena @xchaos
  • Currently killin' it in: South Brunswick, NJ
  • Vintie since: April 2015

It wasn't until May 13th, 2013, did I realize I had a roaring shopping addiction. It was my big day - I was graduating from college in Philadelphia, PA, leaving my apartment of three years and returning back home to New Jersey. I was full of emotions and the only thing standing between that day and the rest of my life was packing. When, six hours later, I realized I had not packed anything but clothing, apparel accessories, and shoes, I knew I needed help, and fast. I was drowning in clothing, and the funny thing was, I considered myself a minimalist. A panic attack and an identity crisis later, I found myself on the app store downloading Vinted, ready to take back my life.


HERjourney to Vinted

Vinted has impacted my life in more ways than I can even explain. For starters, I had never been a fashionista, and often I would never look twice at my outfit. I would just go out wearing whatever the first thing I found was, not even caring if I matched. But now! Now I actually find pleasure from creating outfits, pairing things together, and pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone clothing-wise - and I have no one to thank but the vinties who showed me the way. Aside from fashion, though, vinties have given me SO much support through my crazy life, and even though I haven't met any of them in person, it's such a wonderful community that I feel supported and connected to on a daily basis. And let me tell you, I wouldn't give that up for anything.



Definitely be active in forums - get your name out there, share things about yourself, reply to other forums. In my opinion, the more active you are, the more you will be remembered and trusted. Also take your pictures in good lighting and hashtag the life out of your posts. One last tip - make sure you stick to your word! If you say you'll ship on a certain day, do it! And also, make sure to update your buyers every step of the way - it makes you caring, considerate, and trustworthy. 



Edgy and urban, with a touch of free spirit and class.

  • Urban Outfitters, fosho.
  • Nasty Gal
  • Forever 21
  • Free People
  • H&M

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Welcome to #HerStory : a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy, and swap on Vinted.  


#HERstory- meet Ferne

  • Name: Ferne @atomic.threads
  • Currently killin' it in: Charlotte, North Carolina 
  • Vintie Since: April 2015

Vinted actually came up in conversation with one of my good friends. She was helping me figure out the best way to thin out my wardrobe because I use to suffer from a bad shopping addiction. She showed me the Vinted app on my phone and suddenly the overwhelming task of cleaning out my closet was a source of income. Vinted made selling my clothes and accessories easier, and the great community here is also a huge plus.


HERjourney to Vinted

Selling on Vinted is easy and even fun. Staging items for my closet has put me back in touch with my creative side. I'm always searching for new and better ways to photograph my items. Photographing my friends when they model my items is fun, and we make a day out of it like it's adult dress-up. It's very nice to be able to improve my closet and socialize at the same time. Extra income I earn on Vinted goes toward my rent, bills, and food costs each month. Being able to sell on Vinted has made me worry less about my income, and it's not too difficult or labor-intensive because selling and communication are made easy. 



1. Respect
This is very important to make any and every transaction go smoothly. Even if a buyer is being rude or argumentative the best option is to be the bigger person. Being polite and using manners will triumph every time.

2. Aesthetic
Make sure that your pictures for your items are well done and pleasing to the eye. People are more likely buy something if it's presented to them in visually appealing way. Be careful, this doesn't mean a lot of editing or filters. Mainly you want to make sure that the picture looks good, but also portrays color and condition of the item as accurately as possible. This is easily achieved by using natural lighting and only editing exposure elements of your photos when needed.

3. Design
The staging of your items is key to achieving the aforementioned aesthetic. You want to make sure that there isn't too much going on in the background. When using props make sure they aren't too cluttered and complement, contrast, or bring out the color(s) in the item you're selling. Simple is usually better so using plain or solid color backgrounds is really good. Be careful with patterned backgrounds because they could potentially clash with the patterns or colors of an item.

4. Style
Not all closets have themes (boho, minimalist, vintage, grunge, etc.) but those that do need to be as consistent as possible and it's best if they reflect your preferred style because it helps brings more personality to your closet. For those who don't follow a theme, simply keeping up with what's in can make the difference where sales are concerned. For any closet, keeping in season with your clothing is also very important if you're wanting to increase sales.

5. Forums: Classifieds
Check the classified or "I'm looking for..." section in the forums and respond to relevant posts. Make sure you have prices and pictures handy to post!

