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This week we are featuring new Vintie and French blogger and body positivity advocate, Manon Edwards, of Chic With Curves fame. Manon is originally from Marseille, a small city in the South of France - two years ago, she decided to embark on a fabulous American adventure and has been living in LA ever since.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a blogger/influencer.

At the beginning it was just a hobby, since I was passionate by writing and blogging. I always had been concerned about the struggles of loving fashion and being plus sized, since I’m a size 16, so I decided to write especially about body acceptance. Even if my focus isn’t specifically fashion, I want to show that loving yourself AND loving fashion is totally possible, no matter your size! Once I started writing about this, a lot of brands contacted me, loving my energy and my fight against the negative image of plus size and fashion, so I began my social media accounts and become a freelance blogger influencer.

You have a strong message of body positivity - how did you come to be so confident and comfortable in your skin?

It’s been a long journey. It started after I broke up with my first love, because he wanted me to fit in with HIS standards of beauty, not mine. I told him enough, that I’ve cried too many times, that I’ve tried to change myself for somebody else too many times, and that I want to be happy with who I really am! It was still not easy to really come to loving myself after this, but I decided to keep a positive outlook on life and my body.


Blogger roll call, from left to right: curvygirlchic, chicwithcurves, gabifresh & curveella 

How would you describe your style?

I do not have a specific style - that’s another part of my identity. I really encourage women to wear absolutely whatever they want, no matter their size. If you’re happy and feeling beautiful, that’s the best way to find your “fashion style.” So my own style actually  depends on my current mood! Sometimes I’m more preppy chic, sometimes more rock and casual, but I admit I’m in love with mixing different styles in one look - for example, a sexy chic dress and camo shirt with casual sneakers!

What is the biggest difference between French fashion and LA fashion?

The biggest difference is the choice! In LA (and the US, as a whole) even if you are plus size, if you want to go on the mall, you can also find some trendy stores with fashionable plus size clothes, like Lovesick, Torrid, Forever21 plus etc. In France, unfortunately, it’s still tough to find places that carry plus sizes in store. Some stores, like H&M, offer a maternity section but who said that being plus size means you want to wear maternity clothing? As well, if a store specializes in plus size in France, it usually is not trendy clothing aimed at older women. While styles and trends are international, for the most part, the selection and availability of plus size options is the key difference between the US and France.



Name three of your top brands for finding amazing clothes




What are you most looking forward to for fall fashion?

I’m loving jeans that are super destroyed on the knees or with destroyed fringes at the bottom, which I saw on the runways last year! I also am looking forward to over-the-knee boots and the classic lace up dress or top.

You recently joined Vinted and even came to our Vinted Goes Vintage event! What do you love about being a member of Vinted?

I’m in love with the fact that it’s really fast and easy to post your clothes for sale - every option is already set up, you just have to chose yours, upload a photo and that’s it! But what I prefer the most is that you can really find some great deals, and it’s specifically for clothes, shoes, accessories and fashion!


Your words of wisdom for the Vinted community? 

Girls do not forget, be happy with YOURSELF for YOURSELF, be #HAPPYwithcurves no matter your size!


Check out Manon's Vinted closet, featuring sizes 16 and up! 


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You know your fancy latte is Instagram-worthy but is it going to grow your followers? Well, I’m here to help you find out!

Instagram is not just a personal photo album, now we can share our Vinted closet and build a profitable Instagram account!


First impressions are everything.  Having a cohesive theme will increase your chances of a user clicking that lovely follow button.

Every time I post a photo I think of my theme: Bright. Scenic. Fashion. 

Instead of focusing on one post at a time, think of your profile as a whole. This will give your potential followers an idea of what to expect from your Instagram!

Now it's time to grow a valuable following. Learn more tips on building your BRAND on INSTAGRAM from my YouTube video below. :)


What's your Instagram username? I'll start! @monikarosesf.  Comment yours below!

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Boss Chicks
You know that happy feeling when you wake up to a new message and no, not the one word “swap”, but the infamous “SOLD” (insert salsa dancer emoji)? Yes! We made a sale on Vinted, now let’s get organized!

