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What is on this top? Add to favorites

I found this patterned top from H&M and I can't figure out what this is. A dinosaur?? A panther??...


Amazing goodwill haul Add to favorites

Guys i was so suprised at the stuff i found today i usally never look in goodwill except for home...


Valentines Dress.. Show me yours:) Add to favorites

My bf and I are going to have a "fancy" dinner tomorrow night and I still don't have the perfect ...


Fake Designer Purses? Fake Designer Items? Add to favorites

I'm a full-time college student with bills to pay. However, I like to look nice on a budget. It d...


Is this authentic? Add to favorites

It's really cute What other pictures so I need to get to post? I'm semi confident it's a fake si...


Keep or sell? Add to favorites

They're lovely shoes, idk if they're right for me though.


Outlet Haul!! Add to favorites

What a day, Stopped by at Banana Republic, Kate Spade, and Aldo. Was able to find new shoes, swe...


SCHOOL Add to favorites

So I'm in 6th grade and every morning I have no idea what to wear. Do you guys have any ideas?


Forever 21 and H&M haul Add to favorites

My local forever 21 is doing buy 1 get 1 free on all sale items! I bought 4 from there and 2 from...


Jeans! Add to favorites

So I recently got a job that allows employees to wear appropriate jeans! (I've been wearing busin...


Worth? Add to favorites

How much do you think this is worth? Should I just stick with the price as listed in my closet?


Help! Just had a baby Add to favorites

Ive been my pre-pregnancy weight for a while and intend to continue dieting... Problem is all I o...


When I've thought I've seen it all Add to favorites

I happen to find this at the racks of my local Value Village. There's one part of me that kind of...


Should I buy these? Add to favorites

Struggling over this lol. Should I get these 19 items for $92 (free shipping)? Each thing wou...


Amazing shoes Add to favorites

Please help me find these shoes!!! all I know is that they are adidas! A link or vintie that has ...


Clothing websites? Add to favorites

Does anybody know of any cheap clothing websites that are either in the U.S. or have reliable shi...


What are you shopping for? Add to favorites

On here or anywhere else! I mean for clothing, shoes and accessories. Are you searching for w...


massive haul! Add to favorites

I may or may not have gone a little overboard at Kohl's lately. But in my defense, all of this wa...

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