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Share Your Couples Photos!

I like seeing everyone happy with their love ones. POST a picture of you and your lover :) && fo...


Dating Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are some old threads about this, but I figured I’d start a new one. I recently got out of a...


Hiii this is my boyfriend Martin and I

This is Mar (teen) and we have our five years coming up this March ☺️ We’re a Christian couple. W...


"Turned Yellow"

So I saw this ad on Instagram for this website called Turned Yellow where you submit photos of yo...


Merry Christmas from us🌲🎁

Our night was fun but busy and tiring. Our family blessed us with shipping us most of these gift ...


Y'all I need friends

I have a few close friends, but because of the age we're all at and 2020...we're all kinda distan...


Gift for my husband from unborn baby

So for Christmas I want to get my husband something from our baby who will not be born till March...


Does your bf like to disappear into the bathroom for a long time?

My boyfriend spends more time in the bathroom than I do. He claims to be constipated but how can ...


Does first Impression matters to you?

When you meet someone the first time. Do you care how they look or how they speak?


Have you found him?

Have you all found or think you've found the love of your life? I have he's everything y'all its ...


Where do you go on a first date?

Where do you go on a first date? What was your best memory you had there?


interracial couples & dating?

Has anyone on here ever been in or is in an interracial relationship? have you ever experienced a...


His First Christmas 🎄🎉

Hey ladies! It’ll be my 11-month old very First Christmas and I’m at a lost on what to get him ...


Is Marriage Dead?

I’ve heard people say marriage is on the decline because it isn’t valued anymore. I read an artic...


Zodiac signs?

What signs are you ladies and what sign you wouldn't/ never would date and experiences? I'm a ...


My family can’t stand MY best friend

ok so this is kind of long! So my family including my husband absolutely can’t stand my best frie...


How I Met Your Father

Share your story of how you met your significant other. I met my boyfriend on campus years ago....


Telling Your Best Friends Everything

I talked to someone about sharing too much about your relationship, and this person said they tel...


Proud Army Spouse

Hello my beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman. We're all my military spouses at?? Let's start ...


New followers

Just uploaded some new items. Check out my page and follow me. I will follow back.. #bundleands...

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