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Life Advice

Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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Can I buy smelly shoes?

Is this a normal thing on this site, for people to message you hoping to buy shoes that have an ...


Side hustle

Ok so money is super tight, like paychecks don't cover all bills, plus we have to save up for my ...



Where did you guys get your windows tinted at? What percentage and how much? I’m thinking 35%


Flower Girl Dresses

Hello! I bought these adorable flower girl dresses on E and just got them in. They’re just wonder...


Does anyone else deal with trust issues and find it hard for others to understand?

I have very bad trust issues... The person I'm dating I really love but I'm scared I will be hurt...


Do you live near a forever 21?

I know this is a stretch, but I tried on this skirt last time i went into forever 21 and they on...


Help! To accept or not to accept

So on M I have an item listed for $200 and someone just offered $185. Obviously I should accept, ...


Selling locally?

On fb I had someone comment on a item I'm selling, yesterday I finally messaged them (was really ...


How much would you pay?

I paid so much for her so I feel like I'll ask way more than most people would pay lol. Shes adju...


Have you ever been caught having sex?

What happened and what did you do?


How would you rate?

I purchased a purse on P on September 9th. Prior to my purchase I commented on the item wondering...


Herbal essences charcoal s&c?

I bought it at a garage sale (the lady is an extreme couponer), just used it today. It smells str...


Rating help?

Should I give 4 stars or 5? This is on M. Contacted seller 2 months ago with an offer. Seller m...


Pricing help on Levi’s

Button fly closure with distressing and stitching Size 11 M Will I be able to sell these? And wh...


Listing trouble :(

I’m soooo annoyed with my phone right now! It’s cracked and I think possibly water damaged and i...


I don’t like the way he speaks to me

Posting this anonymously because one of the topics and things he brought up is kind of personal. ...


Shooting Pains In the Anus And Vagina?

Hi Ladies, Lets all be grown ups here. So recently, I have been experiencing really bad and shar...


Is it true that

You have to work at your job for at least 3 months to collect unemployment if you’re fired??



Nose piercing Pros & Cons

I've been wanting a nose piercing for awhile now but I still can't decide I feel like my nose is ...


How to contact Vinted customer service?

I'd like to contact Vinted, but I can't find a way to shoot an email to a Vinted employee who can...

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