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Home Sweet Home: Decor!

Do you love decorating your home, room, or dorm? Discuss the coolest home decor tips and tricks, or share DIY decor tutorials!

Last Post

My new condo

I moved into a condo a couple months ago and have bought a few new things to make it look nice bu...


Help me decorate!!

I just moved into my new apartment and set up my room. It’s looking bare, so help me decorate. Le...


What color curtains?

I really would like to replace my current curtains with some blackout or room darkening curtains ...


Two Dressers? Other Options?

Married ladies, or just ladies with a lot of clothes, or both- How do you store all of your cloth...


Target SCORE

I have been on the hunt for the perfect navy blue bedding set for the longest and I finally score...


I need your honest opinions!

I'm making this as a gift and I want it to look 100%. I used a cheap masking tape because I wan...


What’s your favorite decor Style?

I’m still working on my house, a little mid century and a little eccentric. It’s coming along nic...


Best way to hang a wall tapestry?

I won't be moving into a new place for a month, but if I don't ask the question now I might forge...



Where is the best place to buy nice dish sets? I looked at Target, but wasn't a fan of anything I...


Artist signature says what?!

Hey folks! Maybe someone can help me out. I have this oil painting on canvas and I can't for the ...


Question as to certain home items

I’m new here so i’m just learning the ropes. Are no home items allowed to be posted for example k...


Let’s see your actual, real life, closets!

Not that I don’t LOVE your Vinted closets 😉 here’s one of my walk ins


Crystals & Boho Hippie Decor

Hey everyone! Hope today is treating you well 😌 I am currently cleaning out my apartment because ...


Wallflowers duo both simultaneously?

Does anyone know if there's a way to make Bath & Body Works wallflower duo plug have both on at t...


String lights

Where is the best place to buy string lights to decorate a room indoors? We are redoing our youth...


Home decor help!

I need some advice on how to decorate my apartment living room? I like a modern/rustic Pinterest ...


Plant drainage?

I have this super cute plant family (pic🌿💚) but my largest plant has a problem with drainage - I ...


Couch Cleaning Help Please!

Hi! Couch cleaning question! Has anyone ever cleaned a micro suede / suede couch? We recently pu...


Look at my new chair!

My boyfriend and I went to TJ Maxx a month ago and I fell in love with this chair but it was expe...


Anyone interested in buying pottery?

It's not perfect because I painted it, but it's still cute pottery that I unfortunately can't tak...

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