Whether you sell items from your own closet or you find treasures from your local thrift store, we want to keep track of that extra cash! This way we can turn our closets into our very own small business. :)

Tracking Apps

I’ve been using an app called Bottomline. I love the fact that it’s an app! I can see it right next to my bright blue Vinted icon. :) It’s quick to use, affordable, and user-friendly! 




1.    Enter Date
2.    Select or Enter Vintie Username
3.    Choose Sale Source: Vinted
4.    Add Item(s)
5.    Amount Sold

DONE!  I also like to use the “Notes” section to write down any bundle discounts given, Vinted fee, etc. 


I love being able to build Vintie friendships and business relationships! I’m able to keep track of my buyers and see how often they purchase from me. This allows me to offer them returning buyer discounts and it also gives me an idea of what styles they are most interested in!



Just got back from thrifting? Have a bin full of clothes in your closet? Let’s keep track of what items we are selling. 

1.    Click “More”, and “Products & Services”
2.    Add Name. Example: “GAP Distressed Jeans”
3.    Choose Category
4.    Add Photo (Optional)

DONE! This helps me remember how many items I have for sale. Again, I like to add notes! I can jot down where I store each item. I know we’ve all been there in panic mode when we can’t find something we just sold.



This is my happy place. I get to admire beautiful pie charts and graphs! Okay I get a little excited, but I love being able to read all of the reports. I can view how much I sold on Vinted day-to-day, weekly, monthly, and yes, yearly, along with many other reports such as my top Vintie buyers, top categories, etc.

Phew! Now it may seem like too many extra steps, but really, it’s easy, quick, and simple! For me, when I’m able to stay organized, it makes me feel motivated and excited to keep posting items in my Vinted closet!

Here is where you can download the app ( for iPhone or iPad).[source]

Of course, there are many other options, like Excel or Word, but this is just what has worked for me personally! 

Feel free to ask me any questions!

Come say hi!


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Hey there Beautiful's!

I'm so excited to share with you How I Made Over $3,000 in one month on Vinted!

I have been asked so many times about selling tips, where I get my packaging, how am I able to sell my clothes so cheap and so much more. Well I'm going to let the cat out of the bag and finally share my secrets, tips and experiences that I have learned, which has allowed me to make over $3,000 from Vinted...YAY!.

Right this way, if you're serious about stepping up your game!


Shipping Tips:

I use poly mailer envelopes to ship items out. What's so wonderful about poly mailers is that they are super light weight just like air. It truly makes all the difference in weight when it comes to shipping out your items. These are a must have and a business essential for anyone who sells clothing items and others things online. I use size 10x13 which is the perfect size for most things like tops, pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts and more.

Pricing:  $6.99 for 25, $11.99 for 50, and  $16.99 for 100.

[Editors note: you can find other shipping supply options at budget prices by searching online! Always do your research to find the best price options for your budget. :)  ]

Lighting Tips

I use CREED 100 watt light bulbs for my photo lights. I almost purchased photo lights that cost around $45 & up (just for one!) These are only $20 bucks each (at Home Depot), last forever and are super duper bright. You can see below just jow bright they can be. AWESOME! 

Photo Lights Set (umbrella): found at 




Photo Tips: 

After my lighting is set up, as pictured above, I also need felt and an area to hang my items when I take photos. 

  • Felt Material (white): found at Joannes, or you can find it at any craft store. It may take about 6 yards of material. Joannes offers coupons! 

The felt is for you to use as your background. I chose felt because most background material is flimsy, but this has some weight. Please notice how I just simply nailed it up, I did not do the most! Just nail it up there YAW! 

Also Vinties please notice how I place the nail, dead center. This is what I use to hang & display clothing. But make sure to put it high enough to allow for longer items, like dresses and pants. You'll need the extra space below the item to keep the item centered in the shot, when you take a picture. 

I also recommend these photo apps if you're using a mobile device. 


More Tips: Video!

I've shared additional tips in more detail, in my YouTube videos. Check out Part 1 and Part 2!

