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Members' Questions and Answers

This is a section for members to ask and receive support from members of community. Vinted support does not answer here but if you need any assistance, please visit our Help Centre for answers

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Can we please use credits

Years back when I joined Vinted promised to have a solution soon. So we could use sales funds as ...


USPS not scanning package! Help!

I dropped a package off at the post office this past Wednesday and it hasn't started to track. ...


Loading Problems?

Is anyone having problems getting on their apps? A couple of weeks ago I started noticing that wh...


USPS Tracking Issues??

Is anyone else having issues with USPS not scanning in their items? I shipped out an order on Fri...


Shoes returned to me three months after purchase??

I had shoes returned to me three months after purchase - got a five star review for them months a...


Shipping using a regular envelope?

I'm very sorry if this is an extremely stupid question... I will be shipping a very small bracele...


What free gifts do you include in your package?

I sold a gently used makeup palette and the buyer paid roughly $30 (includes shipping). I packed ...


Vinted is having difficulty verifying ID!

I created my Vinted account in my teen years when i had no type of identification lol. Now that i...


Where is the shipping label??

I just accepted someone's offer on one of my items but i don't see the shipping label that i'm su...


How does shipping work? PLEASE help!

I'm confused about shipping. Can anyone walk me through the steps? So, if it prints out my own...


Not buying after offer accepted

I have quite a few buyers make me an offer and after I accepted they never purchased the items. A...


Shipping info & help, new to it!

Hi! I'm completely new to websites for selling items, as well as shipping. I have tried to look u...


Rating help!

I bought a NWT scarf on M for a Christmas gift and I received it today and it has a mildew odor. ...


Shipping rate for a men's polo shirt size XL

I am trying to sell an IZOD Advantage Feeder Stripe Polo Size XL, and I am reusing a Belk poly ma...


Offer ^ upppp question

Does anyone on here use it what’s your username or how do you find ppl just downloaded it awhile...


Do dresses sale here ?

So during the summer I listed a lot of my dresses on different platforms . My question is do they...


Selling books on these types of platforms, does it bother you?

I saw it on a forum that a certain shopping site should not allow/ban the re-selling of books. I ...


Int’l shipping rates

Is there a sort of shipping calculator to find out how much shipping a pair of pants to the UK wo...


Is anyone still on this

I dont hear much about vinted and I havent been on here in a long time are there a good amount of...

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