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Life Advice

Have a question, need advice? Post your questions for others to offer up their suggestions! Check out the Womens Health Questions section, too - and remember, you can post anonymously here in this category!

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Deciding about master bedroom

I am going to be moving this weekend to another house. My stepson, a friend/roommate and me will ...



Just wondering

How do you and your boyfriend split the rent if you guys live together? Is he the“I’ll take car...


is he my twin flame?

so i’ve had a crush on this guy at my school and at first it seemed like he didn’t know i existed...


Should I talk to my instructors about my struggles

*trigger warning* For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had my own issues in the past and most ...


Tattoo Cover Up.

I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old, and I was really devastated how it turned out. I g...



I hate birth control, but I have horrible ovarian cysts so my doctor urged me to give it a shot. ...


Alcohol and wedding receptions?

So my fiancé and I are getting married this May. We decided to have a very small ceremony (my par...


Where to move!? Need HELP!

Hey vinties! My boyfriend and I have been living in Michigan our entire lives and our looking to...


Vaginal odor

My boyfriend basically told me this morning that my vagina smells really bad. I am sooo embarasse...


Where is all the spam coming from?

Is it just me or is spam at an all time high right now in the fourms?


I think my house is haunted

So I know a lot of people are skeptical about this kind of stuff but there's been some really wei...


Do you believe in voodoo?

So for many years now I have been really sick health wise. So I have been studying on doing the w...


Is listing worth it anymore?

I used to sell a ton. Sometimes to make extra cash but mostly to buy more clothes. I'm cautious a...


Shipping problem

So I bought a bundle of clothes paid 6.99 for shipping. The post office today made me pay $23 mor...



Where to vacation at in Florida??

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to go to Florida later on this summer and want to know where is t...


Fake bisexuals

Lolol, here's a great forum topic! I cannot STAND fake bisexual/lesbian girls. I completely unde...


Help I’m sad

Is this a breakup txt to you Some backstory to this is we hadn’t talked for a few days he had a...


Do you girls look at other girls butts?

I do all the time. I'm straight but i have major jealousy issues and lacking self esteem and conf...


dry scalp from wine?

so on new years my parents let me drink a bit of wine because we were at a huge family gathering ...


Sick of my hair ! Dye it !

Oki I’m sick of the dark red brown I have :/ should I go back to dark brown ? Or I was thinking p...

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