The videos above include the following info: 
  1. Why are you selling on Vinted?  
  2. What you'll need (essentials) 
  3. Your Vinted profile 
  4. My 3 P's (Photo, Product, Price)  
  5. Photo covers 
  6. Listing products 
  7. The best time to list items
  8. Vinted's 19% fee 
  9. Your response time (communication is golden)
  10. Other Questions 
  11. Addressing low offers
  12. Being patient 
  13. Shipping 
  14. Feedback  
  15. Mistakes that will cost you 
  16. Following other Vinties 
  17. Vinted rules & the awesome Vinted team

Be sure to follow my closet, and catch me in the forums!  Share your selling tips (or any questions) down in the comments below! 

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Team Vinted has had so much fun getting to know you all. Now, it's time for you to get to know some of us here at Vinted too! Welcome to a very-Vinted Special Delivery - where you can get to know the folks who work to make Vinted your favorite place to buy, sell & swap!


Meet Jenni!

Today's Special Delivery comes from Jenni. Jenni (  @jennivinted ) is part of our Community Support Team from San Francisco, California! You might have seen her around answering your questions through e-mails and over in  the forum - but now it's time to get to know a bit more about Jenni below!


How did you come to work at Vinted?

As soon as I got my green card, I started looking for jobs online and through LinkedIn I found Vinted! The company mission made my heart race. Not only did the job description work with my previous work experiences, it also clicked with my interests as I was already selling clothes online. I hit that "Apply now" button faster than The Flash in his first marathon.

What tips would you give to Vinties?

There's one spending tip I've kept in mind ever since I first read it in highschool. You spot a really cool top that's tempting you to splurge. Before sprinting to the cashier or hitting that checkout button, take a moment to think what else you can buy with the price of that piece of clothing - 15 grande mocha frappes? A ticket to see one of your fave bands this summer? A full tank of gas? This has always helped indecisive and frugal ol' me!


How would you describe your personal style?

#allblackeverything! It has evolved from Gothic Lolita in my teens to I'm-running-late-let-me- thrown-on-this-black-shirt- and-ripped-jeans. There may no longer be dark ruffled skirts in my closet, but I still slip into bell-sleeved tops to feel like Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode as the Supreme. 

What are your favorite brands?

I'm not really attached to brands, I'm happy to shop outfits at Ross or Crossroads. But just talking about style and ethos I'm in love with Ovate and Noctex - these companies were both built by a young woman, handcrafted by themselves or locally. And I do fancy the kitschiness of  Blackmilk!


That's it for today's Special Delivery! Now that we've helped you break the ice, make sure you say "hi!" to Jenni (  @jennivinted ) the next time you see her in the forum.

If you'd like to learn about more members of Team Vinted, stay tuned to the Boss Chicks category here on the blog. 

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For High School Seniors

Many of you will be applying to college soon. This is a very stressful time but please do not panic. I urge you to apply to a few schools, even if you don't think college is for you. Even if you don't think you have the money. Even if you are nervous. Because situations may change. There are scholarships and financial aid. If you don't apply and then change your mind later, it may be too late to apply for that year. 


What Schools Should I Apply to?

When looking at schools to apply to, use your ACT and SAT scores as well as your GPA to determine three categories of schools FOR YOU. These categories will vary person to person.

The first category is a safety school . Most students apply to a community college as their safety school. When categorizing schools, be sure to have a safety school that you will get into FOR SURE, with no difficulty. Also, make sure this option is affordable for you, and not too far away. Ideally, your safety school is a backup school, just in case the things don't go how you plan. The next category is a best fit school.

A best fit school accepts students with around your GPA and test score levels, and should include one fairly close to come.

The reach school or schools should be tougher to get into or significantly expensive for your budget. Depending on your criteria, this could mean a state school or an Ivy League. You should try to apply to 2 safety schools, 4 best fit schools, and 2 reach schools. Applying to colleges can be expensive, so if you can only apply to a few schools, choose a safety, a reach, and a few best fit. Last but definitely not least, do not apply to a school if they don’t have your major.

That might seem like common sense, but so many people do it anyways. If you don’t know what you would like your major to be, try to apply to schools that have things you are interested in. If you have no clue, try to apply to schools that have a lot of majors. A small liberal arts school with only 11 majors may not be for you.


