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Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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What is a good price to buy and resell for this dress?

It is a betsy+Adam long sequin dress size 10. I want to buy it from someone to resell it. The...


Good Price to List

Bought this for $200 it’s NWT Size 0. (Yes not a popular size lol) How much should I list this fo...


i gained 3 pounds

so over the weekend i had bought all kinds of snacks because i literally had nothing and was gett...


Free shipping!

Who else is shopping on D bcuz of free shipping? Drop down your name so I can check out y’all s ...


Prom Itinerary Suggestions

Saw a few prom posts and realized prom is soon ah! Anyways, what did you guys do for prom? Resta...


Selling for family

Hey guys! I’m selling a few things in my closet that are my sister’s clothes. I told her from t...


Short hair for a round face?

So I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I’m kind of starting to get mad nervous. Right now I ha...


Boyfriend work troubles

Hi all, I’m reaching out to ask for some prayers for my boyfriend. He’s currently stuck in a job...


Calling all Vinties from PA

My boyfriend and I are planning our one year anniversary trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the...


Blonde or brunette ?

Which do you like more :D


Outfit help

I’m looking to put together the outfit on the right. How would you describe the pants/shirt if I ...


First date night

First date night ideas on where to go? What did y’all do? Also lol if it’s not too personal event...


Possible cleft lip?

Hey ladies! I was just wondering if anyone has experience looking at ultrasounds and could tell m...


have you ever snuck out?

what'd you tell your parents? did it go well? what would you have done differently if you'd known...


How are new Dr. Martens supposed to fit?

I just got my first pair of black women's 1460 smooth Dr. Martens!! I absolutely love them, they ...



I hate birth control, but I have horrible ovarian cysts so my doctor urged me to give it a shot. ...


Does this sound smart?

So I'm trying to move out of my parents house as soon as possible. Not really related but kind of...


Shopping at Mall vs. Thrift Shopping

Where would you rather shop? the mall or thrift shop? For me it would be the thrift shop like P...



So I’m currently doing my taxes and have three w2 forms to file. I saw my refund went down as I a...


Moving out.

I feel like I dont have the courage to move out. Obviously I'm no where near ready now, I've got ...

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