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Real Talk... vent and let it out

Wanna rant about something that's driving you crazy? Get it off your chest right here, and feel better :) Please remember the Forum Rules: Be nice, no insulting other members (or their items), and please don't post screen grabs of private messages. *be passionate, but please mind your language* No advertisements or offer posts allowed.

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    Real Talk: Rules

Wanna rant about something that's driving you crazy? Get it off your chest right here in the Real...


Babysitter/nanny trouble!

I had a lot of lady’s message me on Facebook asking me to babysit/nanny. I love working with youn...



Ok #1: super super rude that they figured out our strategy for trying to make sales (which makes ...



So I have tried to buy 2 bell sleeve turtleneck tops this month and both times something has happ...


Lol @ Vinted

I have never and will never pay for a bump😂


Giant MegaSized Polymailers

Alright so I just started selling again after a while break. Luckily I had a few pink polymailers...


When you think it's a legitimate buyer

But hope is fading after 45 min of no response. She sent two separate almost lowball offers but...


Vintie-to-Vintie customer service?

Do you message people who buy from you before you ship? Do you thank them? Or just acknowledge th...


Don’t you just hate when..

I sold my first item on P! I send it that same day and everything. I was excited it being my firs...


USPS closed tomorrow

Wasn't sure what to post this under. But just wanted to let everyone know I heard on the news t...


Let’s help each other

Venmo- truthinthecards 💖💖💖 much appreciated


New items

Can someone please explain to me why people sell stuff on here at cost? For example: someone sell...


What did you buy for black friday?

Anyone else caught deals Is a few things I got. It's few more but the kids Christmas is ou...


Someone stole a photo

Is that a big deal? I don’t think it’s chill and I don’t know how to report it on P, if you even ...


Help me

Hello Vinties, I do not know where to start. I have been working at a car dealer for about a m...


Is this a customer scam?

There was this lady who messaged me through my website about some baskets she wanted for a staff ...


Advice: Once you decline an offer, don't accept another one

I am selling some items for $1. This is just to get rid of the items, really. (I mean, how much $...


Does anyone else find it weird?

Just curious... Does anyone else find it weird when sellers “model” Bras and lingerie in their ph...


TTC is so frustrating

My boyfriend and I have been ttc for 8 months now for our second child. Its so frustrating to kee...


When online stores won't accept your return.

Man, this stinks. I ordered three skirts that were on sale, but ended up being way too long when...


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