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This week's Trending Tab is all about highlighting the of the closets of our awesome Vinties and learning just how they came to be so awesome! Read through to learn more about these sellers AND their favorite tips & tricks to killing the selling game. 

Sharing is Caring with Thrifting_Diaries


Thrifting_Diaries' Journey to Vinted 

Vinted not only allows me to share thrifted finds, but it allows me to downsize my closet. Vinted has also allowed me to connect with other wonderful sellers and buyers. The love is real!

As one of the Dallas Vinted Ambassadors, I've had the privilege of working with many smiling faces at Vinted.


Describe your style. 

This is a tough one! During the day aka "adult life," I like to keep it casual with a splash of 60's vintage, think First Lady Jackie Kennedy. After work hours and during the weekend, you'll find me wearing vintage and romantic boho pieces.
I will miss wearing my Birkenstocks in summer. Oh wait, I can pair those with my free people socks! Fall is actually my favorite season - boots, cozy sweaters, hats, oversized everything - I can go on and on!

We love how you share your closet on Social Media. Does this make a difference in sales? 

Putting yourself out there can help by attracting a new audience and help keep a regular audience in the loop.


What are some tips for sellers who want to use Social Media more effectively? 

1. Not all your photos will be great but they will be yours.

2. Stop worrying about the number of likes and/or followers - those will come with time.

3. Be thankful to those who recognize your posts; a simple thank you can go a long way.


Final thoughts on being successful?

Be humble. Be tentative, helpful, and most importantly yourself. Sell as if you're selling to a good friend.
Remember to always answer questions promptly and don't ever doubt your sense of style - stay true.

Check out Thrifting_Diaries' vintage, bohemian, and romantic closet here


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This week's Trending Tab is all about highlighting the of the closets of our awesome Vinties and learning just how they came to be so awesome! Read through to learn more about these sellers AND their favorite tips & tricks to killing the selling game. 

Strike a Pose with Prothrifter

Prothrifter's Journey to Vinted 

I try to sell brands that Vinties like. I sell at competitive prices. I accept offers. I engage with other Vinties via the forums and am always professional and polite. I have excellent pictures and descriptions, which gets me lots of closet raids. And I use hashtags to try to maximize visibility.


Describe your style. 

Personally I wear a lot of designer, sort of in an edgy way if I had to choose one word. I also love love LOVE vintage! I actually prefer vintage and want to focus more on building up that part of my closet. But I sell a ton of designer because it's what I find a lot thrifting, and I can't pass it up!
I will miss the summer little sleeveless boho dresses, as well as jean cut-offs and crop tops. But I am DEFINITELY looking forward to oversized, slouchy sweaters and boots for the fall (which in New Orleans doesn't actually occur until like November lol.)

Why do you love selling on Vinted?

I love the social aspect with the forums. It actually is sometimes a distraction while I'm uploading, but one I love anyway. I have been so successful here it's hard not to love it! I feel like Vinted really invests and cares about its sellers/buyers. I also feel like Vinted listens and strives to be transparent with their members, even in the face of harsh and unwarranted criticism.

Why do you choose to model some of your items? 

I especially like styling the vintage, I feel like you need to see it with accessories to really see how creative you can get with it. It's fun to create a story with one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and you need to accessorize to do that.

What are some tips for sellers who want to try out modeling their items? 

If you are taking pics alone, get a big mirror and try to minimize any clutter in the background. If you have someone taking pics of you, then use natural sunlight, and figure out your best angles. I personally like to take some pics (not all but most), from about my lips down. I like to get my lips in because I use fun lipstick to add another accessory to the look. I also like to get my feet in to show off my shoes and complete the look.

Final thoughts on being successful?

Be persistent! Keep uploading and doing price drops even if it seems like sales are slow. I might not have an order for a week and then I get one almost every day the next!
Be positive and kind. Most importantly have fun! That's what this is all about!

Check out Prothrifter's sophisticated, trendy and quality closet here


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This week's Trending Tab is all about highlighting the of the closets of our awesome Vinties and learning just how they came to be so awesome! Read through to learn more about these sellers AND their favorite tips & tricks to killing the selling game. 

