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This week we are featuring new Vintie and French blogger and body positivity advocate, Manon Edwards, of Chic With Curves fame. Manon is originally from Marseille, a small city in the South of France - two years ago, she decided to embark on a fabulous American adventure and has been living in LA ever since.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a blogger/influencer.

At the beginning it was just a hobby, since I was passionate by writing and blogging. I always had been concerned about the struggles of loving fashion and being plus sized, since I’m a size 16, so I decided to write especially about body acceptance. Even if my focus isn’t specifically fashion, I want to show that loving yourself AND loving fashion is totally possible, no matter your size! Once I started writing about this, a lot of brands contacted me, loving my energy and my fight against the negative image of plus size and fashion, so I began my social media accounts and become a freelance blogger influencer.

You have a strong message of body positivity - how did you come to be so confident and comfortable in your skin?

It’s been a long journey. It started after I broke up with my first love, because he wanted me to fit in with HIS standards of beauty, not mine. I told him enough, that I’ve cried too many times, that I’ve tried to change myself for somebody else too many times, and that I want to be happy with who I really am! It was still not easy to really come to loving myself after this, but I decided to keep a positive outlook on life and my body.


Blogger roll call, from left to right: curvygirlchic, chicwithcurves, gabifresh & curveella 

How would you describe your style?

I do not have a specific style - that’s another part of my identity. I really encourage women to wear absolutely whatever they want, no matter their size. If you’re happy and feeling beautiful, that’s the best way to find your “fashion style.” So my own style actually  depends on my current mood! Sometimes I’m more preppy chic, sometimes more rock and casual, but I admit I’m in love with mixing different styles in one look - for example, a sexy chic dress and camo shirt with casual sneakers!

What is the biggest difference between French fashion and LA fashion?

The biggest difference is the choice! In LA (and the US, as a whole) even if you are plus size, if you want to go on the mall, you can also find some trendy stores with fashionable plus size clothes, like Lovesick, Torrid, Forever21 plus etc. In France, unfortunately, it’s still tough to find places that carry plus sizes in store. Some stores, like H&M, offer a maternity section but who said that being plus size means you want to wear maternity clothing? As well, if a store specializes in plus size in France, it usually is not trendy clothing aimed at older women. While styles and trends are international, for the most part, the selection and availability of plus size options is the key difference between the US and France.



Name three of your top brands for finding amazing clothes




What are you most looking forward to for fall fashion?

I’m loving jeans that are super destroyed on the knees or with destroyed fringes at the bottom, which I saw on the runways last year! I also am looking forward to over-the-knee boots and the classic lace up dress or top.

You recently joined Vinted and even came to our Vinted Goes Vintage event! What do you love about being a member of Vinted?

I’m in love with the fact that it’s really fast and easy to post your clothes for sale - every option is already set up, you just have to chose yours, upload a photo and that’s it! But what I prefer the most is that you can really find some great deals, and it’s specifically for clothes, shoes, accessories and fashion!


Your words of wisdom for the Vinted community? 

Girls do not forget, be happy with YOURSELF for YOURSELF, be #HAPPYwithcurves no matter your size!


Check out Manon's Vinted closet, featuring sizes 16 and up! 


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Every year, there are thousands of dogs that end up being put down as a result of overbreeding and people not wanting their dogs after they've grown out of the cute stage. Cats are in the same category. The reproduction rate of a cat is similar to a rabbit in the way that if one cat gets neutered or spayed, it can stop approximately 2 dozen kittens from being born into a world where they're feral or end up being given away for free. 

Sometimes these free, unwanted pets even end up as bait for dog fight training. This cycle is horrendous and should absolutely be stopped. Of course, there's no reason why I should be telling you what you can and can't spend your money on - but I would encourage you to look into your local animal shelter to see if you find a special bond with a pet. 

If you can't adopt a pet due to landlord or lifestyle restrictions - try out volunteering! I volunteered at a Humane Society filled with cats for about a month before I went on to college. That one month encouraged me to pursue a career in environmental law - where caring for animals has become the purpose of my life. 

Even if you volunteer and help socialization skills blossom within these abused and helpless animals, it will be doing some good for their rates of adoption. 

I hope my small little words of encouragement show you why adoption is better than buying from a breeder. 

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Fall is a time for fun-filled activies we can enjoy with our friends and family.  While it is one of the best times of the the year, our pets are usually at home missing the fun.  This year include them in your favorite fall activies!


1. Jump into fun

Raking leaves might be a drag but it doesn't mean you can't have some fun doing your chores this fall.  Gather all the leaves in your yard, the bigger the pile the better, and jump in with your pet.  Sure you'll have to re-rake the leaves but think about all the fun you'll have!


2. Hunt for the perfect pumpkin

Halloween is coming up so that means pumpkin carving time!  Lots of pumpkin patches are pet friendly so bring them along and have your pet pick out the perfect pumpkin for the both of you.


3. Couples costumes

Speaking of Halloween, what happens when your friends don't want to be the Robin to your Batman?  No worries!  Your furry friend is here to save the day! //source


4. Follow the leader

Next time you're taking a walk, have your pet lead the way.  They want to take a right?  You go right.  Walking is a great exercise and you might get to explore a new part of your neighborhood!


5. Cuddle up

The great outdoors is a wondeful place but sometimes you need a quiet night in.  Turn on your favorite movie or show and cuddle up with your pet!  Warning: falling asleep in the middle of the movie is very likely.  

What are your favorite things to do with your pets?  Let me know in the comments below ;).

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pups in the summer!

Dogs. They are man's best friend. Summer is the perfect time to spend time with your pooch. There are somethings you need to remember when taking your dog out and about in the summer.  Here are a few tips and tricks to make your summer just as enjoyable for your dog as it is for you! 

