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Diets, Healthy Living & Body

Share your wisdom or ask questions about healthy dieting tips, clean eating lifestyles, and more! Your spot to discuss all things related to diet, body and health. Because a healthy Vintie is a happy Vintie!

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  30 Day Squat Challenge Thread

Does anyone want to do the 30 day squat challenge with me? So check out the image, that's the g...


  Ab Challenge!

Come on ladies :) Let's strengthen our core! :D We can start either Monday! Sooner too, if ye wi...


  Butt Challenge

Trying not to look like Miley! Does anybody want to do this with me? ☺️ Just post below and after...


Best detox cleanse?

Help! I’m looking for a good detox/cleanse to do! What’s one you’ve had a good experience with?


Getting stronger for pole dance?

So I started pole dance a few months ago, and still can’t climb up the pole. I think it’s because...


Why oh why *trigger warning*

As some of you know, I have a history of an eating disorder and I’m super weird about my weight a...


Terrible neck pain

I'm currently having the worst neck pain. It's mainly on the right side, and I keep having sharp ...


Planet fitness personal trainer

Has anyone used the personal trainer option that planet fitness has with there premium membership...


The answer to "Am I pregnant?"



I use the app Dietbet for weight loss and it changed my life! I bet on myself to lose weight so I...


NuvaRing birth control

I just started using the Nuvaring today after being on depo for a year. My doctor talked me into ...


Who’s New Year Resolution is to get healthy?

That’s mine, over the last year I’ve gained 10lbs and my stamina is next to nothing. So today wa...


IUD cramps?

So I got the paraguard IUD in December of 2016. I get pretty painful cramps a bit before/during m...


New Years Resolution Swap Box

So what is this swap box, exactly? //You will be matched with a partner that you should be mindf...


3 eggs a day

I know eggs are healthy, but is it okay to egg 3 hard boiled eggs a day? I’m asking because I kno...


Really Bad Health Anxiety

So I have really bad health anxiety, Last time I went to the doctor she told me that I have moder...


Who wants a Free VS Sports bra?!

Who needs new workout clothes?! I’m starting a new 90 day weight loss challenge and anyone who is...


Ibuprofen to delay my period this weekend.

Has anyone tried it? And did it work? I've read about the risks involved so I'm concerned to see ...


IUD Removed - Went on Birth Control

I had the IUD for 1.5 years, in which it moved twice. I finally had it removed and found out it j...

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