A masterclass in styling with Kristilauren 


Kristilauren's Journey to Vinted 

I started off selling on Vinted as a way to make some pocket change so I can act and eat at the same time. My goal was to share articles of clothing that I was excited about. I love helping people feel beautiful and encouraging them to be adventurous with what they wear on a day-to-day basis. I never really thought I would gain as much momentum as I did! After a while people started approaching me, telling me what they were looking for, and I started becoming a personal stylist for people all over the US.


Describe your style. 

Feminine and earthy... Think Brigitte Bardot meets Stevie Nicks
I'm going to miss the summer off the shoulder tops and dresses for sure. I can get away with them into October but have to retire them once it gets below 68 degrees (The LA equivalent to snowing). I'm counting down the days until I can break out my faux furs and Penny Lane coat and incorporating them with some of my favorite vintage Levi's and silk tops.

Why do you love selling on Vinted?

I'm forever fascinated by the internet. I can connect with people that I would have otherwise never had met and when people buy something from me we share a connection. I won't upload something that I don't like, and when someone purchases an item from me it's so rad to see that someone somewhere loves the same thing (or things) that I do! As an actor and writer it's important to surround myself with as many people from different walks of life as possible. Los Angeles is a very isolating city so being able to connect with different people and getting a peek into their personalities helps fuel my art every single day.
What sets you apart as a Top Seller? 
I think what draws customers to me is my integrity. I'm a very big fan of online shopping, and nothing brings me more joy than coming home and seeing something that I've purchased sitting on my doorstep waiting to become a part of my story, and I want to give people the same rush of happiness when they buy from me. I refuse to sell items in sub par condition unless the piece is so special the minor flaws can be overlooked. I hand wrap every item with color coordinated tissue paper, sealed with a heart sticker. I hand write a letter to every customer thanking them for their business. If I can make one person smile I consider that day a success, and every time someone puts on that item they bought from me I hope they feel the love that goes into me hand selecting that special piece that they will wear for days, weeks, months, or maybe years to come.

We love the way you style your items. Why do you think this makes a huge difference for your buyers?

I think the key is to pair items with on trend items that are easily accessible. I'm quick to invest in accessories and jackets that will stay with me for years, but I'm not going to pair an item with a statement piece that only I own. Go with timeless closet staples (denim jackets, black boots) and you can't lose! A big bonus for me is when I can style a piece with something else that I'm selling. It shows off different ways your items can be styled, and you become a one stop shop!

What are some tips for sellers who are new to styling and want to try it out?

Take risks! Wear color! My closet used to be mostly black, but there's something so great about finding a color that makes you glow. I'm super into green right now because it brings out the green in my eyes. I've realized that people are more worried about how they look than how other people look. If you see something and it makes you happy, wear it! You're more likely to shine wearing something that brings you joy than wearing something that everyone else is wearing. Being like everyone else is boring anyway, right?

Final thoughts on being successful?

The best thing you can do is be honest. It's nice to make money, but cutting corners for a quick sale isn't the way to do it. Make Vinted fun! Grab your best friend and take photos in your awesome clothes together. Ask a family member to take photos of you and laugh about how silly it is. Enjoy your process. Tell your story. Do everything with joy and intention and the universe will always give back what you give.
If you ever have questions, feel free to reach out! I'm always here to lend a helping hand.

Check out Kristilauren's versatile, playful and on-trend closet here


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This week's Trending Tab is all about highlighting the of the closets of our awesome Vinties and learning just how they came to be so awesome! Read through to learn more about these sellers AND their favorite tips & tricks to killing the selling game. 

It's all about the details with Douxriens


Douxriens' Journey to Vinted 

I started selling in November 2014. I had so many clothes in my closet that I needed to get rid of and the extra income would be helpful. I found Vinted searching online and after some research and downloading the app, I knew I would like this platform. I started off by taking photos of my clothes on hangers or lying flat on a clean carpet but soon I invested in a mannequin and thankfully my sales increased. I also started taking photos on a white and clear background with bright light. Interested buyers would ask me questions about my clothes/shoes, and I responded immediately. I noticed that the sooner I responded to questions, the faster I got a sale.


Describe your style. 

I think I have a contemporary style. Chic and stylish. Affordable yet classy. :)
I love wearing dresses and sandals during the summer. I will definitely miss the bright fun colors, but at the same time, I love fall fashion. Earth-tone/ neutral colors are my favorite. I love boots and cardigans, as well as layering pieces together.

