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Couples costume Add to favorites

Hey girls, I need your creative advice! What is a very simple couples costume idea? Something we...


Gap sizing: Run Small or Large? Add to favorites

Hey everyone, Lately I have been shopping for more jeans and yesterday went to Gap. I typically ...


ICQ:679927672 Sell Cvv Good Full Dumps WesterNunion Bug PayPal full Add to favorites

Hello all customers Y!M: znonamehkz " CREDIT CARD, DUMPS CARD, SOFTWARE BUG WESTERN UNION 2016,...


Anybody Having Sales Lately? Add to favorites

For me sales are down again and have been for awhile. I wanted to see if anything has changed wit...


Halloween outfits/makeup! Add to favorites

Halloween is just around the corner ladies :) i thought I'd make a post for everyone to share the...


Where to buy whimsical pieces? Add to favorites

The funny thing is about me is that I follow a lot of plus size YouTubers. I don't know why becau...


Thigh highs Add to favorites

Anyone know where to get some that are less than $50 and that are good for wide feet? I need the ...


Septum VS side nose ring Add to favorites

I got my septum done 6 weeks ago and love it. But I also love side nose rings with the hoops in t...


Fall/ winter fashion trends Add to favorites

What is everybody into this fall and winter? What are you looking for? I'm trying to stay in styl...


Possibly my greatest thrift haul yet! Add to favorites

I know I say this practically every time but this time is different! I had a really crap day ...


I went into the mall for 1 shirt.. Add to favorites

and ended up leaving with a bunch more. I swear I'm not even a shopper and I still ended up havin...


Tell me about Express Add to favorites

I have these discount cards, and birthday cash.... Sooo It it good quality? I dont want to buy a...


Vinted on Buzzfeed! Add to favorites

Did anyone see this?


Silk blouses by ex boyfriend Add to favorites

Hi there :) my ex boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago. I also found out that he was alrea...


What to wear to courthouse wedding (updated) Add to favorites

Some of you might have heard the exciting news, I am officially engaged! We've been talking about...


why is everybody selling that dress? Add to favorites

what's wrong with it? I bought one and now I feel weird because so many other people are selling ...


Mermaid in cold weather Add to favorites

Does anyone know where I can get scale print leggings in an actual store instead of ordering onli...


Authenticating Dooney& Bourke. Please help soon! Add to favorites

Ok I know nothing about these kinds of things so if anyone can help it's appreciated. There was...


Leggings Add to favorites

Ladiesss! Anyone have a recommendations for where to get black leggings? I would like to get 4 or...


Lularoe Add to favorites

Does anyone on here sell lularoe? Please send me a link to your lularoe fb page please!!! Well, ...

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