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Flower crowns and leggings! Maxi's and floppy hats? Discuss the latest fashion trends and your unique style, right here.

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How can I fix this coat??

I’ve got this coat but for some reason the sleeves are puffy and it makes me look fat. Is it poss...


How would you style these? (Boots)

I love the boots and have been eyeing them for awhile but once I tried them on it was an impulse ...


Huge sale!! Winter things!

Accepting most if not ALL offers! Make a bundle and offer a price! I really want stuff to go, so ...


How to style this?

I got this dark green turtleneck for Christmas this year, and I'm trying to figure out how to sty...


Blanket Scarf

Where do you get blanket scarfs for a decent price? I just can’t justify $40 on a scarf.


New to Vinted

Hey everyone! I’m brand new to Vinted and I can already tell I love it here! Check my page out an...



How do you guys feel about buying vintage items on here?



Is this site a Chinese wholesale? I reallllyyy want a bathing suit from it . Vacation next week !!



Final End of Year

I’m having a final sale on everything. All pre-owned items are $5. All New with Tags or New Witho...


Black-Tie Party

So my boyfriend's job is having a company Christmas Party and it's a fancy affair. I'm trying to ...


Wearing denim to an interview?

DONT WORRY! I'm not asking if I can wear jeans haha but what about a chambray-ish shirt? It's sti...


Wish payment not working?

I tried to buy 5 items that cost 17,95.. I am 100% sure I have enough money for it. So anyway aft...


Outfit SOS.

Hey everyone, I need some help... how do ya'll put together your outfits? I always see girls in t...


How do you sort your closet?

How do you sort your closet? By color, size, brand, sleeve length, made in country, type of cloth...


Would this be weird

So, basically, I’m due for new eyeglasses. I have a small head/face so I need either petite women...


What shoes do I wear?

So I found this forever 21 T-shirt orange dress at the thrift store for $2.50. I like it, but I ...


Great deals for the holiday season!

Hi everybody! Come check out my closet! I’m offering great deals on brands such as The North Face...


Louis Vuitton?

What's everyone's opinions on LV bags? I know they're pricey but what's everyone's experience wit...


A good thrifting day

I haven't had a good thrifting day in too long. Scored 3 items for 3 days each!

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