Why do you love selling on Vinted?

Vinted is a great community. The ambassador and staff do their very best to address issues and answer questions the best they can. Over the years, I have noticed that Vinted makes changes that enable it to be more user friendly and easy to use. The majority of these changes have been positive. I also love the idea that it has a community forum where Vinties can talk about their lives and seek advice on just about anything.
What sets you apart as a Top Seller? 
When Vinties make a purchase, I thank them immediately and let them know when I will ship. I usually ship the same or next day and let the buyers know this. I strongly believe that communication is key in becoming a top seller. Let the buyer know when you will ship, or if there are any delays by USPS. I also expanded on my item descriptions. I included the type of fabric, if there are any flaws, width and length etc. I also started including a thank-you card in each package I sent out. Everyone loves kind gestures right? :) Packaging is also very important. Neat and sturdy packaging lets the buyer know that you care about their item reaching them in good condition and not just to make a quick buck. In doing so, I've had repeat buyers purchasing bundles from me.

Clear item descriptions is key - why do you think this makes a difference?

Buyers would like to know more details of what they are interested in. For example the type of fabric, if there are any flaws, if you are a smoker or non-smoker, if you have any pets (some Vinties are allergic to pet hair) the length or width of the items and so on. This enables them to decide faster if they are going to make the purchase or not instead of having to message the seller and wait a while to get a response.

What are three tips to writing better descriptions? 

1. Be short and precise

2. Write well (good grammar never hurts!)
3. Include important information about the item (i.e. what would YOU want to know if you were the buyer?)

Final thoughts on being successful?

Always remember presentation! Good presentation of your items will mostly likely have your closet raided. If your closet is raided, you will have more exposure. Also, be patient, friendly and take time to communicate with fellow Vinties interested in your items.
And don't forget to have fun! :)

Check out Douxriens contemporary, stylish and fun closet here

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This week's Trending Tab is all about highlighting the of the closets of our awesome Vinties and learning just how they came to be so awesome! Read through to learn more about these sellers AND their favorite tips & tricks to killing the selling game. 

Trending: Snapshots with Carmenandco


Carmenandco's Journey to Vinted 

I take pride in what I do! From taking the photos, all the way to taking extra care of my packaging :) I had so many people come back and tell me how much they appreciated the little things like a handwritten note or well placed piece of ribbon. Pretty soon, I noticed the same sweet girls would be back to shop in my closet a couple of weeks later so of course I HAD to take care of my "Repeaties" Now I have a few girls that have been shopping with me for years and I offer special benefits to my Repeaties show how much I appreciate THEM!


Describe your style. 

Feminine and earthy... Think Brigitte Bardot meets Stevie Nicks
I will miss the ease of my summer sundresses and skirts terribly! HOWEVER... Fall is my favorite season, hands down! I love comfy sweaters and boots and scarves, oh my!

Why do you love selling on Vinted?

It gives pieces that have only been worn on one or two occasions another shot in the spotlight! I know "this dress" is going to go to some sweet Vintie who is going to love it just as much as I did and ROCK it!!! Also, the deals Im able to find on pieces that I'm on the hunt for, or just happened to see and not be able to pass up ;)

You take great photos! Why do you think this makes a huge difference for your buyers?

Clean, clear and simple photos make it easy for potential buyers to know exactly what they are getting and picture the item in their own wardrobe!! Doing away with other things in the pictures helps them to use their imagination when planning on how a piece will be used.

We want to know about how to take great hanger photos - what are some tips? 

Try to remove any and all distractions from your pictures. Consistency across the board makes browsing a closet a breeze! (i.e. Try to use the same hanger, same location, etc...) Don't be afraid to get resourceful! If you need to hang a white sheet up to create your photo spot, by all means!! Make it work!


Final thoughts on being successful?

Make friends and treat potential buyers the way you would like to be treated (Oh! Hey there, Golden Rule!)
As with everything else, you are sure to do your best when you are feeling your best and having fun... Doll yourself up and throw on that song that brings out your best moves and just enjoy it :)

Check out Carmenandco's eclectic, professional and FUN closet here


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Stylishly You

Hi guys, I am Abby! I’ve been using Vinted since 2013. I hope you are all as excited as I am about the Coast-to-Coast Pop-Ups this weekend! I’m writing this blog post to give you some tips and ideas for the event, to help you have a great time and make some money in the process.