Private vs. Public Schools

Private schools and public schools very on many fronts. The most important of these fronts for most people is money. Private schools are generally significantly more expensive, but they also give much larger financial aid packages. I would recommend applying to both types. Public schools are much cheaper, but do not give as much financial aid. Do a FAFSA estimator to get an idea of the financial situation. Every situation is different, so it’s a great idea to apply to both types, to see what money you can get from each. 


Test Scores and GPA

Do not worry about your GPA at this point. As a senior, there is basically nothing you can do it about it. BUT, you can work on test scores until December for most schools. There is a test date for the ACT in October and December, but try to take the October one if you need to get your score up. Taking the test earlier gives you a better idea of the range of schools you should apply to. If you have never taken the writing portion of the ACT, you should take it because some schools require it. Early Action deadlines generally start on November 1st, but triple check each due date. Also, check for scholarship essays, supplemental essays, and special program essays (including honors programs), because you don't want to find out about these things last minute. 

what to wear

Early Action and Early Decision

Early action is applying to a school early and being notified for admission early. When you apply early action, you may be accepted, rejected, or deferred. Being deferred means they want to wait to see who else applies Regular Decision, and they will reassess your application at that time.

EARLY DECISION IS A BINDING AGREEMENT. Early Decision is telling the school that if they accept you, you will attend there. No question. You aren't waiting for financial aid or to see if your test score goes up. It's a binding contract, so don't sign it unless you are sure of everything. If you are granted admission, you will have to withdraw all other applications. Also, you can only apply to one school as ED.

Some schools do not have an Early Action program, only Early Decision, so please double check. 

what to wear

The Common Application

If you need to do the CA for any of the schools you plan to apply to, start it today. Look at the essays that are required for your school, the first of which will be the same with each school, known as the Common App Essay . Simply searching this phrase will show you the prompts for this year, if you’d like to take a look at them before starting the application. Remember, this essay is about you.

All of your essays should be about you, even if the prompt seems like it shouldn’t. Your essay should be the best essay you’ve ever written. It will take weeks, most likely. Which is why you should start now, even if it’s just reading over the prompts. When you read them, one will likely stick out for you. If it doesn’t, trying showing them to your friends of family, people who know you well and see what they think. It should represent you, your mistakes, and the person you want to be. Everyone does their essay differently, which is good.

You want it to be unique as possible, because admissions counselors read many of these a day. If you choose a topic that seems common, try to put a different spin on it. If you have an application that is not on the CA, you may be able to use the same essay for different prompts, or make a few edits

If anyone needs their essay looked over, feel free to contact me. Shoot me a message on here with any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them.  


For Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen

Do not panic! Take lots of practice tests and work on your GPA. Take any internships, interesting jobs, field trips, or shadowing opportunities you can, even if it doesn't seem interesting at the time. Trying new things will expand your horizons, and you might just love it.

Keep your eye out for scholarships you can apply for, as well as volunteering and doing extracurricular. There are TONS of scholarships for students who are highly involved in service activities.

Remember to take challenging classes, because colleges will not only look at your GPA, but will also look at the rigor of the classes you decided to take. If you have the option to take additional English classes, I would recommend doing so, no matter what you are interested in. Being well spoken and well written will help you in any profession. Try to challenge yourself when writing, and write a really good paper, even if you know the first draft you wrote in an hour will get you an “A” in your crappy English class.

Always respect your teachers, principals, and guidance counselor. Some colleges require a recommendation from your principal, and some require the guidance counselor in addition to your teachers. Remember that these people are here to help you, especially your guidance counselor. The better you get to know your counselor, the more equipped they will be to help you choose what schools to apply to.  

Good luck to everyone!

Remember to ask your counselors any questions you have. Also feel free to shoot me any questions. I will do my best to get back to everyone!  

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So, you just started a new job and you're confused on what to wear to your first day! First things first: BREATHE! We'll get through this together with some helpful tips and ideas on what to wear for your first day at your brand spankin' new job. 

1. Look at what the interviewers were wearing 

If you didn't miss the chance - ask what dress code they have. Usually an interviewer is just in their normal everyday career wear clothing. They don't usually go all out to impress potential employees, because they don't have to! Take a peak at what they were wearing for the interview, and that's usually your best bet for deciding what you can and can't get away with. 

