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Relationships: Friends, Family & Love

From love problems and family discussions, to life issues and relationships in general. Share your feelings here! Let it all out, we're here for you.

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  Share Your Couples Photos!

I like seeing everyone happy with their love ones. POST a picture of you and your lover :) && fo...


I’m pregnant

Hey Vinted friends I’m pregnant with my first. I’m due early March with my daughter. So happy


What should I do?

What’s up guys. So I have this crazy ass ex who like I dated when I was a sophomore in high scho...


My communication make my partner confused

So me and this really good friend have been dating for a while. This will b my first relationship...


Friends 21st (on a budget)

So my best friends 21st is coming up but I'm having really expensive car issues right now, along ...


Argument with my boyfriend.. what are your thoughts?

So my boyfriend and I are arguing about financial responsibility and what constitutes a good, res...


"UGLY" Crush

Okay, fess up ladies. We all have that one crush were embarrassed to admit or don't even know why...


When should I tell him?

Recently i reunited with friends from my old school, we haven't seen each other in 5 months and t...


What does everyone do every year for Christmas?

My in-laws are expecting my fiance and our son and I to spend all Christmas Eve and all Christmas...


Cool gift ideas for Christmas

Does anyone have any cool gift suggestions for men? I recently discovered Man Crates, but I think...


BF Gift Ideas for Christmas -- HELP!

My boyfriend is very particular about the things he buys / needs / wants. I wanted to see if anyo...


(iPhone wallpaper downloads) 💕

iPhone wallpapers that I’ve made 💗 let me know if you guys want me to post more!


👶 Mia is 4 months 👶

My babygirl is now 4months and I couldn't of been blessed with the sweetest child. Having 3 kids ...


My sons 5th birthday

It made me feel so bad today when i went to pick my son up from school and one of the kids and th...


Is touching a mans neck to intimate?

Is touching a man's neck an intimate gesture?


Guy wont Leave Me alone..police?

There is this guy I met at Wendys(he works there) back in 2015.I was 17 in high school and he was...


LDR online relationship vs mom

I've posted about this before but I've decided that I do want my mom to know. But I have the toug...


Which one sounds better?

1. I love you, and I'm sorry. I want to be able to talk, I don't know why I can't. The only thing...


Just got engaged!

My boyfriend just proposed to me and I have no idea what to do. I mean I said yes of course but h...


Ladies! <3

I don’t usually do this, but I need relationship advice. First I just want to say, we’ve been tog...

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