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Need HELP? Here's how!

Visit the HELP CENTER to get help from our support team, or find answers to commonly asked questi...



Worth selling on IG?

I know I’ve seen posts about selling in IG before, but looking for some more recent feedback on w...


Shipping from Hawaii

Hello all! I have a ton of bundle orders on hold because I want to make sure that the shipping op...


Vinted Week Sales!!

Happy vinted week ladies! All items are $5 and under Plus 50% off 5 items or more Great deals on ...


What is this??

Did any of you guys see this on M? Craaazy lol


ISO boys size 6 clothes

Hey everyone I’ve got a boy i know in need of clothes. He’s a size 6. Prefer things in great cond...


What’s trending?

Hello everyone! I’m kind of new around here and I’m trying to figure out what is trending now! 🤩 ...


Balance Ever Expire?

Hello Everyone!! I am new to Vinted, but does the balance in our wallets ever expire!? I like t...


How long it took to make First Sale??

Hello Vinties, I am new to Vinted. Joined 5 days back. I am having a tough luck making my first ...


Worth selling on C?!

joined a month or so ago and have only had 2 sales sold 1 got 0 review sold another yesterday and...


Free Shipping

I have been asked for free shipping but in everything I find there is no free shipping button, or...


Should I post these here?

I have 3 pairs of flare jeans from free people. 2 are NWT they’ve gotten some likes on M and P bu...


Does anyone else have this problem ?

So, I'm not sure why but recently I've had quite a few vintees bundle and ask to purchase but, af...


Anyone else notice a decline in sales

Hey there!! I’ve been selling on Vinted for a couple of years and everything’s been great until r...


For how long do you reserve an item?

Good evening Vinted friends! Question, for how long would you reserve an item for a buyer? I acce...


Petty Patty

Do I look petty with my last review 😳


So upset has this happened to you before on OFU

I got automatically logged out awhile ago and just listed a few items mainly all clothes nothing ...


package mixup

I sold two items in one day. When vinted emailed me the shipping labels they mixed them up. I tri...



Hello Venties! Is Vinted taking a certain percentage from what we earn?


Nail polish 💅

How well does nail polish sell here? And how do I safely ship it? Any pointers ladies? Considerin...

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