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This is a size 7 Rainbow moonstone ring.
Rainbow Moonstone size 7
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Troll beads with free bracelet.  Multi color
This ring is so Pretty and elegant! A piece of beautiful True Red Coral. It is a really nice solid color thru-out the whole stone. This i...
Beautiful Red Coral Ring Size 9
This Watch Pendant is super groovy! It's the size of a Pocket Watch! But very feminine and beautiful. Made from Cast Brass. The Amber Gla...
Very Cool Watch Pendant Necklace
One size
This ring is truly amazing! It has 4 Rainbow Labradorite Stones. All 4 of which have amazing flash. And the rudilations and layers of col...
Beautiful Labradorite Ring size 5.5-5.75
This is handmade by me. This piece is really lovely! It has a Brass Lighthouse Pendant. The Pendant has an image of a Lighthouse on the...
Brass Lighthouse Pendant with Red Coral and Pearls
This ring is Amazing! It is a huge, beautiful piece of Carnelian. It is the perfect color that we look for in Carnelian. And the natural ...
Huge Carnelian Ring. Size 8.25
This ring is super cool! The stone is a large piece of Mosaic Jasper, which I love! No two pieces are ever the same. There are so many di...
Awesome Mosaic Jasper Ring size 6.75
This Blue Onyx stone is so Beautiful! It just glows with this Bright Sky Blue color! (I would be keeping this if it fit!) The setting is ...
Beautiful Blue Onyx ring size 7
This is handmade by me. This necklace is really beautiful. It has lovely Rose Quartz and Dark Pomegranite Red Garnet. The Key Pendant is ...
Skeleton Key Pendant Necklace with Rose Quartz and Garnet
This Labradorite Ring is so beautiful! It has amazing flash! And the colors in the stone are the harder to find lovely greens and yellows...
Beautiful Labradorite Ring. Size 6.5
This is a truly beautiful piece of Amethyst. It is very clear with little to no rudilations in the stone. As well as it being a lovely da...
Beautiful Amethyst Ring. Size 6.25
This ring is so Groovy! Purple Copper Turquoise is formed when Copper mixes with the Turquoise while it's forming. Red and Blue make Pur...
Purple Copper Turquoise ring size 5.75
This stone is a beautiful example of Blue Flash Rainbow Moonstone. It has all the rudilations and layering of color that we look for. The...
Blue Flash Rainbow Moonstone ring size 6.5
This ring is so pretty! It has a large, really beautiful Green Malachite stone. The stone has lovely, crisp and clear bands of colors. Ju...
Amazing Green Malachite Ring. Size 6
This ring is amazing! It is a large beautiful, clear stone The perfect Peridot color. It is cut to give it extra sparkle too! The Bali Si...
Beautiful Peridot Ring size 5.75
This is a really beautiful piece of Blue Flash Rainbow Moonstone. It has the rudilations, and layering of color we look for in this stone...
Blue Flash Rainbow Moonstone Ring size 6
This is a piece from my new Spring Line. This Locket is go pretty and fun! It's in the shape of a Fairy Door. The Locket is Cast Metal. ...
Brass Fairy Door Locket Necklace
This Necklace is handmade by me. It is part of my Summer Line. It's an Adorable Silver Plated Bee Pendant. It has lovely details, and is...
Adorable Silver Bee Pendant Necklace