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This week we are featuring new Vintie and French blogger and body positivity advocate, Manon Edwards, of Chic With Curves fame. Manon is originally from Marseille, a small city in the South of France - two years ago, she decided to embark on a fabulous American adventure and has been living in LA ever since.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a blogger/influencer.

At the beginning it was just a hobby, since I was passionate by writing and blogging. I always had been concerned about the struggles of loving fashion and being plus sized, since I’m a size 16, so I decided to write especially about body acceptance. Even if my focus isn’t specifically fashion, I want to show that loving yourself AND loving fashion is totally possible, no matter your size! Once I started writing about this, a lot of brands contacted me, loving my energy and my fight against the negative image of plus size and fashion, so I began my social media accounts and become a freelance blogger influencer.

You have a strong message of body positivity - how did you come to be so confident and comfortable in your skin?

It’s been a long journey. It started after I broke up with my first love, because he wanted me to fit in with HIS standards of beauty, not mine. I told him enough, that I’ve cried too many times, that I’ve tried to change myself for somebody else too many times, and that I want to be happy with who I really am! It was still not easy to really come to loving myself after this, but I decided to keep a positive outlook on life and my body.


Blogger roll call, from left to right: curvygirlchic, chicwithcurves, gabifresh & curveella 

How would you describe your style?

I do not have a specific style - that’s another part of my identity. I really encourage women to wear absolutely whatever they want, no matter their size. If you’re happy and feeling beautiful, that’s the best way to find your “fashion style.” So my own style actually  depends on my current mood! Sometimes I’m more preppy chic, sometimes more rock and casual, but I admit I’m in love with mixing different styles in one look - for example, a sexy chic dress and camo shirt with casual sneakers!

What is the biggest difference between French fashion and LA fashion?

The biggest difference is the choice! In LA (and the US, as a whole) even if you are plus size, if you want to go on the mall, you can also find some trendy stores with fashionable plus size clothes, like Lovesick, Torrid, Forever21 plus etc. In France, unfortunately, it’s still tough to find places that carry plus sizes in store. Some stores, like H&M, offer a maternity section but who said that being plus size means you want to wear maternity clothing? As well, if a store specializes in plus size in France, it usually is not trendy clothing aimed at older women. While styles and trends are international, for the most part, the selection and availability of plus size options is the key difference between the US and France.



Name three of your top brands for finding amazing clothes




What are you most looking forward to for fall fashion?

I’m loving jeans that are super destroyed on the knees or with destroyed fringes at the bottom, which I saw on the runways last year! I also am looking forward to over-the-knee boots and the classic lace up dress or top.

You recently joined Vinted and even came to our Vinted Goes Vintage event! What do you love about being a member of Vinted?

I’m in love with the fact that it’s really fast and easy to post your clothes for sale - every option is already set up, you just have to chose yours, upload a photo and that’s it! But what I prefer the most is that you can really find some great deals, and it’s specifically for clothes, shoes, accessories and fashion!


Your words of wisdom for the Vinted community? 

Girls do not forget, be happy with YOURSELF for YOURSELF, be #HAPPYwithcurves no matter your size!


Check out Manon's Vinted closet, featuring sizes 16 and up! 


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As someone who suffers a lot from trying to get all their clothes, shoes, and accessories organized in one place – I know a thing or two about getting innovative with your storage. I personally have 3 dressers in my room, a closet, and a storage unit full of clothing.

I’ve recently added over 200 items to my closet on Vinted alone. That’s A LOT of stuff. Here’s one of my best DIY Organizers, that I use all the time.

Search through thrift store boxes, bins, and home sections to find mason jars. There’s so many creative ideas that you can do with these! They’re perfect for storing Jewelry, office writing tools, or packaging tools. You can find SO many more uses for these on Pinterest. The possibilities are endless.

Antique milk crates. This one is my recent favorite. I got so many compliments on this when I posted a photo of it to Facebook. I found an old antique crate that was falling apart at one of my local antique stores (I think for around $12) and I now use it to hang my necklaces, watches, and earrings.

 Old vintage boxes. I’m lucky enough to live right next to a flea market. They’re usually active in the Spring/Summer, but she sells redone antiques for SUPER cheap. I use these boxes for clothing that I still need to photograph, but can’t hang. Things like purses, shoes, and scarves. It works really well for me, and it adds to the rustic aesthetic that I have going for me in my apartment.

Whatever you choose to use as your object for DIY organization, you can find anything that fits your aesthetic at a local thrift store, even if you have to travel to multiple ones in the same day. I usually think that vintage storage boxes always looks good with every single type of design, but it’s really what you feel is RIGHT for your space!


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Here's a special gift for all of you, from all of us at Vinted, to help you spread holiday cheer in your packages. (sneak peek below).

