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Life Advice

Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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Is it weird to have more than one bank ? Or is it common? I know there are promotions if you s...


Starting to get Credit as a young person

So I need advice. At some point I'd love to have good credit so I can buy a car in the near fut...


Girls at Bf's job

My boyfriend has been at a new job for around two months and works 12-6 M-F. He works at an after...


Health insurance plans?

Can someone explain to me what kind of health insurance plan I would need? I don't understand the...


Savings accounts?

I'm looking at different savings accounts that have a higher interest rate since at my credit uni...


How much trouble can I get into?

My fiance and I just currently broke up and he is trying to go to court against me to get custody...


Anyone know what she wanted?

This random woman messaged me and I’m curious as to what she was trying to rope me into.


Customer Service Interview Qs

Hi guys! I have a customer service interview coming up for a retail store. Can anyone tell me wh...


Youtube channel?

I want to start vlogging about my life as a wife and a mom but I can't think of a channel name. I...



Iconic 2017 trends??

Guys, what are some iconic 2017 trends like salt bae, the cash me outside girl or fidget spinners...


Schedule survey

Would rather work A) 9-5 m-f weekends off B) 10-6 t-s Sunday and Mondays off C) 8-4 Monday - F...


Is there financial assistance for my situation?

So I am not one to go for government aid but my situation is pretty tricky. In January of 2016 I ...


How to contact Vinted customer service?

I'd like to contact Vinted, but I can't find a way to shoot an email to a Vinted employee who can...


Why don't some people like hugs?

I don't know who likes it and who doesn't but I want to hug people when greeting or saying goodbye.



How much money do you wait to collect in your wallet before you make a payout on each app?


Swollen lymph node

Has anyone here ever had one before? I have one right under my chin on my throat, it's been causi...


My parents won't let me do things with my guy friends

Is there anything I can do to convince them to let me do stuff with them. I have a group of frien...


Should I take the job?

So I'm a full time student, going to class 19 hours a week this semester. I just left my job as a...


Homeless Goody Bags?

Does anybody do homeless goody for people? I live in a smaller town, but recently I have been see...


Guy said he loved me on the 2nd date?

I met this guy and on our second date he said he loved me. In my mind the defense for him was tha...

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