Before the Pop-Up Shop:

  1. A few days before the event, begin putting aside items you want to sell at the pop-up. I use a plastic tote, which allows for easy transportation to the event and easy clean up when it’s time to leave.

  2. Carefully check over your clothes. Before you leave make sure your clothes are clean and without holes/stains. An item you might sell normally for someone to fix might turn people off from your entire closet.

  3. Look and see what your event is providing. Some provide racks, some do not. Some provide tags, some do not. If your event isn’t providing tags, you can buy a package of 100 for about 5 dollars from stores like Target. If you want to save money, some cheap ribbon and paper can work to make adorable tags.

  4. Join the Facebook event page (if applicable), and talk in the forums! Get to know some of the other ladies selling ahead of time! More than anything else, this is an event to get to know and build your Vinted community, which hopefully can lead to sales in the long run.

What to bring:

  1. Bring clothing items that are in season. Bright summer dresses, rad jean shorts, tank tops, sandals, bikinis-- these are all winners!

  2. Come armed with your best stuff! Be sure to bring the highlights of your closet.

  3. Try to choose items you’d sell in the $5-$25 price range. Remember that this event is advertised as a thrifting event. Since Vinted doesn’t take a percentage, you can lower your prices. You also might be milling around the event, so you might not be able to negotiate your prices, so price to sell! Bring a few high end items if you have them.

  4. Items that people might not buy online due to shipping weight or inability to try on--such as shoes, dresses, and things without size tags--are great things to bring.

  5. I sold accessories very successfully at pop-up shops! So don’t forget about those as well. Colorful sunglasses, statement necklaces, and scarves are eye-catching and popular.

  6. If you sell a variety of sizes, bring a variety or focus on two or three size ranges! If you just sell one size range, that's great too! (I’ll explain in the next section how to display them).

At the event:

  1. Follow the rules and directions given by your local Vinted ambassador or whoever is running the event.

  2. This is probably my most important tip: How do you organize your stuff once you get there? Last time, I thought organizing by color would be adorable. It looked beautiful, but it wasn’t the most conducive to sales. If you have a variety sizes the best way to sort is definitely by size. This time I am going to make little section dividers ahead of time, that say “Size XS,” “Size S,” “Size M,” “Size L,” “Size XL,” and a section for my gorgeous plus size beauties! That way when people visit your rack, they will be able to sort through the section for their size. This is especially important if you have a lot of clothes.

  3. Socialize!! Shop other people's racks, get to know them! Reach out and talk. Eat some food and hang out.

  4. Make sure when you leave, you clean up and leave everything as it was when you arrived.

After the event:

Add the lovely vinties you met on Vinted and other social media platforms, and stay in touch! This can lead to future sales, friendships, and more. A real business is all about networking.



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I'm not a top seller or anything like that on Vinted but I do pretty well. So, I thought I'd share some of my tips on how to sell some clothes. 


1. Photos are EVERYTHING!

If you your photos aren't great - your items won't sell. Try to get the most natural lighting possible. I usually just take my photos on my iPhone.  


2. Follow People

You want as many people to see your closet as possible. Following people is a great way to do so. 


3. Post on the forums 

I like to post in the ISO section pretty frequently if I have something relevant that someone is looking for. It can be time-consuming but it can be really helpful!


4. Make your description as thorough as possible

List all, if any, discoloration, damages, small details! 


5. Be nice! 

Be respectful and nice to people buying from you.  This will promote them to leave you great reviews and you might gain a loyal customer!


6. Have a measuring tape handy

 I've had countless people ask me for measurements so I always have one handy. You can find charts on how to properly measure each piece of clothing. 


7. Negotiate prices 

My trick is to set my prices a little high just so I'm open to some wiggle room. Agree on a price that makes everyone happy!


8. Give discounts on bundles 

This is something recent I've discovered.  I like to give pretty big discounts on bundles. It gives people more of an incentive to buy more and it helps you get rid of a lot of items faster!


I hope these tips helped! Share any others in the comments down below!


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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

We're talking about meetups! That's when you use the Nearby feature to shop closets near you!  What better way to get the full Vinted experience then to meet people? You get an item and maybe a new friend.


