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Life Advice

Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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Bangs or no?

I can't decide if I want bangs again or not. Obviously these were taken years apart.. But kind of...


Moving in with s/o

What’s it like living with your s/o? How did things change for you? I’m in the process of moving ...



I got offered the job at Walgreens for beauty consultant it's about $13 an hour tues-sat 10-6 but...



Paper help?

I have two short word (500 words each) to write by Friday on freedoms now vs in the past*. I have...


Strange tracking notice

Has anyone seen this notice before? I contacted my buyer letting her know... it seems like the on...


Homework help?

I have to come up with four negative things someone has said to me in the past and then write the...


Court house wedding?

Dumb question, I know but do they do weddings on Saturdays? My bf and I agreed upon a court house...


Does anyone know what this is called?

I have this cardigan set, but there is something on it, which is totally normal. The white fiber ...


How do I handle this work situation?

Two of my coworkers are leaving this month and today we have an out of office lunch set up as a g...


Boyfriends girl coworker

My boyfriend started a new job two days ago and I'm so happy for him. He was looking for a while ...


Was I friend zoned?

This guy I like is my coworker and he invited me out and we planned a day to go out but then afte...


How Long Did..

it take you to: 1. Get your permit? 2. Learn to drive? 3. Get your license (including how many t...


Amount for Thank You Gift Card?

I wanted to send a thank you to my references (4 of them) who helped me land my new job. I was th...


Hobby to save myself

Hey fellow Vinties I am looking for a hobby to keep me busy and productive. I am stay at home ho...


What is a realistic monthly rent cost?

So my boyfriend and I are wanting to get our own place. Right now we live with my dad. It would m...


What would you do?

By Friday I have two papers due about is America free. I have to have a yes side and a no side bu...


Going away gift

one of my co-workers final day is 4 October. He will be heading back home to Missouri after spend...


BF likes other girls pictures on Instagram

If your boyfriend or SO did this, would you be okay with it? Not sure how I should be feeling.


What do you do when your boyfriend is being a jerk?

How do you ladies cope with hurt feelings when crying or removing yourself from his vicinity does...


Sugar daddies/ sugar babies

Have any of you had a sugar daddy before? Really curious and just joined a site looking for suga...

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