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  My Success Story + tips to improve your listings w/ @little_lavander

Greetings! My name is Lex and I operate shop @little_lavander. I am a simple Midwestern girl fr...


Help me price this

I found this sweater thrifting at a half off day club card sale. I thought it was quirky and diff...


Lighting help!

So I’ll be working 40-60 hrs a wk & off only the weekends I’m too tired from work to attempt to ...


Help please..

Soo for the longest I been trying to find the names of these handbags for comp price. Does anyone...


Address change on shipping label?

Is it possible to write a new address on a prepaid shipping label? A buyer just messaged me after...


What types of pictures are best

I’ve always wondered what types of photos draw people’s attention the most. I know lighting is cr...


Hashtag feedback

I created some personalized hashtags to help people sort through my closet. If you would be willi...


Question on shipping boxes

When shipping a sold item on p, is the cost of the shipping boxes already paid for or do I , as...


Michael Kors jacket pricing

Hi all. I’ve been going through my closet and one of the pieces I found that I’m ready to pass on...


How much would this MK bag sell for?

I tried to look up the original price of this bag, but I can't find it anywhere on google. 😞 My s...


Priceing Help!

I was wondering if anyone was looking for this coach purse, also how much should i list it for?


Are collages allowed now?

I remember years ago when I first started on Vinted, collages would send you to Low Attention Isl...


How much should I list it for?

So I’m finally selling my wedding dress, and I’m trying to figure out how much to list it for. It...


Closet Promotion

Good afternoon, Vinties! A few years ago I did a sort of experiment with another Vintie and it...


Which picture should i post?

this is for instagram. i cant decide between the two with the blue background and i dont know if ...


How can my items get more noticed?

So some of my items are really low on getting favorited. And I haven't sold anything but I do lov...


What to do

so i’ve always done really good on here, ive always had some trouble with M and P. I can’t seem t...


What to do with these shorts?

I literally wore these shorts so much I wore holes in them and can’t wear them anymore 😭 question...


How can I sell stuff faster?

I really need the money but nothing I'm selling ever gets sold


Description help!

How would you describe this trim?

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