Tip 1: Keep them hydrated

When taking your dog outside if it is for a trip or even in the yard, make sure they are hydrated with plenty of fresh water.  (Just be sure to let them go out to the bathroom regularly).


Tip 2: Car rides are fun, but don't keep them in the car

Just like children never...EVER leave your pooch in the car on a hot summer day.  Either keep the air conditioner on or keep them at home. 


Tip 3: Take them for a walk? Burn.baby.burn.

On  hot days keep your dog off the pavement when walking them.  It can burn the pads of their paws and they can end up with bad injuries.  

Trick: Take your dog on walk early in the day.  The hottest time of the day is noon and the pavement is dark and can absorb heat and will keep heat throughout the day.  


Tip 4: Dog park - make sure there is no bite or bark

On summer days it is fun to take your dog to the dog park or a stroll, but make sure they are leashed and be warey of other dogs.  Always be prepared to protect your dogs against other dogs that may break away from their owners.  

Trick: Keep dog protection spray on your when you are out in the park or walking. It is similar to the human pepper spray...only for dogs.  Also, have your dog trained to come back to you with a whistle or a call, just in case your dog breaks away. 


Tip 5: Fleas will flee

Fleas and ticks are not fun for either party...so be sure to put flea protection on your dog.  Cycle different brands with different ingredience to provide better protection.  Fleas can become immune to flea protection if you use the same formula.

Trick: Use powder garlic tablets to put in your dogs food to ward off ticks.  Also, if you do not like putting formula on your dog there are other options like flea and tick collars.  


Have a wonderful summer and take care of your pooch!

Stay beautiful!


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fur babies

With Halloween and Thanksgiving now gone it’s officially time to start bringing out those Christmas tree lights, Peppermint mocha drinks, and Festive wrapping paper! That’s right ladies, I’m talking about the Holiday Cheer that surrounds us this time of the year! I don’t know about you girls, but this is my favorite holiday! I love seeing all the lights, hearing jingle bells, wrapping gifts, buying gifts (occasionally getting one for myself in the process) and wearing all my winter clothing!

However, one of my favorite things that always warms up my heart is seeing all our little furry animal friends festively dressed up for the occasion! Whether they’re helping you put lights up or getting ready for the cold weather, they definitely show their holiday spirit! How can you resist those little faces?!

The Vinted team wants to see your furry friends showing their holiday spirit! Share and send your pictures either on Instagram #Vinted or send them to Rachel_Vinted on Vinted of course! You could be featured on our Pinterest & Facebook Page! We love hearing from our Vinties!


P.S. Beware! Excessive amounts of red and green may surround your everyday life for the next few weeks!
                           (No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post ;))
                  **make sure to never leave your furry pals alone with the Christmas lights

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fur babies

I was given a simple mission: find the worst Halloween pet costumes you can. After countless hours of searching I finally came to this conclusion: animals in costumes are always cute. I couldn’t even handle all the cuteness that the internet laid out before me. In fact, I now have a mean case of perpetual anime eyes.



But, dear Vinties, I persevered! I plowed through all the interwebs piles of adorbs, and was finally rewarded for my efforts.  These costumes aren’t necessarily bad, they just lack a little something special. I think all of us with fur babies can appreciate the efforts, but sadly these poor lil’ guys never even had a chance in the costume contest.  Behold, Halloween pet costumes gone awry!


Missed the Mark

Our first group seems to be suffering from well meaning, but misinformed pet parents.Their costumes are so close to being fab, but somethings just not quite right.  That first image there, I know you’re confused. That’s a walrus, of course! That costume had real potential but unfortunately it fell short… and saggy. I’m not exactly sure why the moose in the middle is box shaped… was the pup box shaped, too? The world will never know. Last in this group we’ve got Scarlett from Gone with the Wind.  Don’t get me wrong, that costume is fierce. They didn’t spare a single detail. But that poor pooch looks miserable, hot, and doomed to be sitting in a sea of curtains for years to come.

These adorable two missed out by a hair (or maybe hairball *hehe*). That might be a pineapple costume, but I can’t be sure, and that’s why this costume misses the mark.The bowl of fruit is a nice touch though? On our right we have the cutest idea, but kitty doesn’t seem to want anything to do with our human cookie treats. It’s OK kitty, we still think you’re cute. #TheOreaStruggleisReal

Ghost dog is actually hilariously awesome, but something tells me he’s gonna have a hard time walking around in that sheet. Now this pup in the center is supposed to be wearing a Santa costume. Yep, someone out there doesn’t like Christmas very much, and they’re taking their frustrations out on dog costumes all over the world. Last up is Lady Gaga, and I have a feeling that cute lil’ guy probably already ate the rest of his costume, but really - can you blame him?



Hit the Target

I couldn’t show you all of those unfortunate souls without also highlighting the purely genius and (well executed) pet costumes I found too. What kind of person do you think I am? Don’t answer that. Now get a load of this! Warning: the following pictures may cause Perpetual Anime Eyes

Dog Gone Squirrel, Spa-dog-tti, Rob-Bun(ny)


Cat-man, Turtle Space Ship, Harry Potter Pup



Cat in the Hat, Fast Food Dogs, Kitty Nick FurRy (my personal fav!)



Martini Doggy, Puppy Le Pew, Thor!


If you’ve been stricken with Perpetual Anime Eyes, don’t panic - there is help.  If this has happened to you, please call 1-800-444-CUTE to be connected with an emergency Squee Support Group representative.

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween?   Share your pets costumes in the comments below!

Your resident Crazy Cat Lady,


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