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[MAGAZINE] Vinted Issue 1

Just one more gift... We couldn't let the holidays pass without sharing a special gift with the ...


Vinted Day 6.7

Hi Vinties! For me, what sets Vinted a part is its community. As a member for two years befor...


[NEW] Updates to the feedback rating

Hey Vinties! We couldn't be happier that you trust your closets to Vinted, and in return, we ...


NEWS from Vinted

Dear Vinties, We at Vinted would like to share some important upcoming changes to our team’s c...


[WIN] #OOTD Time - #VintedSummers Style!

Hey Vinties! ...And hello to all those owners of stylish wardrobes, fashionistas, trendsetter...


[Event] LA: Vinted Goes Vintage 9.9

Calling all SoCal Vinties! Live in the LA area and looking for something fun to do this Frida...


[WIN] Extreme Closet Makeover!

Hey, Vinties! We got pumped up for FALL last week with our “Make Vintage Modern” contest - and...


[WIN] Show Your Modern Vintage Style!

Hey Vinties! Even though we’re still in summer, you may start to be feeling (or at least wishi...


[WIN] Every Item Has a Story

#VintedSummers: Every item has a story, every Vintie does too! We know at Vinted that every it...


[WIN] Summer #LovePreloved Contest

Hey Vinties! Vinted is many things. It’s a community. It’s a marketplace. It’s both a space t...


[HOT] $2 capped fees - extended for a limited time!

Hey Vinties, how's your wallet doing after the holidays? A little thin? Well this may be just the...


Help Center 101

Vinties, The last time you visited our Help Center it was probably a lot like having Rihanna’s ...


Happy Holidays from Team Vinted

Ho ho ho, Vinties! The holiday season is well underway. We’ve got our gifts wrapped (and some a...


[DIY] Holiday Cards

Hey Vinties, Here's a special gift for all of you, to help you spread holiday cheer in your pac...


Vinted POP UP: San Francisco

Come SHOP at the VINTED POP-UP in San Francisco! Ready to shop for vintage pieces, brand name...



Better bundle discounts - woo!

Hello again Vinties, You’ve tried our bundle feature, right? If you’re new to the scene, it lets...


Cyber Week: Bundles Ship for FREE!

Vinties assemble! ‘Tis the season for deals on Vinted! We’re giving Cyber Monday a makeover a...


[WIN] Vinted Halloween Spookfest!

Hi Vinties! We love a good selfie, and we love dressing up! In the spirit of Halloween season,...


[WIN] Back to life, back to REALITY!

Let's all say "bye, bye, BYE" to this heat wave and ride it out to cooler weather! :) It's al...



Show us your Red, White, and Blue!

We had so much fun last month seeing all of you share your favorite trend, we're coming back for ...



[NEWS] Closet raids are back!

This. Is. Real. Closet raids - yaaaaaaas! If you’ve been on Vinted for a while, you probably ...


Calling all Vintie Trendsetters!

(call) Ring Ring! Calling all future style icons of the world: we've got a contest for you! We're...



[GAME] Sell more during #bundleweek May 1-10th

Vinted peeps, Think fast - it’s #bundleweek on Vinted! What’s #bundleweek? A time for you ...


It’s time to celebrate Women’s Week!

Hey, Vinties! International Women’s Day is upon us. But you're awesome EVERY.SINGLE.DAY so we’re...


Get your Vinted Valentine’s gift

What is love? (baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more ) (music) Now that I got that song ...


Make your packages 100x cuter!

Have you ever received a package where your seller took the extra time to make it look super cute...


Your style + our gifts!

New year, new style goals! What are your style resolutions? The Detox vibe is still strong on ...


We want to see YOUR stories on Vinted!

Raise your hand if you've got a valuable NEW YEARS life tip to share with fellow Vinties… Ok, p...



Share a tip, grab a prize

Alright - I want to revamp my style in 2015 but I'm so done with unattainable New Year’s resoluti...


#SeasonsVintings wanna win a coat?

Well, you can! It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve got one last prize to give to one of you lovely peeps...


#SeasonsVintings movie game!

Hey, it’s almost Christmas Eve and #SeasonsVintings ends tomorrow :( We’re having as much fun ...


Grab this #SeasonsVintings prize!

It’s just days away from the holiday madness! Planning and last minute gifts are all aboard this ...


#SeasonsVintings: frosty bling!

Hey there Vinties, To quote a classic “frost yourself” That’s right it’s another day of the #...


#SeasonsVintings: a scarf for you?

For today’s game, we chose another great item we found on Vinted - right out of @itsmetina15’s c...


#SeasonsVintings: we have guests!

Hey there, hey! Our friends Reichel ( @cellularmango ) and Dejah ( @dejahmatt ) are here to lea...


#SeasonsVintings: snuggle weather!

Snuggle weather, amiright?! We're cuddling up today! It’s been a chilly and wet winter and now...


Picking sizes for accessories? NOPE!

Vinties, remember that time when you were making a listing for your scarf, but then had that “um...


#SeasonsVintings: PETS!

For pet’s sake (hehe see what I did there)! It’s another day of gifts and games - but let’s take...


#SeasonsVintings: a little black dress?

Be it the classy little black dress or something more formal, today’s game is all about finding t...


#SeasonsVintings: the skirt of your dreams

Is there a skirt on Vinted that makes you all anime-heart-eyes??? This one’s for you then! We’re ...


#SeasonsVintings: this clutch, FTW!

Can you guys believe we're halfway through #SeasonsVintings already? There’s still time to take p...


#SeasonsVintings meets Vlogger, Karen!

Hello there, awesome people reading this. Your fellow Vintie (and vlogger), Karen @anakaren.pi...


#SeasonsVintings: What would you wear?

It’s time for another day of #SeasonsVintings! For today’s game, we're posting a makeup idea. ...



#SeasonsVintings OOTD? Sure!

Hey Vinties! Ready for another game & another chance to win a prize? I thought so! For today...


Time for a #SeasonsVintings Blog!

Time to take a winter stroll over to the Vinted blog and check out a holiday DIY tutorial from @k...


Stay warm with #SeasonsVintings

Shoes - check! Now for the winter essential: sweaters! Which one would you like to score? (*...


#SeasonsVintings: MOAR shoes!

“I don’t need another pair of shoes” - said no Vintie ever. Which is why today’s #SeasonsVinti...


It’s so beautiful! #SeasonsVintings!

Vinties, Today’s game is so easy, there’s no reason to pass it up! :) We’ve searched high a...


#SeasonsVintings comment game!

Hey Vinties, Can we just take a moment to celebrate the fact that we're a great community of s...



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