Four printable coloring cards that you can personalize and send inside your packages. 

Use the download link below to see the back side too!

printable package tags for vinted

  • Click here to DOWNLOAD the FULL VERSION 
  • Download the PDF file at the link above
  • Print it out*
  • Color it with love (using markers, crayons, etc.) 
  • Cut it out to send out with your packages throughout the season!

Happy holidays, Vinties!

RO + Team Vinted

*Note: to print, use the double sided printing option on your printer (there are designs on the back). Or if you don't have that option, you can do it manually by printing on one side, then load the page back, and print on the back!

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Halloween is couple of days away!  I've decided to share a DIY my grandma and I came up with: turing  pumpkins into cats!  It's magically easy! 


  • Pumpkins
  • Paint and paint brush/ spray paint 
  • Craft paper
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun



  1. Find two small pumpkins, real or fake.  I found some that light up and flicker for $1 at the local dollar store! 
  2. Time to paint!  My grandma and I painted ours black for Halloween.  Don't feel like painting?  Spray paint works too!
  3. Cut four small triangles out of orange craft or scrapbooking paper.  These will be your ears
  4. You're going to want to cut four small triangles out of patterned scrabooking paper.  
  5. Glue the smaller triangles into larger orange triangles and fold the ends of the orange paper.  
  6. Glue the ears onto your pumpkin.  
  7. Time to make some whiskers!  Cute thin pieces of patterened paper and glue them onto your pumpkin.

-Rikki xoxo

Check out more DIY'S on my blog!

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Darby Smart is a monthly subscription box that is perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects. It comes with everything you will need to make a specific craft all for $19 plus shipping!

Most of the projects do seem like you are getting your moneys worth where as others seem to come with some materials you could get for pretty cheap at your local craft store! But the surprise every month is always nice.

My first "TO DIY FOR" box was a block printing kit! I really do feel is worth the amount of money that I paid! Here is how it came! It came in a super cute blue and white chevron box that says "INTERNET REHAB INSIDE", which is super cute!

Cats not included!


Here is what came inside my box! Everything I will need to make my stamp!

  • Linoleum Cutter
  • Soft Brayer
  • Black Block Printing Ink
  • Linoleum  Block

I was actually really hesitant to give this a try! I had no clue what to expect when trying this. It was a very stressful process but it was also very fun! I love the end result and plan on adding more to my stamp; maybe adding a quote from the movie on the inside of my Wild Thing! 

For those of you who don't know, my stamp is based off of the movie "Where the Wild Things Are".

I'm definitely not a professional and I doubt I will buy more linoleum blocks to make more stamps but it was definitely a fun experience!

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Want something fun for a child’s birthday party favors? Or a fun add-on to your Vinted thank you notes? Or maybe a cute Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? Here’s a great idea for all of these things!


  • Mixing Cup
  • Popsicle Stick (Or something to mix with)
  • Dawn Dish Soap (I’m sure other dish soaps work but this is what I personally prefer)
  • Metallic Paint (Any paint works. Metallic looks best. I’m using regular grey paint)
  • Tape
  • Paint Brush
  • What you will be turning into scratch offs (I’m using my thank you notes that I put in my packages!)

How it works:

  1. Place a piece of tape over what you’d like to cover with the scratch off. This is how I lay my notes so they take up less room and dry easily.
  2. 1 part dish soap and 2 parts paint in your mixing cup (A little bit really goes a long way!).
  3. Use your popsicle stick to mix the paint and dish soap slowly to try to get out all the bubbles and get it mixed evenly.
  4. Use your paint brush to put a layer of the mixture on the piece of tape making sure to cover the entire thing under the tape. Keep your Mixture!
  5. Leave them out to dry. As they dry, check them and make sure that nothing is peaking through the scratch off. If it is, use your left over mixture to cover it. (It should still be a bit wet. If not, make some more).

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DIY Love

Hey ladies! Do you want super soft skin without having to pay a fortune? Three ingredients and a couple of minutes are all you need to make this cheap and natural body scrub!


  • 1/2 cup of organic unrefined coconut oil
    • Coconut oil has so many benefits. It is packed with antioxidants & vitamin E which makes your skin feeling silky smooth. It also prevents wrinkles and dry skin. Make sure to use organic + unrefined coconut oil. That means no bleaching & no chemical additives :) I got mine at Target, but you can get coconut oil at your local grocery store. It is $7-$8 for a jar, and it lasts foreverrrr!

  • 1/4 cup of sugar
    • Sugar is a natural humectant. It attracts moisture & it helps keep your skin stay hydrated. It won't strip skin and it is gentler than salt.
  • one tablespoon of lemon juice (optional)
    • Lemon juice brightens and lightens the skin. It helps fade away any scars or age spots. However, if your skin is sensitive, the acid in the juice may cause irratation. You can add a little water to dilute it, or don't use it all all :)


Simply mix it all together & voilà! Gently massage it all over your body & rinse.