1. Meet in a public place (@prothrifter)

"I have done meet-ups a few times, and I have never had a problem. Be clear about where you are meeting, it's fine to pick a neutral location, like a cafe. Both buyer and seller might feel more comfortable with this." -@prothrifter

Meet at a cafe


2.Get contact info up front (@bowtiquwlebena)

"Get the person's phone number so you can contact them offline. Let them try on the outfit if they want and settle the deal if it's all good."-@bowtiquwlebena

Exchange numbers


3.Take a friend (@c.pia2035)

"I did once and it was so exciting :) To be safe you should go with somebody. I know Vinted is just for girls but you need to be safe."-@c.pia2035

Take a friend


4. Look before you buy (@nikkiiii-kole)

"Inspect items on site before exchanging your items or money."-@nikkiiii-kole

Look before you buy


5. A chance to make friends! (@nataaallieee)

"Make sure you package the item nicely! Try treating the meetup more like one between friends instead of just a transaction. It's always nice to meet someone nice."-@nataaallieee

make friends

There you have it, 5 extra tips from Vinties like you! Be sure to check out our safety tips for meetups too. Give them a try and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below!

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Selling 101

Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

Today's class covers the cherry on top! You're in control of your sales at Vinted - you get out what you put in, and sellers are sharing exactly what that means. 

1. Be real and have fun (@nataaallieee)

"Just have fun. Try letting your personality shine through your pictures! Get creative! People who like your style will naturally gravitate to your closet." -@nataaallieee



2. Upload often (@nikkiferrari)

"If you know you have a ton of items to upload, try spreading them out over the course of a few days. If you upload 20 items in one day some things could get lost in the feed. But, if you upload 3 or 4 items every day then your followers know your closet is growing and it will get other Vinties to take a look too!" -@nikkiferrari



3. Follow the golden rule (@bowtiquelebena)

"Always treat others as you would want to be treated. You get what you put in. Good luck to all!" -@bowtiquelebena


4. Get involved in the community (@julieng)

"If you choose to partake in the forums, it can be a great means to show your closet around." -@julieng



5. Maintain it (@ohmyvintage)

"My best tip to increase vinted sales is to work on your closet in some way every day. Push up your items when suggested. If something has been sitting for a while, change the title, work on the description, take better pics or lower your price. If you have things to upload, just do it. They certainly aren't going to sell hanging in your home closet. Get those items in your vinted closet! Not only does uploading new items bring attention to your closet but the more items you have listed, the more opportunity there is for buyers to bundle from your closet." -@ohmyvintage


There you have it, 5 extra tips from our beloved Vinties. Give them a try and pop questions (or your own tips) down in the comments below!

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Class is in session! The top sellers on Vinted are opening up their closets and spilling their best tips for scoring more deals in our  Selling 101 series

Today's class focuses on how you can make the most out of Vinted's built in features. Knowing how to use all aspects of Vinted will help you connect with your buyers and will give you a better overall experience!

1. Keep it visible, keep it fresh (@catalina116)

"Push Items Up when possible. You can do this by using a laptop or desk top. Click on the little green arrows and adjust prices as you would like. It is important to do this when ever possible to keep your items up in searches." -@catalina116

Note: this feautre is only available via the Vinted website ( When used, it refreshes your listing - adding it back to the top of the catalog, as if it were a brand new listing! When you push an item up, you can choose to edit the price, or not - it's all in your control! 

Push feature


2. Bundles of joy (@ravenkitty & @rayrayz)

"Bundling is my favorite feature vinted has introduced . Hands down. Customers can pick and choose and build a bundle right in your shop" -@ravenkitty

"I like to offer more than 15% discounts to encourage buyers to bundle." -@rayrayz

Note: You can learn how the bundle feature works by visiting the FAQ 



"Reserving works really well, it protects a cute item from being purchased for a member who really wants it but can't buy it until another day. You don't want to promise an item to someone and then not be able to follow through because someone else purchased it." -@fmello12

Note: You can use the reserve feature by visiting your item and hitting the Reserve button! Make sure to communicate when your buyer about how long you're willing to reserve an item, to make sure you're both in agreement. 

Picture from @


There you have it, 3 quick and easy tips to make the most of Vinted's features. Give them a try and pop questions (or your own suggestions) down in the comments below!

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