6. Bundle!!!
Bundle discounts will attract more buyers, especially if you have them set at 40% or 50% off!



My style has evolved into sort of a minimalist take on vintage styles and grunge fashion. I've chosen some of the simpler styles from grunge (to incorporate into my now minimalist lifestyle) and many simple yet amazing vintage pieces to form a minimal wardrobe with earthy, rich colors, like deep reds and maroons, as well as many neutral tones. 

  • Levi (Vintage)
  • Barefoot (vintage)
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Doc Martens
  • American Apparel 


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Welcome to #HerStory : a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy, and swap on Vinted.  

#HERstory- meet Anna

  • Name: Anna @xbitterfruit
  • Currently killin' it in: San Marcos, TX
  • Vintie Since: April 2014

I stumbled across a Vinted ad on Facebook and thought, "I really do have too much stuff, this sounds great!" I fell in love with Vinted because of the sweet community and all the lovely ladies in it! 


HERjourney to Vinted

Vinted's been a literal life source! It's been putting enough money in my bank account for groceries and the occasional date night with my husband! It's also been a great source of inspiration, strength and a great exchange of positive vibes! I've met fantastic girls, who've sent me valentines, positive messages, and in general been amazing people! I've also been able to give lots of unique finds and garments a second chance at life! It's amazing how an app has turned into so much more than just that! 



1. Take Vinted seriously! Your closet is essentially a store, and while it may be small or limited, people still appreciate great customer service! As a general rule, I try to stay fast, friendly and efficient, and it's really paid off! I've had several return buyers and made friends with some of them!

2. Along with that first rule, be consistent! Have clear, well-lit pictures, on a solid wall or background. It makes your closet look cohesive and attractive! It looks put together and like you've put in effort, and it usually pays off!

3. Sales! Sales are a great way to clear house and to get things moving! Flash sales seem to be more successful for me than big bundle discounts and though it may not seem like a lot of money, it does add up in the end! Plus you get rid of loads of stuff!

4. Be you! There's nothing like buying from a trustworthy person. I pride myself on being an active part of the community and letting people know who I am. Vinties like knowing who they're working with! 



I'd describe my style as vintage edgy artist! A good mix of quirky, dark, edgy pieces...kind of all over the place, but I like to think it works! Here are my top five brands: 

1. Vans
2. Asos
3. Zara
4. Gap
5. Not a brand but I love vintage items! There's nothing like a quirky vintage garment to spruce up an outfit! 

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Welcome to #HerStory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy, and swap on Vinted.  


#HERstory- meet Robyn

  • Name: Robyn @
  • Currently killin' it in: Spearfish, South Dakota
  • Vintie Since: September 2013

It all started with a prom dress. I started off on larger e-commerce sites, but eventually found myself attracted to the closely knit communities that resell apps offer. Vinted is my first, my one, and my only site that I'm dedicated to. The people here are amazing and I've made great friends. That being said, the sales here are awesome, too! I've made enough money to call Vinted my part-time job. Now at this point it's more full time than anything, I just love it that much!


HERjourney to Vinted

Vinted has allowed me to explore a new area of fashion marketing that I didn't know about previously. It started with me selling items of my own and now I'm practically a consignment shop for my friends and family. I love learning the business side of things and it's given me the experience of a lifetime.


Make sure you are selling brands that people want. Brands really do mean everything, here. 

If you're going to sell, you need to know what brands are worth selling compared to the brands that might not do so well. High-end brands don't necessarily mean money, though. So there's definitely a happy medium that you need to find.

Branding is also important. You don't want to confuse buyers that visit your closet, so having a certain style definitely makes things more fluent in their minds. 



Classic meets casual. I like being dressed up. My dad always told me, "dress like you're going places." Sweatpants aren't something I wear. 

  • Michael Kors
  • Ann Taylor LOFT
  • GAP
  • Acne
  • New York & Company

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Welcome to #HerStory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy, and swap on Vinted.  


#HERstory- meet Emily

  • Name: Emily @emilyhullovesbunnies
  • Currently killin' it in: Camas, Washington
  • Vintie Since: October 2014

I chose Vinted because my style and sizes are constantly changing! I suffered from an eating disorder for many years, so I had a variety of sizes of clothing. A few years back, I finally went to therapy for the disorder and I couldn't be happier! Now that I am confident with my body I can finally sell all the clothes that don't fit and start over with a new wardrobe, I see it as a way to start over fresh. :) 

HERjourney to Vinted

Vinted has allowed me to share my clothing, and my story, with many different people! It brings me so much joy to see my clothes going to other girls who I know will enjoy them much more than I ever will. The clothes can have a new life, just like I am getting now that I am better. I have also talked personally to many girls on the Vinted community forum about what they are struggling with when it comes to eating disorders, and it has really changed my life being able to be so open with my story. I hope everyone out there suffering can feel free to share their story with the world, one person at a time :)


I think it is all about pictures, pictures, pictures! I suggest...

