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Hair Care

Hair dyes, split end treatments, styling tips, and more! A discussion area related to hair care to take the guess work out of looking fab!

Last Post

  Hair Growth Challenge!

Okay so I am always on the lookout for different ways to grow healthy hair and I came across the ...


Tips for 2V Curly/Wavy hair?

So I've always had pretty much straight hair until a few years ago when I moved to Georgia. Now, ...


New hair! Anybody else with grey/silver hair?

I just got my hair done yesterday and I’m obsessed! It looks more silver or pewter in sunlight bu...


Healthy hair tips

What are some of the things you do / tips you have to keep hair healthy? Trying to grow my hai...


Hair won't lift?

Hello! I colored my hair red 3-4 months ago (box dye) and it faded back to the original color an...


Which hair style looks best on me?

Which one do you think is best for my face shape? Long or short?


update! Short or just trim

I've been letting my hair grow for the past year and its gotten to a nice length now, the only pr...


Help me choose my hair!

Hey all I haven't dyed my hair in over a year and I'm getting it done on Tuesday!! The last thing...



You guys. I’m trying to embrace the lions mane that is my hair. After my last post I went on the ...


Should I bleach again?

I have very dark natural hair, it’s almost black. I have a dream of having charcoal hair, so I se...


Bad Hair Loss help!

Hey y’all! So I’ve been experiencing really bad hair loss in the last few months. I know it’s bec...


Dry, flaky scalp remedies? Help!

Hey everyone. So for the past couple of years, my scalp has been dry and flaky all year round. I ...


Heatless Curls

Thought I'd share my discovery with you guys because its been a freaking l i f e s a v e r for ...


Mane n tail

I️ am wondering if anybody has used mane & tail shampoo/conditioner and if there were any results...


Funky Hair Colors

I always wished I can pull off funky hair colors! I want to dye my hair a beautiful blue color bu...


Do you use more Shampoo or Conditioner?

Up until recently I thought it was obvious... more conditioner!! I have long hair and it doesnt t...


Weave Length Help!

Okay, so I'm getting my first brazillian weave in a couple of weeks, but I have no idea how the l...


My hair keeps falling out in clumps

I’m trying to grow my hair long but all it keeps doing is falling out In clumps. Any tips to Help...


Should I cut my hair?

I've had medium/long hair my whole life and felt like its time for a change, but I'm not sure if ...


Anything that I can do to prevent premature grey hair?

So I am 22 and have found multiple grey (well white) hairs. I am taking biotin to boost my hair h...

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