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Diets, Healthy Living & Body

Share your wisdom or ask questions about healthy dieting tips, clean eating lifestyles, and more! Your spot to discuss all things related to diet, body and health. Because a healthy Vintie is a happy Vintie!

Last Post

  Butt Challenge

Trying not to look like Miley! Does anybody want to do this with me? ☺️ Just post below and after...


  30 Day Squat Challenge Thread

Does anyone want to do the 30 day squat challenge with me? So check out the image, that's the g...


  Ab Challenge!

Come on ladies :) Let's strengthen our core! :D We can start either Monday! Sooner too, if ye wi...


1200 calorie hell

I started at a much higher number of calories recommended to me for 1/2 pound weight loss a week ...



Has anyone taken lyrica and had trouble sleeping or anxiety? My doctor mentioned it should make m...


Detox tea?

Anyone tried one of those detox/weightloss tea's? Do they work? Will you actually lose weight? Ar...


Grow a booty Q&A

Heyyyy guys. Wow I haven’t been on Vinted in like a year! Just wanted to pop in and do a booty gr...


Best detox cleanse?

Help! I’m looking for a good detox/cleanse to do! What’s one you’ve had a good experience with?


Emotional eating

Okay, does anybody else seem to struggle with possibly being on the verge of “binge” eating? Afte...


How do you guys practice sustainability?

I would love to know what you guys do that is sustainable or any ideas you have, whether it’s usi...


Uneven butt please help

Well I finally noticed that my butt was uneven and I am feeling really self conscious about it. I...


Healthy weight loss

My mind is so warped, it’s so hard to tell whether what I’m doing is normal and fine or whether i...


Weight loss diet and exercise

I don’t want to start a diet, I actually Just want to start eating more low carb foods and less j...


Essential Oils

Do they actually work and help? I feel like I have always had this stigma against them, mainly...


I look exactly the same

At least that’s how I think I look. Some days I feel maybe I look slightly slimmer, then other da...


Quit Sugar, Late/No Period

Hey everyone! I've come on here to write about this because my mind has been driving me bonkers t...


Red Tea Detox

Does anyone know if a tea detox actually works? I'm 23, 5'6 and 160lbs. I've been looking at the ...



Has anyone used the Insanity workouts to get into (better) shape and seen results? I'm on a missi...


Fit Before The Feast Bootcamp

✨ Fit for 2019 ✨ Hi everyone and my name is Jordan! I am an online fitness coach currently worki...


Healthy beginning..

SO..I came across this instagram & after further research, I'm willing to try it out. I'm at my h...

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