  • Using a digital camera, then uploading your photos over the computer to Vinted because the pictures come out so much clearer.
  • Make sure you have a consistent background in all your pictures with plenty of natural light.
  • Make friends on here. :) I have made penpals and friends through the forum and while selling clothes which has made my experience so much better! It's nice having a friend you can go to who understands or someone you can ask questions about shipping. 



High-waisted everything + anything animal print! I have learned what looks best on my body type, which is high-waisted bottoms. I am in college to become a Zoologist so I love anything that reminds me of animals.

  • American Eagle
  • Pacsun
  • Nike
  • Forever 21
  • Marshalls

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Welcome to #HerStory: a monthly installment of stories highlighting the personal journeys that led your fellow Vinties to sell, buy and swap on Vinted. 


#HERstory - meet Katia

  • Name: Katia @
  • Currently killin' it in: Old Fort, NC
  • Vintie since: December 2013

Every since I was little I always liked the idea of boarding school. As a young child I think the connection was to being able to live with friends and have everything I need right next to me. As a grew up I began to realize that my little kid dream wasn't unrealistic or childish. Honestly, going to a boarding school would most likely increase my chances of going to a good college and from there, having a job that I actually want.

In my last year of Middle School I began the journey. I spent several days touring schools in New England. I finally picked my top five schoosl and applied to each of them.  It wasn't until i was accepted into 4/5 of my choices that I realized my child hood dream was actually going to happen.

The summer before my freshman year was a challenge. I worked four days a week (for the first time ever) on the family farm. I knew that I couldn't rely on just my family to pay for my education. I made a GoFundMe to raise money for buying books and school supplies. The money I made over the summer would be used for anything during the school year. If I wanted to go to the movies, or Starbucks, Target, Shopping etc. that would come out of my own pocket.

Sometimes I really want to go to the movies with my BFF but I say no because I'm determined to save up for future school books, a car, and necessities.  When I found Vinted in my freshman year, it was like an early gift! I've always been a thrift store shopper so Vinted was the perfect thing! Vinted helped me make the money so I could finally say "yes!" to a night out with the girls. 


HERjourney to Vinted

I'm now in my Junior year and I'm doing incredible. Last year I ran into quite a few bumps along the road, but I've resolved some things in my own life and I'm having one of the best years of my life. Vinted has supported me almost unknowingly. Without the extra cash I've made here, I would most likely not even be at Dublin School now. Tuition is a huge money sucker, but most of my Vinted money goes towards school books and supplies.

Katia's Journey

Without Vinted, I wouldn't be where I am now. It's been a struggle but I know I can always rely on Vinted to help me get the extra cash I so desperately need for school books and tuition. Thank you to all the Vinties out there who've purchased from me and supported me through just being there to talk on the forums etc. I couldn't have done it without you!


Being online makes a huge impact! The quicker you reply to a message or comment, the more likely you are to catch a buyer when they're in the shopping mode. Make sure to take really good pictures. They don't have to be modeled or on a mannequin, just make sure there's natural lighting and the item is completely visible. When you read ISO forums definitely comment with relavent items.

Participate everywhere on the forums because you never know when someone will see your name and just decide to click on it.

Lastly, price things reasonably. Consider the brand, quality, condition, demand, original price, and the reason you want to sell it (is there a flaw?) etc.


When I dress up I like to look sleek and sexy. On a usual day, however, you'll find me in my school dress code which consists of a collared shirt and dress pants. On the weekends and when I'm on breaks, I like to wear dresses, leggings with long solid colored shirts and long necklaces, or jeans with a tee or tank and cardigan, or scarf. Simple usually, but when I get dresses up I like to go all out! Bring on the heels, makeup (I usually go all natural), jewelry, and one drop dead gorgeous dress.

  • Anthropology
  • UO
  • Joe Jeans
  • AG
  • Lucky Brand

Top 5 Brands

Really I love the thrifting more than any specific brand, but I like the brands listed because they're good quality and they fit my body/style well. However they're on the pricier side so I pretty much go into the dressing room, try things on, ogle the fabulous pieces and then I look for those things when I thrift.

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