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Life Advice

Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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First time camping?

My bf and I are going camping this weekend with our doggo Thursday - Saturday at a lake about an ...



We discovered termites in our apartment weeks ago. So far I've only seen it in my moms room , not...


Maternity Pictures 💙

I am in need of some inspiration and ideas for my upcoming photo shoot! I have no idea where to b...


I can't do this anymore

I literally don't know what to do. I've finished college and I can't find a job. I feel like I've...


I need anxiety help😭

I have really bad anxiety. I never have it in my home life, I seem to only have it at school. Las...


Good work from home jobs??

I want to try something different and work from home. If anyone knows of a job they have or haf p...


Should I stay with him?

My Bf found out yesterday that he has TWO STDs gonorrhea and chlamydia. We've been together since...


Dealing with teens

So I am temporarily living at my aunt, her 16 yo daughter. My aunt is not married and had adopted...


Mother in law (who hates me) gift ideas

I need some gift suggestions for my boyfriends mom (who hates me) birthday. Shes in her middle 50...


At first I thought it wasn't racist until today!

Just seen a guy dressed up as a gorilla singing black rap music. What a racist gorilla ! At first...



I just downloaded this app a few days ago. I have been on there everyday since. It seems like its...


how do i contact support team?

I need a phone number to speak to someone one, anyone know what number i can call? Thanks :)


Bumble App

So I've had the dating app bumble for about a day. I've matched with a lot of guys, but the girls...


Missing cat

My kitty Zoe who I've had for two years just got out... It's been a weird, busy time. I've been o...


How I do fix this?

I was just checking my gmail account and I noticed that I've been getting a lot of spam. I don't ...


Could you morally work as a sex offender counselor?

I'm going to school for occupational therapy, and I am becoming very interested in mental health....


Dumpster diving advice??

I need advice on dumpster diving. Gonna try it out next week. Best places to go to? What to be ca...


Meeting the Walking Dead

Ok so I am BEYOND ecstatic!!! My husband sister son is actually part of The Walking Dead cast and...


I'm so bored and lonely

All my friends are working. I have a job too but we're shut down for four weeks due to renovation...



Do you have to be suicidal to be depressed? & do you have to always be sad.. like you can't have ...

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