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Relationships: Friends, Family & Love

From love problems and family discussions, to life issues and relationships in general. Share your feelings here! Let it all out, we're here for you.

Last Post

  Share Your Couples Photos!

I like seeing everyone happy with their love ones. POST a picture of you and your lover :) && fo...


Boyfriend gets upset with me and I don't know the problem

So me and my boyfriend is in a long distance relationship. We been dating for a little over a mon...


Am I having a emotional affair?

I have a guy I have been seeing every week(not like relationship) but I feel like I am having an ...


Possibility of moving in with boyfriend to another state or city

Okay so me and my boyfriend has been officially dating for a little over a month. Before we start...



So I've been really struggling emotionally lately so my boyfriend and I decided we needed a vacat...


Having a baby girl! 💕

Hey ladies! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, and before I left Vinted was thinking ...


Long distance relationships

How do you all make it easier. I just miss my bf so much.


Birth control patch

Has anyone ever used it? I suck at taking the pill and do not want an IUD or implant.


Valentine’s Day gift

So I want to get my boyfriend a dark blue bear from Build a bear that’s going to have the Warrior...


poll: how old is too old for promise rings?

I don't know about others, but to me promise rings are a high school thing or maybe college. All...


Save the dates

Are save the dates for weddings really that important? My fiancé and I have very strained relatio...


Age difference?

I recently started dating a man 20 years older than me, I’m 21, he’s 40. Is there anyone else out...


Pierced ears!!

Look how cute! My baby girl got her ears pierced! Cried for 10 seconds and then forgot about it! ...


Share your Holiday Pictures

Happy Holidays Everyone ❤️


Not So Merry Christmas

My older brother committed suicide in the basement of our old house back in 2012. Since then the ...


interracial couples & dating?

Has anyone on here ever been in or is in an interracial relationship? have you ever experienced a...


Shy Guys

So there’s this guy, let’s call him Sam...I feel like I get one word answers in return most of th...



Help Figuring Him Out

So there’s this guy and it’s complicated...In person, I get one word answers in reply most of the...


Loneliness after breakup

My and my boyfriend broke up. He was my best friend and the person I spent my time with, I went t...


What should I do?

What’s up guys. So I have this crazy ass ex who like I dated when I was a sophomore in high scho...

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