Have fun~


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from vinted with love

Wanna jazz up your packages but lacking a little inspiration? We've got you covered (that's kinda our thing). The Vinted team made these cute package tags for you all to enjoy. Best of all, they're completely free and all you have to do is download them to use them! 

Ready to add some love? Here's how...


How to:

  • First download your printable here.  
    • ​It's in PDF format so you'll need a PDF reader to get it. You can download a free version of Adobe Reader if you're on a computer, or find a free PDF viewing app for your phone!
  • Print out your package tags
    • Print out any of the tags you'd like to use (all or just one!). Tip: use a heavy weight paper for a stunning look and print them all on one page if you'd like to save paper. 
  • Cut out your tags
    • Cut out your tags and poke a hole for your string. A paper hole punch works great if you have one.  Now just use ribbon or twine to attach the tags to your wrapped item. Pop that item in your shipping package of choice and you're already spreading the love!

We hope you love them. 



Don't forget to show off how you package your goodies by tagging them #FromVintedWithLove when you share them on  Instagram and  Twitter!

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Because I love pretty things- I have designed a gift wrapping technique to surprise each of my Vintees with a well loved, uniquely wrapped item! This gift wrapping takes about 10minutes to complete and cost me nothing. Yep, that's right: I spent $0! I used items that I already owned and simply collected from around the house.

And here's how:


  • Old books (I use mine for decoration around my house and have owned them for about 5 years now. You can find them for around $0.05 at a thrift store or old book store.)
  • Scrap fabric (I used scraps from a dress I recently hemmed- yay for upcycling!) :D
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Pen
  • Thank you card

Step One: 

Select your books and get to tearing! I chose 3 different kinds of books to mix things up a little. One book is an atlas that has some really cool maps. Another book is an educational book. And the third book is a story. I like to shake it up (shake it off, shake it off, oo, oo - Sorry, who can say "shake" and not think Taylor Swift)

Step Two: 

Once you have you book pages torn out, crumple them up! This makes them more flexible and easier to bend when wrapping. After crumpling you can then lay out each piece and begin taping them together. This seems like it would take forever but it really only takes about 5 minutes, I promise. And you can read/learn geography while you tape! :D

Step Three:  

Once your pages are all taped together, place your item in the center and begin to wrap as you would with any other wrapping paper. The trick is not to tear the pages! As you can see, I tore my page in the bottom left corner (Oops!) but no sweat! Continue wrapping and then you can go back later and add another page to mend any tears.

Step Four:  

Final touch! This is where your bow tying skills come in handy. I used a scrap piece of fabric from a dress I just hemmed. It is a soft velvet material with a wonderful floral pattern!  I sometimes will match the fabric to the item I am shipping.  This is the perfect way to add a little extra love and pick a fabric you really think your buyer will appreciate!

Step Five: 

Voila! Your package is done and ready to ship! I usually tuck a handwritten "Thank You" note under the bow for a little extra love. 

If you make your own #FromVintedWithLove specially wrapped package, tag me on Instagram or Twitter (@troppustra) or leave a link in the comments here so I can see them! XO- J

Don't forget to show off how you package your goodies by tagging them #FromVintedWithLove on  Instagram  and  Twitter!  

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Hayyyyy ya'll! As most of you know, packaging is everything. I take pride in my sales through packaging because I want every. single. one. of my customers to feel special. I know that when I receive a package, the smallest things make all the difference! Don't you agree?! ?

Sooo, I've created a simple three step tutorial on how to package. Don't worry, it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Let's get started ~

Step 1: 

Have your supplies ready! I include tissue paper, stickers, dryer sheets (a must in my book - it just makes everything smell so fresh & so clean clean), tape, scissors, ribbon, and colored polymailers. Of course, you can add small details to your liking to make it personable.

Step 2:

Time to put it all together. This is the fun part! I like to cut a dryer sheet in half and nestle it in between the item and tissue paper. Tie it with a ribbon and add a cute sticker to seal the deal. It's fun! Get creative! Make it you :)

Step 3:

Woot woot! Almost there...
All you gotta do is put it in the polymailer! If you're packaging something big like a coat, or if you are doing a bundle, a box would be more ideal. I like to wrap my boxes with wrapping paper. I think it makes it unique and more exciting to receive. Once you seal it, print the label and ship it away to its new home! Ta-da!
Oh! And I would like to give credit to my sissy-bear (@corpuzel) for helping me complete this fun project. Couldn't have done it without her!

Happy Vinting! Xoxo

Don't forget to show off how you package your goodies by tagging them #FromVintedWithLove on  Instagram and  Twitter!
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