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Beauty Talk: Skin Care

Lotions, eye creams, skin treatments, and more! A discussion area related to skin care and tips, just for you!

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Poll: which is the before picture?

hello! I’ve started a new skincare routine for about 3 weeks now and I was wondering if my skin i...


Spray tanning/self tanning

Hey guys if anyone is wanting to spray tan/self tan but do not know where to start keep on readin...


Make bruises go away faster?

So I fell down at work and messed my knees up. It really doesn't hurt that badly but there are hu...


Firming lotion

Hi Ladies! Need some help. What do you ladies use. I am looking for a lotion for my skin. Somet...


Natural beauty products?

Anyone have any suggestions on natural beauty products? Wanting to make a change due my super sen...


Acne scarring

I've been suffering from acne scars for roughly a year now and can't get them to go away. I have ...


Skincare routine

Ok so I would love to know the secret to clear skin, and if any of you ladies think you have it p...



I’m in need of a new pair of tweezers, preferably something stainless steel and something that wo...


Best everyday Face Wash/Cleanser?

I have sensitive, combination skin but my face is usually more oily. I have a good exfoliator an...


Good Peel Off Face Masks?

Hey!! Does anyone have a good peel off mask that doesn't cost $20 dollars?? My skin has so much g...


Facial firming cream/ gel

Hi! I recently lost over a hundred pounds and now my face has sagging skin and my wrinkles are mo...



Does anybody know what these little dots are and how I can get rid of them? Are they blackheads? ...


Any Long Time KP (Keratosis Pilaris) Sufferers?

Hello ladies! I am 24 years old and have been plagued with the tell tale signs of KP my entire l...


Skincare products

What are your favorite skincare products? Expensive and inexpensive


Does this thing really work?

I always see these online and I found a pack for a decent price, has anyone ever used them before...


Need Skin Care Routine Help

Hey everyone! I just downloaded this app again today and I’m excited to be back on. I have been ...


Rose quartz/jade rollers?

Does anyone on here use a jade roller or another variation (Groupon sells a rose quartz one) on t...


New perfume

Looking for a new perfume for myself! A 20 something, young individual! Thoughts on Daisy by Marc...


Avon Representative 🌸

Hello Ladies, My name is Gina and I’m an independent Avon Representative. I would love to recomme...


Facial advice

So I have redness, enlarged pores, small little bumps on my forehead/chin/nose, acne scars, etc l...

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