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Flower crowns and leggings! Maxi's and floppy hats? Discuss the latest fashion trends and your unique style, right here.

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Thrifting strategy

Since joining resale apps last year, I’ve been selling from my own family’s closet. Money’s tight...



What should I wear to a quinceanera in mexico? They told me to dress formal but I'm not sure I ha...


Sharif handbag?

Does anyone know what brand this bag is? Is it of any value? I think it says Sharif New York TM


Hollister Jean Sizing??

I'm a size 8 in most other jean brands, but Hollister sizes are super confusing! I don't have any...


How should I do my hair with this dress?

Don’t mind my bedroom or mirror lmao I took these on the fly. BUT! I bought this dress for a w...



Hi! So I do these bracelets, I wanted to have your opinion on them girls. 😊


Lilac flower lingerie

Guys !!! I saw this picture on Pinterest and I can’t find it anywhere I’ve looked everywhere and ...


Help! Concert outfit

I’m seeing arctic monkeys at the Hollywood bowl in 2 days and have no idea what to wear! Please h...


Bought this sweater thinking I was gunna sell it

But I just tried it on and I'm IN LOVE. Most people consider my style old lady or ugly haha but i...


Free shipping D again?

What was the message posted on D? I just saw it's coming again soon... did it say when ?


California things

Has anyone heard of this brand and know anything about it? I got a shawl from a consignment shop ...


Clothing habits

Hey everyone! I'm currently a grad student at Parsons School of Design. I'm always been fascinat...


Mystery boxes/large bundle boxes?

Hi guys, I’m really desperate to get rid of most of my listings so has anyone had experience with...


Chicago in the Fall

I will be going to Chicago in a few days (from TX) and the weather will actually be more Fall lik...


How much time to do you spend on Vinted per week?

I use Vinted as my main since there aren't any seller fees but I am not getting any buyers! I've ...


So proud! 🤩

Finally finished my DIY dress form last night!!!! 😭👏🏆💃🤸 I've never been prouder of anything I've ...


Why is PINK so popular??

So as a seller, I've found a new surefire way to direct traffic to my page... posting ANYTHING by...


For those who sell stinky shoes

Would these rainbows be of any worth? If so, how much should I sell them for? They’re three years...


Wish shopping

Has anybody ever ordered off of Wish? I just downloaded it and I saw an awesome bracelet. Is it l...


Vintage Wedding Dress

Would anyone be interested in a cheap dress? I'll have to take photos tomorrow but it's lace and ...

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