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Life Advice

Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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Booking a hotel room?

Does anyone know if you can add a night or not, after you've already booked? We need one night f...


Am I being ignored?

What does it mean when you call someone, it rings twice, then goes to voicemail? I'm trying to c...



Help me choose my nail color

I’m getting acrylic nails today but I’m not sure on what color to get. Any opinions on what color...


Is anyone a real estate agent?

I started the course a while back and never finished. Looking for a new side job or possibly to...


Switching Phone Carriers

We currently have Verizon and there are 5 of us. My bf, my friend, her brother, her sister, and m...


Paypal through vinted help!

I am trying to make a purchase and i cant seem to use paypal? That is where my money is so i need...


Slept with a guy who’s in a relationship

It isn’t exactly how it sounds. I have been spending time with some friends & got to know this ne...



Has anyone taken this for acne?


Starting a YouTube channel

I kinda wanna start a YouTube channel this summer and continue it through my senior war and throu...


CPR certified

Is anyone CPR and or first aid certified? How did you do it? I looked online and they have classe...


Guys won’t be my friends

I’m in high school and literally everyone I know have guy friends. It drives me crazy bc I only h...


Frustrated with incomplete purchase

I have had multiple buyers make offers on my items and I accept, but they never pend the payment ...


How to make him understand

Race and I have been very disconnected lately. I’ve been pouring my emotions and energy into fini...


Average wedding cost - is this expensive?

My fiance and I are getting married next Fall. We found this place near us that sounds like a d...


College/career advice

Last fall I went back to school to finish my generals with the intent to transfer to a uni for jo...


Legit work from home jobs

I really need to start pulling in money, sales are slow and it's just not enough for me. I need ...


Renewing tabs?

On Sunday I noticed that our tabs expire in June and then I realized that we never got one of the...


Dog cancer

I just found out yesterday that my dog more than likely has lymphoma. I am completely heartbroken...


Don’t know what to do about work

I am really tired of working at the place I am. I don’t get any hrs I’ve worked there since nov 2...

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