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Fall/ winter suggestions Add to favorites

I have spent the last 9 years in south Florida but I've relocated to DC for a new job. I'm REALLY...


Which is Your Favorite? OOTD Add to favorites

Opinions? Which is your favorite? Absolutely love the first two. The others Im iffy about. Sug...


I Have So Many [ ] In My Closet 👗GAME👗 Add to favorites

Comment the sentence ^ below, but fill in the blank. You can do a maximum of three, what do you h...


Justfab Heels Add to favorites

Hey girls! If I were to sell some brand new justfab Heels on here, who would be interested? 6 p...


Clothing Question/Survey 👚 Add to favorites

What is one item that you think looks really bad on you, but you still have in your closet? For...


If you were rich Add to favorites

Do you think you would still thrift/buy secondhand clothing? I would! I'd have a ball. Of course,...


Heels! Add to favorites

So after much much much realization that I have too many heels, I finally decided to part with my...


My New Cuff Earring 💍 Add to favorites

My new and first...cuff earring! I can't wear it to school though 😩because the beads dangling d...


Sexy dress Add to favorites

So I got this dress and I'm not sure how I like it on me. ... the brand is my question ...


My hedgehog has cancer :( UPDATE Add to favorites

So my baby girl is diagnosed with mammary cancer. ;( She had a lump in her breast (just like peo...


Money wasted on high waisted (jeans) Add to favorites

They were thrifted but still. Tried them on in the dressing room, thought I'd get used to it, tri...


Forever 21 Haul Add to favorites

I may have been shopping this summer...a lot...on several occasions. I also may have been to fore...


August fashion box Add to favorites

SquareHearts unboxing So this month I received a midi skirt Fun blouse Crystal necklace Selfie...


Help! Add to favorites

I saw someone post a forum about how they wanted pale pink heel bootie things! I found a pair


90% of my Add to favorites

(real) closet is American eagle. If I start browsing online even if I don't need anything and hav...


Fall fashion obsession?? Add to favorites

What is your obsession for the fall season when it comes to clothes/accessories? I'm looking forw...


I found a pajama set Add to favorites

So I was browsing the catalog and came across these top and bottoms from two different sellers th...


Lularoe Clothing Add to favorites

I was wondering if anyone has been to a pop up boutique for lularoe clothing. My husband thinks t...


Help me pick my Minnie ears! Add to favorites

I'm taking 8 total with me to Disney, and have already bought 2 (last two pics). That means I nee...


Nude Fashion 👡 Add to favorites

*in no way is this post supposed to be racist or discriminatory, if the word black bothers you pl...

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