2. Find out the best type of clothes for your body. 

I get it that sometimes you want to have your own style and wear whatever you want, but when you've just got a new job, you definitely want to leave a good and modest impression. There are plenty of websites to tell you what type of clothes fit your body the best. You can input your measurements and they show you the best designs! 

what to wear

3. Overdressed is better than underdressed.

On the first day of my current job I wore a pantsuit. The girl next to me wore jeans a regular old baseball T-shirt. I felt a bit weird about it, but I knew that I was leaving a good and professional impression on the bosses. From there, I started working into a more business casual type of style. However, you should never wear just regular clothes that you would wear to Wal-Mart to work. That doesn't only give other people the impression that you don't take your job seriously, but it also makes you feel tired and not too good about yourself. 

4. Love yourself! 

Confidence will make any outfit look good. Be proud of yourself for landing an awesome new job, and walk with confidence! 

- Robyn Hynes

Lifestyle and politics blogger from the Black Hills. Lover of camping, college, and cats. 

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Team Vinted has had so much fun getting to know you all. Now, it's time for you to get to know some of us here at Vinted too! Welcome to a very-Vinted Special Delivery - where you can get to know the folks who work to make Vinted your favorite place to buy, sell & swap!

Meet Stephanie!

Today's Special Delivery comes from Stephanie. Stephanie ( @stephvinted )  is part of our Community Support Team from San Francisco, California! You might have seen her around answering your questions over in  the forum - but now it's time to get to know a bit more about Stephanie, below!

steph and doggie

How did you come to work at Vinted?

I used Vinted for about 2 months before I found the job listing on Indeed. 
I loved the app so I decided to apply and luckily I was hired
Fun fact: I have pet rocks from all around the world.  My friends who travel would bring me back a rock they 
picked up from that city :) 

What tips would you give to Vinties?

Tips on Vinted: Treat all Vinties with kindness and respect :)  
Tips on style:  If you don't feel comfortable - change!
Tips on traveling: You want to see everything the city/country has to offer but take an hour and sit at a park or a cafe and relax and people watch!
Tips on dating:  I would love some, thanks ;)


How would you describe your personal style?

Simple and comfortable, think Jane Lane from Daria .  I'm a tshirt and jeans girl on lazy days but I love to wear dresses on rompers if I wake up early and have time to dress up.  While I love colorful outfits I never feel like I can pull them off so my daily outfits consist of black.  One of my go-to outfits!

What are your favorite brands?

  • rag & bone
  • Aritzia
  • Madewell 
  • Brandy Melville
  • Free People



That's it for today's Special Delivery! Now that we've helped you break the ice, make sure you say "hi!" to Stephanie ( @stephvinted ) the next time you see her in the forum.

If you'd like to learn about more members of Team Vinted, stay tuned to the Boss Chicks category here on the blog. 

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special delivery

Team Vinted has had so much fun getting to know you all. Now, it's time for you to get to know some of us here at Vinted too! Welcome to a very-Vinted Special Delivery - where you can get to know the folks who work to make Vinted your favorite place to buy, sell & swap!


Meet Kelsey

Today's Special Delivery comes from Kelsey. Kelsey ( @kelseyvinted )  leads our Community Support Team from San Francisco, California! You might have seen her around answering your questions over in the forum - but now it's time to get to know a bit more about Kelsey, below!

How did you come to work at Vinted?

I love secondhand so when I saw an ad for an innovative, community-based, preloved clothing app, I was immediately onboard! I've worked at Vinted for two years and can't get enough of buying and selling, having heart-to-hearts with Vinties and joking around (err working) with my awesome teammates!

I'm the US Community Support Manager, so that means I lead our support team! We interact with Vinties all day, helping them solve any issues that may arise, making sure they're having a good experience using Vinted. If you ever need help, get in touch with me!

What tips would you give to Vinties?

My top tip for using Vinted is to be the best Vintie you can be! That means always being communicative, friendly and treating others how you would like to be treated ;) If in doubt, turn to our support team - we're here to help you out!

