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Hair Care

Hair dyes, split end treatments, styling tips, and more! A discussion area related to hair care to take the guess work out of looking fab!

Last Post

  Hair Growth Challenge!

Okay so I am always on the lookout for different ways to grow healthy hair and I came across the ...


Your favorite color safe Shampoo?

I have colored hair and i wanna try some good color safe shampoo and conditioner what are some g...


Products for dry thick hair

Hello all!! So i need recommendations for hair products to help with very dry hair. My Grandmoth...


Thin hair

Last year I had a very traumatic accident and I lost a lot of hair it would fall off in clumps an...


Any past experience with keratin treatment ?

Hey guys so I really want to get the keratin treatment done to my hair because my hair is really ...


I cut my hair!

Finally got up enough courage to get it cut off :) you guys like it??


I got Dwight Schrute bangs

I’ve been thinking about getting bangs for a while now. I had them back when I was younger and th...


Cut all my hair off

I finally built up the courage to cut my hair off and start over! I’ve had it cut twice now I was...


Hair help?

I can’t decide what hair I wanttt! My current hair length is medium (first picture) but I don’t k...


Alopecia Areata

So after ignoring signs of hair loss in the past 2-3 weeks and a bald spot later I decided to vis...


Do all these fancy shampoos and conditioners actually improve your hair??

My hair isn’t damaged, but during the summer it gets either frizzy or heavy/oil or....both, at th...


Weave Length Help!

Okay, so I'm getting my first brazillian weave in a couple of weeks, but I have no idea how the l...


New 9a Virgin hair company

Hello, My name is Miya, and I just got into the business of finally selling virgin extensions aft...


Brazilian Blowout

I have super coarse, frizzy, heat damaged, thick Asian hair. I have tried Aveda's permanent strai...


Beach/Sea Salt Spray??

SOOOO, I hate having straight hair (surprise surprise) and I wanted to find a good sea salt/beach...


Lange products

I just bought a straightener from lange and considering splurging on their hair care products. An...


Ombre vs balayage vs sombre?

What's the difference? And I've tried looking up pics and still don't understand. P.S: I'm not g...


Hair growth products

I'm 23, and recently my hair has been thinning and it just looks horrible! I'm sure part of it is...


Best Drugstore Damage Erasers?

I'm getting married in twenty one days and want my hair to be extra soft and pretty! What are the...


Hair loss

Am I going bald or is my hair just damaged . Earlier this year I tried a bunch of different hair ...

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