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Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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Are these pants cute?

Ahhhhh helllllpppppp plsssss So I have these dress pants I bought a few years back. I normally o...


Why am I getting so many followers?

Okay so on P I been getting a lot of a lot ! Just yesterday I had 518 now I have...


Cheapest way to ship a book

I sold a book on M and did free shipping. Like a dummy and on paypal its coming up at $7+ dollars...


What credit card to get?

I’m about to graduate college and I feel like I should finally get a credit card. But I’m so lost...


Are bumps broken?

I bumped 3 items for upcoming vinted day last night. I wake up and nothing they dont even have t...


Healthy meals and snack ideas??

I just went on a trip this weekend and spent the whole time at the beach in a tshirt and jeans🙁 I...


Retaliation Leads to False Allegations. What Would You Do?

Several years back, an uproar came from what I am almost positive was intentional false informati...


Renting a one bedroom apartment?

Has anyone who has kids, ever rented a one bedroom apartment, put the kid or kids in the bedroom ...


I keep hearing Bells ringing

It's 2 am and I keep hearing Bells ringing . It's driving me crazy cuz I have no idea where it's ...


Weird credit card activity

Hey guys, I need some credit card advice... I have a credit card I rarely use, but don’t want to...


Boss is super unfair!

I have been working at my job for almost 6 years and I only get paid 8.25 an hour! This guy that ...


Just sold something to Guam

On Vinted. I didn't even know we could?! Should I expect the shipping to take longer?


Tell me your tips !

If you thrift to resell where is the cheapest store you go to !? Goodwill, starvation army going ...


Do you care?

Do you care how people ship your items ? Like in bag, boxes, anything other than that ? And does ...



My fiance has a job interview today and I'm nervous for him. I really hope he gets the job cause ...


New Mexico 🌵

Heyyyo! My husband and I are wanting to take a trip to New Mexico in the next few weeks. I liv...


some mirror/cameras make me uglier than others

the title basically says what i’m wondering. i have a few mirrors and i’ve tried wandering around...


*Update* Stripper

Hey! I have a question for those who would be willing to answer: Has anyone here every been...


am i a mean person?

so after this guy cheated on me with a girl i felt so bad about myself because i thought he reall...


PayPal 101?

I'm sorta new here and since I've been on vinted I have heard many horror stories about PayPal. P...

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