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Healthy Dieting Recipes

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Help: Tips on how to lose weight and tone my body

Okay so basically I'm tired of my weight, I'm only 4'9 so being 127 is overweight I guess..I want...


Detox water?

Does anybody have any good detox water recipes? I want to hear them!


Meal Prep Suggestions?

So I’ve been looking at meal prep recipes, but it feels like everybody eats crazy stuff for their...


Healthy but Filling Breakfasts?

Does anyone have any recipes for healthy but filling breakfast foods? I usually eat scrambled egg...


Clean eating recipes?

I recently got a trainer and she's been telling me to eat healthier, thing is hate it lol I live ...


How to start dieting

How did i start my diet off slowly?


Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World

Hello Everyone, I have got this really great book Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies...


Refreshing watermelon drink!

Watermelon 🍉 Ice 💦 Lime juice 🍋 Sprinkle of sugar 🍥 Yummmm!


Just baking some banana "bread"

Can't wait to see how it tastes! It's a healthier version. - 3 ripe bananas - 2 cups o...


Wonky Smoothies?!

Anyone have any good foolproof smoothie recipes! I ALWAYS mess them up and the turn into a terrib...


Ch-ch-ch Chia!

Ok gals, I scored a 2lb box of organic Chia seeds, and I'm looking for recipes! What's your fav...


Lunch recipes for busy schedules

Hi vinties! So I'm currently a full time uni student and have 2 jobs so I'm very busy. I've been...


Healthy Living Plan?

Ok so lately I've been trying to detox myself after school started and I've been on a schedule. I...


Onions &'ll want to read this!

This page (and lady) is just my onions..raw & grilled..but did not know all this! ...



Protein Powders?

So i started going to the gym about a month and a half ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. I ...


The best soup ever.

So my mom makes this Ukrainian soup called borscht and it's so good! It gets its color from red b...


help!! Please..

i am currently still breastfeeding my one year and one month old need advice on how to get her of...



Healthy recipes?

Hi!! I've been wanting to eat better and get in shape ( my goal is to just be able to wear a tank...


School is starting soon:(

HELP! What are super healthy lunches to eat at school that will fill you up but not high in calor...


Post your favorite thing to make!

I love cooking and am obsessed with Pinterest for finding new recipes! I cook for my fiance and I...

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