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Life Advice

Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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Collection office

Hello! I have excellent credit and have never missed or been late on a payment. Today I woke up t...


Extra income?

I need to save roughly $500 for temporary daycare until my fiance gets a job and we apply for day...


Opinions please

Okay, so I am 23 and currently working 40 hours a week making decent money. I have already saved ...


Wedding dress?

I'm getting married here in the next 5 months and I'm not really sure where to look for a wedding...


Serious Buyer or Perv?

Has anyone ask for a bunch of pictures of clothes you have for sale. Ie dresses skirts? I have pr...


What to get mother with MS

My mother was diagnosed with a severe form of MS in January. I asked her today what she wanted fo...


fitness advice

so i’m an apple endomorph body type so my most problematic areas are the upper arm/shoulder and i...


Flights home

Hi, who knows of apps or people or anything that can provide me with a good priced ticket home an...


Surprising him?

So there's this guy and we're both into cars, especially classic cars and he's a mechanic. He gav...




ok so you know how there’s 8 best friends slots. well do you get that best friends emoji if both ...


Good Instagram picture?🤔

So I recently got the new iPhone and portrait mode is amazing. It literally makes me look actuall...


Choosing a job

So I was having problems at my current job with a coworker. The solution was I wouldn't work with...


Can I buy smelly shoes?

Is this a normal thing on this site, for people to message you hoping to buy shoes that have an ...


Things to do in Florida in December

Vinties! need your help. I will be in the Orlando area for about 3 weeks soon. What are some thi...


bf friends with girl he used to get nudes from and obsessed over him, should I be uncomfortable?

hey everyone, I just wanted to probe your guys' minds about a particular issue of mine I am ha...


How are new Dr. Martens supposed to fit?

I just got my first pair of black women's 1460 smooth Dr. Martens!! I absolutely love them, they ...


Car loan

So I have a 2014 Dodge Dart. It's currently in my brothers name. I am making all the payments / i...


Would you really buy this? Help

I’ve been looking into wholesale shopping and boutique clothing, and I’m curious as to what style...


Food pantries in ohio?

I'm in Franklin Ohio, if anyone is from around here do you know any food pantries to go to? My hu...


Anyone from Boston/up north I need fashion help!

So I’m from North Carolina and my boyfriend is from Upstate New York. We will be going to Boston ...

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