My top style tips for Vinties:

  1. Invest in basics because they're the cornerstone of your wardrobe ( @jennivinted knows this is how I rationalize all my purchases).
  2. Stay true to yourself! My first year of college I spent the whole year dressing like a surfer girl - which is so not me - because I was trying to be more like the guy I was dating. When I look back at photos I'm like what was I thinking? Since then I've kind of settled into my personal style and I always stay pretty true to my look.
  3. At the same time, don't be afraid to try new things. I recently wore a dress that was super outside the box for me - it was a bold, colorful print - and received so many compliments. I think shaking it up sometimes can refresh your perspective.
  4. Speaking of a new perspective, try tops and dresses on backwards! I do this sometimes to mix things up but only when it works 
  5. Don't buy something just because it's on sale - this is a good reminder for myself because it's my #1 weakness.

How would you describe your personal style?

Day to day I'm pretty boyish and minimalist - I like button down shirts, motorcycle jackets (just nabbed such a good one on Vinted! Score! Check it out in my outfit pic!) and little booties. At night though, if I'm going out, I like to glam it up a little bit and will opt for a vintage dress or a sexy jumpsuit. 

Here's my go-to outfit for a casual Spring day in San Francisco:

Jacket (new, from Vinted) |  striped top (I think I have at least 10 of these) |  skinnie s |  high sandal
kelseys OOTD

What are your favorite brands?

If I'm in the mood to splurge I go straight to Madewell because it suits my style really well. Otherwise I love thrift stores because I'm super into the hunt and finding unique pieces that no one else has.  Probably 75% of my wardrobe is thrifted, but like I mentioned above, I'll invest in basics. kelsey

That's it for today's Special Delivery! Now that we've helped you break the ice, make sure you say "hi!" to Kelsey (@kelseyvinted) the next time you see her in the forum.

If you'd like to learn about more members of Team Vinted, stay tuned to the Boss Chicks category here on the blog. 

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boss chicks

We grow up hearing this question: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"

As a little child it seemed like we knew what we wanted to be whether it was a princess, a doctor, or a lawyer. Fast forward a few years and you get asked that same question in high school and what is your answer? If it was anything like probably didn't have it figured out yet.  

Family member: What are you going to do after high school?

Me: Umm...I like pie?

It seems like people expect us to have our whole lives planned out by the time we are juniors in high school. Often after graduating high school we enroll in college not knowing what we want to do.  I fell into that trap, college; that magical place full of books, boys, and fun times.  It’s a proven fact that the average college student will change their major at least two times (I have already changed). So your question is how do you know what you want to do?

 Here are some tips on finding what you want to do and what career to pursue:

Ask yourself what is your passion? What do you love? 

Many people are looking at the numbers and paychecks behind careers and not thinking about their own happiness. I hate the break it to you, but money does not buy happiness.  If you love something or have a natural talent go for it! However, if you don't want to struggle financially, see what careers would fall under the same category.  For instance, if you love art and want to be a freelance artist, do that on the side and go for art therapy or teach art.

Outline your life preferences

Before you start researching different careers outline your life preferences including: Worktime preference Do you want to work evenings, weekends?), would you like travel or relocate? Do you work well in groups or independently? Questionaries’ can be easily found on Google. Another great resource are personality tests and career quizzes. 

Do your research

Research! If you are interested in a career, google it or check out the Federal Employment Handbook which outlines the salary, a description, and other information including the projected growth of the career

Shadowing and an Internship

Try out shadowing someone in different professions, this is the best way to get hands on experience and see if you would really enjoy the career. Through this you can eliminate choices and see what it is like from a day to day basis. 

Explore all your options

Do not let what people say hold you back. Many think that you need a college education to make a living, is not necessarily true.  There are trade schools, cosmetology schools, and other option out there. Some where you do not need a college education or other or other options where companies will pay for you to go to college.


But most of all. Remember you do not need to have everything figured out.  Often, life doesn't go as we planned and while it may be inconvenient, remember that everything happens for a reason and every life event you can learn and grow from.  Focus on the journey and not just the destination! 


Stay beautiful 


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